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  1. Help, Synthroid Advice!
  2. Hypothyroid/Armour/New Labs Help!
  3. Anyone help with thyroid
  4. Awaiting FNA on thyroid nodules with calcifications... questions!
  5. Update
  6. Tbg and Tsh elevated?
  7. Rapid weight gain
  8. Nodules + Hypo Symptoms but GP says NORMAL?!
  9. Could these things provoke or cause a thyroid storm?
  10. TSH down now, but still tired
  11. Help diagnosing lab results
  12. Hyperthyroid Help
  13. Propanolol Withdrawal
  14. no probiotics for autoimmune disease
  15. Thyroglossal duct cyst
  16. ER for anxiety & thyroid, has anyone ever? What do I have?
  17. Weight gain on Cytomel?
  18. Subacute Thyroiditis Question
  19. Total Thyroidectomy... now to Oncologist???
  20. doc raised my meds on TSH alone
  21. Graves' disease
  22. thyroid
  23. Interpreting US results
  24. Fluctuating TSH
  25. feeling horrible/lab results
  26. Erfa lighter menstruation? Please experiences?
  27. Arc welding and Thyroid abnormalities
  28. Vitamin D Supplements Lower My Thyroid Levels --- What's Going On?
  29. Grrrrrrr... Looking for a good doctor, endo, who understands thyroid in Ohio
  30. Looking for a good Thyroid doctor in Savannah area
  31. What tests should I ask for?
  32. Scared
  33. Need Help with diagnosing
  34. Horrible Insomnia
  35. Need lots of help
  36. Artificial Energy/Speediness after dose increase
  37. Gastritis/thyroid/lowT
  38. diagnosed with iodine deficient hypothyroid - can anyone assist?
  39. Thyroid problems
  40. nature throid
  41. Ultrasound yesterday and DRs still um'ing and ah'ing
  42. subclinical hyperthyroidism?
  43. TSH very low... on levosynthroid Dr says
  44. thyroid lab tests
  45. Problems figuring out when to take Armour
  46. Please help!!!!!!!! overmedicated or not?
  47. test results ~~ need help dont know where to turn
  48. thyroid nodule growth
  49. Hyperparathyroidism and Hypothyroidism
  50. Thyroid issues
  51. Am I right to worry about this?
  52. Recent lab results, FREE T3 too low?
  53. Lab results inputs needed.
  54. Suppressed TSH with Frees in the gutter and on high dose NDT
  55. urine Iodine test question
  56. Labs: time to lower T3 and add T4?
  57. Hypo Meds too High?
  58. Think I'm Hypo No where to Turn
  59. Looking for a doctor in Morgantown,WV area
  60. Natural Desiccated Thyroid 2 doses?
  61. Hypothyroidism? Doctor won't treat yet
  62. New and confused- Keep getting the run around!
  63. "Subclinical" Hypothyroidism advice
  64. Do I have Hypothroidism?
  65. Seriously at my wit's end - thyroid causing depression
  66. HELP!! Need Advice Please...
  67. Going off synthroid and healing thyroid naturally
  68. Help with labs and dosing
  69. Help understanding labs
  70. Learning to spot the signs
  71. Dr apt. Friday tsh low, free t4 high, free t3 midrange
  72. TSH up and down
  73. switch from synthroid to erfa-Tired during transition?
  74. Tpo
  75. Levoxyl is back!
  76. Levoxyl is back!
  77. please help.
  78. Synthroid to Erfa conversion?
  79. A painful "lesion" after taking Victoza
  80. Understanding test results and treatment option
  81. What do the Antibodies numbers mean?
  82. My Thyroid numbers don't make any since
  83. Can someone help me with my numbers
  84. low levels of tsh and free t4, can anyone help
  85. New to ERFA crashing in evening... help please
  86. Can stress affect your thyroid?
  87. dont understand!!!
  88. Hypobetalipoproteinenemia causes
  89. Adrenal Saliva Test
  90. Hypothyroidism & Medication
  91. Need less desiccated thyroid than Synthetiic?!
  92. Hashimoto's and Medication
  93. hypothyroidism (really)
