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  1. How to take selenium?
  2. New labs (Antibodies, Vit. D, Ferritin, Free T's)
  3. thyroid antibodies and new to Hypothyroidism
  4. Possible Thyroid Problem/Ultrasound
  5. Atlanta Dr. Recs???
  6. Tinnitus as a symptom of Hashimoto?
  7. General thyroid questions before doc appt.
  8. Small Thyroid Nodule doubling in size in one year
  9. Need help getting unplugged
  10. Switching from Compounded T4/T3 to Straight T4
  11. My results
  12. Thyroid levels and exercise
  13. Help me!
  14. What do my wife's numbers mean?
  15. can an Internal Medicine MD be ok for low thyroid ?
  16. New to Board/Thyroid test results
  17. My Very First Labs and Initial Thyroid Investigation
  18. Why don't i feel better even though i am taking my medication??
  19. Low Blood Pressure
  20. thyroid problems
  21. thyroid
  22. I need your Help!
  23. Low temperature (95.8)
  24. TSH and Free T4 levels - please advise
  25. Rai and weight gain!!!!
  26. Finally got a copy of my "normal" labs. Question?
  27. who has joint pains after RAI
  28. Serious problems, please help!
  29. New test results
  30. if tsh level is 3.16 then how much amount of thyroxine taking
  31. My New Endo's Plan of Attack
  32. Low calcium, hypocalcemia, hypoparathyroidism
  33. Exhausted - Hashimoto's and looking for options
  34. Question about parathyroidism
  35. 23 and just diagnosed with Hypothyroidism
  36. New labs - opinions?
  37. armour and st johns wart
  38. excercise and an overactive thyroid
  39. Lab results, should I increase med.
  40. Very High Thyroid Antibodies
  41. Hashimotos? Help please.
  42. Low Vit D3 and High TSH
  43. Hypothyroid in 2008? Have lab results.
  44. Help, my TSH has jumped to 39.463!
  45. Surgery
  46. Flipflop from Hypothyroid to Hyperthyroid
  47. Elevated TSI and Antibodies please share opinions
  48. Has anyone else heard about Vit. D increasing TSH?
  49. Anxiety Issues--Hypo
  50. synthroid vs. generic
  51. What's the consensus with Vitamin D?
  52. How much iron and calcium in food is too much with thyroid meds?
  53. High TSH - Please help!
  54. another request for lab input
  55. new labs need input please!
  56. what are red spots on thyroid ultrasounds
  57. Low Thyroid and Adrenal Fatigue
  58. T3 conversion issues, adrenal fatigue, iron, gluten etc; U have a doc to recommend?
  59. Magnesium citrate and dehydration
  60. when to get the thyroid test done
  61. Vitamin D drops again???
  62. Thyroid Levels, Should I be concerned?
  63. Hashimoto's, complex nodule - swollen lymph nodes in neck?
  64. underactive thyroid
  65. thyroid problems
  66. thyroid problems
  67. Just had full thyroidectomy 5 days after operation - feeling very miserable...
  68. I can't Handle this Nasty Disease anymore!
  69. Switching from Sythroid to Armour
  70. Hypo with diarrhea and puking bile in am
  71. Hypothyroid symptoms
  72. Thyroid Scanography Report
  73. New Labs
  74. Still confused about flax seed oil
  75. What is autoimmune thyroiditis?
  76. Finally!
  77. another vitamin D question please
  78. Personal expierience on rate of nodule growth?
  79. Newly Diagnosed with autoimmune thyroiditis
  80. newly diagnosed thyroid issues
  81. Is iodine critical if I had a thyroidectomy?
  82. Help with Labs
  83. TSH Third Generation - need help with this
  84. Pregnant w/ low T3 & low T4...Please help.
  85. Please help to understand lab results
  86. Question about B12 testing
  87. Has Anyone Experience a Thyroid Storm?
  88. hyperthyroid with all hypothyroid symptoms
  89. Armour Reformulated Again?
  90. lab experts... help please...
  91. Hypothyroidism and Amennorhea (periods stopped)
  92. End of my rope...Can't see an Endo and dont know whats wrong
  93. hypothyroidism
  94. new labs & advice please
  95. i take high dose of synthroid but i am still tire dand still have low tsh and ft4
