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  1. New and need support :)
  2. Hoshimoto's Thyroiditis Autoimmune Disease with now a Nodule on my Left Lobe
  3. How many of you have had problems with the new formulation of Armour?
  4. Long time Hypo now Hyper
  5. Update on daughter
  6. nodule missing and tumore showing up in chest
  7. can you provide me with some info for thryoid
  8. Low Thyroid Levels and Swelling?
  9. finally made decision-is it right one
  10. Can someone help with new test results?
  11. Thyroiditis
  12. Switching from Armour to levothyroxine, has anyone done this successfully?
  13. thyroid removed - TSH varying a lot now
  14. Hi new here had a ultrasound of my thyroid today and saw
  15. radioactive iodine following thyroidectomy
  16. I guess I'm NOT hyper
  17. feeling awful
  18. TSH quetions help!!!!!
  19. Labs
  20. Will nodule shrink with treatment for Hashi's
  21. Do you have to remove 4cm nodule?
  22. My new IM M.D. appt.; I think she is a keeper
  23. Running out of money and don't know what doctor to see
  24. TSH level .28 how serious is that.
  25. More labs and doc says it's PERFECT??
  26. Twelfth Week on Synthroid
  27. Got My Cortisol Lab Results. Help!
  28. T4 and T3 need to be on upper normal?
  29. I'm on Thyronine
  30. 24 hour saliva results / t3-t4 results too.
  31. Endo Appt. and Ultrasound Tomorrow
  32. normal thyroid ultrasound
  33. Hypo or something else
  34. My first appt with the surgeon
  35. BENIGN thyroid nodule(s)???
  36. Any reason for T3 only treatment?
  37. Thyroid Confusion
  38. New & just diagnosed with Hashimoto's
  39. feeling unwell
  40. thyroid results
  41. final diganosed with hypothyroidism
  42. please help
  43. please i need to know more about this hoshimotos thyroid disease
  44. levothyroxine
  45. Saliva Cortisol Test Results
  46. Low body temperature?
  47. 24 hr urine test
  48. TSH 13.7 Help
  49. Please Help!!!!!!
  50. Had a new Testosterone Test done- need info please.
  51. Large nodule found HELP!
  52. signs elicited in examination of thyroid
  53. Ever noticed...
  54. thyroid in normal range but feel bad
  55. T3 / T4 Test
  56. cytomel
  57. "Slow speech" as a hypothyroid symptom?
  58. Digestive problems caused by thyroid???
  59. with 1/2 thyroid removed- should I request horme replacement
  60. Where can I find Naturethroid?
  61. thyroid gone crazy
  62. TSH is within normal range but having palpatations etc.,
  63. some of you might know this...
  64. Thyroid Ultrasound Question
  65. Pills getting stuck in my throat
  66. would like to hear some Thyroid surgery stories please
  68. Thyroid nodules - no answers, just questions
  69. Extreme fatigue where I can barely move...
  70. can ultrasound pick up an underactive thyroid when a bloodtest will not
  71. any suggestions or comments please
  72. Adrenal Fatigue Pain
  73. Armour?? Is anyone else having these problems?
  74. Pooling T3?
  75. Adrenal fatigue
  76. UPDATE on HC Relapse
  77. Large nodule on thyroid and scared to death
  78. Dr. Recommendations???
  79. Eyesight Issues and Hypothyroidism?
  80. Treatment options for reverse T3 dominance?
  81. Tender area on scalp?
  82. something in my throat
  83. Thyroid Labs - including antibody test - can someone explain?
  84. Wondering if it could be a thyroid problem?
  85. Thyroid issues?? Wish I knew.
  86. What have I done to myself; how can I undo it?
  87. Weak Arms/Hands
  88. Thyroid disorder
  89. after a week of thyroid removal,what is my expectation for the post op.
  90. Saliva Test
  91. Help! With Thyroid flare-up...
  92. Is there a doctor who doesn't only go by the TSH?
  93. What's going on with me? :(
  94. when i look out of my right eye it seems wavy from the side
  95. Help with Lab tests/ can you answer tonite?
  96. 1st time posting
  97. Fighting diagnosis/doctors for years. HELP!
  98. Help with lab results and ? for doc...please
  99. hyperthyroid problems
  100. sooo tired!
  101. LDN ~ Anyone heard of Low Dose Naltexone?
  102. thyroid results normal but have symptoms
  103. Relapse on HC
  104. if someone TSH report is 1.1 so what should he do
  105. Does OTC raw thyroid (not Armour) work?
  106. dx me/cfs LOW CORTISOL? 4.9
  107. does anybody live with 1/2 thyroid and not take medicine
  108. Panic - hyper?
  109. what if tsh is 0.01
  110. thyroid results
  111. Should i go back on Thyroxine (synthetic supplement)
  112. Hashimotos, normal levels, but....
  113. Facing thyroid surgery - goiter
  114. Found my saliva cortisol and DHEA
  115. Thyroid and Addisons?
  116. whats norm numbers for tsh?
