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  1. thyroid diagnosis and TT
  2. Looking for a new dr - Allentown PA
  3. T4 Overdose
  4. Lab results - much needed help
  5. Nearing a surgery for thyroidectomy
  6. Total thyroidectomy
  7. Advice
  8. Barking cough and enlarged thyroid with nodules
  9. Hypothyroid - Weight Loss
  10. what does this mean
  11. Levothyroxine and sleep troubles
  12. Hashimoto's disease - possible hyperparathyroidism?
  13. Advice on thyroidectomy needed
  14. Newly diagnosed hyperthyroidism
  15. Thyroid lab results
  16. Thyroid blood test
  17. 7 year old hypothyroidism
  18. Raising those FT3 levels
  19. Need Dr. in Pittsburgh area that gives Armour or Cytomel
  20. My Labs
  21. Which vitamin do you all take?
  22. New Poster/Longtime Slave to My Thyroid
  23. Question regarding lab results
  24. Normal numbers, feeling unwell
  25. Always tired
  26. newly diagnosed as Hypothyroid
  27. skin problems with hypothyroidism
  28. Help with Thyroid test results
  29. Thyroid issues still
  30. thyroidectomy neck dissection choking sensation
  31. thyroid
  32. Help!! Levoxyl Vs. Synthroid
  33. Please help with Lab Report
  34. Hashimoto/Thyroid problem
  35. T4 meds - Feel better, then I feel worse - why?
  36. Help with thyroid ultrasound results
  37. Thyroid problem
  38. Need help understanding Thyroid Ultrasound Results
  39. Please help with Lab report for Thyroid..
  40. Synthroid Troubles!!
  41. What's Up with Me. Need You Guys!!
  42. Low TSH torture
  43. How worried should I be?
  44. Question About Tapazole
  45. How long does it take for an enlarged thyroid (goiter) to go back to normal
  46. New here,Help needed to interpret my results!
  47. has anyone had incorrect lab results?
  48. Thyroid Storm
  49. Help with my results!
  50. Newbie questions - what tests to I ask for?
  51. Newbie questions - what tests to I ask for?
  52. Hashimoto's thyroiditis
  53. Hyper Thyroid?
  54. Hyper symptoms - dosage too high?
  55. Hyper symptoms - dosage too high?
  56. High thyroid peroxidate ?
  57. Tired of being tired... any advice welcome
  58. Thyroid help!
  59. Thyrotoxicosis Or Not
  60. Thyroid testing and ritalin
  61. Reverse T3
  62. Reverse T3
  63. Thyroid Tests and Odd Recs from DR.
  64. Are these results nothing?
  65. hyperthyroidism?
  66. Help with thyroid problem
  67. Thyroid
  68. Newly diagnosed thyroiditis after uptake
  69. Lab tests
  70. thyroid
  71. I am diagnosed with subclinical hyperthyroidism... chest tightness everyday
  72. question
  73. high reverse t3
  74. Headaches With Increase of Levothyroxine
  75. Thyroid exam questions
  76. Tirosint
  77. Thyroid Function Tests
  78. Confused about Benign Thyroid Nodule
  79. Worrisome Thyroid Ultrasound findings
  80. Need advice quick
  81. High Thyroglobulin with large thyroid mass
  82. How long to adjust to meds?
  83. Please help I'm new to this and confused
  84. Any insight would be appreciated!
  85. Hyperthyroid
  86. On 100 mcg of Levothyroxin and still feeling bad
  87. So discouraged
  88. Next steps
  89. Please help with daughter's labs!!
  90. Inconclusive
  91. Newbie - Possible thyroid but normal levels... Help please
  92. Please help with Thyroid Labs
  93. Thyroid problems with anxiety
  94. enlarged thyroid
  95. tsh rising
  96. makinmecrazy
  97. Hypothyroid and confused
  98. Is Candida why I cannot tolerate meds?
  99. Thyroid
  100. Newbie with Hashimotos here...
  101. Lab results... questions.
  102. unithroid meds
  103. HELP ! I just want to feel better
  104. Disappointed with Dr.- thought she was a keeper!
  105. Dosing questions....
  106. OTC Thyroid Supplements
  107. soy and thyroid
  108. For those who split doses, when do you take them?
  109. Frustrated/Will it ever feel normal???
  110. post-thyroid 64 yeas old male
  111. High TSH normal T4
  112. High TSH normal T4
  113. confused and fed up
  114. Synthroid and Sleep
  115. Muscle Aches With Levothyroxine
  116. Thyroid eye disease with hashis?
  117. TSH 14.50, I'd say that's hypo
  118. High free T3 but low free T4
  119. Hypothyroid?
  120. Hyper and trying to wean off medsh
  121. why are my symptoms so bad?