  94. Blood test tomorrow morning - need info
  95. switching from Levothyroxine to Armour
  96. CT scan..
  97. First day on erfa feeling very energized-normal?
  98. High antibodies help please
  99. Help! Armour experts needed
  100. Thyroid test. Please help. Desperate!
  101. Natural Thyroid in 1 daily dose or 2?
  102. New to thyroid issues
  103. Erfa and morning coffee?
  104. Nausea with Cytomel
  105. Test results and advice on Armour vs. other meds
  106. How do I take my meds? Please Help
  107. Hypothyroid Medication thoughts?
  108. Skin moles/petechae
  109. Hashimoto's and Vitamin D Deficiency
  110. A prescription for NDT!! I have a question...
  111. My levels say normal but i haven't felt normal in a while...
  112. Dose Adjustment?
  113. Thyroid surgery Tuesday - need some advice or shared experiences
  114. thyroid absorption
  115. Hypothyroid or Vitamin D??
  116. How do you switch Synthroid to Armour?
  117. FNA and Fear of Needles
  118. Can't they treat a borderline case?
  119. Labs (normal) & Ultrasound results: Now what?
  120. Your Opinion Please, thanks
  121. So confused...
  122. want my hair back soon
  123. Hyperparathyroidism again
  124. armour thryoid
  125. Low TSH, high free T4, low free T3... recommendations?
  126. Hoping to switch to Armour - conversion?
  127. Low ferritin etc.
  128. Sir, My wife aged 50 complaint of hyperthroid.
  129. High TPO, normal TSH?
  130. my new labs
  131. Well now what... **help**
  132. Confused by Lab Results
  133. Verdict is in
  134. Started on Armour Thyroid 5 grains (300mg). Have you ever heard of this?
  135. Hyperthryroid Question - Lab Results & Additional Testing?
  136. Struggling to get diagnosed
  137. Questions regarding test results
  138. Can anyone relate?
  139. thyroid tsh test
  140. Another plea for help with labs
  141. Plans for Partial Thyroidectomy
  142. Levothyroxine & Long menstrual periods
  143. Hypothyroidism
  144. From levothyroxine to finally Armour
  145. Thyroid Nodules
  146. Blood tests
  147. Thyroid Nodule with calcification
  148. Help after TT
  149. Hashimotos and adrenal fatigue
  150. Need Advice (Hypo Phase)
  151. Could I have a thyroid issue?
  152. Fluctuation in free t4 level
  153. Povidone lubricating eyedrops
  154. Finally a hypothyroid diagnosis... doc wants to start with just T3?
  155. Lab Thyroid Results
  156. Scared!!! *c- word*
  157. Potential for Thyroid Disfunction
  158. Metoprolol, then Lisinopril, now Losartan --
  159. Very sick - please help.
  160. thyroid malignancy
  161. Labs Confused - PLEASE HELP
  162. compounded t3,t4
  163. How can I justify asking for a dose increase?
  164. nature throid and WP thyroid
  165. Dry scalp? possibly hypothyroid symptom?
  166. relieved
  167. Starting Armour tomorrow... what to expect?
  168. Hipothyroid what should I do?
  169. No thyroid and labs don't make sense
  170. Synthroid making me feel worse
  171. Hypothyroid+low progesterone+adrenal issues=desperation
  172. Hypothyroid??
  173. 13 year old with hypothyroid
  174. my symptoms
  175. Decision on Thyroid Removal
  176. Armour symptoms? Will relief ever come?
  177. Does Dieting Affect Necessary Dose?
  178. Levoxyl back on march 3
  179. Thyroid testing
  180. Cytomel/Iordoral
  181. Why would my body be rejecting t3t4 drugs?
  182. Did my subacute thyroidits and hyperthyroidism already become hypo-?
  183. Lab results/med increase/not feeling better
  184. Hypothyroid connected to raynauds
  185. Hashimoto's: Anti-TPO increased when starting synthroid
  186. Should my meds be lowered?
  187. New to thyroid issues
  188. Low TSH normal free T4
  189. Thyroid removed now hypothryoid
  190. Is getting an MRI of the brain because of thyroid hormones, normal?
  191. Iodine drops caused dizziness, ear problems, panic, heart palpitations --anyone else?
  192. Suffering for months to no avail
  193. Overmedicated on Synthroid, how long will symptoms last?
  194. need help
  195. Weight Gain on Levothyroxine
  196. What does it mean?
  197. Fluctuating levels?
  198. Thyroid and carbohydrates - CONFUSED :(
  199. Possible to get liver damage from taking levothyroxine for 25 years
  200. Supplementing thyroid
  201. Hashimoto's and reflux
  202. TSH low, Thyroglobulin Antibody high
  203. Could this be a thyroid problem?
  204. Normal TSH but symptoms... advice please?
  205. Is this Hashimoto's?
  206. thyroid and menopause
  207. TSH went down after taking Iodine supplements
  208. Levothyroxine at night...
  209. TSH to high
  210. Wow
  211. Need a Dx soon :(
  212. Normal TSH but high free T4
  213. Starting 1.5 grain Armour??
  214. What tests do I need???
  215. Elevated body temperature
  216. Hypothyroid Lab Results-Need opinions
  217. Improvements when switched to Armour?
  218. under active thyroid
  219. Are My Results Good?
  220. Hey, I need an advice please
  221. Lab results
  222. US thyroid
  223. Mural echogenic focus?
  224. Please help- so confused over lab results
  225. Hashimoto's and SRT
  226. hypothyroidism
  227. Thyroid swell if Hyper?
  228. Moodiness and emotional from switching to Armour
  229. Basal Body temperature
  230. Relief for severe pain?
  231. Understanding my Lab Work
  232. Help with conversion!!
  233. Question about Armour dosage
  234. Lab Results
  235. Dry mouth... is this a med side effect?
  236. Results: What do they mean. Help pls.
  237. Thyroid itchy neck
  238. Hi can someone help?
  239. Can injury/trauma to throat cause thyroid problems/goiters?
  240. First Post... ;+)
  241. lab results normal - enlarged thyroid
  242. Fna...
  243. Acne from Thyroid Meds?!
  244. Weak Immunity,slow metabolism
  245. Thyroid fluctuating
  246. Please Help! Need advice!
  247. Can I use Mucinex D if I had subacute thyroiditis or hyperthyroidism ?
  248. Help! New here and freaking out.
  249. Thyroid & sensitive receding gums
  250. Cant get Free T's up

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