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  1. surgery affects thyroid?
  2. Adding Cytomel, long list of labs~CONFUSED
  3. Hashimoto Thyroiditis
  4. postpartum thyroiditis?
  5. Sound in the ears
  6. Just start thyroid medication - questions about side effects
  7. New Here - Q about Voice After Surgery
  8. My latest labs..... INPUT
  9. Recent News-High Fructose Corn Syrup,Mercury and Auto Immune Disease
  10. here are my labs
  11. Parotid gland tumor.. CT scan next
  12. Does it ever get better?
  13. blood test results tsh 0.42 thyroid normal
  14. High TSH & TPO = No treatment necessary?
  15. new labs still not good
  16. what is the difference
  17. Please help me with ultrasound results
  18. eeek! I've got the flu... what do I do?
  19. Conversion of Dosage
  20. Question about starting Cytomel
  21. Is it hard to find a dr. who treats patients and not just labs?
  22. Why my face gets red and hot?
  23. Someone please look at labs
  24. why is the hormone level so high in my baby
  25. what is the normal size of thyriod gland
  26. proper vs improper ACTH stim test
  27. Feel better WITHOUT meds???
  28. Need Advice, PCP brushes off FT3 and Antibodies as unneeded - Labs included.
  29. Unbelievable!! How do these doctor's get their license???
  30. What Else Would Cause Hyperthyroidism Besides Graves' Disease?
  31. how long does it take for levothyroxine to start working after taking it
  32. how to lose weight while taking methimazole
  33. One hell of a week
  34. Very "out there" question regarding coming off anti-depressants
  35. got thyriod results ,
  36. Hypothyroidism causing horrible anxiety!
  37. losing weight hypothyroid
  38. What is a "good" TG lvl after cancer?
  39. Herbs for Hypothyroidism
  40. Truly FED UP!
  41. synthroid horror stories?
  42. Hashimotos
  43. TSH of 100
  44. tired of my thryroid making me tired
  45. alternating dosage
  46. What's wrong with me... I feel GREAT!
  47. Very confused about lab results and symptoms
  48. Metal crowns and fillings and thyroid disease
  49. dosage help
  50. TSH of 100 While T4 and Free T3 Are in "Normal" Ranges
  51. does hypothroidism cause osterporosis
  52. Please help me with these?
  53. FNB results today
  54. Endo says it's not my thyroid, any other ideas?
  55. does thyroid nodule with calcification mean you have cancer
  56. levoxyl vs armour
  57. Test times
  58. Anyone had their thyroid removed?
  59. what size nodule is too large
  60. Post RAI gland swelling.. Info Please
  61. TSH lower and lower, but normal T3 T4....
  62. thyroidistis and what do you do about it??
  63. Got a stim test! new Endo
  64. yeee hi all old member!!
  65. what not to eat if taking synthroid
  66. I think my Synthroid dose is too high
  67. Question re Nodules
  68. how long does increased dose thyroxine take to work?
  69. New Meds
  70. Multiple nodules and worried. Help, All Alone!
  71. lump in throat and serious hair thinning- thyroid problem?
  72. adrenals and asthma
  73. Hyperthyroidism
  74. Doctor says labs are normal- are they?
  75. What is a normal peroxidase level
  76. why one eye become smaller than the eye
  77. dark thyroid
  78. my hair is really dry and brittle and breaking really bad
  79. MKGBROOK can you help me figure this out.
  80. Hyperthyroid and front neck pain
  81. How big are throat nasuals
  82. my tsh is .59
  83. Where have my eyegrows and lashes gone?
  84. radioactive VS surgery
  85. New to the board - Hyperthyroidism
  86. Please help...Bad symptoms from hypo
  87. Please help me understand these results
  88. need help understanding results
  89. can you tell me if my levels are normal
  90. Can anyone please help?????PLEASE
  91. Thyroid
  92. BEst Thyroid doc/endo in SUgarLand/Houston,TX ?
  93. Adding Cytomel
  94. Is this unusual in adjusting meds???
  95. Is it just me?
  96. Could it be an under-active thyroid? Please help! :(
  97. TSH .16 but still feeling achy, tired, chest pain
  99. Need your help please
  100. here's one for you; try to answer this...
  101. what is a high tpo
  102. Correct assumption reference Thyro Perox Ab's???
  103. doctor who prescribs armour in calgary
  104. how do you know if you have nodule
  105. low basal temp
  106. understanding lab results
  107. Need Help w/Wacky Results
  108. Thyroid? You what?
  109. Had labs faxed & What is all this?
  110. Do T3 meds suppress TSH?
  111. Cost of thyroid meds and insurance
  112. I can't afford this thyroid stuff!
  113. Post RAI and taste bud lost?
  114. quick question about normal tsh level
  115. Normal Thyroid hormones yet Thyroid cyst?
  116. pins and needles
  117. Can an auto-immune thryoid disease curb the craving to smoke?
  118. sore muscles and thyroid meds
  119. what is the size of a normal thyroid gland
  120. Loss Of Taste Following RAI
  121. Hashimotos and yeast connection
  122. Thyroid results
  123. lab results help
  124. help review test - don't understand???
