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  1. Newbie
  2. Are these related symptoms?
  3. Eyebrows Question
  4. Newbie questions
  5. Expected TSH for an Actual T4 Free
  6. Need Opinion on TSH and T4
  7. Need Opinion -- TSH and T4
  8. when should i take the 24 hour adrenal saliva test?
  9. Any new books on hypothyroidism
  10. What is the deal with TSH Testing?
  11. Hypo's with back issues?
  12. Other Neck Complications
  13. Anyone Hypothyroid and Didn't Gain Weight or Lost Weight?
  14. Feeling weird on lower Armour dose.
  15. Do people around you understand?
  16. hypothyroid
  17. Levoxyl recall?
  18. Paranoia and hypothyroidism...
  19. Levothroid and TT
  20. total thyroidectomy
  21. Finally unable to get Armour or Thyrolar2
  22. Thyroid and hives
  23. you are not going to believe this
  24. Dermatologist Visit (not O.T.)
  25. new lab confirms hashimoto's-500s?!
  26. CBC Results off charts- what should I expect
  27. i have an underactive thyroid
  28. Have hypo symptoms with high T4 and and Low T-3 Uptake
  29. anyone here have fibromyalgia?
  30. Hello ~ Help....
  31. why are my tsh levels to low and my thyroid scan is normal
  32. What do these labs tell me?
  33. Help what do my labs mean? High Free T3
  34. URGENT!!! Need help about RAI, treatment sched is tomorrow
  35. numb lips - hypothyroid
  36. What to expect when off meds for annual scan
  37. Lab results, comment please!
  38. Are there any supplements I can take for energy besides B12?
  39. New test results, not what I expected. Please help
  40. head tremors and Hypo
  41. tsh and t4 norml levels
  42. Help! Hypo/ablation=horrible!
  43. Started Cytomel and Synthroid - Is this normal?
  44. Frustrated Hyper - then ablation
  45. have a few questions, not sure who to ask
  46. Need To Have a Thyroidectomy..what to expect?
  47. Hashimotos back ache and pins and needles in foot?
  48. Help -LOW EVERYTHING while medicated
  49. Does anyone else have problems saying words?
  50. Thyroid
  51. thyroid levels
  52. OTC natural thyroid -please post if you know anything
  53. Ultrasound question
  54. what hormone do you actually get after thyroid surgery
  55. where do you get westhroid or naturethroid or erfa from
  56. synthroid for antibodies alone?
  57. what does T3 T4 and TSH do in the body
  58. Who does alternate synthetic dosing?
  59. Pregnant, but had my thyroid removed, HELP!
  60. need some information
  61. Before diagnosis/treatment, thoughts please?
  62. Questions about weight gain/cytomel/and drs in NYC
  63. Thyroid & LDL Cholesterol Connection?
  64. should I worry about a T4 of 3.03?
  65. I am crying with relief...
  66. Exophthalmos, I have a question please
  67. Questions and need to find a Decent doctor. Please help.
  68. high cortisol levels in the am..i thought adrenal meant low am cortisol levels.
  69. Thyroid nodules worry Doctor
  70. Another ten pound gain...please help
  71. TSH result and need some input
  72. Thyroid Nodules
  73. Feel worse on meds
  74. Pharmacies out of Natural thyroid?
  75. Pregnenolone - to take or not to take?
  76. update on my plans - thank for all your responses
  77. new labs...more questions
  78. Synthroid & Multivitamins
  79. Thyroid Tsh verses Tsh with reflex
  80. TSH and T4 range
  81. Thyroid Free T4 and TSH question
  82. can I get t3 without a prescription on the web
  83. question about synthroi
  84. Should I worry?
  85. how it this different
  86. New labs
  87. chocolate & thyroid
  88. Please help
  89. Were you able to keep your job after thyroid removal
  90. HELP!!! Uncooperative Doctor
  91. has synchrod worked for anybody after thyroid removal- can I ever get normal levels
  92. what do you think?
  93. TSH with reflex to T4 what now?
  94. I stazrted spotting this week. Is this normal on Cytomel?
  95. Is this normal after starting Armour
  96. Meaning of T3 Uptake 39 H Out of Range
  97. labs normal according to dr but.....
  98. Concerns regarding a iodine uptake scan
  99. Sudden weight gain of 20 pounds?!
  100. itchy skin whole body
  101. dandruff on back of head and throat contrictions
  102. Test results one month post partial tt
  103. Need help with test results...something doesn't jive
  104. Can Cytomel cause acid reflux?
  105. How is my thyriod?
  106. Hashimoto's + Joint Pain
  107. what time of day should thyroid panel be drawn
  108. hi from a new member
  109. have you had to make any life style changes after thyroid removal
  110. thyroid removal and cholestral
  111. selenium intake
  112. dandruff/periods
  113. will I have problem with this endo Suggest a good endo who likes t4/t3 med
  114. Muscle aches! Joint Pain! Hypo!
  115. Eyebrow and Facial Hairs Started Falling, Thyroid issue?
  116. Hypothyroid diagnosis-help please!
  117. High FT3
  118. They keep finding new nodes
  119. Pain after 2nd surgery
  120. Going on 7 months of persistently swollen lymph nodes
  121. symptoms for 9 months
  122. TSH Confusion
  123. New labs and STILL too low....
  124. An alternative to Armour? We don't consume Pig products.
  125. Feeling better already?!
  126. Anxiety and thyroid, do meds help?
  127. Just wondering...
  128. Would LOVE your help
  129. whats the prognosis of a 1.4 cm single node
  130. Is rai worth it. Is quality of life so degraded.
  131. bottom line-- is hormone replacement nesessary with 1 healthy lobe left.
