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  1. Some symptoms resolved w/supplements..but
  2. Could I have a thyroid problem?
  3. Fast or not for am cortisol bloodwork?
  4. Confused - not feeling worse off thyroid meds
  5. CFS or Thyroid?
  6. Latest Labs, Can anyone help?
  7. Labs have me confused to why Armour should be increased
  8. Questions about Hashimotos and ferritin levels
  9. Low TSH,without hyperthyroid symptoms
  10. westhroid & adrenal question??
  11. Thyroiditis, Goiter - Any difference?
  12. Thyroid/ time released meds????
  13. thyroid fluid cysts
  14. Ent?
  15. Do I have a thyroid disorder? Please help
  16. For anyone that has had a FNA
  17. Seeing a Endo this week, please help
  18. new hypothyroid lab results. please help.
  19. Free T4 results
  20. any input is appreciated, NEW LABS and confuseddd
  21. What are you all doing to correct Adrenal issues?
  22. feeling pretty badly
  23. Chances that my future kids will have thyroid problems?
  24. New labs
  25. Hashimotos: is this how it is for you?
  26. Cortisol Testing AM
  27. Can someone explain this to me...I'm confused
  28. Thyroid ultrasound results
  29. New labs
  30. Test Results
  31. Thin Hair. Please help!
  32. Can a person be sensitive to all thyroid meds?
  33. thyroid nodules
  34. Need Help Understanding these problems!
  35. Erfa not lasting long
  36. T4 med increase question
  37. 1 month with hypothyroidism
  38. Thyroid disfunction
  39. Latest labs, Dr. says stop synthroid?
  40. Anyone ever been put on i-Throid?
  41. New Labs... Confused
  42. Will my future children have problems?
  43. Can't get interpretation from DR - please help.
  44. I am new here with a rare problem....
  45. Can't seem to get any help- any more suggestions?
  46. Short of breath/is it westhroid?
  47. Help with Labs, morning cortisol high
  48. New labs; Antibodies question
  49. Thyroid Function test
  50. i recently i have had my thyroid removed...
  51. Weight Gain with Westhroid?
  52. Coffee and Your Thyroid Medicine
  53. how much iodine should i take?
  54. hairloss
  55. Midnight Salivary Cortisol Testing in UK
  56. Anemia and Hypothyroid
  57. I don't like Methimazole!!
  58. compounded T3 vs Cytomel
  59. Questions about RT3
  60. First Lab Results Since Beginning Treatment
  61. what if tsh is high
  62. Getting used to taking meds
  63. What do you think about Thyroid from Rugby Labs?
  64. Anyone know of a good hypothyroid doc in Chicago?
  65. thyroid and itching
  66. Black Elderberry - yay or nay if you have Hashi's?
  67. Unable to get Armour, what to do???
  68. Hormone replacement after lobectomy
  69. 2.5 mcg of Cytomel will elevate how much T3?
  70. Scar after lobectomy
  71. Twelfth day on compounded dessicated thyroid
  72. T3 Meds, Wilsons, weightloss
  73. 7-Keto DHEA, birth control pills and Armour?
  74. Just Wondering.....
  75. Need help interpreting lab work
  76. can a goiter cause a skin rash
  77. please help lead me in the right direction
  78. Fear of not having medication
  79. help
  80. Experiment
  81. newest symptom: mottled skin
  82. throid level
  83. saliva testing for adrenal fatigue
  84. Is it possible to lose weight and keep it off with no thyroid?
  85. NEW LABS, NEW ?'S.. Very frustrated once again!!
  86. tsh level is 22 what it means
  87. Went to the ER for lab- please help!
  88. Not sure what to do now...
  89. Has anyone ever had Viral Thyroiditis?
  90. I need your help---Low T3, Normal TSH and T4
  91. Testosterone and Thyroid
  92. Magnesium Oil?
  93. Thyroid Issues - Need Help please!!!
  94. Any ideas!!
  95. Need Advice
  96. why does my face turn red when i eat
  97. Testosterone Replacement & Thyroid Tests
  98. Enlarged thyroid
  99. New Doc Visit!
  100. Need Advice
  101. Doc just called with thyroid test results
  102. Is insomnia related to high tsh
  103. Erfa?
  104. Hurthle cell tumor found lobectomy
  105. Lobectomy is done
  106. Help understanding lab results and info on Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
  107. how long does it take for synthroid to work after surgery
  108. So, so tired!!
  109. TSH Level Over 27?
  110. My mom's labs...
  111. Fine needle biospy tomorrow
  112. Puzzled on thyroid issue....
  113. please anyone answer this ..... help needed about cortisol am test
  114. should you have your thyroid removed if FNA results show follicular hyperplasia
  115. Antibodies question..?
  116. Stopped Cytomel......appointment tomorrow....thoughts??
  117. hypothyroid - a pill with initials
  119. Bay Area, CA doctor recommendations
  120. Methyl Cellulose filler
  121. Flare-ups and Nausea
  122. two embarrassing questions :)
