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  1. Can you get hypo one month after last normal lab?
  2. I knew it was too good to be true.......
  3. Discomfort in Neck After Surgery
  4. Latest labs (including the free T3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  5. newly diagnosed with hypothyroid
  6. Feeling "something" in the throat after treatment
  7. Hyperthyroid Update
  8. New Endo visit... Does this sound right?
  9. Still no luck
  10. Looking for answers
  11. pre-op monday
  12. armour weight gain??
  13. FNA Interpretation help
  14. what i saw on chest x ray
  15. Much creedance to goitrogenic food?
  16. High hyperparathyroid due to vit. D deficiency?
  17. seething
  18. Surgery Tuesday...any advice...help?
  19. got thoses lab results from endo...need help with them! please
  20. Radiation exposure
  21. Thyroid Dilema
  22. THS Test
  23. Do I have a Thyroid Disorder?
  24. High TSH in 7.6 yr old girl??
  25. Question about home kits
  26. hypothyroid
  27. confused hypo or hyper?
  28. can you help with numbers
  29. weight loss with Hashi's
  30. Finally!!!! =D
  31. Good news so far
  32. Nodules on thyroid-need advice please!!!
  33. Cytomel?
  34. Hypothyroidism
  35. Estrogen dominance
  36. Finally finished all tests!
  37. how long does it take to get ultrasound results back on a thyroid
  38. ESR-Westergren: Always High if have Hashi's?
  39. Just diagnosed....more questions
  40. My doctor is leaving:(:(
  41. Antibodies - Tg and Tpo in Layman's Terms Please
  42. Highly elevated thyroid antibodies...
  43. Feeling weird a couple hours after taking meds
  44. what does 0 TSH, high T3 and low T4 mean?
  45. Biopsy results.....good news!
  46. Quick question for long time hypo people
  47. Amour alternating doses
  48. Hyperthyroidism cause other metabolic problems?
  49. Help with lab results
  50. Help with thyroid
  51. Overdue update on me--starting Armour!!
  52. Please take a look! Out of answers...thyroid???
  53. Pei
  54. Iodine Test Question
  55. Losing It!!
  56. bendroflumethiazide
  57. Low Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)
  58. Just had to share...
  59. Chest pain and confusion from Synthroid?
  60. Doc says I am "Normal", but what do you think?
  61. Feeling "buring" inside, but tested body temp is normal?
  62. Turning hyper again?
  63. TSH way high...
  64. hasimoto's..tt
  65. thyroid have an affect on body frame?
  66. changing meds
  67. Cortisol Testing....
  68. TSH w/rflx to t3 and t4....same?
  69. help
  70. Thyroid Fna
  71. Can someone help me decipher this?
  72. 2nd biopsy in 6 months, is this the norm?
  73. ?? other symptoms of being hypo
  74. Unithroid for Hashimoto's
  75. Graves and Weight Gain
  76. Always something.......... this is a long post....sorry
  77. I'm still around
  78. Lupus Meds and Thyroid Medications
  79. Increasing tiredness
  80. why do i feel my heart beating??
  81. Concerned now about nodules and dosage change
  82. Don't take any thyroxine on the day when you have blood tests?
  83. My story... new and confused
  84. Please please explain....
  85. Getting nervous about switching to Armour
  86. Anxiety and Hypo
  87. Antibodies
  88. labs are weird....TSH and T4...PLEASE help
  89. Why does my thyroid hurt?
  90. Parathyroid
  91. Synthroid
  92. Second Opinion, Need Advice Please!!
  93. legs
  94. Help interpreting lab results
  95. Do these seem like normal body temperatures?
  96. Armour dosage help me !!!!!
  97. New Med Increase New Symptoms.. Questions??? Please HELP??!
  98. Thyroid test
  99. Thyroid Test
  100. my Synthroid dilemma...any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  101. Need Some advice ...Feeling bad Please help!
  102. No sex drive,sex hormones-help,please!
  103. Tachycardia?
  104. nodule--Tumor/Surgical department, not Endo?
  105. Need Advice
  106. Sleep Aids
  107. TSH level is 2.3 -- is this "something"
  108. I am SO scared!!!
  109. Hyperthyroid Question RE Antibodies
  110. What can they tell from a biopsy?
  111. ** UPDATE ** on thyroid scan
  112. Hypothyroid and Anxiety
  113. How Does Armour-type Med Work
  114. TSH jumped from 5 to 11 in 8 months.
  115. What should I be tested for?
  116. Low ferritin and thyroid issues (fluctuating tsh)?
  117. what does it mean if tsh is low and t4 is high
  118. Sense of Smell
  119. How long to wait?
  120. I have questions about HYPO
  121. What would determine the most appopriate dose of medcine? TSH level?
  122. Could thyroid problems really be my problem
  123. Skinny and Hypothyroid craving Fat anyone else have this??????
  124. high TSH and normal free total T4 and T3
  125. New HypoT - Need Help and Encouragement
  126. RAI Questions
  127. Scared of Doctors please help thyroid low fever
  128. New Endo Dr alot of tests, good ones to take?
  129. My labs after changing my dose of Synthroid
  130. endocrinologist ot internal med.
