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  1. Temper problems while on carbimazole?
  2. levels help needed
  3. Hypo Hashi needing some help and ideas...
  4. Blood Test Result
  5. My doctor has called me back to review my thyroid ultrasound, what could this mean?
  6. Dry Mouth with symptoms
  7. About to give up
  8. Can high doses of Vit D cause TSH levels to increase?
  9. my results
  10. Side Effects of Synthroid Fillers?
  11. Query re symptoms "after reading Halls's symptoms"
  12. Inner Trembling and Adrenaline Rush
  13. radioactive iodine treatment and not able to taste salt
  14. Hashis and blood donation
  15. Hurthle Cell Carcinoma Anyone?
  16. Exhaustion getting worse
  17. Highest dosage levo?
  18. Please help, has anyone had this . . .
  19. can thyroid disorder cause skin problems?
  20. Hypothyroidism: Anyone Think Meds may cause Osteoporosis?
  21. Extreme brain fog
  22. too much too soon?
  23. How can u tell the difference between
  24. Question about TSH levels
  25. Hyperthyroid with Normal TSH
  26. just diagnosed ... any help?
  27. Throat tightness
  28. Non-Existent Nodule
  29. Does anyone have that vacant stare with HYPO?
  30. How fast does your TSH, T3 and T4 change in a day
  31. My appt. w/ endo
  32. Very frustrating Dr.'s appt...(long vent)
  33. Help understanding results
  34. How quickly does TSH change?
  35. has anyone on cytomel ever felt hyper? i dont take any other thyrold meds just these.
  36. Low thyroid
  37. How Quickly Can you Feel Results?
  38. Thyriods
  39. 2nd Surgery very scared
  40. exactly what lab tests do I need to get to give me an accurate answer?
  41. question about thyroid, cortisol levels, weight loss etc.
  42. Synthroid ?
  43. There is hope...
  44. Anxiety rollercoaster...help me!
  45. Need help switching to Armour
  46. Nodule Found
  47. Parathyroid /High Calcium levels- anyone suffering with this
  48. Questions on thryroid functioning...
  49. Anyone Whose Had A Tt Do You Get Lots Of Infections?
  50. Urgent Please Help!! So Desperate!!!
  51. question on new lab
  52. I GIVE UP! Put a fork in me I'm DONE!! Appt with endo.
  53. Any Hypo Insomniacs out there??????????
  54. Just not sure if I should wait this out or try to see the Endo sooner?
  55. core or course needle biopsy question
  56. Need help with lab results please
  57. Burning feeling in throat
  58. cytomel
  59. Doctor in Victoria BC ??? Pins and needles???
  60. My MFMs Facts and Myths on hypoT/Hashimoto's pregnancies.
  61. heart rate
  62. Thyroiditis & ultrasound: any dangers?
  63. Lab results for Hypothyroid
  64. Help Gaining Weight faster than I know where to put it
  65. Just found out I have hyperthyroidism...need answers
  66. Over Medicated?
  67. Endo appt - swollen lymph nodes; same side as nodule - help
  68. labs all great but still in a fog?
  69. Nh area good doctor
  70. Update after starting magnesium supplements
  71. Thyroid Levels Normal but I Have all the Symptoms
  72. Got The Call From Dr's Office
  73. Saw Endo today t4 ok
  74. How is Ferritin related to the thyroid?
  75. Armour & Low TSH
  76. Side Effects Of Neo Mercazole
  77. Newbie Need some advice please...
  78. ultra sound results
  79. Thyroidectomy after neck radiation.
  80. New Labs - Thoughts?
  81. confused
  82. Please Help me
  83. What causes you to produce too much cortisone?
  84. Hypo-emotions
  85. Got My Labs. HELP Please!
  86. Hyperthyroidism: what happens if left untreated??
  87. TSH Test results
  88. eye swelling
  89. Help me know if lab result optimal . . .
  90. Antibodies
  91. Question regarding recent lab work
  92. Synthroid/hydrocodone
  93. how do i switch from armour to synthroid
  94. Hypothyroidism and "normal" TSH
  95. Correction--Can high TPO cause lymph node enlargement
  96. Synthroid and levothyroxine?
  97. Hashi's, what meds are you on?
  98. Please help, I am freaking out!
  99. what does high T4free mean
  100. how bad is a 3.5 ng/dL for my Free T4 test
  101. Must have uptake and ablation next week
  102. Need your feedback re hypo
  103. Thinking more about Hashi's and have some questions
  104. Connection between high TPA and lymph node enlargement???
  105. New Bloodwork: Your Input Appreciated
  106. Still seeking diagnosis? Diagnosed but still problematic?
  107. Cortisol testing
  108. Newbie Having Muscle Pain In Thighs Is It From Meds?
  109. Latest labs - high cortisol and antithyroglobulin ab??
  110. Hypothyroidism in males
  111. Anyone from North Atlanta
  112. TSH and Free T4
  113. Bloodwork Results
  114. hashi's and more going on
  115. synthroid and mouth sores?
  116. can someone here post all the levels and ranges for me.
