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  1. High TSH, High T4.. what does this mean?
  2. Synthroid Newbie. Now getting Hypo symptoms.
  3. Help with Lab Results
  4. Exhaustion--Can anyone responsd-
  5. So Confused Please Help Lab error or dr. error
  6. Leg pain and fatigue
  7. cytomel to Armour - not going well!
  8. Hyperthyroid/Graves - Newly Diagnosed, please help
  9. Newly DX Secondary Hypo on Synthroid what can I expect???
  10. Seeking doctor in Miami
  11. Help please
  12. Graves' Disease & Cosmetic Surgery
  13. Do goitrogens matter if I have no thyroid function at all?
  14. Thyroid Function Return
  15. So tired....
  16. Lab Help - Hyper?
  17. Lost, need help, can't deal much longer
  18. New here. Heath questions on hyperthyroidism.
  19. Question about testing after dose adjustment
  20. Confused
  21. Thyroid dr. Annapolis/Baltimore area
  22. Feeling Overwhelmed from Lab Results :(
  23. Cytomel
  24. Thyroid Readings
  25. Alternatives to Surgery for Hyperthyroidism
  26. Hashimoto, muscle twitching, high calcium
  27. lOW-T and low TSH in Nashville
  28. Please help with lab results
  29. Thyroid test normal now to see a neurologist?
  30. I'm wanting to quit my thyroid medicine
  31. here we go again
  32. Can anyone experienced help with lab tests PLEASE
  33. Confused about need for scan, anxious to start meds
  34. Multiple thyroid nodules, all kinds, some with calcification
  35. Normal-low TSH, low FT4, normal-low FT3
  36. neuropathies do they ever go away?
  37. Confused, hyperparathyroidism vs what?
  38. 4 days post total thyroidectomy
  39. RAI with CT Contrast Dye Allergy?
  40. Can surgery affect TSH/Thyroid Levels?
  41. Pregnant with thyroid issues. Very concerned for baby. Please help!
  42. Do I need to find out if it's Hashimoto's?
  43. Can anyone tell me
  44. On NP thyroid labs good (?) still symptoms
  45. Why do doctors keep telling me I'm fine when I'm clearly not?!
  46. Can weight loss affect how much thyroid meds I need?
  47. Please help
  48. 8 weeks into Hashimotos check up
  49. Thyroid tests?
  50. Post 6 years after Thyroidectomy
  51. can you tell me about this test - new to board
  52. thyroid
  53. I'm so confused.
  54. Hands Falling Asleep At Night....
  55. Hyperparathyroid Symptoms
  56. Recent thyroidectomy need help
  57. Thyroidectomy 2/26; question about labs and weepiness
  58. Undiagnosed and Giving Up
  59. hashimotos and the hives
  60. My thyroid blood test results (new to board)
  61. thyroid ultrasound and FNA results..don't understand..HELP!
  62. New labs indicating central hypothyroidism but Kaiser won't treat
  63. lab results - Am I HypoT?
  64. thyroid profile
  65. Seems odd.
  66. Should thyroid medication be continued when treating an adrenal issue?
  67. Follow up
  68. New labs, where do I go from here?
  69. Pathology report...total thyroidectomy
  70. Gluten sensitivity
  71. Opinions on lab results please
  72. Off methamizole, now a bit hypo
  73. update labs need opinion
  74. how much does ft3 matter??
  75. Elevated T4 Total Question
  76. Medication Question
  77. Bouncing between hyperactive to hypoactive ALL THE TIME
  78. Really needing advice.
  79. TSH test 6.4 - Dr says wait 6 weeks.. am I crazy?
  80. anyone have experience with vit d affecting tsh
  81. I'm a newby to the site but not to Thyroid Disease
  82. Subclinical Hypothyroidism?
  83. Hyperparathyroidism?
  84. So many things at once
  85. Hypothyroidism, with a solid nodule, symptoms getting worse fast.
  86. Is it ok to add T3 when T3 levels are good?
  87. Frustrated, tired and sick!
  88. doctor says its nothing but doesnt seem right
  89. orbital radiation therapy (ORT)
  90. New to site and would like some input
  91. hashimoto's thyroiditis and shellfish allergy
  92. Tsh 40
  93. New to site
  94. anyone had adrenal insufficiency ?
  95. Cushings? Thyroid? PCOS? Whatttttt
  96. Possible Hashimoto's Thyroiditis/Bipolar
  97. Labs help
  98. Help with my blood results pls... :(
  99. Possible to be hypothyroid, but also heat intolerant?
  100. Hypothyroidism question
  101. FT3/RT3 ratio
  102. Thyroid Cancer or Not?
  103. Post surgery-low calcium levels????
  104. look into adrenals or try different thyroid med
  105. Hashimotos and Anxiety Supplements
  106. HELP!!!!!! Test Results ... what does this mean?!?!
  107. Help - Excessive weight gain
  108. Thyroid Nodules
  109. Synthroid adjustment period
  110. Hashimoto's/stool
  111. 50 mch synthroid increase ?
  112. I'm only getting worse. Why?
  113. Frustrated with Thyroid
  114. Hashimoto's & Gluten Free Diet
  115. Lab results
  116. Hypothyroid and Pregnant
  117. got my result back , are they normal ?