  123. Need Help Understanding TSH, T3, T4 Test Results
  124. hyperthyroid
  125. Stephen Langer and adrenals
  126. i have got big goiter so i love to do opration for free
  127. Is this normal for a teenage boy?
  128. Compounded Armour?
  129. new labs-antibodies & Hashi's
  130. Feel weird on higher dose of armour but it's not hyper
  131. Night sweats, general high temp feeling on levothyroxin
  132. please help me iodine deficient
  133. Can you help me with these test results, please?
  134. Question?? Cold medicines ok to take???
  135. Feeling worse on synthroid???
  136. Please help with new labs. Even my doc is confused
  137. For Duckski44
  138. Hypothyroid
  139. new lab results - now I know why I feel so lousy
  140. Need help with armour info ..
  141. thyroid shadow snydrome
  142. New Labs any thoughts or opinions?
  143. Another Erfa Question
  144. elevated TSH- is it due to cold weather
  145. Erfa Question
  146. Suggestion for a good thyroid book
  147. bodylogicmd
  148. Exercise-Induced Hypothyroidism?
  149. Extra Sensitive Hearing
  150. stop taking thyroid meds
  151. Anybody on here hypo with young children?
  152. Question about Hashi flare-ups
  153. Antibiotics for thyroid?
  154. T4+ T3 or T4 +Natural Thyroid?
  155. Adrenal Fatigue, What has worked for you?
  156. Can anyone help me? Again??
  157. Normal to get worse before it gets better?
  158. Olive Oil
  159. Swollen or nodule?
  160. + ANA, +SM AB titer eGFR 51??? What does this all mean?
  161. new swelling 12 days post-op
  162. Tired of this! Any help please?
  163. Related Symptoms??
  164. TSH levels after thyroidectomy for cancer
  165. Changes in TSH
  166. Hurthle cell does not mean cancer-test can be wrong
  167. new to board--question about ultrasound results
  168. Hashimotos Swings
  169. pth
  170. Startling New Symptom??
  171. right way to test for thyroid function (TSH, T3, T4)
  172. Adrenal fatigue...Cortef questions
  173. Surgery is over! Wasn't that bad.
  174. Crazy Nuts or just sick
  175. These labs show how TSH focused doctors are
  176. High TSH questions
  177. Is it worth cutting down on gluten if you can't cut it out completely?
  178. My Thyroid
  179. Talked with GP Today...
  180. post thyroidectomy.....
  181. high protein level and hypot?
  182. Robotic Thyroid Surgery...
  183. Hives and Itching
  184. Hypo-t/Hashis. missed dose
  185. I know something is wrong, but what can I do?
  186. hairloss
  187. Hashi's and Vitiligo?
  188. Can someone help me with Adrenal Fatigue?
  189. Cortisol labs back, please help
  190. what is Best way to keep thyroid healthy after isthmusectomy
  191. got biospy results from thyroid surgery 12/15/09
  192. please help
  193. Hashi's and cholesterol
  194. Sleepy reaction to thyroid meds, confused!
  195. please help with my blood tests
  196. Anxiety Medication which ones are good?
  197. U/S-follow up, need advice
  198. How long does it take to feel better after switching from Synthroid to Armour?
  199. Hetrogeneous Thyroid nodule
  200. Possibly Grave's Disease - not sure
  201. High TSH - please help w/Drs. appt tomorrow
  202. Swollen thyroid and neck tightness
  203. Answers and Opinions please to my Question
  204. Good Thyroid Doctor in Portland, OR area?
  205. Need suggestion of a good endo in San Diego that specializes in Thyroids
  206. High tsh
  207. To get the H1N1 vaccine or not?
  208. is it unusual to have just isthmus removed for hurthle cell nodule
  209. Had surgery on Dec. 15th
  210. Newly diagnosed, Low tsh, normal T3, T4, very confused about diagnosis and treatment
  211. Hashi and arginine test
  212. Another levoxyl V synthroid ??
  213. Possible thyroid issue?
  214. Does anyone's neck actually physically hurt when it's inflammed or just feel swollen?
  215. hairloss with thyroid
  216. finally had surgery today what do these presurgery numbers mean
  217. Cytomel question for everyone
  218. help before I see dr. about labs
  219. Is it normal to get a headache after a dose increase?
  220. How long does Levothroxine to work?
  221. help thyroid neck pain breathing difficulty
  222. Adrenal Fatigue & Hypothyroid
  223. why swollen hands while sleeping and not during the day
  224. Help with making sense of labs
  225. I have a TSH level of 9 but exhibit only hyperthyroidism symptoms.
  226. Breathing difficulty. Who has it and how is it?
  227. Malabsorption syndrome - need help...one question
  228. New this this all, could use any advice
  229. fyi for those on pig t-meds with pets
  230. Hashi's flare
  231. Will I gain weight after thyroidectomy?
  232. Question about RAI and going hypo!
  233. parathyroid
  234. Hashimotos
  235. Help! T3 made me anxious. Thyroid or Adrenals or both?
  236. Pregancy, Miscarriage & Thyroid levels
  237. how to shrink goiter
  238. Have suspicious nodule removing half thyroid.
  239. Thyroid test in 9 year old
  240. Armour---Is the original back
  241. New labs, hashis and adrenals please help
  242. salivary gland damage post RA-I
  243. What should I expect right surgery for 1/2 removal
  244. Need Help with Lab Results
  245. thyroid nodules
  246. Thyroid/adrenal lab results
  247. New labs; FT4 has dropped
  248. Im worried can someome give me advice please?
  249. What can I eat with synchroid and 1/2 thyroid
  250. surgery VS radioacive iodine

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