  117. Introduction & seeking advice
  118. Left hand and legs go to sleep
  119. Hives???
  120. newly diagnosed-hashi's and hurthle cell
  121. RAIU and Scan Results - Would like opinions
  122. Will iron supplements raise tsh?
  123. Symptoms of thyroid disorders - constant?
  124. Newbie needs help
  125. No need to ask for me, I read as many as I can.
  126. Need more help guys...Sorry
  127. Conversion - High FT3, Low FT4
  128. Quick question
  129. My lab results and new T3/T4 protocol
  130. Think I had Hashi's when I was pregnant, worried about my daughter...
  131. Do you know if Vicodin contains iodine?
  132. Goiter help- please help~~~~~~
  133. 1st labs after TT a month ago...
  134. Response to first B12 shot
  135. advise needed
  136. Thyroid problems and work
  137. ANA tests
  138. Need Help! Adrenal Or Thyroid Problems? Or Both???
  139. thyroidectomy question
  140. No Question -- Just Needed to Write
  141. Acute Thyroiditis - Does anyone have it ??
  142. can anyone tell me what these lab test means ??? are they normal or not ??
  143. Chronic Cough and Thyroid
  144. Feeling Heartbeat With Normal Pulse - Thyroid Meds
  145. Can Someone Please Advise????
  146. Good magnesium supplement
  147. just started cytomel 25mcgs today need advice please!!!! tsh is normal .
  148. just got fertility results.. plus i have hashis
  149. Over medicated? 200mcg
  150. Depressed and confused-
  151. my tsh levels are 2.7. What does that mean
  152. 4 cm mass on thyroid gland
  153. I need help with Symptoms
  154. Feeling like I have a lump in my throat
  155. Update - starting Cytomel
  156. Help with labs
  157. hashis and now sex hormones too high .. freakin out..
  158. A couple of Hashi's questions
  159. Another Thyroid Victim
  160. Going in circles!
  161. Calcium Citrate And Magnesium - When To Take?
  162. does anyone have these symptoms
  163. question
  164. Anyone get cold after taking meds. . .
  165. Lower dosage
  166. Proper TSH Levels
  167. OK, I need your vast knowledge of Thyroid tests...
  168. Low free T4 and ok TSH help please.
  169. Got New Prescription. Does This Sound Right?????
  170. T4
  171. hypothyroid
  172. Thyroid Blood Testing
  173. Anyone Here Canadian Too?
  174. New OPRAH Article In Womans World Magazine. OPRAH'S THYROID CURE!
  175. I thought roller coasters were supposed to be fun!!!
  176. I have a Armour question
  177. Pain-meds and Thyroid-meds question
  178. Anyone on Cytomel??
  179. mkgbrook
  180. my labs
  181. thyroid nodules that is hypoechoic
  182. Heart Palpitations
  183. Do follicular adenomas have to come out? Or is monitoring fine?
  184. Labs? - help!
  185. Anyone have low thyroid and Vitamin B12 deficiency?
  186. symptoms
  187. Hashi - hyper flare help
  188. Feeling out of the norm
  189. MKG-Advice post lumbar puncture ?
  190. A Strange Question
  191. Thyroid??
  192. help with understanding numbers
  193. How long did it take to heal after sugery?
  194. MKG-Labs Question and Parotid Gland
  195. Has anyone successfully switched from synthroid to armour?
  196. ear and neck pain with multinodular goiter and graves disease diagnosis
  197. TSH is 1.85 - is it even possible to be Hypo with that?
  198. Cant get dessicated thyroid in Canada?
  199. Please Help Newbie - My Doctor Won't Give Me a Referral
  200. TSH abnormal again, but other results in normal range
  201. BLAAAHHHH... New Labs. Even WORSE than before. PLEASE any input or thoughts???
  202. Am I having thyroid issues
  203. tsh says normal
  204. New Labs and Ferritin test
  205. Low FT4 Low TSH, High T3 uptake, low cortisol ?diagnosis?
  206. T3 supplementation or natural thyroid?
  207. New labs after taking cytomel for a while. . .
  208. Q's about LAb results
  209. Question Regarding Doing Labs While Sick
  210. Need help with thyroid test results
  211. new to thyroid discussion...what is "normal" level?
  212. Doc wants to cut dosage in half.... worried....
  213. Question about MRI's
  214. My TSH went down!
  215. Tired of being sick
  216. mkgbrook
  217. Low T4 symptoms are?
  218. Low T4 symptoms are?
  219. Thyroid Disorder
  220. Tightness in throat after surgery
  221. What kind of doctor is treating your thyroid?
  222. How long for thyroid suppression to be reversed?
  223. thyroid peroxidase and miscarriage
  224. Should I be taking magnesium citrate?
  225. how long after eating before I take synthroid
  226. Thyroid
  227. Does this sound right?
  228. Thyroidectomy Recovery Time?
  229. thyroid gland
  230. Best Time for TSH Test
  231. Synthroid help
  232. How to take Synthroid with taking Nexium??????????
  233. Vitamin D Question
  234. tsh of .77
  235. huge TSH/low T4
  236. question on t4/t3 ratio
  237. thyroid and birth defects
  238. thyroid treatment
  239. sed rate
  240. Need help interpreting ultrasound results
  241. Question about getting bloodwork done...
  242. no more armour?????
  243. Please Help. 4 year old's Labs came back
  244. still can't talk after thyroid surgery
  245. I finally felt good for 3 days, now I feel...
  246. 20+ years on Synthroid-WANT OFF!
  247. why does TSH level go up while on levoxyl
  248. Immune System - Graves & Catching a Cold
  249. New test results
  250. Do all ultrasounds measure vascularity?

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