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  1. How often should you test antibodies?
  2. VERY technical/medical questions RE Hashi's
  3. Question on Hashis
  4. Desperate in Ontario, Canada! Any good thyroid MD experience??
  5. Armour Better Then Worse??
  6. Would you go ???
  7. Muscle Spasms - Armour
  8. In so much pain..in need of support and a place to vent..
  9. How to switch levo to armour
  10. WIERD question
  11. Adding T4-only to synth.combo meds -how much?
  12. what do to for a distended stomach
  13. what do these mean???
  14. Hashis and Hypo symptoms [kind of long]
  15. High TPO levels with norman T3 and T4
  16. Songs in my head.
  17. My anxiety is increased after lifting weights!
  18. Holistic Dr ordered tests...can anybody give info on them?
  19. what does a TSH level of 5.1 mean
  20. Seeing holistic doctor...UPDATE 9/18
  21. allergies
  22. How would crappy thyroid function affect routine tests during pg....
  23. When does Armour peak?
  24. Low ferritin level, hypothyroid symptoms, but normal thyroid on test
  25. Bio-identical hormones....thoughts?
  26. how do i know if synthroid is bad for me
  27. Not sure what kind of thyroiditis I have - can you help?
  28. Docs arent helping..Can you?
  29. Feeling REALLY Badly!! Bouncing Around With Meds.
  30. Need help with lab tests please??????
  31. New TSH results-soooo frustrated
  32. Synthroid to Armour or Synthroid and Cytomel...how does it work?
  33. Isolation after RAI.....what did you all do?
  34. Has anyone experienced tingling or numbness in fingers and hands
  35. Hypothyroid
  36. Thyroxine - hair regrowth
  37. Synthroid dosage change? How long will it take?
  38. new results... dr doesn't seem concerned...
  39. Can someone help me with my test results?
  40. i've run out of ideas
  41. Thyroid Ultra Sound
  42. Hyper-Thyroid causing Losing weight and Sweating?
  43. Parathyroid gland function ?s & kidney stones Related or not?
  44. Cow patty right here...please help me
  45. Well I had decided I would just have to live with it...
  46. biopsy results....next is radiation....any info?
  47. what is the difference between internal medicine and endocrinologist
  48. biopsy results
  49. Questions about Hashimoto's for newly diagnosed (male) patient
  50. Lab results - Help Please
  51. thyroid status
  52. thyroid pills and skin getting darker
  53. Your thyroid story
  54. High TSH AND High T3
  55. T4?
  56. NEED ADVICE on Levels - Hyperthyroidism
  57. Thyroid more effective in the summer?
  58. T3 and T4 normal but TSH more. What to do
  59. Can low thyroid make my throat sore?
  60. help w/ my results?
  61. Anyone else get headaches with dose changes?
  62. opinion for others
  63. very frustrated can anybody help?
  64. If you suspect adrenal AND thyroid issues - which one to treat first?
  65. Lab results..now what?
  66. Nervous wreck...
  67. Energy level ain't what it once was
  68. how to strengthen your voice after thyroid surgery
  69. POST-OP Day 2- 7....Hell...wouldn't wish this on anyone.
  70. NEW HERE - Need Help with Hyperthyroidism and Pregnancy
  71. Iron Blood Test Results--Questions.
  72. Question
  73. 6.5 tsh normal t3 and t4
  74. Doctor in N.J
  75. Isocort
  76. please help understand TPO AB & anti thyroid AB
  77. Need help with TSH lab results
  78. tsh 6.5 enough to be hypo??
  79. hypothyroid and always thirsty
  80. tsh
  81. Goiter 4 inches; is surgery necessary?
  82. Hypo Anxiety...
  83. Blood results - need help with interpretation please
  84. Normal results but feeling horrible
  85. Thyroid antibodies and symptoms
  86. (nearly) 3 yrs, DOC#6 maybe a KEEPER!!!
  87. YAY! TT in October! When will Hashis subside after TT?
  88. Kelp question
  89. Question for Hashi sufferers.
  90. T3
  91. Liz
  92. First Labs Since TT & RAI - Help, please! :)
  93. TSH flucuation
  94. Finally got free T3 and T4 - could someone help me?
  95. TSH question a little OT
  96. whats happening here ?
  97. dr. appt. tomorrow - need advice
  98. New Results
  99. Cat scan this Friday, adrenal "c"?
  100. Adrenal results help, Dr. tomorrow
  101. advice please
  102. All Kinds of Questions
  103. Eating Before/After Armour
  104. Leg Pain.......Just diagnosed
  105. Alternative medicine
  106. Could this be a reaction to tapazole?
  107. Naturthyroid
  108. Thyrotoxic (Antibodies) Rupture & Leakage Into Blood?
  109. Total Thyroidectomy One Year Still Trying To Level
  110. I am new, support needed..have sick thyroid
  111. Hair falling out again
  112. I got my new labs. Please help!!!
  113. Advice
  114. Lab results...now I'm confused
  115. Fluctuating TSH Levels for 5 Years???
  116. Just had a thyroidectomy
  117. Understanding labs, Anti Thyroid AB/TPo AB
  118. how to know if you have a problem with your thyroid that is causing anger
  119. Looking For Good Doc In St. Louis Area - Getting Desperate
  120. Please Help Anyone-in Despair- Headaches- Lowering Doses-please Respond
  121. Hashimoto's and non-treatment.... Why?
  122. Opinions on new labs
  123. Hypo symptoms come and go?
  124. Need a new Dr. in Tampa
  125. Lab Numbers and Hashimotos
  126. Anyone recommend good doctor in San Antonio,Tx
  127. help with labs please
  128. Question about Advair possibly affecting TSH
  129. need help
  130. Hypo - Doing very well and now falling apart again
  131. FT3 / RT3 Ratio
  132. Cytomel
  133. Thyroid Questions
  134. Migraines and Hypo
  135. Can an Eating Disorder Make Hypothyroidism Worse?
  136. Osteo calcium...very worried
  137. Can anyone please help me
  138. intact PTH is 122....calcium is 9.6....please help!!
