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  1. Hurthle cells in nodules
  2. Warning - Kidney failure
  3. Need help desperately
  4. Coming off Synthroid
  5. hard scar please help........
  6. need some help
  7. leg muscle aches!
  8. Treatment For Adrenals
  9. Left Adrenal Adenoma and low cortisol ?
  10. Help/ Having Difficulty Adjusting To Synthroid/cytomel
  11. Updates on the successful TT! :)
  12. Desperate for a doc in the South
  13. medication change
  14. Doc says..but the reality is?:mad: Low TSH, high FT4! Help
  15. thyroid surgery
  16. Please someone answer this ft3 test needed or not after a TT?
  17. My Voice My Voice
  18. tsh level
  19. new labs do I have thyroid problems or not ? Please help
  20. hypo and anti-depressants?
  21. PLEASE HELP!! New Labs, New Questions Once Again....
  22. question about TSH ranges
  23. Frightened of the Op
  24. total thyroidectomey 9 days ago
  25. Got my MRI results
  26. new labs I don't have ranges- need help
  27. Opinion wanted -- treated for hypo without test proving it...and low cortisol
  28. Dr lowered Synthroid and symptoms are back
  29. uncontrolable chills and other symptoms
  30. Opinions needed-Partial or Total Thyroidectomy...
  31. Childhood Hyperactive, Adult Hypoactive
  32. Hypo & Weight Gain (Want to Lose Weight)
  33. low TSH but normal T4,T3
  34. Need Help!!! Thyrogen or cold turkey????
  35. thyroidectomy last week
  36. Can you switch between HypERthyroidism and hypOthyroidism
  37. Please can someone help...am confused with lab results and dr visit
  38. Average Dose for Hashi's: Can it be said?
  39. monley update, med check in
  40. Any men here with thyroid condition...please chime in!!
  41. Got my cytomel!! not ticked anymore
  42. Thyroid Uptake Percentages
  43. Some help please...
  44. Radioactive Therapy or Anti-Tyroid?
  45. Test Result/Questions
  46. Everyone who has suffered early morning anxiety...
  47. Um...help?
  48. Hypo AND Hyper Symptoms?
  49. Tsh numbers
  50. new to site
  51. recovery from tendinitis when you're hypothyroid?
  52. Lab Results -- Please Help
  53. So ticked off right now, endo says fine!
  54. hyperthyroidism
  55. new labs
  56. Adrenal CT and basic Matab. tests qustions
  57. Seattle/Bellevue area Thyroid Surgeons
  58. TSH Test shows TSH value 0.32 L (low). What does this mean?
  59. Hashi diet?
  60. Taking thyroid medication and vitamins
  61. Hashi's and questions...
  62. Thyroid antibodies test?
  63. Newbie - TT for Substernal Goiter
  64. Patches on skin?
  65. Do you see a change in your levels between seasons?
  66. Frustrated!!
  67. New to board with question
  68. finally labs and i'm not as crazy as i thought (well)
  69. Good News for me!
  70. Elevated TSH & high range Total T3?
  71. Toxic Nodule Surgery
  72. New labs, need advice?
  73. Hypothyroid and TTC?
  74. Thyroid Toxic Nodule Surgery
  75. A-typical cells in goiter
  76. Update: Saw endo
  77. Thyroid Nodule Diagnosis
  78. TT and RAI for cancer, please help
  79. Thyroid question
  80. high calcium levels in blood again when tested
  81. Stiff Feet, Dry Eye, Low Energy, Stupid Doctors - Hashi's
  82. What Now?
  83. Autoimmune diseases cluster (Hashimotos/MS/Lupus/Sjogrens) ???
  84. Synthroid and cytomel
  85. Vitiligo and the thyroid
  86. Test Results Help
  87. My Endo. says "Stop Levothyroxine for new testing" Any comments
  88. Hard nodule above collar bone that's moveable
  89. neck pain in thyroid area
  90. When is a Nodule Considered Fast Growing?
  91. high fiber, leg and back pain?
  92. Help lab results
  93. Update on me -- questions
  94. thyroid & hormones?
  95. tsh blood test???
  96. new to hypot and question about labs
  97. Synthroid & itchy skin??
  98. Synthroid to reduce nodules?
  99. periostitis following hurthle cell cancer
  100. Biopsy question: 2.5 cm growth not biopsied
  101. New twist on the quest for a diagnosis
  102. MRI* i can't stop worrying about it
  103. ?'s about unbalanced hormones and meds working
  104. Synthroid adjustment
  105. New to this..What do these #'s mean?
  106. Huge appetite drop
  107. HI! Is the 'pill' stuck in my throat related?
  108. Feel something get stuck out of position in my neck... HELP!!!
  109. Help with new Labs
  110. What is the thinking behind treating to the TSH and not the frees?
  111. Complete Thyroid replacement- hyper....
  112. Is this symptom normal for hypothyroidism
  113. Thyroid problems
  114. Do I Have Low Thyroid?
  115. Adrenal Question
  116. levothroid
  117. Nodules: Suppression, surgery, or follow with US
  118. Green Tea slows thyroid?!
  119. How do you go about finding a good Dr.?
  120. Reece-since you have experienced this
  121. Need Surgery-hyperthyroid Questions/concerns
  122. Do these levels seem okay
  123. medication dose
  124. Roller coaster ride
  125. will it ever get better
  126. Is free triidothy the same as fT3-TEST RESULTS HELP???
  127. how to increase free t4?
