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  1. Very Interesting...
  2. Update
  3. Do I need my armour increased?
  4. How did I go hypo so quick????
  5. Depression
  6. Homeopathic Help
  7. hashimotos thyroid/hypothyroidism
  8. Years of issues, 'enlarged multinodular thyroid'
  9. Euthyroid Graves Disease
  10. So confused, for what reasons do dr suggest thyroidectomy?
  11. Parathyroids
  12. Endo treats thyroid by numbers on the paper....
  13. High TSH, High T3, and High T4
  14. any information
  15. Thyroid? Adrenals? Test Results (need mkgbrook's) input
  16. Trouble with thyroid meds, herbals instead?
  17. elevated heart rate or blood pressure??
  18. Thyroid, parasites and a cup of coffee !
  19. Jittery??
  20. Mom's Thyroid Dosage
  21. On the nodule train
  22. Graves Disease
  23. Flare-ups/Inflammation associated with the destruction of the thyroid
  24. Just had Thyroidectomy, papillary cancer
  25. New here and confused
  26. New to hypothyroid
  27. Question about Armour
  28. strange menstrual cycle when levo increased-anyone else?
  29. hashi's and dead thyroid?
  30. What tests should I ask my Endo to run when I meet her for the first time?
  31. Tsh
  32. newbie question
  33. Hyperactive Thyroid?
  34. What is T3?
  35. What now?
  36. Prescribed Armour for Hashimoto's, Normal Range TSH, T3, T4
  37. I have no idea what this means>>>
  38. Just Diagnosed and Question about Westhroid
  39. hashimoto's and uticaria
  40. Missed Medication Dosage for a Week
  41. when T3 and T4 of thyroid glands are normal ,is it healthy
  42. thyroid removed
  43. Advice
  44. Tired!
  45. ALWAYS something......
  46. One week later...
  47. Thyroid Labs and Stumped on results
  48. Could elevated lymphocytes be due to hashimotos?
  49. thyrogen - does it work for you?
  50. what is a normal level of T3, T4 and cortisol
  51. Hurthle cells in sheets?
  52. Philadelphia
  53. how long does it take to lose 50+ lbs
  54. my t3 is 22
  55. Partial thyroidectomy; follicular carcinoma
  56. lmpyh node
  57. Thyroid Eye Disease
  58. Is there a difference between Hashitoxicosis and Hashimotos?
  59. New Labs - Bad Dr.
  60. New here and feel terrible on thyroid meds
  61. mixed results
  62. Must stop meds for 6 weeks!
  63. Elevated TSI (Thyroid Stimulating Immunogobulin) Do I have Graves?
  64. FNA Impression
  65. Bloodwork shows nothing.....Surgery in 2 weeks?
  66. tsh
  67. No help.......here are my first labs.....TSH Free T3, Free T4.....
  68. tsh levels low
  69. scar after thyroidectomy
  70. Feeling REALLY down... :(
  71. gland issue total thyroid removal a year ago
  72. thyroid diseases
  73. New to Board and have to make decision..
  74. CQ10 supplements
  75. Young Hypos?
  76. does Iodoral help with t-3
  77. Hyperthyriod/ please help
  78. Newbie here *waves*
  79. what is the meanig
  80. thyroidectomy
  81. Weight gain w/ thyroid medicine????
  82. Going for Thyroid Uptake Scan tomorrow...
  83. Hi - New Here
  84. antibody levels for anyone with hashis
  85. Need input on a goiter!
  86. Feeling like a big moo moo!
  87. Can Meds make you feel worse?
  88. How long til a new med starts working?
  89. advice on lab results please!
  90. If you change just t3 dose, how soon can you test?
  91. low thyroid
  92. Borderline thyroid
  93. Bloating, water retention, after tx of hyperthyroid.
  94. Follow ups after surgery
  95. How to take Levothyroxine for Alzheimer's patient
  96. cramp
  97. 2 days after surgery
  98. possible overactive thyroid?
  99. Finally got results from 2nd endo
  100. Please help me understand my results..what now?
  101. what does immunoglobulin A, QN, Serum high level mean
  102. Forgot Pill Yesterday
  103. Subclinical Hypothyroidism
  104. Possible Thyroid problem?
  105. why am i losing weight with hypothyroid? (Hashi's)