  132. Help with test results
  133. No new updates, just need to vent :-)
  134. question about labs
  135. RAI after Thyroidectomy??
  136. Now I'm on Liothyronine 25mcg twice daily
  137. Hypothyrodism
  138. What's been your experience w/ Graves ?
  139. test results coming in - which Dr should I see?
  140. Lab results and treatment questions
  141. A question for Armour (or other naturals) users
  142. New and have lab results
  143. Question about synthrod and other drug use
  144. overactive results but I have symptoms of underactive
  145. Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, horrible symptoms!
  146. Help confused!
  147. FDA announces Erfa Thyroid from Canada can be ordered with a US Dr's prescription
  148. My Lab or test Results(Any advise)
  149. Hyper/hypo...HELP! What am I?
  150. need help converting
  151. recent blood work (differential).
  152. could someone help please
  153. Got a question
  154. hyperthyroidism w/ "feeling out of it"
  155. Hyperthyroidism & "feeling out of it"
  156. Dr recommendation in the Maryland area
  157. Do you think being on Cytomel actually made my thyroid worse?
  158. urgent help hurthle cell neoplasm in state of panic
  159. should i still be on meds?
  160. Possible to be hypothyroid with normal test results?
  161. hoarseness and voice change
  162. Feeling like death warmed over
  163. Could I be mildy hyperthyroid?
  164. Essential Supplements for Hypothyroid/Hashi's
  165. A question about adrenals
  166. Confused about treatment
  167. New Frustrating and Confusing Labs. :(
  168. Low TSH question
  169. Thyroid issues I believe
  170. Tsh 4.39
  171. Hypothyroidism, PCOS and body temperature questions
  172. thyroid and adrenal issues. help!
  173. Too good to be true
  174. Labs back, trip to ER, perhaps a cardiologist?
  175. What can make your lymph nodes swell in your thoat?
  176. Lab result? What do they mean?
  177. Thyroid Hormone Resistance? Proper Synthroid/Cytomel Ratio?
  178. Need help finding a new doctor in Ontario.
  179. Help with test results
  180. new & confused: sub-clinical hyperthyroidism + markers for Graves
  181. Which medication is best?
  182. Hashimoto's and Celiac's?
  183. thyroid meds.
  184. Adjusting to Medication...
  185. T4 unimportant?
  186. New labs... what do you think?
  187. Feel worse on hydrocortisone?
  188. what knd of doctor does thyroidectomy?
  189. Newbie with hypo symptoms, questions, TSH etc
  190. What Causes the Dizziness?
  191. Severe Hypo Symptoms but "Normal" Test Results?
  192. Hashis/enlarged thyroid w ear/neck pain ???
  193. hyperthyroidism - which treatment should i choose??
  194. partial Thyroidectomy
  195. Could this indicate thyroid disorder?
  196. TSH - your opinion is needed
  197. can someone please help me with my test results and symptoms
  198. thyroid lobe geography question
  199. Newly Diagnosed with Questions
  200. New here need some advice to manage on my own sans treatment
  201. Hyper with a poss. nodule???
  202. what is it when your t4 total is a little out of range
  203. FNA biopsy results. What could this mean?
  204. newbie in need of help
  205. Help, Dont know what to do!!!
  206. Pending thyroidectomy for Hashimoto's: Any pre-op advice or what to watch for?
  207. How long does it take for Cytomel to completely be out of your system?
  208. I'm about fed up with Cytomel....too much inflammation
  209. Hashimoto's and Celiac's?
  210. New! Help, should I get second opinion?
  211. Feeling Ill
  212. How is Hashimoto's diagnosed?
  213. Bloodwork results in - help
  214. Has anyone experienced muscle soreness from cytomel?
  215. Thyroid nodules
  216. 3 days on Levothyroxine & have side effects
  217. Need direction ASAP
  218. Please describe your neck pain
  219. New here and looking for advice
  220. Sensitive eyes
  221. Thanks for allowing me to Vent
  222. Compounding Pharmacy Supplies
  223. New on Levothyroxine - any positive experiences?
  224. Super Confused - Please Help
  225. anyone else have Sjögren's syndrome
  226. Help with possible goiter!!
  227. pregnant (hypo) and worried
  228. Advice.
  229. Appt tomorrow, questions
  230. question re: testing
  231. crazy labs afer TT for papillary carcinoma
  232. Activity
  233. Info needed please!
  234. If you have high cortisol levels will T3 meds not work?
  235. Hypothyroidism & Amenorrhea
  236. Night sweats...and sweating in general when HYPO
  237. Throat Numbness After Surgery
  238. compounding vs armour etc
  239. Follow Up 1 year post op For Cancer
  240. Buddha belly anyone?
  241. Do you discuss your thyroid problems?
  242. Lump above my collar bone
  243. Need the wisdom of your experience
  244. Going to ask for new bloodwork - what do I request re: T3, T4, etc?
  245. How long does it take to clear synthroid from system
  246. Anyone's lymph nodes react to thyroid problems?
  247. Headache? Related to thyroid? Or Armour dosage?
  248. I'm definately taking too much T3
  249. Blood Test Results
  250. Reason why testing Free T4 and not Free T3?

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