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  1. Cold thyroid nodule
  2. just got these labs..
  3. Question about too much radiation
  4. Can all this sweating be Hypo?
  5. Question about taking antibiotics
  6. Ran out of meds
  7. need help with med ajustment
  8. Sweating, high pulse rate...
  9. when do you treat hypothyroidism?
  10. Food for Radioactive Iodine Treatment
  11. Cytomel dosage?
  12. How much cytomel with 100 mg of synthroid'
  13. Help!! Confused by lab results.
  14. Please help me understand my blood results
  15. RAI scheduled for 12/2
  16. What do I say to the doctor so he will order the right tests?
  17. Had an ultra sound today
  18. Celexa?
  19. Question for the ladies
  20. Medicine Increase...Blood Pressure increase...Normal???
  21. how can my T4 level be 69
  22. test results question
  23. New labs, please analyze
  24. right sided neck pain
  25. how long to get results of utrasound for thyroid
  26. Can't shake this cold
  27. ?? anxiety symptoms with hypothyroid ?? How about you??
  28. Told to go off synthroid
  29. Went to Dr. yesterday, blood work good except . . .
  30. The Crazy Old Woman Thing-Myth and/or Reality
  31. Hyperthyroid and Stress
  32. Update
  33. Taking part of meds at night would reduce the dose?
  34. Been a while...checking in with an update!
  35. High Sed rate and scalp problems due to hypothyroidism?
  36. Very High TSH level
  37. Tapazole and canker sores?
  38. Need advice QUICK! dr. appt. tomorrow A.M.
  39. Random questions, can you help? #'s questions..
  40. most recent labs on armour?
  41. Help - Panic attacks- High Anti TPO 4628
  42. Positive thyroid effects wearing off . . . suggestions?
  43. thyroid and weight
  44. Thyroid mass
  45. thyroiditis
  46. 3 cm nodule
  47. Elevated ANA with thyroid problem, anyone else?
  49. HELP!!! think i messed up my levels
  50. spacey and exhausted post-exercise...normal with hypo?
  51. Nodule/PT Surgery in Aug. Strange Feeling In Neck...Any Insights
  52. How long does it take for Tapazole to kick in
  53. please look at my result
  54. I'm new to all of this... and I dont understand my labs
  55. Anti-Thyroglobulin rising question - Also HRT and Thyroid Replacement
  56. Hashi's and neck pain
  57. solid calcification...cancer?
  58. My mpv lab results are abnormal, what does this mean??
  59. Weight loss with Cytomel???
  60. Help understanding past and present results please.
  61. Lookin' for a Doc
  62. Mom's thyroid level
  63. Desperate for help!!!!
  64. Parathyroid/High Calcium/Dr. Norman PART TWO
  65. Synthroid or no synthroid before these tests?
  66. So Far Synthroid stinks!
  67. new lab results - need help !! MK??
  68. Possibly hyperparathyroid for 2nd time, had surgery with Dr. Norman in 05
  69. allergic to iodine and have graves and hasimoto's antibodies.
  70. New labs.....I'm fuming!!!!!!
  71. why does my FT4 not change on meds?? (newbie hypo)
  72. Hypothyroid with heat intolerance??
  73. Eyesight
  74. Body Temperature Hot
  75. Itchy scalp, itchy eyes, itchy ears, etc.
  76. Do most endo's NOT do Free T3??
  77. I ran out of synthroid
  78. Anyone know of a good endo in Chicago?
  79. New labs... new doctor
  80. sore achy throat caused by synthroid?
  81. need help one more time
  82. How is Hashimotos diagnosed if TSH normal? Antibodies are in higher range?
  83. Nodule size not shown on past thyroid scan or CT ent ordering u/s
  84. vitamin deficient doctor hypothyroid
  85. So how do you know if you're sick if your temp is low?
  86. Ergocalciferol?
  87. TPO Level
  88. Iodoral
  89. hoping for answers.
  90. Pregnancy test and hypothyroid
  91. Racing pulse and throbbing head at night waking m up.
  92. need perspective
  93. Anxious about switching to Armour
  94. I Give Up
  95. Diarreah on Synthroid
  96. Need help with free t3 and t4 lab work
  97. crazy question
  98. Feel worse with meds
  99. Adrenal issues with sleep, vitiligo problems
  100. I'm new and scared
  101. thyroid & body pain???
  102. Why won't insurance pay for proper adrenal testing?
  103. 12 days post total thyroidectomy -- help?
  104. Thryoid questions
  105. I'm back - need help regarding this pain I am having...
  106. Supplements/Vitamins
  107. Thyroid nodules found. Blah
  108. Stopping Armour - Bummed Out
  109. FNA result Indeterminate doc says wait 4-6 months huh?
  110. heart palpitations - thyroid related?????
  111. Waiting for the test results...
  112. What does this mean?
  113. Iodine Test Questions?
  114. please reply
  115. Have many quesstions
  116. Newly diagnosed HyperT & frustrated!
  117. Nerve issues
  118. Hypothyroid and PCOS - Do they go together??
  119. Newly diagnosed hypo with HIGH TSH and have questions!
  120. Newbie - Test Results Input - Help Please!!
  121. Thyroid
  122. Synthroid - New to medication, have questions
  123. Hyper..solid nodules.. Any information or advice?
  124. Hashis and Tender Lymphs... waht's going on here?
  125. Thinking of changing Dr's
  126. Amoxicillin and Synthroid
  127. What to you take for sleep?
  128. TMI but...having a second period this month!? TSH 150
  129. blood work and taking synthroid
  130. Tingling in hands while Hypo
  131. Cytomel with Levoxyl or Armour???
  132. I need your opinion-my symptoms etc
  133. why has my hair gotten straight, flat and oily?