  117. I Got My Saliva Cortisol Results!
  118. Meds causing hyperthyroidism?
  119. Synthroid and Hunger Pains
  120. TSH .61 Ft4 1.51
  121. High Adrenal Norepinephrine Test
  122. Latest Labs, Still Untreated
  123. Acne?
  124. Increased facial hair/peach fuzz with Levothyroxine?
  125. what does it mean when your thyroid is full
  126. Really need advice from other Thyroid disorder sufferers
  127. My labs - help to understand pls
  128. New to Hasimotos - lost hunger sensation
  129. weight gain
  130. got my new blood test results
  131. Throat feels bone dry even after drinking tons of water
  132. can i take synthroid and prilosec at the same time
  133. Why do I feel hypo? TSH near 3 but FT4 & FT3 pretty good?
  134. lymph nodes
  135. Doc in ny that prescribes armour or other and takes insurance
  136. Underactive thyroid
  137. Hypothyroidism and dizziness
  138. How does it benefit you to add T3?
  139. biospy of thyroid nodule
  140. First lab result since starting levothyroxine
  141. body temp
  142. New labs
  143. hypothytoid
  144. Thyroid problems??
  145. I Feel AWAKE!!!!!!!
  146. link between a crazy symptom i experienced while i was pregnant and thyroid issues?
  147. New labs...does this sound OK?
  148. Diagnosis: Mulitnodular Thyroid, Hashimoto's and HYPERthyroid?? and Anemia...
  149. Hypothyroidism
  150. Adrenal Fatigue Support Help
  151. another request for lab input...
  152. my lab results ...if anyone has any input i would appreciate it.
  153. Help
  154. Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms?
  155. Hard Thyroid + symptoms
  156. Understanding My Labs
  157. TSH Results-HELP
  158. Lab results - advice please
  159. New labs...please take a look
  160. Hydrocortisone Question
  161. How long before increased synthroid is noticable?
  162. how to lose weight when on thyroxine
  163. How rare is it that guys get thyroid issues?
  164. I had a great Endo appt. today!! Can't believe it!
  165. Do I need to fast for a TSH and Free T-4 test?
  166. Low TSH & Low Free T4
  167. FINALLY!!! A diagnoses!!!!
  168. Melatonin/Tryptophan/Alcohol
  169. Losing my faith in ever getting better (LONG post, sorry!)
  170. 375 mcg synthroid
  171. Question about Cytomel
  172. Question about Cytomel
  173. Synthroid and Vitamin D tablet
  174. Thyroid symptoms? Labs OK...
  175. Normal tests with symptoms... frustrated, lost, depressed
  176. Young female cyclist with weight issues, thyroid?
  177. alternating day dose of T4
  178. tachycardia after refined carbs, anyone?
  179. graves disease
  180. Hashi's and thirst?
  181. Hashimoto but signs of hyperthyroidism
  182. feeling very hopeless..need to hear some recovery stories. anyone?
  183. could I be Hypo?
  184. Why are docs so afraid to increase synthroid, but they're willing to give you Cytomel
  185. Unbelievable doctors!!!!
  186. New Here...B12 vs Thyroid
  187. headaches
  188. Is this doctor okay to do surgery
  189. High TSH and normal T3 uptake, normal T4.?
  190. is a 2nd fnb a waste of time what is your opinion
  191. New to Cytomel...worse fatigue anyone?
  192. new!!! chest pains/thyroid
  193. Long message, I hope to get some input!!
  194. graves disease
  195. what should i do ihave large thyroid gland with multiple nodules
  196. Can anyone recommend a doc in the Raleigh/Durham, NC area?
  197. I'm so tired and broke trying to find a decent doctor!
  198. Eighth Week on Synthroid
  199. Lab Results...hypothyroid/cytomel?
  200. Was wondering, what are your worst side affects to being HYPO?
  201. Weekend Getaway
  202. Pregnant with high TSH and low FT4
  203. What does a person have to do?
  204. Hi! New to this board and thyroid problems...
  205. Doing research have a question for all
  206. Lowered dose of Levothyroxine from 250 mcg to 187.5 mcg
  207. Brainfog? Is t a side affect of Hypo?
  208. Labs - Not sure what I should do?
  209. no enlarged thyroid but all the symptoms
  210. my hypo madness ~ i need HELP , please
  211. Switching from Armour to Levothyroxine and Cytomel...what a rollercoaster.
  212. Another dead end.
  213. Labs *TSH 0.01 with Free T3 711* Argh help please
  214. QUESIONS?? New Labs. Haven't Been Here In Awhile
  215. None of the pieces fit....
  216. Finally, Got my results from Bloodwork, need help reading them.
  217. how long to feel better after dose change
  218. Have I crossed over to Hyper?
  219. how to dry up a sist on my thyroid gland
  220. rai 131 and slaiva gland damage- permanent or temp
  221. Hyper or Not?
  222. Desperately seeking help.....
  223. Desperately seeking help.....
  224. Swallowing issues and my throat...
  225. Compounded Natural Thyroid
  226. Newbie
  227. Update on Neck Complications: Palpable Nodule/Flare-Up?
  228. Newbie
  229. Are these related symptoms?
  230. Eyebrows Question
  231. Newbie questions
  232. Expected TSH for an Actual T4 Free
  233. Need Opinion on TSH and T4
  234. Need Opinion -- TSH and T4
  235. when should i take the 24 hour adrenal saliva test?
  236. Any new books on hypothyroidism
  237. What is the deal with TSH Testing?
  238. Hypo's with back issues?
  239. Other Neck Complications
  240. Anyone Hypothyroid and Didn't Gain Weight or Lost Weight?
  241. Feeling weird on lower Armour dose.
  242. Do people around you understand?
  243. hypothyroid
  244. Levoxyl recall?
  245. Paranoia and hypothyroidism...
  246. Levothroid and TT
  247. total thyroidectomy
  248. Finally unable to get Armour or Thyrolar2
  249. Thyroid and hives
  250. you are not going to believe this

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