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  1. hypothyroid with the flu
  2. Can someone please please help me understand results!
  3. Please help! Have antibodies on thyroid...
  4. Sorry Need Help With Test Results
  5. New to Thyroid Troubles....Hypoechoic Nodules & Questions.
  6. Latest bloodwork results from ENDO - I'm CONFUSED!
  7. Thyroid antibodies
  8. first appt......
  9. RAI is NOT fair! Where did my life go and why don't doctors care?
  10. Is this a Hashi's "flare"?
  11. going for surgery
  12. Hashimoto's, what test should I request?
  13. TSH going up, and other test results
  14. help with labs is free t4 too high
  15. Help With Bloodwork Results
  16. Question for MG
  17. Info re Levothryoxine, endo gave me
  18. Med question
  19. Normal TSH means no thyroid problem?????? Please help.
  20. When friends don't understand
  21. Biopsy done!!! new lab's
  22. questions to ask surgeon
  23. Vitamins and Supplements
  24. Who's actually being helped by generic synthetics?
  25. How long for meds to work? Maca?
  26. Hot and Cold nodules in same thyroid?
  27. Dehydration
  28. Drama Continues...
  29. I spent the day in the ER!
  30. Thyroxine 2 Amour Conversion
  31. antibodies testing/hypothyroidism
  32. Follow Up, New Labs, New Questions?!?!?!? HELP Please!
  33. Sleep Apnea?
  34. dr office just called and said I might benefit from thyroid removal . . .
  35. New Results - Please help
  36. Having trouble breathing...well, sort of
  37. Surgeon skills & experience?
  38. Nodule size & US acurracy
  39. Figuring Lab Percents...?
  40. Need Your Help with Interpreting & Suggestions
  41. Help Midwest.
  42. Out of whack thyroid again... symptoms???
  43. drainage? is it my thyroid?
  44. Question on TSH Suppression
  45. Three week update
  46. Gout from excess T4?
  47. new post opened !!!!!!!!!!!
  48. Questions about test results and symptoms
  49. hypo symptoms (???)
  50. Question regarding low sodium and potassium
  51. newbie:) hypothyroid help!!
  52. Thanks
  53. supressed tsh
  54. Interesting results on Armour...
  55. My woes
  56. feeling down today !!
  57. moons
  58. Lab question ?
  59. ARMOUR users
  60. Just another thing to worry me
  61. Boston/NH surgeons, Girlcat?
  62. test results
  63. T4 Question
  64. armour side effects
  65. Look at my Adrenal results Midwest please
  66. Cytomel & iron supplements
  67. Question for a friend
  68. Cymbalta question but still will post it here
  69. Please Help Me If You Know The Answer
  70. Enlarged Thyroid??? Normal labs????
  71. Concerned about test results - please help interpret!
  72. I am so so mad with myself
  73. Denied approval for WLS because of TSH levels
  74. Good news-
  75. follow up question
  76. need to know?
  77. Having trouble with armour side effects
  78. how to take your meds ?
  79. I have a persistent low TSH
  80. Hives with no answer
  81. Yay! I've gained a "moon" on my thumb!
  82. Need Advice on Vitamins
  83. got my med records, fuming!
  84. sick of feeling like the walking dead
  85. Need some info on taking calcium please.
  86. Feeling left out......
  87. Urgh...found my Dad is hypo!
  88. Silly question but will ask anyways.. natural substances to reduce antibs
  89. Thyroid Lump
  90. Iron? thyroid?
  91. Anyone lose weight with Levothyroxine?
  92. New Question . . .
  93. antidepressants
  94. Graves Disease remission - How do I get off Tapazole?
  95. Saw an Endo today!
  96. Headaches, hot flashes, mental confusion
  97. Good Diet Suggestion?
  98. My results
  99. Tips for Total Thyroidectomy
  100. Need advice on meds . . .
  101. jrose how are you feeling ?
  102. Endocrine Nightmare, Hashi Help!
  103. the diet
  104. Thyroid nodules question-When to Remove
  105. Please, need opinions on my Aunts tests, diagnosed Alzheimers
  106. Could brand name make you feel this way?
  107. Antacid Question Whilst Taking Adcal
  108. sorry need help fast have you seen my previous post, am i weird
  109. What normal TSH and Free T4 levels?
  110. Calling all thyroid family members.. Who is your doctor?
  111. Stopping my Sythroid - feel no different - gaining weight
  112. interpretation of test results
  113. New Lab Results <please help Midwest or other Veteran
  114. How do you feel after RAI?
  115. Question regarding my TSH levels and Tapazole
  116. Lucky Charms
  117. Hashi's and getting pregnant
  118. Question Concerning my Lab Results
  119. Is there a test for Hashimoto's Encephalopathy
  120. Regulating TSH Levels after TT
  121. regarding docs and their ability to order tests
  122. Choking one day and not the next
  123. Stress and Hypothyroidism
  124. How much TSH does it take?
  125. New test results ...
  126. pap cancer,TT, going hypo (for RAI...again! ) Nobody understands...
