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  1. Thyroid
  2. Very odd problem
  3. Nucleoar 1:80 & hypothyroidism
  4. thyroid questions
  5. Finally have an Appt. with Endo!
  6. Armour and cytomel didn't work, levo and cytomel a bit better but having strange prob
  7. New member and ? about symptoms and lab results
  8. Thyroid Issues
  9. a little bit lost in the thyroid minefield
  10. What now?
  11. What next???
  12. Armour... could it be working this fast???
  13. Mystery Symptoms... Please Help
  14. Did my ultrasound Thursday, having anxiety!!
  15. Stopped Tapazole for 1 week, restarted -- now it feels like it's not working anymore?
  16. Armour Thyroid vs Nature Thyroid
  17. Thyroid medication causing tingling/crawling sensation?
  18. Newbie ��
  19. nodule description
  20. Thyroid: Drs can't figure it out!!
  21. Test results
  22. Thyroid or Something else? Should I get tested more?
  23. Diagnosed with sleep disorder/i think it's hypo
  24. Thyroid results help
  25. If you are losing weight on thyroid supplements does this mean you are
  26. Please help me interpret my results :)
  27. PLEASE HELP! new labs!!!
  28. would I benefit from T3?
  29. I disagree with my doctor
  30. Does the generic for synthyroid cause anxiety?
  31. 4 years post TT, still having fluctuating tsp
  32. hashis and anxiety at night?
  33. Rt3
  34. Sub Sternal Goiter ?
  35. no one knows
  36. TSH bouncing all over?
  37. Its been a while...
  38. i could really use some advice.. please
  39. Thyroids
  40. TSH 84.2... Yes, 84.2! Help!!!
  41. weight gain, weight gain. weight gain
  42. Thyroid problem Help Me
  43. would this supplement affect my Thyroid?
  44. Need Help!! PT Thyroid Surgery In 11 Days
  45. Recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism
  46. New to this board - looking for advice
  47. Education on Hashimotos
  48. Hashimoto's & Lupus
  49. Tired of being tired! Please help!
  50. Removal if TT now the levels are terrible
  51. 13 yr. old multinodular goiter
  52. Low tsh problem
  53. any help would be greatly appreciated!
  54. High TSH, Normal t4, noduels
  55. Help interpreting test results tsh 0.69
  56. Cytomel side effects?
  57. Nature throid
  58. underactive thyroid symptoms while on medication
  59. my tsh level is .970
  60. problem switch back to armour?
  61. Thyroid
  62. Thyroid issues would account
  63. thyroid problems
  64. support and answers needed
  65. Daughter joins "Thyroid" family, Drs still hard to deal with
  66. High TSH (5.4) but not gaining weight (however, I'm on Adderall)
  67. advice on labs/symptoms
  68. advice on labs / symptoms
  69. TSH 2.5 but temp is 35.9 C(96.62 F)
  70. how can i get an accurate thyroid lab?
  71. Autoimmune Disorders & lowered immune system
  72. Switching from Levothyroid to Armour
  73. Naturopath treatment of hypo
  74. Thyroid
  75. Thyroid disorder
  76. Help with lab result interpretation and Doctors in Ottawa
  77. Low TSH, Multi Nodular Toxic Goiter & No sypmtoms
  78. When will my thyroid ever regulate?
  79. Help with Levels?
  80. ?? High tg antibodies, other thyroid results normal
  81. Do things ever get better?
  82. TSH level 644
  83. Need help interpreting thyroid labs
  84. Hashimoto's and Hypoglycemia
  85. New Results-PLEASE HELP?
  86. Post-op hemi-thyroidectomy
  87. Med side effect - dry mouth/throat?
  88. confused about levels
  89. Borderline results - developing hypothyroidism?
  90. T3 meds
  91. Hypothyroid please help me decipher these labs
  92. Will switching from Synthroid to Armour help these test results?
  93. Mystery Symptoms
  94. Free T4 levels falling, undiagnosed
  95. does anybody have frequent urination with hypothyroidism?
  96. lab results... med question and opinion
  97. Thyroid Needle Biopsy
  98. Hashimoto's and Loss of Balance?
  99. thyroid test question
  100. Delayed reaction to FNA biopsy
  101. On Armour, FT4 and FT3 good, TSH very low
  102. Graves/Hashi's/Lupus?
  103. Possible Thyroid problems- leave it or push dr?
  104. Trying to get help & feeling like everyone just thinks I'm crazy
  105. Help, 10 years Hypothyroidism - latest test result
  106. Feeling hyper but not?!
  107. Continuing neck pain
  108. Confusing labs (at least to me!)
  109. Low T3? Low enough for Cytomel?
  110. Muscle/ligament Pain after TT
  111. Hypothyroidism binding up all cortisol, mimicking adrenal fatigue
  112. Hashimoto's Disease... a little lost!!
  113. Would GREATLY appreciate some help with interpreting labs
  114. Problems with Thyroid Medication
  115. multi nodular goiter nodules
  116. Thyroid Nodule 4 cm
  117. Complicated Situation - Do I Need to Be Medicated or Not?
  118. Would like some input please
  119. Hi! Im New. Please help
  120. Maca & hypothyroid?
  121. One year later after I gave up, see endo again?
  122. Thyroid results
  123. Opinions/Help - Multinodular goiter/ family hist. cancer
  124. rapidly growing thyroid nodule or not?
