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  1. Doc Says Free T3 Test Not Available Via Kaiser???? Huh?
  2. 7th day of Thyrolar after switching off of Armour
  3. Vitamin D And Any Input Regarding Thyroid
  4. hypothyroidism
  5. Is my husband Hypo?
  6. Update
  7. what else tests should Hashi's victims do? My case for help
  8. Hello Birch.....Wondering how you are????
  9. hypothyroid
  10. i'm 33 and doctor want me to do radio iodine treatment
  11. Is tsh of 3.35 normal?
  12. Surgery was Thursday, have some ?s
  13. Is there more than 1 antibodies test?
  14. Vitamin D
  15. herbs for graves disease?
  16. Any good doctors on Long Island
  17. Please give me your opinion
  18. Heartburn and Synthroid
  19. Looking for a doctor in Phoenix AZ
  20. pregnant with hashi's update
  21. Do Dr's convert from (barely) "normal" to OPTIMIZED ??
  22. New Results
  23. Generic Dessicated Thyroid vs Armour, Opinions Please
  24. Another weird hashi's question/symptom
  25. Considered high risk pregnancy
  26. Need help thyroid test doesn't make sense
  27. latest lab results
  28. anyone else been bullied at work when thyroid was low?
  29. Questions before scan/RAI treatment
  30. itching
  31. postpartum thyroiditis
  32. Hypothyroidism Lab Question
  33. Need advice on dealing wth Docs
  34. One More! Need HELP For My Daughter. Questions???
  35. Please help with lab results...
  36. Need HELP With New Labs Please! Also What Does This Mean??
  37. Synthroid dosage reduction?
  38. Red Bull and Thyroid
  39. Blood test results
  40. RAI or Elective Surgery
  41. anyone else have these symptoms?
  42. Confused, what is the difference between Hashi and Hypothyroid?
  43. How much ARMOUR do u take?
  44. HELP!!!!! I'm soooo confused
  45. Very Hypo in Prep for RAI
  46. Different brands/kinds of medicine
  47. thyroid issues
  48. Sub total surgery tommorrow
  49. Do these seem like thyroid symptoms
  50. Does the blood test for TSH/TPO/Tg need to be done on an empty stomach?
  51. Painful feet?
  52. sooo S I C K of (so-called) Docs!!!
  53. New labs new issue PTH?
  54. New Labs
  55. High TSH,normal T3,T4
  56. Sea Kelp - Good idea? Bad idea?
  57. Are these symptoms HYPO related?
  58. what foods should i avoid with low thyroid?
  59. with a total thyroidectomy, is iodine intake a big issue?
  60. Too High Dose After All?
  61. Help me understand my bloodwork results
  62. Help, please: iron supplementation questions
  63. Racy Heart
  64. atenolol
  65. Hashimotos advice? Test results...
  66. alpha/beta blockers & Synthroid (full replacement)
  67. Only high TSH, TPAG, TM values can be confirmed as Hashimoto's?
  68. what am i suffering from if my TSH count is 5.50?
  69. Wondering and worried
  70. Good Endo?
  71. Hashimotos and Pregnancy Question (long)
  72. Can you go from hypo to hyper?
  73. Tests for Hashimotos?
  74. What tests needed for thyroid panel? anyone suffer from Wilsons Syndrome?
  75. Crystal H checking on how you are?
  76. Need help with new lab results
  77. Hypothyroid info please
  78. Has Anyone Gone Thru This????
  79. Difficulty getting your Armour thyroid prescription?
  80. Surgeon consult in 3 wks
  81. Selenium doubles diabetes risks!?
  82. hyperthyroid
  83. Enlarged thyroid and tests results....please help?
  84. Symptoms??
  85. some synthroid questions...
  86. Exploring possibility of thyroid disorder - thoughts?
  87. Need help interpreting lab results please
  88. Thyroid symptoms
  89. low vit D, low PTH
  90. Endo increased my dose and I feel worse, why?
  91. Libido supplements and the thyroid
  92. hypothyroidism and collagen?
  93. Newbie hypo question
  94. stiff feet are making me crazy!!
  95. Physical trauma worsen condition???
  96. menopause???
  97. how to get cured from hyporthyroidism
  98. What Happens Next
  99. Question about lab results
  100. Selenium...........any thoughts???
  101. may have postpartum thyroiditis but not sure
  102. -
  103. Hashimoto's disease
  104. do things get better
  105. what are the indications of high t3 and high t4 level and low tsh
  106. To Ablate or Not - Thyroid Scan Diet
  107. fna results, tsh numbers
  108. Sub-Clinical Hyperthyroid
  109. Anyone switched from Armour to Thyrolar and Cytomel?
  110. What happens to antibodies after TT?
  111. overactive thyroid..please help
  112. Do you think i'm hypothyroid?, or possibly another illness? -dry irritated eyes!
  113. EXTREME EXHAUSTION......low thyroid
  114. Hurthel Nodule and sleep apnea
  115. Hope all is well with you.
  116. low ferritin- iron supplement question
  117. Hypothyroidism & ovarian cysts related?
  118. Flu....
  119. High TSH Low Estrodial Low FSH, what does this mean?
  120. Voice projection microphone
  121. TSH, Nodules and Trouble Swallowing
  122. Any Recommendations? Searching For A Good Doc in Vancouver (Canada)
  123. low-sodium diet for RAI
  124. TSH levels above 150
  125. anyone else Hyper with low BP?
