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  1. Vitamin b12
  2. Help-just started taking Cytomel
  3. Chest pain
  4. Help with my TSH (thyroid) results
  5. What dose of Armour / Natural Thyroid are you on?
  6. What's the deal w/soy? Does this mean no more Chinese food?
  7. how much selenium?
  8. Somethings not right...low TSH, lower end FT4
  9. My Thyroid Test Results. Please Help.
  10. Do I still have Hashimotos?
  11. Hypothyroid&Loss of Appetite...
  12. TSH 3rd Generation .08
  13. Hypothyroid symptoms....help please
  14. Iodine Deficieny Patch Test
  15. Thank GOD i found this forum-PLEASE HELP !
  16. Thinking about delaying RAI
  17. Graves disease
  18. I'm really hating all this thyroid crap!
  19. TSH 2.46 FT4 1.55 - Normal?
  20. Anyone being treated with synthroid with Hashimoto's, but normal tsh?
  21. Just got a positive home pregnancy test
  22. How often should a nodule be checked?
  23. weaning off levoxyl, transitioning to nature-throid
  24. does removal of diseased thyroid guarantee cancer will never develop
  25. Low TSH but normal T3 and T4
  26. Had TT 7/10 -- Docs do not agree on meds!!!
  27. TSH Results In on Latest Labs, What's Next?
  28. Is anyone else dealing with this?
  29. Does Anyone See a Problem w/These Thyroid Results?
  30. Hypothyroidism makes me ill
  31. Newly hypo—need input on labs/treatment
  32. total thyroidectomy
  33. Appt Next week, Seems like back where I started in 07
  34. New here, Hypothyroid, sudden onset of strange symptoms...help?
  35. Thyroid biopsy results are in.
  36. Impt ? about RAI treatment - please help!
  37. Had Left Thyroidectomy, nodules in right side,
  38. Connection between low ferritin and thyroid disorder
  39. Natural Thyroid does work for some... but for me it seems... not so much!
  40. Got my results and diagnosed with....
  41. Letter to my idiot doctor.
  42. Can someone explain the doses of Synthroid?
  43. 2x3cm benign nodule so why remove it?
  44. hypo and hyper symptoms
  45. New Here - Blood Test Question
  46. Gaing and gaining
  47. thyroid medication in one dose
  48. is there any hope of being normal again??
  49. Armour Unavailable; How does Naturethroid compare to Armour?
  50. Armour and Synthroid?
  51. I am worrying about loss of voice after TT
  52. parathyroidism post-op results
  53. Low TSH - High FT4 - Normal FT3
  54. Update on my Total Thyroidectomy..
  55. visit to my doctor
  56. What Foods Sabotage Thyroid?
  57. TSH 8.21, T4 13 - a question
  58. Can anyone tell me if these numbers could be hyperthyroid?
  59. Hyperparathyroidism--Low Normal PTH and High CA 4 mo. Post Op
  60. Help, I'm looking for Endo in Austin TX
  61. high f t3 and high r-t3. What does this mean
  62. Symptoms of Hypothyroid?...
  63. where should my t3t4 levels be at?
  64. Thyroglobulin question
  65. Anyone feel depressed when they're hypo?
  66. Hypothroidism vs Hassimotos
  67. HELP... Possible Thyroid problem
  68. Substernal Thyroid
  69. Update On Labs - Help Please
  70. Levothyroxine dose
  71. Not feeling well
  72. Difference between Hashimoto's and Hashitoxicosis?
  73. Total Thyroidectomy in three weeks
  74. Face gets hot & red when eating/Medicine related?
  75. Adjusting to Meds - feeling sick
  76. Hypothyroid with other hormone issues
  77. change meds?
  78. For all of you that have had a total thyroidectomy.. questions..
  79. Second opinion says i have thyroid issues, need help
  80. Hypo & losing weight
  81. Some questions about next step post TT
  82. any good family doc's/ do's/ thyroid doctors in st.louis?
  83. bp for adrenal fatigue
  84. Thyroid symptoms
  85. Saw my doctor today...
  86. swelling after surgery
  87. phosphorus levels
  88. Can someone PLEASE help...
  89. Labs "normal", but not feeling normal
  90. Desperate for advice!
  91. How do you manage Hashi swings?
  92. Toxic multinodular goiter with Grave's.. surgery this friday 7/10!
  93. Do I really have hyperthyroidism?
  94. Vitamins and Supplements for Hypothyroid.
  95. Low TSH but symptoms of hypo not hyper
  96. Question about incision after surgery
  97. ultrasound of the thyroid
  98. Is this true?
  99. Symptoms of low TSH levels
  100. At My Wit's End -- Really Only Subacute Thyroiditis???
  101. if youhave a low thyroid range what does that mean
  102. what is your tsh meant to range between
  103. Quick question...
  104. Thyroglobulin Question....Panicking :(
  105. Need help with possible thyroid removal decision
  106. advice please
  107. Syntroid
  108. If your dose is too low, wouldn't additional iodine make you feel better?
  109. Do most get their hair back?
  110. New 'improved' Armour
  111. Texas Advocacy Group - I need HELP getting treated for life-altering Hashimoto's
  112. Feeling like something is pushing on my wind pipe
  113. Self medicating with 800 mcgs of levothyroxine
  114. Update, A year later and new concerns :(
  115. Weight Gain/loss With Thyroid Disorder
  116. Endocrinologist Reno, Nevada
  117. Medical Disability for Hashimotos
  118. Getting treatment seems impossible HASHIMOTO'S
  119. discouraged
  120. increasing dosage and blood test
  121. please help with my lab results?
