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  1. Very confusing....
  2. My symptoms
  3. levoxyl 75 hypo muscle pain
  4. how to take DHEA supplements when taking thyroid meds
  5. anyone know of a good thyroid dr in AZ?
  6. t4/t3 in armour
  7. urgent advice needed please
  8. Need some help with my lab values
  9. elevated sed rate
  10. Should I switch
  11. Do I have Hyperparathyroidism? My lab results. Please help!
  12. is this possible???
  13. I am Iona's friend she mentions...HELP ME!!!!
  14. Have latest results
  15. Vital Signs under sedation
  16. Can anyone give me some advice on overactive thryroid
  17. Got my most recent labs back and I think they look pretty good!
  18. need help nwith labs...endo was bad
  19. im going crazy diet suck heres a bbq sauce i made
  20. Question for mkgbrook - ACTH and Cortisol Test Results
  21. New labs...what do you think?
  22. Naturethroid
  23. Want a second opinion on my thyroid labs! Please help!
  24. sore throat with synthroid?
  25. Newly diagnosed as hypo.....
  26. Can anyone tell me why my thyroid is becoming smaller on one side
  27. Scan or Ablation confused!
  28. Aching arms and legs???
  29. Help (Doctors have no clue)
  30. Question???
  31. help feeling normal
  32. Hypo and water retention
  33. Confused?
  34. thyroiditis
  35. Advice on my doctor, symptoms and doses please!!!!
  36. Thin Hair
  37. New RA Scan set for Monday and Tuesday
  38. Had left thyroidectomy last week....
  39. Thyroid removel -
  40. I am so happy........more good news
  41. Changed To Synthroid
  42. Has Anyone Suffered From This????
  43. tgAB and tpoAB results
  44. VERY frustrated - rant mail
  45. Scared!!
  46. My story..
  47. Thyroid Uptake Scan - Hyperthyroid-Can Anyone Help?
  48. graves disease and hypothyroidism.
  49. Pregnant with Hashimotos
  50. newly diagnosed hypo
  51. Thyroid-savvy docs in NC/SC?
  52. Help with new lab results please
  53. Got results...what do they mean?
  54. Just got home from the Endocrinologist..........
  55. Does Levothyroxine lower my T4FREE? although My Tsh Is Normal
  56. Labs
  57. Question: negative hashimoto one month and positive the other?
  58. Should I call my dr. yet?
  59. Help understanding my thyroid ultrasound
  60. No Thyroid Anymore?
  61. New question, going to doctor tomorrow
  62. switching from syn to armour
  63. help reading test results!!!
  64. TSH Suppressed by T3
  65. New to the forum ? please.
  66. Selenium And Zinc
  67. Hashimoto's and Muscle Weakness
  68. med sensitive
  69. Taking Synthroid At Night Instead Of Morning
  70. Thyroid care concerns around the world - week 3
  71. now, what is this going?
  72. Purpura
  73. Is This Really Menopause Or Just Plain Hashimoto's? Confused..
  74. How Do You Know When And If Your Thyroid Should Come Out?
  75. FT %'s
  76. joining the ranks. 2 quick questions...
  77. Anyone w/experiencing switching meds (Levoxyl to Levothyroxine)
  78. Lab Results
  79. Going to Dr. on Tuesday and begging for someone with a knife
  80. Could I have Thyroid problems? My Story
  81. Confused
  82. Thanks!!!!!!!!
  83. Any postive feedback????
  84. Armour and Hashimoto ?
  85. free T3 of 480
  86. When does the weight start coming off?
  87. Maybe it's the Cytomel?
  88. Does Armour contain iodine too?
  89. skin rashes
  90. Son being checked for hyperthyroidism
  91. My Daughter's Labs
  92. So how do I know the real reason for the acne?
  93. RAI yesterday 150 millicuries, feeling nauseous & SO TIRED
  94. Synthoid dose too high? I can't stop eating all of a sudden.
  95. Hyperthyroidism
  96. Do I need to add some T4?
  97. Recurring burning rash/hives on body, palms and body itching badly
  98. Lab Results
  99. diet getting ready for 1-131
  100. Taking your medicine?
  101. Thyroid Meds and Inderal
  102. Minimallly Invasive Thyroidectomy
  103. tsh sensitivity
  104. emotional highs and lows after surgery? is this normal?
  105. Labs vs. symptoms, something is not adding up here
  106. Looking for a Thyroid/Adrenal Doc in SC
  107. So maybe I should introduce myself!
  108. Lab results - need help
  109. Thyroidectomy PONV any tips????
  110. Somebody Help Me Please!!!!!!! Purise Herexxx
  111. should we go to an endocrinologist now or wait?
  112. Need Thyroid Doc in IA or MN - Suggests Please!
  113. has anyone ever been taken off thyroid meds and then put back on
  114. Will someone explain the controversy over Armour?
  115. Trying to increase cytomel with results of terrible anxiety
  116. Help pls - Synthroid and Sertraline (zoloft generic)
  117. please help me
  118. Send letters of poor treatment!
  119. dx in 2003 - 1st back to dr for check
  120. Thyroid is enlarged but bloodwork is normal
  121. New here and would welcome your experienced input
  122. Can anyone recommend a GREAT surgeon in North Dallas?
  123. confused... lab work help please
  124. almost diagnosed...some questions..