  126. can someone tell me what this means?
  127. Sleeping way to loooooong. please wake me up!
  128. list of tests ?
  129. Thyroid Results
  130. how to take armour?
  131. Tapazole and Itching
  132. My yearly checkup......nodules and Hypo
  133. Synthroid while pregnant
  134. Please help me figure out my hormone mystery!
  135. Need Help QUICK! Please for a friend.......
  136. Headaches??
  137. I need help please
  138. I need help deciding how to talk to dr.
  139. difficulty swallowing
  140. RAI or surgery
  141. What did you think you had before you were diagnosed?
  142. How do you talk to your doctor?
  143. Found great endo - need TT
  144. Help/input about Graves disease
  145. problems with food
  146. Need Help Interpreting New Labs
  147. what are the effects of higher level of TSH IN CHILDREN?
  148. Possible Adrenal Issues
  149. SURGERY POSTPONED...I'm so depressed :(
  150. Re: hurthle cells hisopathology report
  151. low cortisol
  152. High B12
  153. Tell me about biopsies?
  154. Surgery Day Is Finally Here!!!
  155. Cytomel - quick question
  156. What's the state of your adrenals?
  157. vitamin D and thyroid
  158. Do you talk about your wows, or keep them in?
  159. adrenal/thyroid question
  160. synthroid does it kill thyroid off
  161. Positive pet scan
  162. thyroid problem after mantle field radiation-hodgkins lymphoma
  163. Elevated Tsh, T3, T Levels
  164. finally
  165. Hey! I've got a question about optimal ranges!
  166. looking for a new doctor.
  167. FT value??
  168. looking for dr. right
  169. Frustrated update
  170. Why take T4 meds?
  171. Thyroid........?
  172. new labs, help with meds please
  173. question about % and what is optimal.
  174. Birth Control effects thyroid meds?
  175. Emotions,Fog and Thyroid
  176. Why do we feel so horrible straight after a dosage change?
  177. Please help with lab results
  178. CSpine MRI & Nodules
  179. Right Lobectomy here - Chrissy
  180. help decoding test results
  181. smoking
  182. Is There A Good Kaiser Doc In S. California Area?
  183. Help me see if I made calculation correct ...
  184. Lab results
  185. What is Thyrohormone 0.1mg
  186. Which tests should I take?
  187. Rash anyone??
  188. hurtle cells
  189. Post-Op Scar Tissue Problems
  190. What to arm yourself with, when going to a doctor who says TSH is normal?
  191. Any Armour experts in Sacramento, CA?
  192. Grave eyes
  193. Need help with Armour dosage, please....
  194. Second round of RI a year after the first?
  195. Just curious...how many here have had TT?
  196. Stop The Thyroid Madness...good book
  197. Do Nasal Sprays Interfere With Cortisol Tests?
  198. First Labs after TT
  199. Well I am sharing my latest Labs and such.. :D
  200. What happens when I go Hyper T on meds?
  201. Hypo/Hashis and iodine suppllements
  202. Confused! Going crazy! Need advice!!
  203. Iodine Treatment
  204. New labs ??
  205. Low PTH - What does that mean?
  206. why does cytomel make my vision blurry
  207. What does it mean if you have a lot of antibodies in your blood
  208. Adrenal AND Thyroid Issues_Please Help
  209. New Lab Results - Need Help Please
  210. Doctor won't treat me correctly
  211. What is the lowest dose of thyroxine anybody here takes?
  212. just had thyroid surgery and my right vocal fold is paralyzed what can be done
  213. Another Newbie with test results
  214. hypothyroidism and a good hair supplement
  215. I got my Free T3 and T4 #s. PLEASE help me interpret!
  216. Now my doctor has mentioned thyroid carcinoma...
  217. Paralyzed Vocal Cord(s) & RAI
  218. Sorry for forgeting to update, with summer and all been a mess...
  219. Follow-up Appt after PT
  220. Here's an interesting result: Normal TSH, High T4
  221. RAI questions
  222. I hate hormones
  223. Please help..I need advice about thyroid/anxiety/Armour meds
  224. Swelling, discomfort,will Dr. remove thyroid?
  225. wow I feel rotten advice please+++
  226. help me
  227. Another crummy blood test--still normal
  228. High TPO antibodies
  229. Dry, sore eyes, fatigue, etc.... TSH level 3.5
  230. A very bad day
  231. Thyroid Ultrasound and Biopsy
  232. Partial or TT ???
  233. hypothyroidism and antihistamines
  234. Latest Lab Results -- What Does It Mean? -- Feeling Hopeless....
  235. why isn't Armour popular?
  236. thyroid nodule-tired of worrying about it
  237. correct dosage for someone thyroid test result 6.3
  238. What is in the future?
  239. need advice
  240. Feeling alone and hopeless
  241. 4 months post TT ????????
  242. Weak Thyroid?
  243. Armour Supply Problems
  244. Please Help With This Question
  245. Who Orders Their Own Ft3 Test Here In The UK?
  246. Please help!!!
  247. DESPERATE for ideas!
  248. What to do next?
  249. What kind of doctor?
  250. medication

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