  125. Hashimoto stories
  126. Dieting post TT:
  127. Easily Irritated
  128. hyperparathyroidism
  129. Lab results, confused?
  130. how long will I be hoarse after thyroid surgery
  131. Could it be my thryoid?
  132. Overdose on Synthyroid?
  133. Enlarged thyroid
  134. When you hit Optimal.......
  135. Tired After Meal
  136. thyroxine dosege help
  137. Has anyone been overdosed with synthriod?
  138. Help with lab results please!
  139. Questions regarding TSH and Hashi's
  140. Hashimotos? Your input I'm taking to my MD(long)
  141. hypothyroid confusion
  142. Low calcium and thyroid re-check
  143. Have entered HYPOHELL...
  144. Second Surgeries Pathology:
  145. Can Anyone Recommend a Good Endo in Atlanta?
  146. Would appreciate help...
  147. HELP, just back from ER, got labs, need your thoughts
  148. scared
  149. Anyone take generic armour?
  150. input on blood tests? Hashimotos
  151. Looking for GOOD endo in Sacramento/Davis
  152. question about blood tests
  153. how much is 150mcg iodine
  154. Hi there!
  155. i do not understand it?
  156. Can u control Hashimotos with food?
  157. Better luck with Armour or Cytomel?
  158. Had a better appointment this time
  159. Synthroid and pregnancy
  160. Been on Armour, now feeling bad!!
  161. over active thyroid
  162. if you tsh range is 13.5 what does that mean?
  163. Swollen Lymph Nodes in Neck
  164. what does it mean if i have 19 tsh
  165. need help with armour dosing/switched from synthyroid
  166. Made it through surgery!
  167. is this another symptom?
  168. Suspicious Nodules- thyroidectomy?
  169. armour ???
  170. Post TT: Calcium Carb. and constipation ?
  171. armour thyroid do i need to take more than the synthroid or are they equilivant
  172. Any great Dr's in Wisconsin? (I hope)
  173. What are your experiences with the size or sensitivity of your thyroid gland?
  174. Went to newbie endo today....
  175. Headaches hypo or synthroid?
  176. Could this be?????
  177. Update from me after a LOONG time
  178. Thyroid Mass
  179. thyroidectomy
  180. sharp pains in neck/throat area
  181. Correction Issued-Oprah wasn't cured of thyroid problem
  182. Why is my doctor so concerned about my body producing too much DHEA
  183. New to thyroid problems HELP appreciated
  184. Stubborn thyroid!!!!!
  185. Hypo-once a year blood work
  186. How did oprah cure her thyroid problem?
  187. Switching to another synthetic thyroid med - experiences?
  188. Going to endo this week... any thoughts as to what I should ask?
  189. help with numbers
  190. Florinef?
  191. T3, FT3, T3 uptake for Graves ???
  192. Isocort/glandular adrenal
  193. blood work, how often
  194. Dr Gordon Skinner
  195. hypothyroid
  196. need help converting ng/dl to pmol/L, anyone??
  197. What causes HYPER symptoms? TSH or FREE T's?
  198. Low bp, at night
  199. Questions for others who have had RAI: Info Please
  200. alternative to blood test, holds answers????? you decide
  201. what can you do to correct a b2 deficiency
  202. Does it always show
  203. 28 year old female seeking advice...please help!
  204. thyroid level tests
  205. Can my thyroid pinch nerves in the neck?
  206. high dhea
  207. Is it a reverse T3 study I need for low T3 count?
  208. Nasal congestion and hypothyroidism?
  209. Oprah's hormone disc.
  210. Could this be a reaction from the antibiotic?
  211. Suddenly sore thyroid scar
  212. Thyroid medication may have helped me become pregnant!
  213. Synthroid dosing
  214. Tight muscles
  215. high thyroid readings
  216. Thyroid Problems with TSH of 1.110?
  217. Hashimoto's with thyroid numbers that aren't too "bad"?
  218. RAI Today... so strange!!!
  219. Mild But Concerning Symptoms
  220. sore throat a symptom?
  221. I can feel the pain in my neck with my finger - is this a bad sign? More ?'s, too.
  222. What is wrong with me!
  223. 6wks post RAI....any thoughts?
  224. TSH DOWN,RAISED FT4, so what has changed? Your advice please
  225. hypothyroid? Normal????? tsh level
  226. FIsh oils in Graves disease
  227. My health is a mess
  228. hypothyroidism everything
  229. Sed Rate of 42, TSH of 5.1???
  230. Sore Throat once a month
  231. Do I need an Increase to 100mcg of Synthroid?
  232. TSH and T4
  233. Hashi's??
  234. my tsh is 47 what does this mean
  235. Hi, nodule question?
  236. Huge cold nodule!
  237. Just got thyroid ultrasound report anyone care to help interpret?
  238. PLEASE!!! I need your advice....
  239. Weakness after years on pill: HELP ME!
  240. tsh level
  241. tsh level
  242. tsh reports
  243. Does a TT eliminate Hashimoto's & is it easier to balance hormones after at TT?
  244. Hashimoto's and mercury fillings
  245. Update on biopsy results of neck
  246. Oprah and her Thyroid Situation
  247. Elevated TSH/Liver Hemangiomas
  248. Heat Intolerance...any answers?
  249. could thryoid problems be causing missed period?
  250. Hypyo - new test results - HELP!

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