  122. Hi I am new to this board and I have a question.
  123. Newbie with partial thyroidectomy
  124. Recently Diagnosed and Looking for Feedback
  125. Parathyroid surgery... I am so confused... HELP
  126. Thyroid, Type II diabetes, depression, fibromyalgia, and irritable bowel
  127. High TSH, high anti-tpo ab, normal t3 and t4
  128. Subacute Thyroiditis - Will This Ever End?
  129. Embarassed to go to doctor [hyperthyroid]
  130. Itching Skin
  131. This is normal?
  132. What are typical dosages
  133. ANTIBODY LEVELS: I would be grateful for advice
  134. Thyroid diagnosis
  135. Can't tolerate my thyroid meds!!
  136. Hypothyroid
  137. Pregnant, under medicated?
  138. Test Results
  139. Choking feeling...
  140. Hypothyroid and heat intolerance, plus IBS
  141. Confused: T3 High, T4 normal
  142. Results
  143. Here we go... again.
  144. Heart is willing but thyroid is weak...
  145. What is thyroiditis?
  146. Labwork for toddler - low T3?
  147. Is 25mcg levothyroxine working?
  148. Thyroid Lab Results for Toddler
  149. Thyroid swings
  150. What to do?
  151. Cytomel & synthroid,take at same time?
  152. Thyroid cyst , biopsy ahead
  153. levels
  154. Has anyone eaten more goitrogens to calm their thyroid down?
  155. just diagnosed celiac - and now thyroid pain?
  156. Natural Desiccated Thyroid Hormone
  157. Utilizing Adaptogens to strengthen Adrenals / Thyroid
  158. Hypothyroid?
  159. CT scan has me worried
  160. Anyone have deviated trachea from nodules?
  161. Can any one help
  162. Need a dr. in LA who will go beyond my "normal TSH"
  163. Switching from Synthroid to Armour
  164. Switching from Synthroid to Armour
  165. teleradiology report
  166. Searching for new thyroid dr.
  167. Thyroid - Caught up in the mess
  168. Did adding Cytomel to Synthroid after TT help with weight loss?
  169. New! Synthroid question
  170. Need help with diagnosis and treatment plan
  171. Swollen from levothyroxin
  172. Hypothyroid and Low Testosterone - related?
  173. Synthroid to Nature Throid, crashed in 6 weeks.
  174. Thyroid Cyst
  175. Hypothyroid - new member, eyebrows/lashes falling out
  176. Total Thyroidectomy- How long before meds level out?
  177. How long after a total thyroidectomy before meds level out?
  178. New to board - hypothyroid
  179. Advice Please!
  180. Please help me while I am in between endos
  181. Synthroid weight gain!! Do I need a T3 med?
  182. How do you really feel?
  183. Fluctuating TSH????
  184. Anxiety, Sweating but not as tired !
  185. Lab Interpretation?
  186. High t4 normal t3 and tsh
  187. Hyper? Results help?
  188. Hashimoto's with herpetiform dermatitis
  189. Test results (ultrasound and thyroid panel)
  190. Hashimoto's and Sinus Bradycardia
  191. EKG has been ordered... why?
  192. New to results-please help?
  193. Thyroid - pediatric lab results
  194. Need help with lab results
  195. Alpha Gal Allergy, looking for T3 T4 non dairy non pork medication to replace Armour
  196. Thyroid problem?
  197. Facing a thyroid disease (I think)
  198. My new lab results are in, what do you think?
  199. I am experiencing horrible side effects
  200. thyroid enlarged but tsh normal
  201. Hypothyroid-lab results sure moved in 2 weeks
  202. Is free T3 of 4.35 high enough to cause symptoms?
  203. thyroid
  204. New and first post...
  205. Parathyroidectomy
  206. Really could use some help/insight. I am very desperate.
  207. high tsh, high shbg, low iron.. help?
  208. Nodules/Hyperthyroidism/Cancer Scare?
  209. Please look at my test results
  210. Lab Result Question
  211. Effect of low ferritin & low b12 on thyroid - lab help
  212. I think my thyroid is off
  213. Increasing inflamation with Hashimotos? Is it the meds?
  214. Could this be HypoT?
  215. Prescribed an antidepressant for fatigue??
  216. Confused about thyroglobulin. Help! Please!
  217. med change
  218. Thyroid result help?
  219. Please help me understand these terms.
  220. Need Help With test Results - Doctor not listening!
  221. Should a synthroid dose increase make me feel this lousy?
  222. Sweating issues- my lab results and what should I test for?
  223. Lab results help please :)
  224. T3 & T4 normal but high TSH with antibodies present
  225. thyroid blood wk normal but 6cm nodule Help
  226. thyroid blood wk normal but 6cm nodule Help
  227. Droopy Eye After Thyroidectomy
  228. Reluctant to fill Armour prescription...have questions
  229. 5 days after partial thyroidectomy
  230. where to get tested for wilsons syndrome
  231. Advice on impact on studies
  232. Help with T3 and T4
  233. Test results... so confused
  234. too low or too high synthroid
  235. Low mch, neut
  236. weight gain on methimizole/propranolol
  237. So ignorant about lab results, just want help.
  238. Questions re:symptoms on Armour for 2 mos now
  239. thyroid question please help
  240. Too much levothyroxine???
  241. Lab interpretation/Counterintuitive treatment?
  242. anyone see a connection between flu shot and hashimotos?
  243. low Tsh, normal T3,4, high antibody thyroid peroxidase
  244. Any correlation between thyroid and low iron?
  245. Interesting lab results
  246. Are my t4 to high
  247. Converting to different Meds - Question
  248. Pregnant, T4 1.02, Help!
  249. Can anyone tell me about skin, adrenals and thyroid?
  250. Hashimotos Hypothyroid

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