  106. Thyroid make periods late?
  107. Diagnosed today as a hypo!
  108. Results in....opinions needed!
  109. New blood resuts 3 months after Hashi diagnosis
  110. why can't I build muscle with Graves Disease
  111. Lab and med help again
  112. Labs and AT drugs
  113. Question about lab normals
  114. low tsh, everything else normal
  115. Feeling angry
  116. Trouble breathing and nodules...
  117. Which to choose?
  118. Feeling great after total thyroidectomy
  119. doctor cutting my dosage by half
  120. got my labs today
  121. Dr. says I'm 'subclinical hypothyroid'
  122. Should I have gone with armour instead of other t4/t3 combo
  123. blood test report TSH Low,T4 Slightly elevated;what is the diagonisis
  124. Symptoms, but normal Free t4
  125. my baby girl has hyper thyriodism
  126. I think i have hypothyroidism
  127. dry eye connection
  128. No help in sight?
  129. dr said dosage should be lowered
  130. Anyone else have a TSH of 0
  131. does evening primrose oil contribute to hypothyroidism
  132. Have endo apt. need advice PLEASE.
  133. Hypothyroidism and Whiplash
  134. How Hashimoto Works Question....
  135. Dumb question on "feeling of a nodule"
  136. The pill affecting blood test results?
  137. lymphectomy in my future :)
  138. Help!
  139. input on cortisol test
  140. How many anti-body tests?
  141. Surgery is Wednesday
  142. Terrible fatique and weight loss...anyone else?
  144. lump in the neck
  145. Don't know if I belong here
  146. Thyroidectomy - anyone not miserable afterwards?
  147. 17yo male, TSH=23.7, Is this bad?
  148. i have hyperthyroidism and im 4 months pregnant
  149. HC is making me crazy
  150. Help TPO 1266! Questions
  151. is 88 over 57 a low blood pressure and what do I do about it
  152. Those that have had a Total Thyroidectomy, Questions!
  153. ultrasound results and blood labs question
  154. swallowing/sore throat or neck
  155. so fed up
  156. Help! Too many thyroid cases showing up here.
  157. what happens if you dont drink a glass of water with your synthroid?
  158. difficult swallowing
  159. Saw Endocrinologist, These are the tests she is running....
  160. Anxiety Related to Thyroid?
  161. Confused about what's going on? Help?
  162. what should i do????????
  163. hyperthyroid issue????
  164. what is normal ranges for T3,TSH and free T?
  165. Frustrated by Lab Results, please help
  166. stomache
  167. Enlarged Thyroid with Cysts with normal bloodwork
  168. Have Hashimotos - can anyone recommend...
  169. what are symptoms of multinodular goiter
  170. MD choice for FNA
  171. muscle twitching & low calcium levels
  172. Thyroid and getting pregnant
  173. why do you get reactive lymph nodes in thyroid gland
  174. Pretty odd case of subacute
  175. Surgery
  176. Tsh 86???
  177. synthroid side effect?
  178. What Does a Low Iron Saturation Level Mean
  179. TSH getting better, free T4 getting worse
  180. Fna
  181. Hashi problems
  182. Another Quick Lab Question.
  183. another question
  184. thyroid mass biopsy showed moderate follicular cells, colloid cells and histiocytes
  185. Dizziness
  186. puffy cheek
  187. Enlarged thyroid with a thickend Isthmus
  188. really confused my doc said i have a level of 120 points what is this
  189. Does your Throat Ache?
  190. methimazole has now made my thyroid hypo, my doctor wants me to stay taking the same
  191. Please Help With Labs
  192. Desperately Seeking Suggestions!
  193. Tsh
  194. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!! Lab Questions. High TSH WITH High T4 levels???
  195. cortisol levels
  196. neck swelling
  197. New Labs ... What do you think?
  198. Please help--Thyroid? Adrenals? Both?
  199. Upper normal TSH, above 1.0 T4, no antibodies, 23 years old...
  200. I need advice
  201. higher tsh level but normal t3 and t4
  202. Hot and Cold at the same time often?
  203. Thyroid Genetic Testing
  204. hair fall out when i use DHEA
  205. Thyroid Effect on Females Cycle
  206. New to the Nodule scene....
  207. What is inpatient RAI 131 like?
  208. quick question
  209. Good news, I think
  210. Thyroid med raise...
  211. what does it mean when your antibodies are high
  212. thyroid condition
  213. how long does it take to get over a thyroidectomy?
  214. what does enlarged thyroid glands mean
  215. Help!
  216. New guy, need advice
  217. Vitamin D Test Results.. Please Help
  218. For those on T4 AND T3 meds...
  219. how do I find my lab ranges
  220. Thyroid nodule
  221. So I finally got tested
  222. Got my tests results back--Hashimoto's? Adrenals??
  223. Normal TSH, but Hypothyroid symptoms
  224. Synthroid to Armour?
  225. how long does it takee for T-4 levels to get to normal
  226. Am I crazy or getting the run-around?
  227. Worried about thyroid problems
  228. Ovulation
  229. Underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism)
  230. New to Amour and trying to understand labs...
  231. I can't live without my bread!
  232. Looking for a UK doctor who will prescribe T3?
  233. Hypo to Hyper- doc wants to lower meds but I feel good Hyper
  234. I Recently had my thyroids removed
  235. Help! TG up to 1.1 post-cancer
  236. I picked up my lab and ultrasound results.....
  237. my resistance sis low
  238. test results please advise
  239. another person with test results
  240. TSH level of 3.1 what does it mean?
  241. Help about TSH question
  242. Should I be concerned?
  243. FNA question
  244. Can thyroid surgery cause stomach upset?
  245. what is considered high TSH levels
  246. i am seeing the surgeon for my thyroid today what will he do
  247. Lets talk thyroid and ovary cysts!
  248. Thyroid/PCOS
  249. Confused and need help with labs
  250. could this be a thyroid problem?

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