  128. Hypo w/low TSH?
  129. TSH normal, fT3 & fT4 low-what does this mean?
  130. New here and new to HYPOT....lots of questions
  131. Ultrasound/ Intermittent High Calciums / Enlarged Gland on Thyroid
  132. Another question from Mattie..
  133. superfoods rx?
  134. Help please
  135. MG quick question
  136. can someone do the math
  137. what causes your thyroid to fluctuate up and down
  138. Ultra sound of thyroid
  139. Please Help-- Hyper, Hypo, Chronic Fatigue, Hashimoto's!
  140. change in meds 5 weeks ago
  141. Can RIU test affect blood work?
  142. FYI - Transdermal T3 May Help You
  143. Really confused: Thyroid nodule comes and goes?!?
  144. any help
  145. Advice? I gained 35lbs, low ft4, high tsh
  146. Amen! I finally found a doctor who cares !!!!
  147. How Long for Synthroid to Start Working?
  148. Update on Condition
  149. blah....choking here!
  150. Please help with new Results
  151. Thyroid question about meds?
  152. There are good docs out there - check out this letter from my new doc!
  153. Arthritis symptoms with synthroid
  154. Hypo and Hashimoto experts, please advise......
  155. Can anyone HELP I am soooo Confused!!
  156. Are these possible side effects from too high a dose of thyroxine
  157. Can I donate blood?
  158. Very frustrating Dr. visit today
  159. Help with the rest of my labs PLEASSSSSE!
  160. Question.
  161. Had another thyroid test
  162. How hard will it be to live without a thyroid?
  163. Hypothyroidism and Laryngitis
  164. High tsh,and t4...what does this mean?
  165. my 12 yr old antibodies off
  166. Help have questions
  167. Thyroid Care and Concerns Around the World - Part 7 - TT or RAI
  168. contrast dye from CT and new blood draws
  169. Another Update/Bad News...sorta
  170. hypo/hashi's & ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER!
  171. pvc's question
  172. Just wondering...
  173. Can somebody help me with these test results???????????????????
  174. Headaches and vision problems ?
  175. Headaches and vision problems ?
  176. Would thyroid med be risky?
  177. Can somebody help me with these test results
  178. Doing better on the Armour
  179. what does it mean when T4 levels are low
  180. Heat Intolerance & Hypo
  181. Wrote letter to Lab
  182. Another new hyperthyroid diagnosis
  183. Thyroid and Heart skipping?
  184. Confused again!!
  185. I think my husband is hyperthyroid, dr. says NO
  186. went to endo, confused!
  187. Immune system and hyperthyroidism ...
  188. where do i start ??? kat here hixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  189. New labs, new problems...
  190. In need of good Endocrinologist in UT
  191. radioactive iodine treatment?
  192. cyst on adrenal gland
  193. Lab Results Please Help!!!
  194. Sun sensitivity?
  195. Help, I need honest answers
  196. Hello...I'm new to the board...
  197. MUST take thyroid med, but it gives me diarrhea
  198. Hyperthyroid? Doctors will not help me...
  199. started armour...feeling jittery
  200. MG where are you hun??
  201. hypo thyroid
  202. Thyroxine tablets without lactose?
  203. Here We Go Again....
  204. Hypo???
  205. Hypo and Digestion
  206. new member-have question(s)
  207. new results
  208. Where are thyroid nodules located?
  209. underactive thyroid
  210. Please tell me what tests to have done!
  211. hair dry and brittle and breaking off is it thyroid?
  212. Hyperthyroid - brand new poster
  213. TT, HypoT, menopause
  214. Help!!!! Normal TSH but have symptoms
  215. Thyroid T4 results question
  216. How much T3 a day? Help please!
  217. HypoT and weight gain, please help!
  218. HELP! I'm at my witt's end !!!
  219. info
  220. New guy -thyroid question
  221. TSH Rollercoaster
  222. Forgetting to take Meds!?!?
  223. Problems with Working and being Hypo
  224. New labs, some questions
  225. At Least I Know Now - Thanks Board
  226. tired all the time
  227. help understanding hypo lab results
  228. vocal cord paralysis following thyroidectomy
  229. IT Band Syndrome & hypoT
  230. New Labs after 1 month on Tapazol
  231. Surgery Update
  232. Thyroidectomy
  233. Dexamethasone and lab tests
  234. Sense of Smell
  235. any other help
  236. mg...ferrous fumarate?
  237. Hi, I'm new and a little scared.
  238. Newbie here and learning fast!
  239. can anyone help me with synthyroid problem?
  240. Please Help!
  241. Newbie
  242. Question re TSH level and hyperthyroidism
  243. doing good after tt what labs do they do
  244. New here - need some advice please
  245. New...and sick of feeling like crap!
  246. Thyroxine tablets donít break down in stomach?
  247. Thyroid Surgery June 20th - question/concern
  248. how different are the antibodies tests? Please response ASAP
  249. Looking for DO on Border of NC/SC - Also can TSH be high then go low the next time ?
  250. Is 3 wks enough time for a good reading?

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