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  1. Is one type of thyroid med more likely to cause acne?
  2. Need Help- interpret my symptoms and test results
  3. Lab Results would like input mg, midwest
  4. Finally Some Relief!!! Inspirational!!
  5. Miserable Hashimoto's w/ low T4 & very low TSH???
  6. Lab Results-need help interpreting
  7. High TSH Question
  8. Doctors said google all you want, you are not a doctor !
  9. Thyroid Panel Lab Results.....What are Normal rages
  10. MKG or anyone else with any insight into this PLEASE!
  11. still exhausted...need suggestions please
  12. I don't know what to think anymore!
  13. Can Hypo turn low blood sugar to borderline diabetic
  14. I tell the doctors it's my thyroid - they give me anti-depressants
  15. low dhea so4 levels and slighty low T3; can dhea so4 be brought up?
  16. any t3 experts out there
  17. still no weight loss!!!!
  18. What should I do??
  19. How long after taking my thyroid med can I take an Iron pill??
  20. I need advise about my thyroid
  21. where does the formula come from?
  22. I really need some opinions on my situation :-(
  23. Just Diagnosed with Graves
  24. Not worth the visit.
  25. Quick Questions About Switching Meds And Symptoms????
  26. Hormone crazy........
  27. ???lab Results???
  28. mkgbrook's progress
  29. input on labs pleaase
  30. monday the big day scared rai
  31. Update: Saw Doc Yesterday
  32. Do these symptoms match hypothyroidism?
  33. Half my thyroid removed and now high T4 and T3??
  34. Hashi test for children???
  35. New thyroid patient !
  36. PLEASE READ! What does hydrocortisone do?
  37. Thyrogen Scan
  38. can your thyroid meds cause anxiety??
  39. Adding L-carnitine is it ok?
  40. Tapazole and insomnia/weight loss
  41. HELP!!! Thyroid disease and addisons disease....my recent blood work
  42. Results - So Relieved- Reece & All
  43. Need Help - Have Enlarged Thyroid with normal TSH and Questions
  44. Racy Heart
  45. What To Expect From A Dosage Increase
  46. subclinical hyperthyroid
  47. Going to doc today, need input
  48. Thinking about going back to Levo...
  49. Pls Help! Dosage,Thyroid Supression and Hormone Intolerance
  50. synthroid vs. armour
  51. Had my TT last week and have questions.
  52. The Gluten Connection
  53. new question ... cytomel and tsh level
  54. New Post On Blood Results/questions/mg
  55. Does this mean I need a higher dose?
  56. I Hate My Labs
  57. What to say at first time visit to Drs?
  58. Sub-clinical hyperthyroid and tapazole
  59. Feelin good on synthroid-but only for a week and 1/2
  60. Enlarged thyroid showed normal size on scan
  61. levels re: low tsh
  62. Help! Depressing meeting with dr - need options
  63. Are these thyroid symptoms?
  64. Surgery scheduled. Am I making the right choice?
  65. Any men out there hyperthyroid?
  66. How long does it take for Synthroid headaches to go away?
  67. need a doctor bad
  68. first scan done today
  69. reaction to synthriod
  70. ick! weird feelings in my body! new to synthroid
  71. Sheehan syndrome
  72. New Thyroid lab results, need interpretation help
  73. tsh keeps going lower
  74. NEW Results.
  75. New and need help!!
  76. Sound like a thyroid problem??
  77. medical alert
  78. blood levels in are they where there supposed to be?
  79. Thyroid Care and Concerns Around the World - Week 5!
  80. Does this sound familiar?
  81. Latest Numbers
  82. Can being Hypothyroid cause headaches?
  83. Reaction To Dyes In Synthroid
  84. LOw free T4 Low TSH
  85. Pain & cramps in my legs
  86. first low dose rai
  87. thyroid
  88. More Adrenal Questions
  89. Splitting Synthroid Tablet
  90. Should I return to old endo...
  91. Can I take Synthroid in at night?
  92. Thyroid Ultrasound
  93. can you help with new test results?
  94. Normal tsh, borderline low free t4
  95. can you help?
  96. Can anyone help with an interpretation?
  97. The better I get the more antibodies I have?
  98. menopause causing med increase?
  99. Hypothyroid and Syndrome X
  100. Had My Tt!!!
  101. Abdominal bloating what helps?
  102. New and unpleasant symptoms
  103. Can you help understand Hyperthyroid results, please?
  104. Could I be Hypothyroid?
  105. maybe a thyroid problem??
  106. TSH levels rising
  107. Finally a diagnosis, Rx of tapazole
  108. body pains everywhere
  109. Hashi mother ...When & How often should I have my Teenage girls blood work done?
  110. Body Scan Results/Reese!!
  111. New Labs
  112. Finally feeling good, but labs weren't so good. Advice?
  113. Hypo pros, please check this out!!
  114. Adrenal Question.
  115. back from surgeon, more frustration
  116. Will Raw Thyroid affect the blood tests?
  117. Help for the same old story
  118. Anyone else have perfect bloodwork with hypothyroid symptoms?
  119. Need help with PTU dosage
  120. Kidney stones!!!
  121. Numbers didn't budge on 75mcg - Standing still :(
  122. is this normal
  123. Is my dr ordering the right tests
  124. question
  125. I have an endo appointment coming up and have a question...
  126. Hypothyroidism and hormone testing- need advice
  127. Should I Contact my Dr.
  128. Please help me understand my U/S results...
  129. These are my results... I don't FEEL normal...
  130. I CANNOT wake up in the morning.
  131. I think I blew it
  132. What basic thyroid test should I ask for ??
  133. Pain with enlarged thyroid?
  134. Not Sure what to do, advise needed!!!
  135. Wondering how Ozlady is and others????
  136. increasing Synthroid causes "clenching stomach muscles", ????