  122. Hashimoto's Disease
  123. Medically induced hypothyroidism
  124. New lab results
  125. possible thyroid issue
  126. Is this a hypo symptom?
  127. Thyroid readings
  128. how long should I expect to wait before I see a change in T4 T3 combined
  129. New lab results
  130. TSH after discontinue Levothyroxine
  131. thyroid cyst
  132. Armour Dosing/Questions
  133. Strange Symptoms - thyroid?
  134. Test results
  135. Need advice ASAP before calling doc .....
  136. Total Thyroidectomy - Severe muscle aches/pain & anxiety
  137. I passed the six month mark but Hives are under control.
  138. help me understand what its like
  139. Will you help w/my bloodwork?
  140. Mercury and Toxins Underlying Cause of Autoimmune/Thyroid Problem
  141. a question
  142. Adreanal pain
  143. what If a depressed patient has a zero TSH, what is my dose?
  144. Possibly hypothyroid?
  145. Thyroid test results interpretation
  146. Hypothyroid and Confused....
  147. Thyroidectomy - any good stories?
  148. Need some answers please!
  149. will my baby be affected?
  150. Weight Gain
  151. I got my lab results...advice please
  152. what is wrong with me
  153. Does it look like i have hypothyorid? Results Inside
  154. Hashimotos and other issues..
  155. I thought 6 weeks on new meds was enough time
  156. Hypothyroid & synovial fluid....
  157. Heart palpitations--New Diagnosis!
  158. what kind of voice exercises can be done after a thyroidectomy
  159. Low thyroid and other meds
  160. Vitamin B12 range controversy
  161. Why are the nights the worst??
  162. Synthroid and St. John's Wort
  163. hypothyroid symptoms? No insurance, another newbie
  164. Want to go back to old dosage, do you think my levels have changed so soon??
  165. IVF - Thyroid levels for best success
  166. Lab results ???
  167. calcification of the thyroid
  168. Neutro Auto of 41.2
  169. Should i be tested?
  170. Worried about my TSH level
  171. Can anyone help?
  172. Dizziness in the morning
  173. someone please new labs, need help
  174. Gluten Free Diet and Hashi's: did it work for you?
  175. confused about results
  176. post thyroidectomy
  177. Opthamologist-Thyroid Eye Disease
  178. Is this a normal increase in dosage??
  179. thyroid panel update
  180. Synthroid & Mineral water
  181. What should I do??
  182. what does a low tsh mean
  183. Please help with new labs.
  184. Hyperthyroid newbie needing help
  185. Graves' Disease; Hair problems.
  186. Hashitoxicosis- what do you do?
  187. Thyroid
  188. Interaction of collee and Synthroid?
  189. Things are looking up....sort of
  190. iodine deficiency
  191. my thyroid story
  192. Sister is hypo and pregnant, She's worried about brain development. Info needed!
  193. what are the normal levels for thyroid peroxidase
  194. Saw my DR and I don't need anti-depressants!
  195. thyroid levels?
  196. Which thyroid tests do I need?
  197. Strange feelings with weakness
  198. I awoke to some sort of attack!!
  199. I'm desperate to lower my cortisol
  200. Is 6 weeks long enough to know if new dose is working?
  201. Can some help me read these bloodwork results?
  202. In the low end of the 'normal' range....could I still be hypothyroid?
  203. Anybody knows what is MMS ?
  204. TX Docs....
  205. TN docs, anyone???
  206. books on hypothyroid
  207. hashimotos treatment
  208. Heart Pain/Stress, Should I Call Endo?
  209. hypothyroid?
  210. Hyperthyroid episode
  211. Anyone else with nausea
  212. Synthroid vs. Levothyroxine
  213. New to board
  214. goiter swells up and down HELP!!!
  215. Hypothyroid with Hyperthyroid symptoms
  216. Thyroid levels?
  217. what does bungleweed do?
  218. New with questions
  219. tsh level
  220. THS level is 27
  221. Results of scan after RAI, questions.....
  222. Can I take iron while on synthroid???
  223. Heterogeneous echotexture of the thyroid gland with a mass
  224. Do you know any of these doctors?
  225. TSH, T3, and T4 confusion. Please help.
  226. Can neck trauma cause thyroid problems?
  227. Failed pregnancy due to bozo endocrinologist
  228. Methimazole/Inderal causing headaches?
  229. Low TSH, Low Free T4 and Low Free T3
  230. Grave's Disease in Older Women?
  231. no thyroid and need less than normal dose
  232. missed period
  233. anyone experience anything similar?
  234. Antibody attack with a thyroid
  235. why am i still so sick after having my thyroid removed?
  236. Trouble with meds-going out of my mind
  237. Thyroid problems and bromelain
  238. HYperthyroidism bloodwork
  239. method to correct levothyroxine dosing?
  240. High allergy reading but no allergies..any hidden meaning relating to thyroid??
  242. What does it mean when you have an enlarged thyroid?
  243. Home testing?
  244. Good endo in the Syracuse/Albany/Binghamton area?
  245. 6cm nodule & facing surgery very scared
  246. Daughter (13yrs) Newly Diagnosed
  247. increasing gosage,symptoms return .
  248. Graves affecting Home Pregnancy Tests..??
  249. doctor in Pittsburgh
  250. need help

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