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  1. Hypothyroid & synovial fluid....
  2. Heart palpitations--New Diagnosis!
  3. what kind of voice exercises can be done after a thyroidectomy
  4. Low thyroid and other meds
  5. Vitamin B12 range controversy
  6. Why are the nights the worst??
  7. Synthroid and St. John's Wort
  8. hypothyroid symptoms? No insurance, another newbie
  9. Want to go back to old dosage, do you think my levels have changed so soon??
  10. IVF - Thyroid levels for best success
  11. Lab results ???
  12. calcification of the thyroid
  13. Neutro Auto of 41.2
  14. Should i be tested?
  15. Worried about my TSH level
  16. Can anyone help?
  17. Dizziness in the morning
  18. someone please new labs, need help
  19. Gluten Free Diet and Hashi's: did it work for you?
  20. confused about results
  21. post thyroidectomy
  22. Opthamologist-Thyroid Eye Disease
  23. Is this a normal increase in dosage??
  24. thyroid panel update
  25. Synthroid & Mineral water
  26. What should I do??
  27. what does a low tsh mean
  28. Please help with new labs.
  29. Hyperthyroid newbie needing help
  30. Graves' Disease; Hair problems.
  31. Hashitoxicosis- what do you do?
  32. Thyroid
  33. Interaction of collee and Synthroid?
  34. Things are looking up....sort of
  35. iodine deficiency
  36. my thyroid story
  37. Sister is hypo and pregnant, She's worried about brain development. Info needed!
  38. what are the normal levels for thyroid peroxidase
  39. Saw my DR and I don't need anti-depressants!
  40. thyroid levels?
  41. Which thyroid tests do I need?
  42. Strange feelings with weakness
  43. I awoke to some sort of attack!!
  44. I'm desperate to lower my cortisol
  45. Is 6 weeks long enough to know if new dose is working?
  46. Can some help me read these bloodwork results?
  47. In the low end of the 'normal' range....could I still be hypothyroid?
  48. Anybody knows what is MMS ?
  49. TX Docs....
  50. TN docs, anyone???
  51. books on hypothyroid
  52. hashimotos treatment
  53. Heart Pain/Stress, Should I Call Endo?
  54. hypothyroid?
  55. Hyperthyroid episode
  56. Anyone else with nausea
  57. Synthroid vs. Levothyroxine
  58. New to board
  59. goiter swells up and down HELP!!!
  60. Hypothyroid with Hyperthyroid symptoms
  61. Thyroid levels?
  62. what does bungleweed do?
  63. New with questions
  64. tsh level
  65. THS level is 27
  66. Results of scan after RAI, questions.....
  67. Can I take iron while on synthroid???
  68. Heterogeneous echotexture of the thyroid gland with a mass
  69. Do you know any of these doctors?
  70. TSH, T3, and T4 confusion. Please help.
  71. Can neck trauma cause thyroid problems?
  72. Failed pregnancy due to bozo endocrinologist
  73. Methimazole/Inderal causing headaches?
  74. Low TSH, Low Free T4 and Low Free T3
  75. Grave's Disease in Older Women?
  76. no thyroid and need less than normal dose
  77. missed period
  78. anyone experience anything similar?
  79. Antibody attack with a thyroid
  80. why am i still so sick after having my thyroid removed?
  81. Trouble with meds-going out of my mind
  82. Thyroid problems and bromelain
  83. HYperthyroidism bloodwork
  84. method to correct levothyroxine dosing?
  85. High allergy reading but no allergies..any hidden meaning relating to thyroid??
  87. What does it mean when you have an enlarged thyroid?
  88. Home testing?
  89. Good endo in the Syracuse/Albany/Binghamton area?
  90. 6cm nodule & facing surgery very scared
  91. Daughter (13yrs) Newly Diagnosed
  92. increasing gosage,symptoms return .
  93. Graves affecting Home Pregnancy Tests..??
  94. doctor in Pittsburgh
  95. need help
  96. How can I convince my doc to treat me?
  97. men symptoms
  98. Lobectomy, what to expect?
  99. Insurance related to lobectomy...just curious about something
  100. thyroid test levels
  101. Tinnitus and thyroid?
  102. Lingering cold, inflamed goiter, hard to breathe
  103. can allergy shots cause thyroid disease?
  104. Voice issues post-op...who to seek for help?
  105. All of a sudden I am getting very weak...anyone else??
  106. Hypothryoid and Melatonin??
  107. Low Vitamin D
  108. please share some insight
  109. Sweating to death taking Syntheroid
  110. Is chronic fatigue related to hypothyroidism?
  111. please, please help, neck swelled up
  112. Has anyone had a thyroid biopsy?
  113. Change in thyroid levels after neck surgery?
  114. Thyroid HELP!!!
  115. Jaw stiffness continues...
  116. Is there a thyroid and acne/pimples connection?
  117. When is the best time of the day to schedule labs?
  118. New Labs any thoughts?
  119. Help with Labs
  120. Cytomel dosage
  121. Need help with results
  122. fainting and hypothyroidism?