  96. A couple of important questions
  97. Labs results
  98. Low TSH levels and normal T3 and T4 levels
  99. TSH level is 60.
  100. How often should antibodies be tested?
  101. Thyroid problem?
  102. 1 Week on Thyroid Meds
  103. Need Thyroid Research Help
  104. Erfa, is it Inconsistent?
  105. So cold
  106. Another TED Question
  107. Is Thionamides or RAI the only treatment out there?
  108. Had a thyroid t3/t4 test done but unsure what my results mean
  109. Results of Follow up with ENT
  110. MRI results
  111. surgery
  112. I hope the Nurse Practitioner knows what she's doing
  113. First Labs Back After Starting Armour
  114. MRI results in after 4 days and Dr wants to see him ASAP!
  115. What time of day to do bloodwork?
  116. Thyroid disease and dry eyes
  117. Optimal Vitamin D levels and how much to take?
  118. trying (determined) to find answers
  119. I need your Opinions
  120. Baffled please share your knowledge
  121. Weak Thighs????
  122. Embarrassing Hyper Issue????
  123. 2 weeks on Tapazole
  124. Labs 2 days before treatment began...
  125. Thyroid or not?
  126. What should your TSH be?
  127. Thyroflex
  128. Thyroid scan and lab results- any problem?
  129. 2nd visit, levels improving
  130. Newest labs back..so frustrated!
  131. Should I take my meds the morning of bloodwork?
  132. Has anyone had trouble with Erfa and switched to Naturethroid?
  133. Supplements for hypo?
  134. Can anyone help me with confusing test results???
  135. 3 months post partial thyroidectomy labs question
  136. Just had RAI - are my symptoms normal?
  137. Does this make sense?
  138. What dose of iron do I need to take for low ferritin?
  139. just recently diagnosed as having hypothyroidism
  140. Endo refuses to order the correct tests
  141. Thyroid Ultrasound pt 2
  142. Is niacin good or bad for thyroid?
  143. Please have your family and relatives get checked up
  144. Tachycardia/Hashimotos
  145. Medication Question
  146. Question: can progesterone effect t levels?
  147. I don't think I can take cytomel
  148. Are these the right labs?
  149. Hypothyroid -
  150. Husband getting worse!
  151. Low ferritin, High iron ?
  152. irregular periods
  153. Looking for answers to a thyroid problem
  154. Thyroidectomy and low calcium levels
  155. borderline underactive thyroid
  156. vitamin D levels?
  157. 6 month followup US and bloodwork.....need some input
  158. I am so Frustrated, I want to Cry!
  159. Which one is better to live with? HyperT or HypoT?
  160. Any relation between Hashi's and B12 deficiency?
  161. Aches in left arm and bad heartburn
  162. Thyroid Eye Disease Question
  163. Mirena IUD and Thyroid Problems
  164. Anyone with recent lobectomy can you share your experiences
  165. low libido
  166. Does anyone have neurological symptoms?
  167. Need help with dosage transitions (Armour to Levoxyl)
  168. Extreme Diziness...can it be Levoxyl?
  169. Update...
  170. Fed up just want to cry with worry:( Adrenal???
  171. Should I lower my dosage?
  172. In and out of Hospital.....
  173. would like your input on what this means whether i should look into this
  174. Guys help
  175. New endo labs
  176. Any postitive results with synthroid?
  177. tapazole side effects?
  178. Question re Hashi
  179. Miami Area Doctor
  180. Hashi's after nursing/now huge weight gain! Please help.
  181. anyone have sleep disorders and strange dreams?
  182. Conflicting thyroid tests, confused
  183. Scared - new lab results too.
  184. Dry Skin Question
  185. Please Help - Need to Understand What my Labs Mean
  186. Weight gain
  187. Sure could use some input on lab results
  188. Overshot mark with meds and now I'm hyper...best way to adjust?
  189. Increased nausea due to generic synthroid?
  190. Strange labs...please help!
  191. Anti Anxiety/Depressants
  192. Weird night...any thoughts?
  193. Help with test results please
  194. Thyrotoxicosis
  195. Feeling worse on Levoxyl ??
  196. Hashimoto's
  197. New stats for T3mess
  198. I was diagnosed with hyper, Hashi's and Grave's.
  199. New labs and more confusion!
  200. what suddenly causes high tsh levels
  201. Dexamethasone Suppression Test
  202. Tapazole questions
  203. Back from the endo..
  204. anyone finding armour?
  205. can t3 alone bring down tsh w/ no thyroid gland
  206. Ok 1st day of meds...questions
  207. dried up
  208. THYROID HELP (nodules & enlargement)
  209. Healing going well
  210. Going to the endo (again) tomorrow, what should I ask for?
  211. When do the bags Under
  212. Cytomel anyone?
  213. Thyroid cysts options
  214. Tsh
  215. Can new meds affect mentrual cycle?
  216. thyroid diagnosis
  217. Thyroid and Depression
  218. Selenium
  219. Self Medicating? Cytomel & Synthroid
  220. Symptoms
  221. I need some advice
  222. Hashimoto - weird symptoms
  223. Why the Dispute on TSH????
  224. Night sweats?
  225. Hypo but with high basal temps?
  226. Anyone has rash with Hyper or Graves??
  227. How low can TSH go?
  228. what's the difference between ferritin and iron?
  229. this is so annyoing, the blood tests keep on coming back normal
  230. It finally happened....my friends are giving up on me
  231. Muscle Aches and Joint Pain
  232. hyper and losing too much weight
  233. fine needle biopsy
  234. Iodine treatment for Hypothyroidism
  235. Thyroid Betrayal
  236. Swollen lymph nodes....related to hypo or Hashi's?
  237. I just have some questions
  238. test results...canadian ranges and stupid rules
  239. Quick Question
  240. New test results - why do I still feel bad??
  241. How severe is my hypothyroidism?
  242. Help with results please
  243. After lobectomy anyone who didn't need meds?
  244. question on my parent's labs...
  245. interesting lab results
  246. Question about thyroid ultrasound
  247. new,trying to interpret lab results
  248. New Results - Up Medication
  249. Saliva Cortisol Results-Help! Now What??
  250. what does a TSH level of 0.8 mean?

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