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  1. Really Awful Hair
  2. Adrenal Fatigue/Hyper Adrenals?
  3. New labs on Synthroid
  4. Are all T4 meds the same for your T3 conversion?
  5. hi
  6. What does it mean if your TSH is high, but T4 is not?
  7. FT4 Level High
  8. Hashimoto's and Male Infertility?
  9. Any thoughts on my results??
  10. Feeling really weird lately
  11. new thyroid patient
  12. Is this dose too much?
  13. synthroid / naturethroid
  14. I am finally having surgery! Very scared!!
  15. Tsh .44
  16. dexamethasone for hyperthyroidism, cortisol for hypothyriodism?
  17. what can cause an abnormal emg
  18. Need help with new test results
  19. can someone please help me again?
  20. Serious medication increase in ten year period
  21. When will the TPO AB go down?
  22. Latest results from holisitc doc...pls give feedback
  23. Newbie Questions
  24. thyroid disorders
  25. Hashimoto's and Tonsil Stones
  26. Has anyone had hives with tapazole?
  27. Had parathyroidectomy over 2 months ago....still don't feel "normal"
  28. Radioactive Iodine for Hyperthyroidism
  29. nodule
  30. Can you feel hot when hypo?
  31. Adrenal Fatigue with normal thyroid tests?
  32. Raising free t4 levels naturally
  33. Just started 50mcg of Levothroid, need help with symptoms asap!
  34. alternting synthroid dosage and testing
  35. Thyroid/adrenal problem but why am I hyper
  36. Methimazole for life
  37. 5 months after RAI...and I'm pregnant...anyone else have this experience?
  38. RAI is Tuesday!
  39. need help reading thyroid results
  40. synthroid and kidney problems, any relation?
  41. diagnosed with hashimotos and no meds
  42. what to expect...thyroid surgery
  43. Hi, I'm new here. Posted Lab Results
  44. Early pregnancy thyroid question (sorry- long!)
  45. what effect on fetus if you have low tsh, other thyroid tests nornal
  46. Just had surgery...have question re: incision
  47. iodine
  48. Has anyone ever felt normal on Thyroid meds?
  49. Question? regarding levels when first diagnosed with Hypothyroidism
  50. shocking headache after increase in meds
  51. problems with medication
  52. how to take synthroid after i eat
  53. need help in conversion of compounded dosage of t4/t3
  54. how long for t-3 cytomel to work
  55. small brown circular rash on my neck what is it
  56. Strange dents in fingernails
  57. Questions
  58. stopped smoking
  59. How many dosage changes before your thyroid was stable?
  60. Question about synthroid, please help
  61. Beaus lines
  62. Why Does My Thyroid Hurt
  63. thyroid size
  64. To flu shot or not???
  65. Confused about Lab Results????
  66. Looking for experienced endocrine surgeon in NY/NJ/CT
  67. Here I am again!
  68. what does it mean if T4,Free is normal but TSH is slightly high?
  69. Explain your pain
  70. ok need to vent :(
  71. tsh results
  72. regarding thyroid surgery scar
  73. Thyrogen??
  74. "hypo hell"....when should it start?
  75. Vitamin Absorption/Levoxyl - Reminder Please!
  76. worried
  77. blood test , off the charts?
  78. Would I look stupid going to the doctor and asking for a thyroid test?
  79. What a rollercoaster!
  80. Periodic flare ups with severe fatigue
  81. thyroid acropachy
  82. Synthroid vs Levoxyl experiment
  83. Anyone attribute digestive problems to their medication????
  84. started T3 !!!
  85. if a nodule produces thyroid hormone why.....
  86. Surgery done...Have question.....
  87. Does codeine have iodine in it?
  88. weight loss
  89. Need Some Advice- Synthroid Increased
  90. Help understand these #'s?
  91. Hyperthyroidism and Flexeril
  92. What Does These Test Mean ? Not Enough Medicine Or What ?
  93. Grave's Disease and Weight Loss
  94. HypoThyroid - worrying about undertreatment-thoughts?
  95. MG or others who know about HURTHLE CELLS
  96. New here and could use some help with labs.
  97. graves and can't decide on treatment
  98. Question with my Labs.... anyone?
  99. Antibody numbers
  100. Old / New labs
  101. mkgbrook-a question for you...
  102. Off meds...going hypo? Insomnia? I don't get it!
  103. High reverse T3 mean anything?
  104. Hi! I'm new had a question about Methimazole
  105. Iodine...bad for Graves but good for Hashi's??
  106. Don't Know What's Going On
  107. High reverse T3
  108. Me or my doc, dunno whose dumber
  109. what happens when you take synthroid with food
  110. Tsh 21.66
  111. Need some answers Please help!!
  112. immune disfunction with hypothyroid
  113. Anyone Take Two Different Strengths, Alternating Days?
  114. Synthroid decreased weight increased
  115. Can you take diet pills if you have thyroid disease???
  116. T3 and adrenal insuffiency
  117. is my tsh test normal?
  118. HMO care and hypothyroid care
  119. Low ferritin + Armor = bad?
  120. Low ferritin + Armor = bad?
  121. What to expect post op thyroidectomy
  122. Now i am getting head rushes and cloudy feeling in my head! pls help!!!!!!!!
  123. New t4 t3 and tsh results
  124. diagnosed with hypothyroidism
  125. what will happen if I stop taking my armour thyrodi medication?
  126. My wife has thyroid disease.....
  127. Is this actually normal?
  128. WOAH!! Hashi experts, check this out!
  129. why would I be getting RAI again?