  118. Lab help PLEASE
  119. Blood test for adrenals
  120. Thyroid levels
  121. Methimazole and Hair Loss
  122. Very Frustrated - Thyroid Issue or Not?
  123. Normal Thyroxine but Elevated TSH Means ??
  124. Probiotics
  125. Levothyroxine
  126. Synthroid and Hair Loss
  127. subclinical hyperthyroid and a cold nodule
  128. Second lab test, higher tsh and T4
  129. Tapozol
  130. Hyperthyroid Diagnosis- Dr won't do it!
  131. Hypothyroid and Depression Suffering
  132. Thyroid
  133. Test results OB
  134. Thyroid nodule need advice
  135. I could really use some advice for my thyroid issues
  136. TSH/hyperthyroid question
  137. Does thyroid disease cause Terry nails?
  138. Hashimoto's
  139. Selenium question
  140. How frequently should I lower dosage, and by how much?
  141. stop my natural desiccated thyroid if it's making things worse?
  142. l-Tyrosine overdose, overstimulated CNS please help
  143. Hashimotos , Adrenal Gland Fatigue, and PCOS ... help!
  144. New to the site. Anyone have an answer?
  145. Hypo and hyperthiroid problems at the same time?
  146. Total thyroidectomy ... recovery
  147. Endo wants to decrease Levo - concerned
  148. RAI for Large Goiter and Hyperthyroid
  149. Trying to recover after too much meds.
  150. Infant Thyroid Tests Results Question
  151. Infant with high TSH and low T4
  152. Thyroid Questions: Would love some help!
  153. Thyroid medication side effects
  154. Rather concerned over thyroid ultrasound
  155. Hypothyroid symptoms? Please help
  156. What do my labs mean?
  157. Thyroid meds
  158. Can I just not take the Thyroxine pills?
  159. Weight Gain after Total Thyroidectomy
  160. Hashimoto's - Help Understanding Lab Results
  161. Graves levels affected by other autoimmune?
  162. Test results, and questions about doctor.
  163. Should I be taking Synthroid?
  164. wellbutrin and cytomel and lvothyroxine
  165. Urinating a ton at night help!
  166. Hyperthyroidism is hereditary ?
  167. Is hyperthyroidism heredity ?
  168. Lab work help!
  169. High tsh following thyroid surgery- normal?
  170. Odd Presentation of Hyperthyroidism
  171. low tsh with normal t3 t4
  172. Symptoms but normal range
  173. Can a nodule be both?
  174. Neck pain
  175. Hyperthyroid - Fibromyalgia?
  176. Is my TSH elevated or Normal?
  177. Right Thyroid Nodule 3.7cm
  178. Armour and Blood Sugar - Can One Affect the Other?
  179. Synthroid to Armour Conversion Chart Inaccurate??
  180. Question for anyone on NatureThroid...
  181. Biopsy/cytology results ..Confused!
  182. Thyroid scans
  183. Hashimoto's with decreasing wbc 3.8 now 1.8
  184. T3/T4 During pregnancy-please help :)
  185. TSH Level
  186. Hashimoto's nightmare
  187. Meds or new symptoms from a possible other disease?
  188. Confused about Armour
  189. Total doctor frustration
  190. Severe Leg Cramps - Really need advice PLEASE
  191. pregant and a under active thryoid any advice
  192. Ultrasound Question
  193. Hashimoto's, Thyroid Nodule, FNA Inconclusive consists of Blood??
  194. Synthroid question
  195. Thyrotoxicosis?
  196. Diagnosed as hyperthyroid but no meds
  197. Help!
  198. iodine is found in cows milk
  199. Please help with results....
  200. starting medication without diagnoses
  201. High thyroglobulin Levels
  202. Treating Graves Disease
  203. TSH test results and T3 - T4
  204. Ultrasound Head and Neck
  205. Thyroid Nodule & insufficient FNA
  206. Confused about lab results and thyroid fluctuations
  207. New blood test results?
  208. Hyperthyroid: Anyone done the Radioactive Iodine?
  209. Blood test help
  210. New Pills Dissolved Immediately?
  211. No Nodule?
  212. I feel like giving up
  213. ultrasound of thyroid
  214. Tests come out normal, but I still feel off
  215. Anyone not gain weight after thyroidectomy?
  216. Really bad experience at Endo today....
  217. Blood Test TSH level shows "Underactive Thyroid"; Dx Goiter/Nodules
  218. Help with Thyroid test results anyone???
  219. NEW - Ultrasound results - PLEASE HELP
  220. Weird Thyroid Scan - Help!
  221. Newly diagnosed and confused by meds
  222. Low TSH means what? My T-4 is fine
  223. hyperthyroid
  224. PLEASE help me know what to do!!!
  225. Need Urgent Help
  226. Thyroid Test Results - Out of Country, Need some Help
  227. New Diagnosis and question about TSH levels and dosage.
  228. where to from now?
  229. Low Blood Pressure
  230. Thyroid concerns
  231. Help with Thyroid test results
  232. Newly diagnosed. TSH 117.55
  233. 100 mcrogm thyroxine + blood results + pregnancy
  234. Help in interpreting Lab results
  235. Just diagnosed hypothyroid - confused?
  236. Dr change med dosage after 26 years, help.
  237. Scared to start T3
  238. New labs - please help me understand them
  239. gaining lots of weight on levothyroxine
  240. How long does T3 stay in system/best time for labs
  241. Prescribed Armour, not sure if I should take it
  242. Thyroid Results
  243. Help - going to doc today
  244. advice needed
  245. Allergic Reaction to my meds
  246. TSH improved with Naturethroid, but freeT3 and freeT4 are worse?
  247. Armour questions...
  248. TSH won't stabilize
  249. how long for low dose synthroid to heal symptoms (thyroid)
  250. help with trying to determine if this is a thyroid problem

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