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  1. Could synthroid be making me dizzy?
  2. Need new suggestions for omega-3's
  3. OTC Thyroid Essentials
  4. Why would Endo order this test?
  5. Help with my numbers, please...
  6. Help finding Armour Doctor Fl
  7. How long did it take for your cholesterol to improve after taking Levoxyl?
  8. Help w/Bloodwork results Please
  9. New here and need info
  10. My test results
  11. S/O Other immune disease. Questions.
  12. Bought the tests online for daughter...
  13. Memory Loss
  14. Reference Ranges...Confusing! Help?
  15. Melatonin for jet lag ok for someone with Hashimotos on levothyroxine?
  16. Midwest, need your opinion....
  17. canadian thyroid drugs
  18. Help! i need advice as when to take the Synthroid
  19. just wondering about a some symptoms...
  20. When your levels are stable, do you react severely to extra iodine?
  21. How long does Vit. D3 stay in your system if you're hypo?
  22. Does anyone have an issue differentiating between Thyroid Issues and Menopause......
  23. Help F T3 levels and TSH
  24. Problems with taking multivitamins and iron
  25. Very confused about Armour dosage.
  26. Thyroid Disorder and NORMAL Screening Results?
  27. Thyroid hurts after eating shrimp???
  28. Preparing for my doctor visit. Any help?
  29. Help with TSH please
  30. Anyone experienced this scary situation?
  31. Help - 19 year old's latest labs
  32. hi everyone. new to the board
  33. What to do to get your energy back?
  34. Has anyone gone to a Holistic doc?
  35. muscle fatigue and other questions...
  36. Levels 6 wks post TT
  37. Could You Please Read My Free T3 and Free T4 Results?
  38. Hair Miniaturzation and Thyroid meds
  39. Hypo & learning to understand labs
  40. The Thyroid Paradox by James Rone
  41. thyroid disease
  42. Hi
  43. Weening off of synthroid
  44. thyroid
  45. topping up but not suppressing thyroid function? Potassium affected?
  46. just started levothyroxine, is this normal?
  47. Update to my Hyper/PTU Thread... Finally saw an Endo Today
  48. Hypo, are these normal side affects?
  49. Hello from the UK...
  50. New here
  51. Natural Dessicated Thyroid Hormone
  52. confused?
  53. Iodine questions
  54. the dreaded endo just called...
  55. got reults from scan and mri...
  56. Do you have other autoimmune diseases?
  57. Saw Endo, Update, More Testing
  58. Endocronologists in Toronto..any recommendions?
  59. What to do if family doc doesn't want to give me referral?
  60. No ovulation - and the timing was amazing
  61. Hello and Question - on meds... am I Hashi?
  62. Supplement Info needed
  63. This is just C R A Z Y ! ! !
  64. Shortage of Natural Thyroid Hormones
  65. Newly Diagnosed
  66. Hypothyroid question
  67. Hypothyroidism and bleeding
  68. new here, seeking opinions
  69. Doctors should become familiar with Thryoid forums/sites.
  70. can a low thyroid function slow down the digestion of alcohol?
  71. my thyroid test came back good but why do i still have symtoms?
  72. fluctuating tsh values
  73. Looking for articles about thyroid labs to show new doc
  74. Opinions on these test results?
  75. Anyone have mild anemia as a result of hypo? Or vitamin D deficiency?
  76. Hypothyroid and diet pills
  77. desperate for help ..is this thyroid related?
  78. New labs....feedback?
  79. General Thyroid Symptoms Question
  80. no doc will treat me
  81. andrenal gland
  82. What does it mean when your antibodies get lower?
  83. High calcium levels?
  84. Many thyroid questions from an addisonian
  85. what next??
  86. Churning sensation in chest
  87. Thyroid and Kidney Pain
  88. Heart Aches, Upcoming Endo Appt.
  89. Medication
  90. Do free clinics help with thyroid issues?
  91. Do I need Thyroid medication?
  92. Cracks in corners of mouth?
  93. I need info on iodine
  94. Need Help, Sorry So Long but need opinions.
  95. Help a new Hashi Mom buy lab tests
  96. Is Flax oil bad for hypo and Hashi's?
  97. time of day for labs on armour/synthroid?
  98. Need your help on....synthroid 112mg
  99. throat discomfort
  100. Daughter's Pathology Report ...
  101. New Labs, any opinions?
  102. Followup scan for cancer & recent labs ADVICE PLEASE
  103. know anything about iatrogenic hyperthyroidism?
  104. Should antibodies be re-tested?
  105. quick ? about the #'s
  106. Low T3?
  107. Labs
  108. What is normal TSH?
  109. Help with new labs
  110. managing hashi swings...
