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  1. Hashimoto's: Anti-TPO increased when starting synthroid
  2. Should my meds be lowered?
  3. New to thyroid issues
  4. Low TSH normal free T4
  5. Thyroid removed now hypothryoid
  6. Is getting an MRI of the brain because of thyroid hormones, normal?
  7. Iodine drops caused dizziness, ear problems, panic, heart palpitations --anyone else?
  8. Suffering for months to no avail
  9. Overmedicated on Synthroid, how long will symptoms last?
  10. need help
  11. Weight Gain on Levothyroxine
  12. What does it mean?
  13. Fluctuating levels?
  14. Thyroid and carbohydrates - CONFUSED :(
  15. Possible to get liver damage from taking levothyroxine for 25 years
  16. Supplementing thyroid
  17. Hashimoto's and reflux
  18. TSH low, Thyroglobulin Antibody high
  19. Could this be a thyroid problem?
  20. Normal TSH but symptoms... advice please?
  21. Is this Hashimoto's?
  22. thyroid and menopause
  23. TSH went down after taking Iodine supplements
  24. Levothyroxine at night...
  25. TSH to high
  26. Wow
  27. Need a Dx soon :(
  28. Normal TSH but high free T4
  29. Starting 1.5 grain Armour??
  30. What tests do I need???
  31. Elevated body temperature
  32. Hypothyroid Lab Results-Need opinions
  33. Improvements when switched to Armour?
  34. under active thyroid
  35. Are My Results Good?
  36. Hey, I need an advice please
  37. Lab results
  38. US thyroid
  39. Mural echogenic focus?
  40. Please help- so confused over lab results
  41. Hashimoto's and SRT
  42. hypothyroidism
  43. Thyroid swell if Hyper?
  44. Moodiness and emotional from switching to Armour
  45. Basal Body temperature
  46. Relief for severe pain?
  47. Understanding my Lab Work
  48. Help with conversion!!
  49. Question about Armour dosage
  50. Lab Results
  51. Dry mouth... is this a med side effect?
  52. Results: What do they mean. Help pls.
  53. Thyroid itchy neck
  54. Hi can someone help?
  55. Can injury/trauma to throat cause thyroid problems/goiters?
  56. First Post... ;+)
  57. lab results normal - enlarged thyroid
  58. Fna...
  59. Acne from Thyroid Meds?!
  60. Weak Immunity,slow metabolism
  61. Thyroid fluctuating
  62. Please Help! Need advice!
  63. Can I use Mucinex D if I had subacute thyroiditis or hyperthyroidism ?
  64. Help! New here and freaking out.
  65. Thyroid & sensitive receding gums
  66. Cant get Free T's up
  67. x-post from Endocrine Disorders Board - please tell me what you think about my labs
  68. Very enlarged left lobe, normal labs
  69. Just started Armour
  70. Hyper to Hypo 20 weeks pregnant
  71. Low TSH, normal FT4 and FT3, no symptoms
  72. Arrhythmia
  73. Tyrosine - good for hyPO or hyPER?
  74. Follow Up lab question
  75. Thanks/Rant/Please comment
  76. elevated s tsh
  77. confused
  78. Finally Labs! Please tell me what you think! :)
  79. test results
  80. Why Doctor took me off synthroid
  81. Help, please!
  82. anybody gain weight too much synthroid?
  83. A little advice please
  84. Extremely dry lips for Hypos
  85. who can prescribe T3
  86. Help with switch to Armour
  87. new labs
  88. Getting nowhere it seems
  89. Generic or not
  90. Thyroid Test
  91. T3/cytomel help?
  92. Do I really have hypo?
  93. Thyroid Uptake Scan
  94. Hypo symptom flare up? Anybody?
  95. Overmedicated?
  96. 2 light periods - Synthroid too high?
  97. Dr. James Dicke in Westminster, MD
  98. Am I now Hyperthyroid?
  99. hypo for many years... can it cause kidney issues?
  100. Worried About New Labs; High T3's
  101. Armour and low TSH
  102. Subacute Thyroiditis recovery time
  103. FNA of thyroid nodule w calcification
  104. Graves vs. Hashimotos Graves?
  105. Thyroid Uptake Test
  106. Calcified nodule
  107. From borderline hypo to hyper in a month?
  108. activity level and dosage?
