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  1. Synthroid Increase- Still feel bad... anyone?
  2. Multiple nodules
  3. Naturothyroid
  4. Enough already!!!
  5. Low Iodine Diet - Off the Shelf Items?
  6. How does T3 affect you?
  7. male/28/thyroid advice
  8. Synthroid/ Armour help!
  9. Ok here are my new labs...HELP!!!!
  10. Mucus Retention Cyst in Maxillary
  11. TG down to .6, endo wants to discuss "options"
  12. New Labs. Feeling lousy.. Need HELP and suggestions?!?
  13. Need a couple opinions please
  14. Why are doctors so clueless?
  15. can you take floradix when you have thyroid
  16. Full Thyroid Panel
  17. Has anyone had this problem before?
  18. Numbness/tingling
  19. when will my side effects go away?
  20. Saw Endo for treatment plan following thyroidectomy for CA
  21. Need your knowledge once again, please.
  22. Calcium metabolism! Can someone explain?
  23. Propranolol and Tapazole
  24. Why can't I take propranolol and tapazole?
  25. Always hungry
  26. multible nodules on parathyroids
  27. Hurtle Cell Carcinoma
  28. Thyroid ????
  29. Where is the thyroid located?
  30. Ideal follow up timespan after initial synthroid prescription?
  31. Anything I can do to prepare for surgery?
  32. Cruciferous vegetables are all goitrogenic?
  33. Thoughts on where to go from here?
  34. Swelling/Bloating with HypoT
  35. what's the injection before RAI?
  36. What do my newest labs mean?
  37. This doesn't make sense to me??
  38. What is going on with me?? Please help.
  39. I need advice for a friend...
  40. Headaches????
  41. Have a persistent rash on the chest area
  42. Help finding answers...
  43. Holistic doc a tsh watcher in disguise? I thought Halloween was over!
  44. what is the normal range of TSH in pregnant ladies?
  45. Low Free T4, High free T3, normal TSH
  46. Wilson's Temperature
  47. Hypothyroid Fatigue
  48. What is T7?
  49. Strange Thyroid Test Results - Will I Ever Figure out What is Going On?
  50. why is menstrual cycle so messed up?
  51. I'm experiencing compression symptoms and I'm scared. Help. Anyone gone through this?
  52. Sodium Glutamate is safe for thyroid or not?
  53. Anyone else have sore throat with over counter meds?
  54. Relationship affected by wife's thyroid disorder
  55. I have a thyroid nodule with calcification
  56. Trying to trust my Dr. Long post, sorry!!
  57. Thyrolar & other questions
  58. Thyroglossal Duct Cyst?
  59. When do the cysts go away?
  60. Has Anyone Had This Happen?
  61. Please help with the new labs
  62. post thyroidectomy...
  63. Tsh=5.11
  64. cold weather
  65. The T4 vs. T4/T3 med combo issue
  66. Lab results please help!
  67. calcium levels slightly high
  68. Houston doctor--- Dr. Morali Sharma
  69. low thyroid
  70. Thyroid/Colloid Cyst concerns
  71. Endocronoligist appts - please read and contribute..
  72. nodule in thyroid showed up during the ultrasound but not on scan and uptake
  73. Dr. Arem Author of The Thyroid Solution
  74. Help with symptoms and lab work, am I crazy to be feeling like this?
  75. Just feeling a bit disgusted
  76. what is a high tpo number
  77. ok ....i need some answers about test results :)
  78. Very low TSH and free T4, swollen thyroid - even doc is baffled. Help!
  79. Need some help on results
  80. low tsh
  81. treat adrenal fatigue with Prednisone?
  82. Note to Oprah-Add yours
  83. Can somebody help me with my thyroid test results?
  84. Can anyone suggest a great Doctor in the Midwest
  85. See Dr what should I ask?
  86. TSH testing range - clarification pls!
  87. What would you do?
  88. how to get a doctor to up my thyroxine dose and take me seriously
  89. RAI treatment...
  90. Questions for anyone who has had treatment for thyroid CA following thyroidectomy
  91. New--have thyroid, anemia and digestive issues--anything welcomed!
  92. New Lab results
  93. Why does it sometimes take awhile for bloods to show
  94. Follicular lesion - now what?
  95. chronic pain/thyroid
  96. T3 and it's effect on Well Being
  97. Any advice out there?
  98. Blood Work Question???
  99. I'm new and just diagnosed hyperthyroid
  100. Going Gluten Free to Help Adrenals and Thyroid?
  101. 1 Week Post - Op visit.. THROIDECTOMY
  102. what are the signs and symptoms when your tsh, 3rd generation is high
  103. Shrinking thyroid glands - good or bad?
  104. When I was taking cytomel ...
  105. any ideas?
  106. what does low tsh mean
  107. Hashimoto's new DX
  108. Trying to understand blood test results
  109. what can cause liver levels to be off in a 19 year old?
  110. yes or no answer
  111. Pssd!!!!!!!!! elderly dads' medical records
  112. How many NORMAL test results have you had before you were diagnosed?
  113. Sore throat and tight feeling under ear by jawline
  114. Symptoms with a 1.687 TSH
  115. reaction to increased dosage of synthroid?
  116. Numbness in different areas, I'm Hypo
  117. TSH is on low end of range, but symptoms persist.
  118. what does a TSH of 20 mean
  119. choking sensation, tenderness, pain thyroid area- anyone else???