  111. Cytomel vs Compounded T3
  112. How often are thyroid nodules cancer?
  113. Nature Throid
  114. TSH of 99...scared...just had baby 6 months ago...Hashi's?
  115. visual problems with med's
  116. Does anemia cause hypo or does hypo cause anemia?
  117. Elevated ACTH, high-norm cortisol in the AM
  118. Labs on the money, low even, but still hypo symptoms (Hashis)
  119. Cytomel 25mcg tab
  120. Why I don't trust doctors anymore. A rant.
  121. Newbie needs help... Please.. please..
  122. Opinion on results?
  123. Has anyone had
  124. thyroid
  125. Mono and Hashimoto's
  126. laragyscopy before thyroid surgery
  127. Upcoming WBS With Thyrogen
  128. How long does Cytomel/t3 last?
  129. Already received my e mail from endo....
  130. Am I subclinical hypothyroid or normal?
  131. Do I have sub clinical hypothyroidism?
  132. Treatment of Hashimoto's along with other symptoms
  133. Armour vs. Nature-Throid
  134. new here can you tell me what a what if you have a TSH level of 125 means
  135. New on levothyroxin... is this normal?
  136. Peristent thyroid pain and inflammation for 2+ months
  137. Saw endo yesterday for follow up..lymph node
  138. Overwhelmed, not sure where to go from here...miscarriage, undiagnosed hypo?
  139. Has anyone had their insurance pay for a saliva test?
  140. Starting cytomel
  141. Hypothyroid and Pregnant?
  142. Sick and tired...
  143. My life is a good news/bad news joke ...
  144. Swallowing problem after thyroid removed
  145. face swelling & Hashimoto's
  146. ARMOUR Question? Crumbling?? Please help!
  147. Is this low?
  148. Ultrasound tomorrow and I am so scared!
  149. What to do for dizziness
  150. meeting w/ radiologist..
  151. tsh change
  152. Question on Armour
  153. very weird reaction
  154. on the road to recovery....
  155. Is 50 mcg Synthroid enough to make a difference?
  156. I just love when doctors..
  157. Seeing a new doc...what questions to ask?
  158. MRI with Contrast Experiences
  159. Is it?
  160. Just told I have Thyroid Disease
  161. newbie--drug interaction ??
  162. Thyroid nodule and afraid
  163. On Fluoride and Thyroid
  164. This thyroid thing makes for a lonely life
  165. how you felt when you first started thyroxine..
  166. Hashimoto's and joint pain
  167. when will thyrolar be available?
  168. what was the best bit of advice you recieved on here?
  169. Lab Results
  170. Will I ever feel good???
  171. Would anyone happen to know.......long post
  172. Test Results..Help Needed
  173. Wife has hypothyroidism for 5 years, found a lump...need opinions
  174. Frustrated and confused...
  175. Is this as crazy as it sounds?
  176. Secondary Hypothyroidism & Surgery on Nodules
  177. Getting my dose increased!! Yay!!!
  178. Just diagnosed help please?
  179. Could synthroid really work this quickly?
  180. do you need meds for enlarged thyroid?
  181. Feel very hot today but I'm not hyper
  182. Need Help Newly Diagnosed
  183. having TT tomorrow
  184. Armour
  185. TSH of 63, Feel Great, What is this?
  186. Advocado and Armour
  187. Could Levothyroxine cause high blood sugar when pregnant?
  188. acai
  189. Can a medication cause a thyroid disorder?
  190. When is the best time of day to take synthroid?
  191. Total Thyroidectomy ~ What dose of meds are YOU on???
  192. Need help with lab results please!
  193. Has anyone had surgery for a Substernal Thyroid?
  194. Ultrasound Report - Please Help
  195. Is goitre like feeling in neck normal after taking thyroxine?
  196. hurtle cells and hashi's
  197. New to Board...
  198. Do you think I could be hypothyroid? TSH 2.44
  199. How to treat/handle Hashi swings?
  200. levothyroxine vs Synthroid
  201. Need help with ultrasound and ct scan results
  202. Please explain
  203. Possible Thyroid Issue?
  204. Sharp, stinging pains in eye
  205. Goiter =-(
  206. Anyone else get depressed when Thyroid is off?
  207. Trying to figure this out!
  208. New and have questions
  209. Hypothyroid problems
  210. Is it possible to have Graves anitbodies but not gave Graves?
  211. Very Confused!!
  212. Cholesterol
  213. hypothyroidism....do you think i have it?
  214. Thyroid test came back abnormal
  215. a quick question...
  216. Does Nodules Affect Lab Numbers
  217. missing left lobe - HELP!
  218. Stop the Thyroid Madness Book
  219. What is the worse level of tsh?
  220. I want to STOP taking levothyroxine!!!
  221. My present situation regarding my Thyroid
  222. need help interpreting labs plz
  223. switching from generic to brand
  224. switching from levoxothyrine to Synthroid
  225. ever since I had my thyroid removed.....
  226. New hypo with dry skin question
  227. six week blood test results and question
  228. six weeks bloodwork question
  229. Hashimoto's remission
  230. Need 2nd Surgery :(
  231. Need 2nd Surgery :(
  232. Is this adrenal fatigue or a low thyroid?
  233. Hot flashes night sweats insomnia Total thyroidectomy 03/09 synthroid dose is changed
  234. Nodule, hypo, need an Endo in Fairfax, VA area
  235. Will RAI really make it all better.....?
  236. why does parathyroid stop working
  237. Free T3 and Free T4 results with TSH, Help Please
  238. Vitamin b12
  239. Help-just started taking Cytomel
  240. Chest pain
  241. Help with my TSH (thyroid) results
  242. What dose of Armour / Natural Thyroid are you on?
  243. What's the deal w/soy? Does this mean no more Chinese food?
  244. how much selenium?
  245. Somethings not right...low TSH, lower end FT4
  246. My Thyroid Test Results. Please Help.
  247. Do I still have Hashimotos?
  248. Hypothyroid&Loss of Appetite...
  249. TSH 3rd Generation .08
  250. Hypothyroid symptoms....help please

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