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  1. Had another thyroid test
  2. How hard will it be to live without a thyroid?
  3. Hypothyroidism and Laryngitis
  4. High tsh,and t4...what does this mean?
  5. my 12 yr old antibodies off
  6. Help have questions
  7. Thyroid Care and Concerns Around the World - Part 7 - TT or RAI
  8. contrast dye from CT and new blood draws
  9. Another Update/Bad News...sorta
  10. hypo/hashi's & ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER!
  11. pvc's question
  12. Just wondering...
  13. Can somebody help me with these test results???????????????????
  14. Headaches and vision problems ?
  15. Headaches and vision problems ?
  16. Would thyroid med be risky?
  17. Can somebody help me with these test results
  18. Doing better on the Armour
  19. what does it mean when T4 levels are low
  20. Heat Intolerance & Hypo
  21. Wrote letter to Lab
  22. Another new hyperthyroid diagnosis
  23. Thyroid and Heart skipping?
  24. Confused again!!
  25. I think my husband is hyperthyroid, dr. says NO
  26. went to endo, confused!
  27. Immune system and hyperthyroidism ...
  28. where do i start ??? kat here hixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  29. New labs, new problems...
  30. In need of good Endocrinologist in UT
  31. radioactive iodine treatment?
  32. cyst on adrenal gland
  33. Lab Results Please Help!!!
  34. Sun sensitivity?
  35. Help, I need honest answers
  36. Hello...I'm new to the board...
  37. MUST take thyroid med, but it gives me diarrhea
  38. Hyperthyroid? Doctors will not help me...
  39. started armour...feeling jittery
  40. MG where are you hun??
  41. hypo thyroid
  42. Thyroxine tablets without lactose?
  43. Here We Go Again....
  44. Hypo???
  45. Hypo and Digestion
  46. new member-have question(s)
  47. new results
  48. Where are thyroid nodules located?
  49. underactive thyroid
  50. Please tell me what tests to have done!
  51. hair dry and brittle and breaking off is it thyroid?
  52. Hyperthyroid - brand new poster
  53. TT, HypoT, menopause
  54. Help!!!! Normal TSH but have symptoms
  55. Thyroid T4 results question
  56. How much T3 a day? Help please!
  57. HypoT and weight gain, please help!
  58. HELP! I'm at my witt's end !!!
  59. info
  60. New guy -thyroid question
  61. TSH Rollercoaster
  62. Forgetting to take Meds!?!?
  63. Problems with Working and being Hypo
  64. New labs, some questions
  65. At Least I Know Now - Thanks Board
  66. tired all the time
  67. help understanding hypo lab results
  68. vocal cord paralysis following thyroidectomy
  69. IT Band Syndrome & hypoT
  70. New Labs after 1 month on Tapazol
  71. Surgery Update
  72. Thyroidectomy
  73. Dexamethasone and lab tests
  74. Sense of Smell
  75. any other help
  76. mg...ferrous fumarate?
  77. Hi, I'm new and a little scared.
  78. Newbie here and learning fast!
  79. can anyone help me with synthyroid problem?
  80. Please Help!
  81. Newbie
  82. Question re TSH level and hyperthyroidism
  83. doing good after tt what labs do they do
  84. New here - need some advice please
  85. New...and sick of feeling like crap!
  86. Thyroxine tablets donít break down in stomach?
  87. Thyroid Surgery June 20th - question/concern
  88. how different are the antibodies tests? Please response ASAP
  89. Looking for DO on Border of NC/SC - Also can TSH be high then go low the next time ?
  90. Is 3 wks enough time for a good reading?
  91. underactive thyroid and extremely underweight
  92. densities on the thyroid
  93. Hurthle Cell Carcinoma - Need support to beat it!
  94. cytomel and synthroid
  95. Radiation treatments back in the 50's and 60's
  96. 1 Week now since Armour dose increased and jittery- am I taking too much?
  97. Any Hashi/Hypos here that feel just fine on Synthroid only?
  98. TSH level and past problems - need advice!
  99. New Here - Questions for Endo
  100. HRT and labs?
  101. Stress & fatigue
  102. Thyroid problems. Please help!
  103. body temperature
  104. Cortisol Level Very Low
  105. Best time of day to test TSH
  106. Adrenal Support
  107. my lab results..and tweaking my meds for surgery.
  108. Test results don't seem to show improvement
  109. Question for the ladies and test results
  110. Breast lactation reply and results
  111. U/S Results
  112. Could this have been my thyroid
  113. Low Thyroid
  114. How long between taking Thyroxine and Calcium?
  115. Percentages for Labs - how do you calculate and what should they be?
  116. Considering Armour - but not really sure what it does??
  117. Husbands Hypothyroidism and Infertility
  118. Confused about labs and meds
  119. Armour Discontinued ??
  120. Insomnia
  121. What Time of Day For Bloodwork?
  122. Help!!! I feel really really bad!!!
  123. few questions about endo visit
  124. Recieved my numbers
  125. tickling down left side of body could it be thyroid problems
  126. Any Experience With Slow-release T3?
  127. Cardiac symptoms with hypo?
  128. thyroid a little over do i need meds?
  129. Doctor said my thyroid was just a little high no medication needed
  130. Please help with labs?
  131. Labs over the last 12 months size TT - opinions please :)
  132. Gave in today--depression
  133. when to take selenium?