  139. Need help with lab results...
  140. Do I have a thyroid disorder
  141. Thyroid Surgeon recommend. for So. CA
  142. Feel like I'm going crazy
  143. Confused about symptoms could it be menopause thyroid or both
  144. tt last tuesday!!!
  145. Adrenal issues
  146. Post-op, Day 1 TT. . . . . . .ouch
  147. Levels all over the place
  148. Does it matter when you take it?
  149. High TSH level and new meds
  150. Thyroid nodule and glaucoma is it related?
  151. Added Cytomel to Thyrolar-2
  152. Dr Appt...
  153. what happens if i take two levothyroxines in one day?
  154. RAI Prep. and expectations
  155. Got my labs back and have ????
  156. hopothyroid
  157. Request Help On Adrenal Fatigue/thryoid - Mg/midwest/others
  158. Help needed-question for Midwest & MKG
  159. Help needed please
  160. Synthroid Decreased Now Have Hypo Symptoms
  161. latest numbers
  162. ?regarding thyroid nodules
  163. Thought I got a good Dr!
  164. HELP - thyroid test results???
  165. Suffered for years and finally found the answers.
  166. likelihood of developing Hashimotos if I have antibodies
  167. High TSH, normal range free T3 & T4
  168. Reverse T3---Need advise on new Thyroid Lab report
  169. Tired on synthroid?
  170. why do you get sent for a chest x ray
  171. Confused over inconsistent symptoms
  172. FNA-Hell -Just me or others too??
  173. Doctor from Heaven!!!
  174. Take synthroid before labs or not?
  175. 7 days postop and still no pathology!
  176. How much do you watch your diet?
  177. Is it safe to get vaccinations while massively hyper?
  178. Hashi + raised liver enzymes (any correlation)?
  179. Question about adrenal fatigue
  180. I evacuated for Gustav/NOT good for imbalanced thyroid!
  181. nurse read results wrong im hypothyroid
  182. thyroid removal
  183. Thyroid problem? MAYBE?? At a loss...
  184. Lament of a thyroid patient
  185. Help
  186. surgery??
  187. thyroid
  188. tendonitis and Hashitmoto's?
  189. Thyroid Meds and High Blood Pressure?
  190. treatment for hyperthyroidism
  191. Could this be hyperthyroidism/adrenal fatigue
  192. cystic degeneration of nodules
  193. new here~hyperthyroid
  194. How important is taking synthroid without food?
  195. thyroid nodule parathyroid...
  196. Hashimotos
  197. Hashimotos
  198. ??? on lab values, medication armour or synthroid
  199. how to cure muscle tightening in throat
  200. if it's not the thyroid then what it is?
  201. Hypothyroidism
  202. Uggg...tender lump??
  203. Grave's symptoms
  204. Radiated thyroid
  205. TPO Antibody says 839.8 H What does that mean?
  206. No more taste buds?
  207. FNA results New question!
  208. TSH too low?
  209. convincing Dr help needed
  210. Brand new here with a few questions~
  211. Thyroid
  212. Hollow dent's below eyes? Thyroid problem?
  213. **NEW LABS** Kinda confused??
  214. Levoxyl:Cytomel ratio
  215. Hashis, Heart Palp and Exercise?
  216. Hashi's with a side order of Cushings????
  217. I had a thyroid ultrasound done and it was said I have a burnt out thyroid?
  218. *~ARKANSAS~* Anyone? GOOD ENDO's in state or surrounding states???
  219. tongue pain and sore throat
  220. hair still falling out
  221. PLZ help very enlarged thyroid
  222. Hashi diagnosis and FNA?
  223. Need opinion about synthroid
  224. Lab results - question?
  225. enlarged heart
  226. Can someone please help me understand hyperthyroid
  227. thyroid
  228. Have the thyroid gland removed or have it destroyed with radiation?
  229. just diagnosed with Hashimoto thyroiditis any one else here have this too?
  230. Little update bemusing......
  231. new please help me figure out thyroid
  232. bloating
  233. >8cm cyst, nodules, can they burst?
  234. Any suggestions? LONG POST
  235. How many of you take Cortisol?
  236. Decyphering Ultrasound report
  237. Need Dr. recommendation for Springfield, Missouri
  238. Graves Disease
  239. Is this hypothyroidism?? Please help!!!!
  240. Live in Houston Dr. Ridha Arem
  241. **Can you believe what my doctor told me???!!!!!! Endo
  242. hypothyroid with tachycardia, possibly MVP and SVT
  243. Note to Canadians on the board re Isocort
  244. my ENT says I should have my thryroid removed my ENDO says no who should I listen to?
  245. Symptoms Need Help
  246. 20 years Hypothyroid, never seen an Endocrinologist
  247. Thyroid Problems?
  248. Having a TT this morning
  249. So depressing...discouraging...whatever...
  250. Tsh Levels

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