  137. Have records from old ENDO, Help me PLEASE!
  138. Reflex test for hypothyroidism
  139. joint pain anyone?
  140. Help with Labs?
  141. kcmynatt-hopin' your sugery goes well!
  142. Need a little input from the pros, please!!!
  143. Hypo sx after starting synthroid?
  144. Hyper and hypo symptoms at the same time?
  145. Very confusing....
  146. My symptoms
  147. levoxyl 75 hypo muscle pain
  148. how to take DHEA supplements when taking thyroid meds
  149. anyone know of a good thyroid dr in AZ?
  150. t4/t3 in armour
  151. urgent advice needed please
  152. Need some help with my lab values
  153. elevated sed rate
  154. Should I switch
  155. Do I have Hyperparathyroidism? My lab results. Please help!
  156. is this possible???
  157. I am Iona's friend she mentions...HELP ME!!!!
  158. Have latest results
  159. Vital Signs under sedation
  160. Can anyone give me some advice on overactive thryroid
  161. Got my most recent labs back and I think they look pretty good!
  162. need help nwith labs...endo was bad
  163. im going crazy diet suck heres a bbq sauce i made
  164. Question for mkgbrook - ACTH and Cortisol Test Results
  165. New labs...what do you think?
  166. Naturethroid
  167. Want a second opinion on my thyroid labs! Please help!
  168. sore throat with synthroid?
  169. Newly diagnosed as hypo.....
  170. Can anyone tell me why my thyroid is becoming smaller on one side
  171. Scan or Ablation confused!
  172. Aching arms and legs???
  173. Help (Doctors have no clue)
  174. Question???
  175. help feeling normal
  176. Hypo and water retention
  177. Confused?
  178. thyroiditis
  179. Advice on my doctor, symptoms and doses please!!!!
  180. Thin Hair
  181. New RA Scan set for Monday and Tuesday
  182. Had left thyroidectomy last week....
  183. Thyroid removel -
  184. I am so happy........more good news
  185. Changed To Synthroid
  186. Has Anyone Suffered From This????
  187. tgAB and tpoAB results
  188. VERY frustrated - rant mail
  189. Scared!!
  190. My story..
  191. Thyroid Uptake Scan - Hyperthyroid-Can Anyone Help?
  192. graves disease and hypothyroidism.
  193. Pregnant with Hashimotos
  194. newly diagnosed hypo
  195. Thyroid-savvy docs in NC/SC?
  196. Help with new lab results please
  197. Got results...what do they mean?
  198. Just got home from the Endocrinologist..........
  199. Does Levothyroxine lower my T4FREE? although My Tsh Is Normal
  200. Labs
  201. Question: negative hashimoto one month and positive the other?
  202. Should I call my dr. yet?
  203. Help understanding my thyroid ultrasound
  204. No Thyroid Anymore?
  205. New question, going to doctor tomorrow
  206. switching from syn to armour
  207. help reading test results!!!
  208. TSH Suppressed by T3
  209. New to the forum ? please.
  210. Selenium And Zinc
  211. Hashimoto's and Muscle Weakness
  212. med sensitive
  213. Taking Synthroid At Night Instead Of Morning
  214. Thyroid care concerns around the world - week 3
  215. now, what is this going?
  216. Purpura
  217. Is This Really Menopause Or Just Plain Hashimoto's? Confused..
  218. How Do You Know When And If Your Thyroid Should Come Out?
  219. FT %'s
  220. joining the ranks. 2 quick questions...
  221. Anyone w/experiencing switching meds (Levoxyl to Levothyroxine)
  222. Lab Results
  223. Going to Dr. on Tuesday and begging for someone with a knife
  224. Could I have Thyroid problems? My Story
  225. Confused
  226. Thanks!!!!!!!!
  227. Any postive feedback????
  228. Armour and Hashimoto ?
  229. free T3 of 480
  230. When does the weight start coming off?
  231. Maybe it's the Cytomel?
  232. Does Armour contain iodine too?
  233. skin rashes
  234. Son being checked for hyperthyroidism
  235. My Daughter's Labs
  236. So how do I know the real reason for the acne?
  237. RAI yesterday 150 millicuries, feeling nauseous & SO TIRED
  238. Synthoid dose too high? I can't stop eating all of a sudden.
  239. Hyperthyroidism
  240. Do I need to add some T4?
  241. Recurring burning rash/hives on body, palms and body itching badly
  242. Lab Results
  243. diet getting ready for 1-131
  244. Taking your medicine?
  245. Thyroid Meds and Inderal
  246. Minimallly Invasive Thyroidectomy
  247. tsh sensitivity
  248. emotional highs and lows after surgery? is this normal?
  249. Labs vs. symptoms, something is not adding up here
  250. Looking for a Thyroid/Adrenal Doc in SC

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