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  1. HELP, just back from ER, got labs, need your thoughts
  2. scared
  3. Anyone take generic armour?
  4. input on blood tests? Hashimotos
  5. Looking for GOOD endo in Sacramento/Davis
  6. question about blood tests
  7. how much is 150mcg iodine
  8. Hi there!
  9. i do not understand it?
  10. Can u control Hashimotos with food?
  11. Better luck with Armour or Cytomel?
  12. Had a better appointment this time
  13. Synthroid and pregnancy
  14. Been on Armour, now feeling bad!!
  15. over active thyroid
  16. if you tsh range is 13.5 what does that mean?
  17. Swollen Lymph Nodes in Neck
  18. what does it mean if i have 19 tsh
  19. need help with armour dosing/switched from synthyroid
  20. Made it through surgery!
  21. is this another symptom?
  22. Suspicious Nodules- thyroidectomy?
  23. armour ???
  24. Post TT: Calcium Carb. and constipation ?
  25. armour thyroid do i need to take more than the synthroid or are they equilivant
  26. Any great Dr's in Wisconsin? (I hope)
  27. What are your experiences with the size or sensitivity of your thyroid gland?
  28. Went to newbie endo today....
  29. Headaches hypo or synthroid?
  30. Could this be?????
  31. Update from me after a LOONG time
  32. Thyroid Mass
  33. thyroidectomy
  34. sharp pains in neck/throat area
  35. Correction Issued-Oprah wasn't cured of thyroid problem
  36. Why is my doctor so concerned about my body producing too much DHEA
  37. New to thyroid problems HELP appreciated
  38. Stubborn thyroid!!!!!
  39. Hypo-once a year blood work
  40. How did oprah cure her thyroid problem?
  41. Switching to another synthetic thyroid med - experiences?
  42. Going to endo this week... any thoughts as to what I should ask?
  43. help with numbers
  44. Florinef?
  45. T3, FT3, T3 uptake for Graves ???
  46. Isocort/glandular adrenal
  47. blood work, how often
  48. Dr Gordon Skinner
  49. hypothyroid
  50. need help converting ng/dl to pmol/L, anyone??
  51. What causes HYPER symptoms? TSH or FREE T's?
  52. Low bp, at night
  53. Questions for others who have had RAI: Info Please
  54. alternative to blood test, holds answers????? you decide
  55. what can you do to correct a b2 deficiency
  56. Does it always show
  57. 28 year old female seeking advice...please help!
  58. thyroid level tests
  59. Can my thyroid pinch nerves in the neck?
  60. high dhea
  61. Is it a reverse T3 study I need for low T3 count?
  62. Nasal congestion and hypothyroidism?
  63. Oprah's hormone disc.
  64. Could this be a reaction from the antibiotic?
  65. Suddenly sore thyroid scar
  66. Thyroid medication may have helped me become pregnant!
  67. Synthroid dosing
  68. Tight muscles
  69. high thyroid readings
  70. Thyroid Problems with TSH of 1.110?
  71. Hashimoto's with thyroid numbers that aren't too "bad"?
  72. RAI Today... so strange!!!
  73. Mild But Concerning Symptoms
  74. sore throat a symptom?
  75. I can feel the pain in my neck with my finger - is this a bad sign? More ?'s, too.
  76. What is wrong with me!
  77. 6wks post RAI....any thoughts?
  78. TSH DOWN,RAISED FT4, so what has changed? Your advice please
  79. hypothyroid? Normal????? tsh level
  80. FIsh oils in Graves disease
  81. My health is a mess
  82. hypothyroidism everything
  83. Sed Rate of 42, TSH of 5.1???
  84. Sore Throat once a month
  85. Do I need an Increase to 100mcg of Synthroid?
  86. TSH and T4
  87. Hashi's??
  88. my tsh is 47 what does this mean
  89. Hi, nodule question?
  90. Huge cold nodule!
  91. Just got thyroid ultrasound report anyone care to help interpret?
  92. PLEASE!!! I need your advice....
  93. Weakness after years on pill: HELP ME!
  94. tsh level
  95. tsh level
  96. tsh reports
  97. Does a TT eliminate Hashimoto's & is it easier to balance hormones after at TT?
  98. Hashimoto's and mercury fillings
  99. Update on biopsy results of neck
  100. Oprah and her Thyroid Situation
  101. Elevated TSH/Liver Hemangiomas
  102. Heat Intolerance...any answers?
  103. could thryoid problems be causing missed period?
  104. Hypyo - new test results - HELP!
  105. I need some BTDT advice for 1st appt. with endo.
  106. weight gain and hypothyroid
  107. Odd & off-the-wall comments from docs and others in regard to thyroid disorders..
  108. Right side of lower back aches...adrenal connection?
  109. I HATE reference ranges... will I EVER feel better?
  110. Time sensitive Cytomel questions...pls help....
  111. Found ENT that will remove but ???
  112. Hair testing
  113. Could use some advice..feel horrible..
  114. Stopping meds for awhile every once in a while??
  115. Hyper and Hypo problems
  116. Hyperthyroid ~ Confused & Lost
  117. Skipped doses of Synthroid
  118. High/low normal labs...anyone care to take a peek?
  119. Help !! I'm new here and I was wondering..
  120. Found a good Endo - starting treatment for Hashi's
  121. What kind of doc should I go to?
  122. cold for hours no matter how much cover i have on?
