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  1. I am hyper or Hypo based on Antibodies?
  2. Hyperthyroidism Eye Pain
  3. Still symptomatic and on meds whats up with that
  4. HELP! Doctor and I are baffled
  5. Finally-a diagnosis
  6. can I still have symptoms if...
  7. Prepping for Thyroidectomy
  8. what do you think of this?
  9. Here are my ultrasound and lab results.....any input?
  10. Dr. told me to come in...uh oh!
  11. Skin on neck red in thyroid area
  12. Steroid Shot Question
  13. Lab results, thanks in advance
  14. Many hypothyroid symptoms, normal TSH
  15. New results...any input?
  16. Ultrasound Information
  17. PET Scan for Thyroid nodules
  18. Please Help, Dr sent me for another thyroid ultrasound
  19. blood work results
  20. how to read and interpret TSH
  21. thryoid nodules
  22. Weight fluctuations and medication dosing..
  23. Labs question
  24. please help with results
  25. Hi everyone
  26. New Here - First Post
  27. Radioactive Iodine Treatment
  28. What questions should I ask my doctor?
  29. Confused - Hashi's
  30. Underactive, multivitamins & menstruation
  31. Iodine test working...and new results tommorow
  32. losing alot of weight with hypothyroid??
  33. Just got labs, need advice
  34. Endo Recommendation flint/detroit area
  35. Adding T3 after thyroidectomy?
  36. Low TSH, Low FT4
  37. Thyroid opinions please
  38. Armour a prescription or a natural supplement?
  39. Had Ultrasound Today, Waiting for Blood Test Results...
  40. feeling realy bad
  41. Scared- can anyone help?
  42. Will missing synthroid for one day be a big problem?
  43. latest labs.... comments please
  44. trying again
  45. Thyroidectomy needed in Atlanta
  46. suppressed TSH?
  47. Best time for blood testing
  48. Is it possible??
  49. how long does synthroid stay in the body?
  50. Help for low iodine diet
  51. Temperature Regulation and Thyroid
  52. what is a heterogenous thyroid
  53. Hyperthyroidism and insomnia and difficult sleeping
  54. about thyroid supplements
  55. Enlarged Thyroid Cartilage?
  56. blood test results and medication
  57. Do you have Hashis/Hypo & allergies?
  58. Synthroid dosage and constipation
  59. naturethroid?
  60. Evista and levoxyl?
  61. New to forum- diagnosed Hashimoto's
  62. New Papillary Cancer Diagnosis - Help
  63. please please help
  64. TSH is 11.8 while T3 is Normal
  65. hashi question
  66. positive tpoab
  67. other automimmune problems w/hashimotos?
  68. Blood test question - confused!
  69. Lab results - opinions please
  70. Symptoms and testing
  71. thyroid uptake scan
  72. Family history of hypothyrodism and birth control pills?
  73. hypothyroid, full time student, 2 part time jobs
  74. How long did it take to feel better on meds?
  75. Board Coverage Question
  76. who has hashi's & flakey scalp?
  77. Higher doses of synthroid & feeling good
  78. Adrenal Fatigue not an accepted medical diagnosis?
  79. connection between thyroid and high blood pressure
  80. Please help with test results
  81. Does anyone know if this is true
  82. joint pain/cracking with hashimotos??
  83. What effect does thyroxine have on blood sugars in a type 1 diabetic
  84. what is palpitation in hyperthyroidism
  85. Do I have Hashimoto's?
  86. Wishy washy thyroid results???
  87. hashimoto's and low breastmilk supply
  88. got Labs back Sodium up after Cortef?
  89. Hashimoto's thyroiditis
  90. low T4 and low TSH
  91. thyroid stiil tired
  92. Got labs
  93. 3 wk post op coughing
  94. To thyroidectomy or not to thyroidectomy ...that is the question
  95. Will my voice ever be normal?
  96. Super strong gag reflex
  97. Hyperthyroidism, T4 & diarrhea
  98. Result question
  99. New Labs - have questions before dr. appt in the morning
  100. Question About Thyroid Levels
  101. Needles to the nodule....
  102. how high can a tsh level go
  103. I've messed up my meds dose
  104. t4
  105. what is the worst TSH thyroid reading
  106. High t3
  107. thyroid help !!!!
  108. any good doctors??????
  109. I just dont know what to do
  110. Hyper hell! anyone out there on 60mg tapazole?
  111. Just left hospital after RAI treatment
  112. Parathyroid-need your help
  113. Baker's cysts in knees.
  114. What on earth does this mean?! Thyroid newbie...
  115. ~Could someone....~
  116. Free T4 at 48%, TT3 @32%, is this enough?
  117. Recent labs
  118. Thyroid gland and acne
  119. I'm New, Hypothyroid, Natural Treatment
  120. how long after thyroid sugery does your voice come back
  121. A thyroid venting post
  122. Advice required...please forgive my tears.
  123. catscan for goiter. Need info, please!!!