  120. weight gain or lose weight with thyroidectomy
  121. TR cortisol
  122. Helping a Friend
  123. can't swallow liquids after thyroidectomy
  124. choking in the neck because of thyroid
  125. For all the experts...I have questions on last lab results
  126. Question ... I am going to see dr on Monday
  127. Adrenal Medication for low Cortisol
  128. Dr won't raise my dosage - any options naturally or anything??
  129. Thyroid diagnosis because of foot pain?
  130. switched meds during middle of 8 weeks. help with results
  131. Wanting input on test results, please help.
  132. Can ANYONE help?
  133. Can ANYONE help?
  134. I need to vent about clueless people
  135. confused on latest tests and medication adjustment
  136. diagnosed thyroid nodules with thryoid history
  137. No News
  138. Please help my Mum!! Help Needed with these test results.
  139. Sustained release T3
  140. Tummy Troubles
  141. New blood work and Odd shaped thyroid
  142. Home from RAI. wasn't so bad. Scan next week.
  143. In desperate need of help for my husband!!
  144. Anyone else struggle with trying to exercise?
  145. Swollen salivary gland - hashi's related?
  146. New lab work/ultrasound - request analysis
  147. Doing better, levoxyl vs synthroid
  148. Had surgery Tues.. It was CA
  149. Really Awful Hair
  150. Adrenal Fatigue/Hyper Adrenals?
  151. New labs on Synthroid
  152. Are all T4 meds the same for your T3 conversion?
  153. hi
  154. What does it mean if your TSH is high, but T4 is not?
  155. FT4 Level High
  156. Hashimoto's and Male Infertility?
  157. Any thoughts on my results??
  158. Feeling really weird lately
  159. new thyroid patient
  160. Is this dose too much?
  161. synthroid / naturethroid
  162. I am finally having surgery! Very scared!!
  163. Tsh .44
  164. dexamethasone for hyperthyroidism, cortisol for hypothyriodism?
  165. what can cause an abnormal emg
  166. Need help with new test results
  167. can someone please help me again?
  168. Serious medication increase in ten year period
  169. When will the TPO AB go down?
  170. Latest results from holisitc doc...pls give feedback
  171. Newbie Questions
  172. thyroid disorders
  173. Hashimoto's and Tonsil Stones
  174. Has anyone had hives with tapazole?
  175. Had parathyroidectomy over 2 months ago....still don't feel "normal"
  176. Radioactive Iodine for Hyperthyroidism
  177. nodule
  178. Can you feel hot when hypo?
  179. Adrenal Fatigue with normal thyroid tests?
  180. Raising free t4 levels naturally
  181. Just started 50mcg of Levothroid, need help with symptoms asap!
  182. alternting synthroid dosage and testing
  183. Thyroid/adrenal problem but why am I hyper
  184. Methimazole for life
  185. 5 months after RAI...and I'm pregnant...anyone else have this experience?
  186. RAI is Tuesday!
  187. need help reading thyroid results
  188. synthroid and kidney problems, any relation?
  189. diagnosed with hashimotos and no meds
  190. what to expect...thyroid surgery
  191. Hi, I'm new here. Posted Lab Results
  192. Early pregnancy thyroid question (sorry- long!)
  193. what effect on fetus if you have low tsh, other thyroid tests nornal
  194. Just had surgery...have question re: incision
  195. iodine
  196. Has anyone ever felt normal on Thyroid meds?
  197. Question? regarding levels when first diagnosed with Hypothyroidism
  198. shocking headache after increase in meds
  199. problems with medication
  200. how to take synthroid after i eat
  201. need help in conversion of compounded dosage of t4/t3
  202. how long for t-3 cytomel to work
  203. small brown circular rash on my neck what is it
  204. Strange dents in fingernails
  205. Questions
  206. stopped smoking
  207. How many dosage changes before your thyroid was stable?
  208. Question about synthroid, please help
  209. Beaus lines
  210. Why Does My Thyroid Hurt
  211. thyroid size
  212. To flu shot or not???
  213. Confused about Lab Results????
  214. Looking for experienced endocrine surgeon in NY/NJ/CT
  215. Here I am again!
  216. what does it mean if T4,Free is normal but TSH is slightly high?
  217. Explain your pain
  218. ok need to vent :(
  219. tsh results
  220. regarding thyroid surgery scar
  221. Thyrogen??
  222. "hypo hell"....when should it start?
  223. Vitamin Absorption/Levoxyl - Reminder Please!
  224. worried
  225. blood test , off the charts?
  226. Would I look stupid going to the doctor and asking for a thyroid test?
  227. What a rollercoaster!
  228. Periodic flare ups with severe fatigue
  229. thyroid acropachy
  230. Synthroid vs Levoxyl experiment
  231. Anyone attribute digestive problems to their medication????
  232. started T3 !!!
  233. if a nodule produces thyroid hormone why.....
  234. Surgery done...Have question.....
  235. Does codeine have iodine in it?
  236. weight loss
  237. Need Some Advice- Synthroid Increased
  238. Help understand these #'s?
  239. Hyperthyroidism and Flexeril
  240. What Does These Test Mean ? Not Enough Medicine Or What ?
  241. Grave's Disease and Weight Loss
  242. HypoThyroid - worrying about undertreatment-thoughts?
  243. MG or others who know about HURTHLE CELLS
  244. New here and could use some help with labs.
  245. graves and can't decide on treatment
  246. Question with my Labs.... anyone?
  247. Antibody numbers
  248. Old / New labs
  249. mkgbrook-a question for you...
  250. Off meds...going hypo? Insomnia? I don't get it!

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