  134. Good endo at Rochester, Minnesota?
  135. How To Take Levothyrozine
  136. thyroid nodules advice
  137. Thyroid Query
  138. Esr and CRP
  139. FNA biopsy results
  140. Tomorrow is the big day...surgery
  141. Say dr. today
  142. New...possible hypothyroidism. PLEASE help!
  143. Has anyone else heard of Breast lactation & Hypo ?
  144. Any good endos in Los Angeles/Orange County area?
  145. post parathyroidectomy and high pth levels
  146. Do I need a repeat scan??
  147. Total T4 means nothing?
  148. Going back to Dr. today to address issues ...
  149. Going back to Dr. today to address issues ...
  150. Heartburn/Reflux a Sign of Hyper?
  151. Some advice on blood results would be wonderful at this point!
  152. Question
  153. thyroid nodules and pregnancy
  154. stress over several thyroid nodules
  155. 1 more...
  156. Just trying to understand a little more ...
  157. Shooting pains in thyroid area...
  158. thyroid nodules stress
  159. Still waiting for a diagnosis - Finally going to Endo on 6-9-08
  160. Please look at my LABS - Thx!
  161. medication
  162. Newbie - hello & lab question
  163. Is anybody else experiencing irregular periods, palpitations, due to their thyroid
  164. hypothyroidism and pressure in ears, dizziness
  165. now I'm concerned and wondering what the heck is going on.
  166. Side effects of Armour
  167. Help !Worried !
  168. Finally went to the endo yesterday
  169. First day back on Armour - YIKES
  170. More test results...more frustration
  171. Lab Results Please Help
  172. Autoimmune thyroid disease with normal functioning thyroid?
  173. I have been on 112mcg Synthroid for the past 5 weeks...
  174. Scared and confused
  175. What were your highest levels?
  176. Numbers-normal??
  177. Nerve damage after TT?
  178. Amino Acids supplement, good for both hypo and hyper?
  179. fast heart rate and fatigue, hyper or hypo?
  180. Please help me understand...
  181. Attention Mg and other thyroid experts
  182. DO you have any advice for me?
  183. What does it mean?
  184. Total T4 question--hypo or adrenal?
  185. Question about thyroid.
  186. Just Slightly Low But Dr Said It's OK
  187. Week 3 on Tapazole Yippee
  188. How long does it take to notice change from Synthroid?
  189. Math, Please
  190. From Levoxy and Cytomel to Levoxy and Armour
  191. latest results
  192. Thyroid yoyoing! Just told I had hypothyroidism but,....
  193. Time-released Cytomel From Compounding Pharmacy
  194. thyroid antibodies - test results interpretation?
  195. take Synthroid, run to bathroom...anyone else?
  196. Graves Disease/Hyper
  197. hey on synthroid, but cant loose weight and have constant periods..
  198. can this be over active thyroid please help
  199. Thyroid Scan - How will I feel afterward?
  200. Please Explain Half-life Of Cytomel And Synthroid
  201. Soy lecithin - harmful?
  202. new to group an finally have my first labs back.... "normal"
  203. Getting Labs done
  204. Isocort Dosing
  205. I want to tell you a little story...
  206. I'm curious: high TSH with few or no hypothyroid symtoms?
  207. Plugged up ears?
  208. Lab results - Dr. says they are normal
  209. Starting over with more symptoms
  210. pain in the neck!
  211. Hello, I'm new
  212. My horror story with the endo
  213. so disgusted with doctors
  214. tt done rai done whats next
  215. Hey; I'm new... and a tad unsure
  216. Is It Safe To Be on Synthroid Birth Control at the Same time?
  217. have tried all thyroid meds but still can't lose weight or watch an entire movie
  218. hyperthyroid or adrenal fatigue? (caution-long post)
  219. Could Someone Please Share Info About Adrenal Fatigue
  220. Menstrual Changes Hypo vs Hyper
  221. Sythroid
  222. Very Low Triglycerides Level and Hashimoto's-Anyone else?
  223. Not sure what to do - Need Advice
  224. Doctor won't help...
  225. Hypo and Digestive problems??
  226. Hypo and digestive problems??
  227. Adrenal Insufficiency
  228. quick ?? about tsh levels....
  229. Armour and Cytomel?
  230. What's up with being irritated?
  231. B12 Sublingual - Any Experience With It For Energy? Mg Or Others
  232. Are these symptoms?
  233. Update - Resistance to Thyroid Hormone/Cytomel Treatment
  234. Lab results for new endo-plse advise!
  235. Hair Shedding
  236. Question about a test result
  237. confused on symptoms...please help!!
  238. Fine Needle Aspiration (needle biopsy)
  239. Monkey update, not good!
  240. I also found my old test results..I was told they were normal but I feel really bad!
  241. Can anyone please help me understand these thyroid tests?
  242. Interesting....
  243. Thyroid Ultrasound Results
  244. What is a normal size thyroid ?
  245. Do antibiotics or infections affect labs ?????
  246. Question about Extreme TSH Level?
  247. high tpo count
  248. Anyone experience adrenaline spurts, and stomache problems???? I am so tired of hopin
  249. New Labs, New Questions HELP???
  250. Saw new dr. today, said body temp has nothing to do with Hypo.

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