  130. thyroid test results
  131. Does Your Children Get Hashimoto's If You Have It
  132. First month on Synthroid and having menstrual problems *help*
  133. can i ask for a copy of my results?
  134. Medicine problems?????
  135. Need new doc - anyone in south central Pennsylvania??
  136. Has Anyone Been On Cytomel Long Term?
  137. Low in EVERYTHING--what came first?
  138. GReens plus daily essentials from Genuine HEALTH
  139. How to make sure I get no goitrogens in myself
  140. Went to the Dr NOT IMPRESSED!!!
  141. RAI - precautions with family members, esp older children?
  142. Hypo to Hyper Help Understanding MG & others
  143. Hypothyroidism going?
  144. know nothing about this and really would like to find out if this could be it...
  145. does birth control help nodules from growing
  146. OK...so diagnosis for my problems 21 y/o male...
  147. tsh of 14.2
  148. Testing and steroids
  149. Experts--Hurthle cells in FNA biopsy , what to think/what to do?
  150. Hurtle cells?
  151. Raising Armour make my bp go up, anyone else have this?
  152. Taking thyroid meds and painkillers
  154. having thyroid symptoms, lab results inconclusive
  155. What happens after Radioactive Iodine Treatment
  156. Diagnosed with Thyroid nodules now disappeared
  157. Question on my Labs...........
  158. Newly diagnosed with hypothyroidism
  159. Need Help on Cortisone/Cortisol Lab Results
  160. Weird Naturopath Treatment of Hashi's Antibodies-What do you think?
  161. when do i take cytomel and levoxyl
  162. Initially feeling worse with Armour?
  163. Questions on testing..new hyperthyroid issue
  164. Fluctuating TSH
  165. Are those results OK?
  166. I don't have anywhere else to turn
  167. elevated tsh
  168. 23 month old was just diagnosed with thryoid cyst
  169. yesterday i was officially diagnosed as hypothyroid...
  170. tthyroid disorder
  171. Pregnant, hypothyroid in San Francisco Bay Area... NEED MD HELP!
  172. Confused about anti-bodies and Graves' vs. Hashimoto!
  173. NEW Labs - Need advice
  174. thyroid or what?
  175. free t4, t3 whats too low?
  176. Lab results, what do u think?
  177. Have Nodules and Not a Clue!
  178. How long til you start feeling better on Synthyroid???
  179. Exercising whilst on meds
  180. Should I be on meds?
  181. Carbizamole
  182. Labs - no T3?
  183. Medication
  184. TSH Levels & Hashi Fatigue
  185. Radioactive iodine or a thyroidectomy- please help???
  186. Latest test result help please.
  187. I could really really use some advice!
  188. Vitamin C with HypoT meds
  189. New here and not diagnosed yet (and would like feedback please)
  190. Mystery Diagnosis-Not such a Mystery!
  191. Hi newbie here with questions :)
  192. Medicine Change and feeling weird! Should I stick it out?
  193. Ultrasound/Lab Results-Experts can you take a look?
  194. Slight thyroid problem, could anyone give some insight?
  195. Question for those who take HC & Synthroid...
  196. Levoxyl side effects.....
  197. potassium& sodium levels in secondary hypo???
  198. does low pth make you have elevated magnesium
  199. Could this strange feeling when swallowing food be from nodule?
  200. Chronic Hives/Low Basal Body Temperature/Hashimoto Auto Immune
  201. Please help me to understand synthyroid
  202. lab results!!
  203. How long for Synthyroid to help symptoms?
  204. High ACTH caused by thyroid medication?
  205. Hyperthyroid/Diabetes
  206. T3 and T4
  207. need help understanding whats going on
  208. New Labs, please advise
  209. Excess Estrogen
  210. Stress and Thyroid Results
  211. results...please help
  212. Upped cytomel to 50mcg/day...hope it helps
  213. First Lab after TT - please help!
  214. Need To Understand Tsh Levels
  215. Can you have a normal pregnancy with Hashi's?
  216. Daily body aches (pretty severe)...is that due to med change?
  217. blood test ?
  218. how long does a thyroid take to stabilise
  219. Water weight
  220. How come I feel better if my TSH is over 100 ?
  221. Re: Thyroid Medication and when it is given...
  222. Aspiration and feel so much better
  223. Do vitamins (or lack of) change thyroid?
  224. Please interpret my TSH results
  225. Just need to vent!!!!
  226. what does clinically euthyroid mean?
  227. I everyone! I'm new and would love advice from people dealing with thyroid problems!
  228. Any suggestions on what may be wrong?
  229. What not to eat on synthyroid
  230. can having hypothyrodism cause ovulation to stop and a high fsh level
  231. This is all new to me and I have no idea what is going on!
  232. acth corticotrophine levels
  233. how much weight will i gain on carbimazole
  234. 33 yr old male with weird symptoms
  235. what are the symtoms of thyroid problems
  236. Got FNA biopsy results..Thyroidectomy recommended
  237. Myxedema madness
  238. DHEA, anyone else having success?
  239. New Labs, heading towards RA I think
  240. why am i so tired?
  241. Anyone just pray for a diagnosis either way?
  242. Endocrinologist or Doctor
  243. Doc says everything is normal, but I still feel lousy
  244. Post-Operative 3 weeks now...
  245. Tests to request?
  246. labs and ultrasound are in
  247. Problems Finding Dr. Right-Anyone Else??
  248. Here is my story..
  249. overactive thyroid
  250. Hashi's and temp question...

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