  134. PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME! Been VERY ill and have questions?
  135. Joint pain and popping. Dont know what is wrong!
  136. Need Positive Feedback-3 days post op thyroidectomy
  137. 150mcg of iodine in the multivitamins
  138. low ferriten
  139. low libido
  140. Frozen with Fear
  141. My Synthroid Dosage Was Increased From 100mcg to 150mcg
  142. They switched my meds
  143. Just a quick Question??? LEVELS?????
  144. Change in heart rate?
  145. what does undetectable TSH mean?
  146. Has anyone had percutaneous ethanol injection?
  147. Does Ultra Sound detect thyroiditis?
  148. what is the normal result of tsh 3rd generation result
  149. Low Serum Iron, TIBC & Ferritin, what's wrong?
  150. Hello all need your help!!
  151. hypothyroid, with muscle spasms,svt- anyone else have this too??
  152. YEA!! Thyroglobulin tumor marker less than 0.1
  153. I got my blood test results
  154. when to take medicine
  155. is it common to feel anxious with ow ft4?
  156. Difficulty swallowing and breathing lately
  157. newly diagnosed Cancer(+ over active, T3 toxicosis) HELP?
  158. I'm becoming...mush
  159. Anyone taking Armour Cytomel Combo
  160. help with labs please (docs appt tomorrow to discuss them)
  161. update
  162. need help understanding test results
  163. Question about reading Iron and other vitamin Labs
  164. Armour dosage question
  165. Tinnitus / Levoxyl / Armour
  166. Crazy Hyper symptoms
  167. Really, really hard time titrating with Armour
  168. thyroiditis how long it can last
  169. hypo thyroidism
  170. acute painful thyroiditis after a viral infection?
  171. Surgery and my scar
  172. Biopsy results?
  173. Need Help PLEASE!! ASAP!! Hyoeractive Throid first time blood results
  174. Results in from Holistic MD...thoughts? Pls Hlp
  175. Hot shower tightens skin?
  176. Need Input so upset!
  177. over heating
  178. slight change in appearance of synthroid tabs
  179. I'd like to understand my lab results...
  180. anyone have tips when seeing a new doctor?
  181. Multinodular thyroid
  182. Anyone else had the "I'm at the end of my rope!" Feeling?
  183. Hyper-thyroid symptoms but...
  184. think i have messed up my meds
  185. both TSH and free T4 dropping?
  186. Graves and Hashimoto's
  187. Confused........
  188. Hashimotos/Hypo and Miscarriage
  189. Thyroid mass
  190. list of doctors in BC who prescribe armour thyroid
  191. Has anyone ever had leg pain?
  192. Please help.
  193. Hypothyroid/Hashi's? Questions!
  194. Lab results...3wks post op...what do they mean?
  195. Too soon for new labs, but don't know what to do
  196. Feeling good on 30 mg of Armour? (with positive antobodies)
  197. Why??
  198. should I be concerned that it feels like my heart is beating in my throat or abdomina
  199. First time here! recently diagnosed
  200. Butterfly rash with negative ANA
  201. Sick or Crazy?
  202. should I get my blood checked again?
  203. my doctor says 238 for b12 is fine
  204. What do you think these values indicate?
  205. hyperthyroidism treatment options
  206. MMR booster shot & hashis urgent please need info!
  207. Hi all... can a low thyroid affect the digestive system?
  208. What went wrong?
  209. my thyroid
  210. Question about blood laboratories (and TSH)
  211. Female problems: Breast tenderness, no cycle
  212. Help! Hashi and joint pain?
  213. can anyone recommend a good thyroid dr in the new orleans area?
  214. new to this site
  215. Anyone been treated with TSH below 3??
  216. overmedicated
  217. Concerned Newbie
  218. Question for those who have had surgery.
  219. when to go to the ER for hypothyroidism
  220. Do I need the flu shot?
  221. new here, TSH level advice please...
  222. Problems and solution for Synthroid / Levoxyl
  223. Dad has a TSH of 25...
  224. follow up on TT
  225. Should I pursue my tests any further?
  226. scar that's tight
  227. Doctor recommendations in San Francisco Bay Area?
  228. enlarged uterus w/ fibroids
  229. concerned about test results
  230. Just Diagnosed with Hypothyroidism
  231. after radiation pill for thyroid does it come back
  232. Thyroperoxidase Antibody
  233. Allergic reaction and Hashi's
  234. Can Hypothyroidism cause problems conceiving?
  235. my T3 is high (216)
  236. HPT vs. FHH: Hyperparathyroid or Familial Hypercalcuric Hypercalcemia?
  237. Mom's having Thyroidectomy...Some concerns..
  238. Do I have a Thyroid issue
  239. HypoT + hemochromatosis
  240. New Here-Confused about Lab Results
  241. Daily headache after RAI
  242. Hi y'all...........
  243. wrong dignosis
  244. Forgot to say
  245. Hypothyroid
  246. Getting discouraged with doctors
  247. Possible hypo or Im going crazy
  248. Lab results..How can I possibly Normal? I cant live like this anymore..
  249. Is it normal to.....
  250. Oh Poo.

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