  127. Newbie! Advice on TSH - Help!
  128. Has anyone started breaking out after taking levothyroxin?
  129. Quck Question On How Long It Takes To Feel Effect Of Dosage Change
  130. If thyroid is "non existant", why keep it?
  131. mg and anyone else
  132. Levathroid & right arm numb
  133. endocrine disruptors
  134. TSH question
  135. please help.
  136. questions on synthyroid
  137. Anyone taking levo and calcium? (adcal)
  138. Anyone gotten pregnant after being diagnosed with low thyroid??
  139. Thyroid nodule suppression
  140. lowest dose of Synthroid - 25mcg
  141. Repeat test results
  142. Reading Ultrasound report:
  143. Next Step
  144. Anyone feel the same..
  145. 7 Thyroid Nodules -Is this Alot?
  146. I just got my FNA results
  147. nodule growth/goiter when on meds?
  148. What do these test results tell me about my metabolism?
  149. Med question: when you take T3 ( Armour or Cytomel )?
  150. Growth of cancer cells?
  151. advice please
  152. New Endo today, worried...
  153. How long does it take....
  154. Insomnia And Synthroid
  155. Question about TSH Levels
  156. Question on Levothyroxine Generic?? or Synthroid Brand Name
  157. Just diagnosed with low thyroid
  158. TN area surgeon
  159. Also new here. Question for those who have had a Thyroid Storm.
  160. New here with a question
  161. synthroid/cytomel or armour
  162. T3 question
  163. Does it matter how you feel when you have labs drawn?
  164. meaning of TSH test
  165. Thyroid Removal for Hashi's People
  166. frustrated and would like advice
  167. Results of ultra sound
  168. Sue1234, how are you?
  169. surgrey done
  170. No One Believes Me!!!!!!!!!!
  171. bowel
  172. Question about compounded l-thyroxine
  173. ANA and thyroid disease-kindspirit
  174. Hashimoto's reactive lymph node-MKG or Access any ideas??
  175. Just want to share a little GOOD news!
  176. How much vit D is really counted as "Low"
  177. need to know?
  178. Normal T3 T4 Low TSH Apt today-help
  179. For applepip!!
  180. Please share stories of parathyroid or thyroid that were difficult to diagnose...
  181. Taking Armour - Can I take herbs for constipation?
  182. Full body scan results
  183. Does this sound like a good plan of action? Re: nodule
  184. Extreme dry eyes
  185. Had an FNA today
  186. Thank you all so much!
  187. Help
  188. If you had a good experience with Total Thyroidectony....
  189. Quick question - what info is required on a thyroid ultrasound?
  190. lumps that don't get noticed?
  191. Hyperthyroidism?
  192. Hyper Symptoms in the Evening
  193. Goiter/nodules growing after a month on meds??
  194. Question about thyroid scan
  195. Possibly Misdiagnosed... Please help
  196. thyroid removal and severe chronic depression
  197. Need help with the "fog"
  198. Scary Med ??????!!!!!
  199. Partial Thyroidectomy on Tuesday - discovered small amt of cancer?
  200. question about blood test
  201. Help lab results back please
  202. Urgh, no family support
  203. Wondering how many of posters are able to work full time
  204. gave up smoking
  205. tsh level and metabolism
  206. Hyperactive radiation thyroid test
  207. low tsh on synthroid
  208. Over med Thyroid
  209. Just found out need advice/help/reassurance PLEASE
  210. ANy idea if 500 FNAs is good experience???
  211. Finally, FNA results - or should I say lack there of... HELP!!!
  212. Docs of the opposite kind .. jeez!!
  213. low rsh and PVC's
  214. Bad bad day...at my wits ends.....need to vent!
  215. Lab results??
  216. Need Feedback on Labs with 2 Grains of Armour
  217. Very low bp
  218. Any Hypo's had success with WEIGHT LOSS?
  219. I want to SCREAM!!!! Long vent.....
  220. has anybody ever treated thyroid naturally ?
  221. please explain these numbers?
  222. Sweet taste in mouth
  223. I have a TSH of 30 how can I expect to feel
  224. I am about to have a break down help please
  225. No Symptoms But High TSH Level
  226. should I get a thyroid test?
  227. Test Results
  228. Side effects from even low dose of Synthroid
  229. lump in throat
  230. Endo physician in PA?? Can anyone help??
  231. Test Results - Range Added
  232. really low tsh-need help
  233. Test Results
  234. Change of Meds-Very Unhappy!!!
  235. T3 - how long before it has an effect (good or bad)
  236. hasi and cancer
  237. lost
  238. In England and looking for optimal treatment,please help
  239. Thyroid and seafood
  240. Please help - do I or don't I have Graves?
  241. what to expect with TT ?
  242. Should I go to the hospital
  243. Any Other Tests I Should Have?
  244. help
  245. thyroid removal
  246. help interpreting test
  247. Hypo AND Hyper thyroid possible???
  248. Hives and hypothyroidism
  249. Birth Control and Thyroid Problems...
  250. beating/pumping sensation in thyroid?????

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