  131. Settle a debate, please....
  132. TSH 4.6 - I don't believe diagnosis
  133. What should I expect?
  134. FNA biopsy tomorrow...wish me luck
  135. ? on T3, & THYRIOD OR HEART
  136. thyroid disease
  137. Life of T4 and T3??
  138. Heart palps
  139. Need Feedback
  140. adrenal support
  141. Help with thyroid issues
  142. T4 to T3 conversion: Dietary/lifestyle help?
  143. Ok, well I am officially diagnosed!
  144. Test Results In_I'm A Little Scared_High Thyroglobulin_Help!
  145. Omega 3s - can we take them since we can't take flaxseed?
  146. TSH of 8.9, just diagnosed
  147. anyone had total thyroidectomy?
  148. Feeling worse
  149. Nerve Pain after FNA
  150. A couple of questions!
  151. Frustrated update
  152. Get 2nd Opinions!!!!!!!!!
  153. New to thyroid stuff...TT in Sept...what to expect?
  154. What can affect TSH levels?
  155. How much iodine in diet after TT for cancer?
  156. Does low thyroid affect my voice?
  157. conversion from Armour to T4/T3 combo
  158. high TSH, high T4
  159. novocaine & hyperthyroid
  160. diagnosing thyroid issues
  161. Getting optimized on Armour
  162. Confused, nodule not there now?
  163. From Synthroid to Armour - Right dosage????
  164. scheduled surgery
  165. Lab results help
  166. The test of antibodies for Hashi's began in which year?
  167. Lucy is back....
  168. 17 Hyroxyprogesterone levels extremely high...what does it mean?
  169. New hypothyrodism
  170. Stiff neck feeling related to my thyroid nodule???
  171. I Could Really Use Some Advice.
  172. Opinion?
  173. Phantosmia and Thyroid Disease??
  174. What additional Thyroid tests can I request?
  175. Fired Osteopathic (Doc#4) - felt kind of good.
  176. Hypothyroid???
  177. Desperate need of some answers; doctors not helping
  178. Low Thyroid results for years, now producing too much
  179. how to increase T4
  180. Can anyone explain why you can still be shaky and hypothryroid?
  181. I have come to realize that my doctor has absolutely no clue!
  182. Stiff feet getting worse!!! argh
  183. Ultrasound results
  184. New Med Increase New Symptoms. Please Help!
  185. Dopamine and TSH
  186. Tsh Levels Are 88,
  187. What to expect when switching from Levoxyl to Armour
  188. Does anyone have bad itching?
  189. Elevated Thyroid Antibodies
  190. Is a low TSH ok if T4 and T3 are normal?
  191. Low Iodine diet is good for Hashimoto's and relieve HypoT?
  192. Path report from surgery :)
  193. Standard dosage of Levothyroxine T4 for Hypothyroidism?
  194. Help: I'm 20 and loosing hair.
  195. Confused about thyroid issues - help!
  196. Ultrasound results
  197. Got perscribed thyroxine sodium, thoughts?
  198. Fine Needle Biopsy
  199. Do I have Hashimoto's?
  200. Encouragement Please...
  201. Whacky out of sync levels and high calcium to boot!
  202. Tam3
  203. Thyroid Tests, my doc says normal..input please...
  204. tsh level help, have I turned from hypo to hyper?
  205. Any way to lose the weight? TSH level up
  206. New to thyroid issues: please help me understand my labs
  207. Pulse rate
  208. How long to wait before lowering dosage--hypo to hyper
  209. Synthroid dosage reduction---will I gain?
  210. Does anyone know?
  211. mixture of hypo and hyper symptoms?
  212. I have had Hashi's when I was as young as 11y, but NO treatment until now!
  213. Question about thyroid scan and RAI
  214. Synthroid vs. Levothyroxine
  215. Has anyone had tonsillitis affect their thyroid levels
  216. nodule
  217. Level opinions and advice
  218. Dr in Kansas
  219. Can you have...
  220. Post surgery ??? :(
  221. What happens when you take calcium and magnesium with synthroid?
  222. Drop in tsh
  223. High estrogen levels, dr's confused?
  224. HELP! - So fed up of being normal
  225. achy thyroid gland?
  226. Total thyroidectomy-Having symptoms-Weaning from Synthroid .175 and going down
  227. painful nodule/neck
  228. Dizziness and Headaches...
  229. armour and anxiety attacks
  230. Iis pain in the arch of foot from low thyoid?
  231. Does a thyroidectomy CURE Hashimoto's...
  232. hot nodule
  233. Doc Says Free T3 Test Not Available Via Kaiser???? Huh?
  234. 7th day of Thyrolar after switching off of Armour
  235. Vitamin D And Any Input Regarding Thyroid
  236. hypothyroidism
  237. Is my husband Hypo?
  238. Update
  239. what else tests should Hashi's victims do? My case for help
  240. Hello Birch.....Wondering how you are????
  241. hypothyroid
  242. i'm 33 and doctor want me to do radio iodine treatment
  243. Is tsh of 3.35 normal?
  244. Surgery was Thursday, have some ?s
  245. Is there more than 1 antibodies test?
  246. Vitamin D
  247. herbs for graves disease?
  248. Any good doctors on Long Island
  249. Please give me your opinion
  250. Heartburn and Synthroid

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