  125. Thyroid Nodules, Advice anyone?
  126. Charlotte, NC Doc Who Prescribes Armour, etc.
  127. Low TSH Normal FT4 High FT3 Dr not helpingCan someone please explain these labs to me
  128. Have I gone hyper?
  129. Please help lab results
  130. Panicking about appointment
  131. Overactive no medication??
  132. UNDERACTIVE THYROID TSH 2.98-23 year old male
  133. Thyroid Nodules found .... Help Please
  134. Thyroid (normal TSH but High T3 & T4)
  135. Partial Thyroidectomy & GERD!!??
  136. Child 10 YO with TSH 5.83 Need second opinion urgently
  137. Thyroid Tissue
  138. 300 MG's of Armour Thyroid
  139. Hashimoto's Problems...
  140. Please help me understand results
  141. Hyperthyroid/weight gain/exercise
  142. Thyroid Nodules and Low White Blood Cell Count
  143. TT and now TSH too low and T4 too high
  144. swollen thyroid after taking naprosyn
  145. Thyroid
  146. Test Results Show: "Elevated Thyroid Levels"
  147. Thyroid antibodies - what's the difference?
  148. Help with Results
  149. Hypothyroidism?
  150. Do i have Hypothyroidism/at risk of developing Hypothyroidism
  151. Total Thyroidectomy
  152. Is there anyone here who feels their levels are finally optimal?
  153. post op thyroidectomy
  154. Skin feels like it is crawling with bugs
  155. Found Endo That Prescribes Armour Tulsa Oklahoma
  156. Hyperparathyroidism
  157. Trapped by Graves Disease
  158. Hyperthyroid and weight gain
  159. Fluctuating TSH, please help!
  160. muscle pain and weakness
  161. Possibly parathyroid disease
  162. New Here - Hashi's - Seeking Dr. In Charleston SC NDT
  163. Need input from anyone on Armour.
  164. Question on Kelp
  165. Total newbie with total thyroidectomy
  166. how long until your facial swelling went away?
  167. Yawning
  168. Please help me interpret my blood test results?
  169. Can Synthroid affect liver function?
  170. Please Help... Cant Take Much More...
  171. Thyroid Nodule Need help reading ultrasound report PLZ
  172. My T4 level is high
  173. Extremely swollen face, but levels are now over.
  174. Confused. Being told 2 different things by 2 doctors
  175. how to discontinue levo?
  176. LowThyroid & Weight Gain?
  177. Something stuck in throat???
  178. LPR/GERD issues. Is it Hypo?
  179. Feeling of something in throat?
  180. FNA Biopsy Result Help
  181. Is my TSH too low?
  182. Parathyroid surgery and calcium absorption confusion
  183. RAI or Surgery
  184. WooHoo FINALLY a decent doctor!
  185. please help with my blood test results?
  186. Very Frustrating and Dangerous Synthroid Related Situation.
  187. Does this medicine adjustment sound good?
  188. 2nd goiter surgery
  189. Missed Thyroid Medication Symptoms?
  190. No confirmed diagnosis
  191. High T3 and prolactin..
  192. molecular iodine
  193. Hashimotos?
  194. Oral contraceptives (0,035 estradiol) and high TSH levels. Help, how to prevent hypo
  195. Labs 8 weeks post TT - cholesterol, T4, T3...
  196. Help with thyroid and adrenal labs
  197. Just hypo? Or RA too? Anyone with rheumatoid arth too?
  198. Can Hypothroidism Cause Itching of the Skin
  199. My numbers
  200. TSH/T3 Normal but T4 Borderline?
  201. Loss of hair! Help!
  202. Take selenium suplements and avoid gluten
  203. I am new here :D please be nice
  204. Relatively good labs - Trial of Armour? Advice?
  205. swallowing issues
  206. "Normal" labs, feeling hypo... drs appointment tomorrow
  207. Home health aid bizzaro-world & diluted TSH 115
  208. Can treatment enlarge thyroid?
  209. Thyroid scar rash? Welt?
  210. new symptoms please help? can these be attributed to hypothyroidism?
  211. tsh 94
  212. Thyroid help with medication
  213. After diagnosis - how long did you go untreated?
  214. need some help
  215. Hashis?? Graves? Please read and reply!!!!
  216. My hair is still lifeless
  217. Exercise and Increased Hypo Symptoms
  218. Newly diagnosed with Hashimoto need med advice please
  219. Thyroid acting up again?
  220. Can't get a diagnosis
  221. Newly Diagnosed And Dr doesnt want to treat
  222. After a year... finally
  223. Reaction to thyroid medication and now swelling.
  224. After a few years of odd issues, just told I have Graves, need ER thyroid operation
  225. Synthroid & shortness of breath...
  226. synthroid and shortness of breath
  227. Strange labs
  228. Natural vs synthetic
  229. Long time no post! I got labs... Need help
  230. Gap in medication
  231. Hyperthyroidism Sleep Disturbance
  232. Concerned about my Thyroid test results
  233. last hope
  234. treating Hashitoxicosis
  235. Labs say Hyper, but feeling great
  236. Adding Cytomel to Synthroid.
  237. Hashimotos/TT/Feeling horrible
  238. Newbie here - Low T3, odd symptoms?
  239. Long time Hashimotos patient with meds question
  240. FNA for thyroid
  241. Is this hypothyroidism?
  242. question on hypothyroidism
  243. Anyone follow a typical diet? eliminate alcohol?
  244. magnesium citrate
  245. Still feeling hypo although test say different?
  246. New Levothyroxine RX
  247. Bio idential hormones and Thyroid nodules
  248. Hair, muscle and nails after thyroidectomy?
  249. Info Please
  250. Levothyroxine

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