  123. Hashimoto and achy all over
  124. doctor prescribed 25 mcg levothyroxine will it make a difference
  125. Please telling me these are normal symptoms after thyroid removal
  126. New labs.......help please.
  127. Feeling strange
  128. converting lab ranges
  129. question on docs diagnosis
  130. Need some help understanding results
  131. large goiter what do I do?
  132. positive things to say about thyroidectomies?
  133. Thyroid Blood test results. Do I have a problem?
  134. What to do with Reverse T3?
  135. Antibodies question
  136. Only tsh
  137. Naturopaths
  138. New to being Hypo
  139. foods to avoid when hypothyroid?
  140. Will treating subclinical hypo help adrenal fatigue?
  141. Hashimoto's and hypo have ruined my immune system!
  142. Back and have a question
  143. too much synthroid
  144. Understanding the numbers
  145. Anyone know what this means?
  146. Hypo and back pain
  147. Hashimoto's Question
  148. Advice On How To "Approach" New Endo
  149. Low T3, normal T4, high TSH and mixed symptoms?!
  150. Depression?
  151. is this low enough to take meds
  152. Anyone hypo and LOSING weight?
  153. Monthly Cycle and RAI
  154. electrical items & thyroids
  155. Hives and Hashimoto's
  156. Help understanding lab results
  157. 3 weeks post Thyroidectomy and still very hoarse
  158. Is It Normal To Shed A Ton Of Hair On A Dose Change?
  159. Prednisone for Hashimoto's?
  160. hashimotos & adrenal fatigue
  161. Calcium
  162. Menstrual cycles after a total thyroidectomy
  163. Should I let Them take out part of my thyroid?
  164. Thyroid swellings
  165. hypothyroidism
  166. SO sad....
  167. lab results got me worried!
  168. Lump on my throat
  169. Low TSH but still feeling horrible....
  170. ARmour/Synthroid vs. Cytomel/Syntrhoid
  171. throid ultrasound results
  172. hypothyroidism
  173. endo in Kansas City?
  174. Synthroid question
  175. Need info from my Experts on Thyroid labs
  176. Question about being hypo before RAI
  177. How do I know if my fever is too high when I don't know my normal temp anymore?
  178. Newly Diagnosed as Hyperthyroid
  179. Just started synthroid.. Questions??
  180. High DHEA with Low Cortisol. Anybody else?
  181. Need help with being patient on new dose
  182. New lab and dosage increase (opinions needed)
  183. Low Thyroid Index--they probably won't treat it!
  184. Partial Thyoidectomy 1 Week Ago, now have large hard area under/around incision
  185. Can Somebody Explain Something To Me?
  186. My 4 year old Daughter thyroid level
  187. low vitamin D and slightly elevated Parathyroid hormone levels
  188. me again, always something.........
  189. Thyroid Disorders and Blood Sugar Levels
  190. I can't believe this!!
  191. Recommended Testing?
  192. Historical lab results, any input would be GREATLY appreciated!
  193. Ramblings..............
  194. Cytomel help
  195. Can anyone please advise me on possible thyroid problem?
  196. Cant figure this out - need some help w/lab numbers
  197. feeling out of place and very tired
  198. High TSH with low t3, t4
  199. Can someone please help me with lab results?
  200. low tsh, high prolactin???
  201. Can't find the right kind of Thyro Max
  202. Has anyone else got the new armour?
  203. Frustrated with Doctors!
  204. Yay! Finally found a doc who would listen...
  205. What does this Mean?
  206. Syntheroid & weight loss
  207. Hello
  208. tsh levels and iodine after TT for papillary carcinoma
  209. testing thyroid when you're sick
  210. Hyperparathyroidism? cpnfused....
  211. parathyroid disorder? A little confused.
  212. Allergist For AutoImmune
  213. Auto Immune Help
  214. TSH #....Are my numbers ok??
  215. Low TSH
  216. Perfect labs but maybe hypothyroid?
  217. Combining Armour and T4
  218. terrified, please help
  219. HELP!!! not sure what's wrong with me...
  220. Newly DX with papillary cancer
  221. Trouble with thyroid meds/Dr.s! Confused!
  222. Cold Nodule
  223. Doctor Dropped Me - What To Do?
  224. Armour thyroid causing anxiety
  225. Could positive ANA titer have anything to do with hashi's?
  226. endocologist for low tsh level
  227. Newly pregnant with a rip roaring case of Hashi's
  228. Awaiting thyroid uptake scan results
  229. Question on Levithroids
  230. Several Questions and a Bit of Venting (sorry!)
  231. TSH of 133.88!!!
  232. Now what!?!?!
  233. Tgab antibodies but no TPO antibodies????
  234. how long before new thyroid dose starts working
  235. jodbasedow effect
  236. Plz what my blood work means?
  237. Hypo - What are the drugs going to do to me?
  238. MMR Booster
  239. Graves disease
  240. should I stop taking my supplements before Thyroid blood tests?
  241. Heart palps?
  242. Hyperparathyroidism? Please help!
  243. Selenium - how much to take? 100 or 200 mcgs?
  244. They NEVER tested me for Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies!!! Help!!
  245. Is jumpy agitation normal?
  246. Ginseng is good for hypo?
  247. Question about TSH
  248. Graves w/o thyroid?
  249. Armour in UK update
  250. Retested-- My most recent labs-- Hypo?

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