  123. Are your fingertips like this?
  124. graves and periods
  125. My endo did two dexamethasone tests
  126. Going to a newbie doc...thoughts?
  127. Dead Ends Over and Over...
  128. newbie intro :)
  129. Hashi's AND adrenals??
  130. synthoid
  131. i think iam finally feeling better!
  132. TSH of 5, "normal" Free T4 and T3
  133. Your TSH level when diagnosed with hypo
  134. Usually hypo now hyper
  135. Question about mucus in throat
  136. The blood pressure tests for Adrneal Fatigue
  137. test results - suggestions please
  138. Hashitoxicosis
  139. 4 Post op for Thyroidectomy /Thyroid CA
  140. Please, I need help to get a diagnosis...
  141. Is it weird that I feel better when I'm OFF my meds?
  142. Gainig Weight
  143. repost - i think i need cortef- i am sinking. please tell me where to turn?
  144. HypoT and taking Adipex??
  145. new and need a thyroid/adrenal layperson expert
  146. Just checking
  147. help me understand ...im scared
  148. Hey Thyroid buddies: checking in with all!
  149. Anyone have thyroid nodules accompanied by neck and ear pain?
  150. Going to RE end of Jan...how do I convince him...
  151. Is this part of Hashi or something else?
  152. "Within Normal Range"
  153. Lab Question on Percentage - Math Problem
  154. Low TSH & High T4
  155. Question about T3 and T4 drugs.
  156. I so need help with what doc did
  157. Did my estrogen dominance mess my thryoid meds and function up back in Sept????
  158. Hasimoto's-now parathyroid hormones high
  159. Will the cold intolerance and chills ever go away?
  160. Tapazole
  161. Cold virus and T4 test
  162. synthyroid vs. armour
  163. IR results in....Cytomel dropped...synthroid increased...'nother test ordered..input?
  164. New here and have questions
  165. Can hypothyroid cause kidney problems? or stones?
  166. How many of you have had this???
  167. Morning/Evening Energy Levels
  168. How do I know if I have a fever?
  169. Synthroid Leg Aches
  170. Feeling really discouraged
  171. Where exactly should Free T's be number-wise?
  172. addressing adrenal fatigue with hypothyroidism
  173. Anyone on a t4 and separate t3 take their t3 only at night?
  174. New Lab Results.
  175. Just wanted to introduce myself!
  176. I can't believe I'm sick AGAIN!!
  177. Accurate TSH
  178. Synthroid Vs. Generic Vs. Levoxyl
  179. what if tsh is high but t-3 t-4 is normal
  180. Hypothyroidism (Hashimoto's Disease)
  181. Ok lab results w/units....Please tell me what you think
  182. Insomnia/menopausal
  183. Vitamin D
  184. pregnant/hyperT, experience pls!
  185. t4 plus a little armour??
  186. Tests Info... if someone can have a look
  187. Cold Medicine & Hypothyroid...
  188. Parathyroidism??
  189. Fish oil and Hashimoto's
  190. Echinacea and Hashimoto's?
  191. Please help!! Need advice!
  192. Synthroid Increase- Still feel bad... anyone?
  193. Multiple nodules
  194. Naturothyroid
  195. Enough already!!!
  196. Low Iodine Diet - Off the Shelf Items?
  197. How does T3 affect you?
  198. male/28/thyroid advice
  199. Synthroid/ Armour help!
  200. Ok here are my new labs...HELP!!!!
  201. Mucus Retention Cyst in Maxillary
  202. TG down to .6, endo wants to discuss "options"
  203. New Labs. Feeling lousy.. Need HELP and suggestions?!?
  204. Need a couple opinions please
  205. Why are doctors so clueless?
  206. can you take floradix when you have thyroid
  207. Full Thyroid Panel
  208. Has anyone had this problem before?
  209. Numbness/tingling
  210. when will my side effects go away?
  211. Saw Endo for treatment plan following thyroidectomy for CA
  212. Need your knowledge once again, please.
  213. Calcium metabolism! Can someone explain?
  214. Propranolol and Tapazole
  215. Why can't I take propranolol and tapazole?
  216. Always hungry
  217. multible nodules on parathyroids
  218. Hurtle Cell Carcinoma
  219. Thyroid ????
  220. Where is the thyroid located?
  221. Ideal follow up timespan after initial synthroid prescription?
  222. Anything I can do to prepare for surgery?
  223. Cruciferous vegetables are all goitrogenic?
  224. Thoughts on where to go from here?
  225. Swelling/Bloating with HypoT
  226. what's the injection before RAI?
  227. What do my newest labs mean?
  228. This doesn't make sense to me??
  229. What is going on with me?? Please help.
  230. I need advice for a friend...
  231. Headaches????
  232. Have a persistent rash on the chest area
  233. Help finding answers...
  234. Holistic doc a tsh watcher in disguise? I thought Halloween was over!
  235. what is the normal range of TSH in pregnant ladies?
  236. Low Free T4, High free T3, normal TSH
  237. Wilson's Temperature
  238. Hypothyroid Fatigue
  239. What is T7?
  240. Strange Thyroid Test Results - Will I Ever Figure out What is Going On?
  241. why is menstrual cycle so messed up?
  242. I'm experiencing compression symptoms and I'm scared. Help. Anyone gone through this?
  243. Sodium Glutamate is safe for thyroid or not?
  244. Anyone else have sore throat with over counter meds?
  245. Relationship affected by wife's thyroid disorder
  246. I have a thyroid nodule with calcification
  247. Trying to trust my Dr. Long post, sorry!!
  248. Thyrolar & other questions
  249. Thyroglossal Duct Cyst?
  250. When do the cysts go away?

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