  109. Desperate for help...
  110. Do I have a thyroid problem?
  111. Hypothyroid and Low Triglycerides
  112. In-range but low T3/T4, VERY high TSH
  113. Hyperthyroid?? Scared... Confused
  114. Hashimoto's thyroiditis
  115. New and terrified!
  116. Lab Results
  117. Help with Lab results
  118. What do you guys think?
  119. Nodules and Goiter - advice?
  120. Is it safe to try iodine supplements without a thyroid diagnosis
  121. Dry mouth/eyes
  122. Newly diagnosed hypothyroid
  123. My results... What do you say?
  124. pins and needles
  125. This is probably nothing...
  126. New and a worried Momma
  127. Thyroid levels... NEED HELP PLEASE
  128. Tsh 5.29
  129. Thyroglobulin Results ?
  130. Hi, I am new...
  131. FNA Results
  132. Switched to Armour. Anyone else take this?
  133. Do I have a thyroid problem... or not?
  134. Help about lab results
  135. Synthroid dose question
  136. Help understanding strange test results
  137. thyroid
  138. Take your thyroid meds after the test
  139. FNA questions
  140. Solid Nodule with rim calcifications
  141. Hypo-Thyroid Patients - check your Iodine levels
  142. Should I get tested for hyperthyroid
  143. Synthroid and Menstrual Cycle
  144. Cytomel and muscle pain
  145. Do I really have Hypothyroid/is Synthroid Dangerous?
  146. LAB Results! Please help!
  147. Need some advice please
  148. 18 yo with hypothyroid - need help
  149. Nervous about my thyroid
  150. New here and need some advice
  151. hashimoto/Hyper? Please some insight in labs
  152. Thyroglossal Duct Cyst and advice for best practice steps
  153. Results!
  154. Is it a thyroid thing?
  155. Hashimoto's, dizziness
  156. Help!!!!!
  157. is it symptoms of hypothyroidism
  158. Thyroid Scan Question
  159. Normal TSH with thyroid problems?
  160. Needing someone to chat Thyroid with!
  161. low positive ANA test
  162. A lot of issues and lost at what to do
  163. Querying what my endocrinologist said
  164. Thyroid ultrasound results
  165. Synthroid and Grapefruit
  166. Symptom question
  167. Possible Symptoms?
  168. T3 Question from New Patient
  169. Cytomel questions
  170. Why Do Doctors Think We're Just Being Silly?
  171. Day 5 of Dosage Increase, Still So Very Tired
  172. Hashimotos and goiter NO treatment
  173. please help me with my thyroid results.
  174. new labs/frustrated/HELP!
  175. hypothyroidism
  176. thyroid issue
  177. Thyroid Ultrasound Results
  178. Having hypo and hyper symptoms
  179. Frustrated in Michigan... would appreciate some advice on thyroid dx
  180. my thyroid goes berserk every few years
  181. my thyroid goes berserk every few years
  182. Total thyroidectomy for hashi's and graves
  183. TSH up, then down
  184. finally doing something - although scared of a biopsy
  185. High Cortisol, Low T4
  186. newbie here - Doctor called with lab results but told me nothing about what it means.
  187. High antibodies 6 months post TT
  188. High Thryroid Antibodies Post TT
  189. Need Lab Results Interpretation!
  190. Hyperparathyroidism
  191. Start of Hashi or already atrophic?
  192. New Labs, Just Out of Range
  193. Help with lab results high tsh high t3
  194. Weight gain on Eltroxin
  195. Trying this board again... anyone care to advise me on my panels?
  196. High tsh
  197. Confused at Lab Results?
  198. Cannot Understand My Test Results etc
  199. thyroid issues? parathyroid? other endocrine problem?
  200. Thyroid nodules
  201. Has anyone cut a larger dosage in half to get more value?
  202. felt great for awhile, now miserable
  203. Hashimoto's or Thyroid Cancer?
  204. 1st Blood Work - How HyperT am I?
  205. Armour questions - Hypothyroidism? Test results..
  206. Graves? Confused
  207. hashimoto's and infertility
  208. a year later and....
  209. Why differing opinions?
  210. The Wait... Feeling a little lost
  211. My story, advice ?
  212. Question about TSH level
  213. Preparing for an apt with endocrinologist?
  214. Preparing for an apt with endocrinologist?
  215. Switching to Armour
  216. Fibromyalgia or Hypothyroidism? Advice needed?
  217. Weight loss... anything?
  218. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  219. Post thyroidectomy tightness in throatI
  220. Feeling better after total thyroidectomy... is it possible?
  221. Hypo and fast heart rate??
  222. Help! Suspect Hypothyroidism
  223. Does anyone feel this awful when hypo??
  224. Thyroid knowledge needed
  225. Thyroid and extreme irritability, dizzyness
  226. Vitamin d and calcuim
  227. Lab Results - Opinions Please?
  228. Am I taking too much?
  229. Levo and OTC Animal Thyroid?
  230. Enlarged Thyroid and 3 small lesions
  231. Sweet potato powder for a filler
  232. interpret results plz!!
  233. Low TSH; Frozen Shoulder Syndrome
  234. Treating symptoms or just lab work?
  235. Surgery adised. Parotid tumor and large thyroid nodule. WWYD?
  236. Thyroid dose and symptom swing
  237. soy/leafies and synthroid
  238. On Synthroid still have scalloped tongue!
  239. Any Advice. Dr says resluts of labs show hypothyroid
  240. Low FT4- Seeing an endocrinologist?
  241. High normal antibodies?
  242. Thyroid symptoms
  243. Hashimoto's, Majorly Enlarged Thyroid, and Normal Bloodwork???
  244. Can I chew my Synthroid?
  245. Partial labs ok but very itchy- reduce dose?
  246. Anyone have hypothyroid with vertigo/dizziness?
  247. Anyone Try WP Thyroid?
  248. Is my Doctor allowed to do this?
  249. Need help: no weight loss, what tests to ask for?
  250. Hypothyroidism 4 years

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