  124. normal freeT4
  125. Armour thyroid
  126. Test Not conclusive
  127. ANy great endo recommendation in SugarLand, Houston, TX?
  128. tsh reading
  129. how long does levothyroxine stay in system?
  130. got my results HELP!!!!!!!!!
  131. reduce a thyroid goiter
  132. Labs...please interpret
  133. I need your brains again ???HELP
  134. Do symptoms go away?
  135. Low TSH and nodules
  136. confused
  137. How much is too much?
  138. FNA result -abundant Hurthle cells
  139. Approaching menopause - dosage reduced?
  140. Tsh = 51
  141. New to all of this
  142. graves diesease
  143. Borderline?
  144. waiting reply????????????
  145. hypothyroidism and the brain
  146. test results
  147. Reocurring Miscarriage
  148. Egad...white hairs!
  149. Tsh 54
  150. New and first nodule development
  151. Please Help me understand my lab results
  152. 31 y old male do I have a thyroid problem?
  153. post-operative questions
  154. Heart Palps / Armour
  155. help needed
  156. why does my surgery incision have a knot on it
  157. Thyroid & Other Hormones
  158. Can Thyroid symptoms be misdiagnosed as Lyme or Gullian Barre?
  159. Gaining weight!!!
  160. Exhausted with Hashimoto's
  161. Pregnenolone - buy where
  162. tsh of 19
  163. mixed up
  164. Very confused - help wanted
  165. goiters
  166. new;need help
  167. Need a little help with test results Please!
  168. FT3>FT4 again, new labs for sharing...
  169. swollen throat but thyroid ultrasound did not show anything
  170. Can Someone Please Specify Thyroid Symptoms?
  171. Need Endo Recommendation North Carolina
  172. Too much Armour?
  173. Armour site has a mixed bag of MD types..what now?
  174. Ok!! Got Labs Please Help?????
  175. thyroid surgery?
  176. TPO/ T3 Blood results...
  177. Is Synthroid 'burned off' by exercise?
  178. thyroid medication
  179. Tsh 54.5 and vit d deficeincy??
  180. what does a very low TSH level mean?
  181. I might be just like any one of you,so pls help me!!
  182. need endocrinologists for hashi graves disease
  183. Lab results after partial thyroid removal
  184. Why does my TSH say I'm hyper when I'm not?
  185. New Here need thyroid drip
  186. hypothyroidism hashimoto which tests to run next time
  187. New labs
  188. thyroid profile test
  189. Do benign hurthle cells turn into maligent cells?
  190. need to find a good Endocrinologist in New York city
  191. Hyperthyroid symptom??
  192. So what do y'all think of these results?
  193. Test Result Interpretation??
  194. Going off Synthroid for RAI
  195. Vitamin A? Dry eyes?
  196. Hashimoto and wheezing
  197. how to read a thyroid panel
  198. sleepiness with Levothyroxine
  199. do not understand
  200. Untreated Hyperthyroid
  201. Levothyroxine
  202. Hyper adrenal
  203. Armor/Feeling bad...
  204. Normal to feel odd after dosage increase?
  205. Switched Meds/constipated?
  206. FT3 of 794.5
  207. Can being IR cause thyroid meds not to work as well as they should???
  208. Hypo child and gaining weight
  209. Thyroid synthroid Bad Taste in mouth
  210. hypo and cycles
  211. latest labs (opinions welcomed lol)
  212. calcium and Synthroid
  213. why do you have nausea with hyperthyroidism
  214. Post RAI facility?
  215. Small thyroid gland? Ord's Thyroiditis?
  216. Labs Normal after Cortef
  217. thyroid meds
  218. My thyroid hurts.....
  219. itchiness
  220. Basal temp?
  221. why am i so itchy??
  222. Fatigue: General and in Sports
  223. IF i have graves and then i get sick with high fever, does it mean
  224. Hypo tummy...
  225. Dosage Raised...
  226. Had a Underactive Thyroid and now nothing? Please help
  227. lowering my dosage to help!
  228. Hashi's flare??
  229. Goitrogens in food...interesting
  230. What tests shall I DEMAND?? I need a diagnosis.
  231. Coming Off Levothyroxine - Help!
  232. Thyroid Antibodies/Normal TSH,T3,T4
  233. ACTH result - is this really ok
  234. New and confused!!
  235. how many mcgs of synthroid are equivalent to 25 mcgs of cytomel
  236. Hyperthyroid treated with Tapazole
  237. Herbal remedies for adrenal exhaustion?
  238. Tsh 54.5 and vit d deficeincy??
  239. RT3 and my other labs i dont understand
  240. Connection between coccyx pain & adrenals?
  241. Back Again Need HELP Please??? Question??
  242. All uk patients denied armour treatment
  243. Ever hear of a sticky Thyroid?
  244. Is it a need for more T3 or more Metformin?
  245. please help
  246. Cyst/nodule on thyroid
  247. Stopping meds
  248. 1st medicated lab results just back
  249. Anyone have repeat FNA's?
  250. Does anyone take Armour along with synthetic thyroid?

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