  125. Trip to Endo - First Timer
  126. Now Ive heard it all........!!!!
  127. Does FNA spread cancer cells
  128. Two day test??
  129. please help me
  130. Son on thryoid meds for depression
  131. Hey there, i am back again and here,t here and everywhere!
  132. What is the chance of it being cancer?
  133. Opinions Needed / Results
  134. Something I just noticed today on previous blood work
  135. After surgery questions
  136. just something CRAZY the endo said
  137. I think I need to whine.
  138. Synthroid and T3 just aren't cutting it....
  139. It's a mystery
  140. Can low Ferritin (or something else) block T3 binding and increase circulating T3?
  141. new labs Midwest, what is your take?
  142. Thyroid Transplant?
  143. need advice on endo
  144. hashsi
  145. Unusual weight gain & fatigue..thyroid?
  146. This was better until last night . . .
  147. hypothyroidism
  148. Thyroid guru's out there...Question about my T3, total results
  149. Few Qustions
  150. Hypothyroidism problems
  151. Please Help! Question About Percentages.?
  152. Zammywen !!
  153. can anyone tell me what sort of levels i could expect?
  154. Lab results
  155. Skin peeling means hypo, right?
  156. Hypothyroid/results
  157. What are the newest blood lab guidelines for thyroid issues?
  158. Do I have a Thyroid problem? Please help me
  159. symptoms after optimized
  160. T3 lab is low; can synthroid (generic) alone cure it?
  161. New labs....confused
  162. Thyroidectomy Coming Up Input Please
  163. Bad day .. what to do?
  164. Hypothyroidism
  165. Hypo and enlarged heart
  166. normal
  167. New Doctor/new Labs
  168. Synthroid Question
  169. 1/2 thyroid removed loss sense taste
  170. Was hypo, now hyper?
  171. post graves - doc says normal levels but my body says otherwise
  172. Injection??? Help please
  173. So SO mad with GP
  174. Difficulty swallowing and tons more.....
  175. Now I think my mom has Hashi's
  176. Acne is getting worse!
  177. Can Somebody Help Me?
  178. lab results
  179. would your white count go up if antibodies were present?
  180. Hurthle cells, feel better now
  181. Please Help
  182. looking back after RAI were there other options
  183. Medication causing loss of appetite?
  184. Eyes really sensitive to bright light
  185. Iodine free vitamins?
  186. abnormal serum prolactin
  187. Are all my symptoms related to hypo?
  188. New Lab tests----Low cortisol Please help
  189. Journal Articles
  190. Hot nodules,cold nodules and tpo at 916, What's Up?
  191. Help Me!!!!!
  192. T4 lab range question
  193. Cytology Report, what do you think?
  194. Thyroid Problem or Bi-Polar
  195. Feeling Dizzy And Cold After Taking Armour Thyroid
  196. I have THE best DR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  197. confused
  198. Hi
  199. low calicum ?? parathyroid problems
  200. Biopsy results question?!?
  201. Red Eyes
  202. Is this thyroid related? please help!
  203. TG vs. TG AB?
  204. MKGand others-Constriction /Shrinkage of Thyroid due to Hashi's
  205. swallowing problem following thyroidectomy
  206. Adrenal testing and doctors.
  207. Starting to feel better on Synthroid
  208. Lab results...high antibodies??
  209. Critically low potassium and blood pressure drop…
  210. Low T3 / Help
  211. Hashimoto's ...."AND" .....Thyroiditis?
  212. How much pain is acceptable?
  213. Synthroid
  214. Not sure what to do now
  215. Finally, all blood/urine tests in:
  216. New medication: side effects, will they go away?
  217. Fast pulse and hypo?
  218. Low body temp-hypo
  219. Can someone tell me what my blood test numbers reveal?
  220. Just found Nodule in Thyroid
  221. Thyroid Test Result- Do I have thyroid? Please help
  222. Perhaps you know, perhaps you don't.
  223. High T3
  224. How long does it take?
  225. Still trying to understand...
  226. Thyroid surgery? Nodules and hashimotos.
  227. triiodothyronone,free
  228. Imporatn question for those of you who take Synthroid!!
  229. Effect of Beta Blocker on Thyroid Med
  230. Physican online search
  231. 40 yr-old U.S. Marine w/ possible Hashimotos...
  232. So let me get this straight
  233. Thyroid and menstrual cycles
  234. Newbie with thyroid questions-- Hi all!
  235. Anyone Tried Cla To Help Promote Weightloss??
  236. Thyroid Meds
  237. Endo appt update
  238. Mg Here Are My Labs Normal?
  239. quick question
  240. Normal for TSH values to vary a lot?
  241. Thyroid care concerns around the world - week 1
  242. Anyone else have this?
  243. Does anyone get numbness from Leverthroid?
  244. I had thyroid surgery and still don't have my voice back.
  245. Thyroid and fainting
  246. Nodules, do they go away?
  247. Saw New Endo, Encouraged
  248. Not sure what this actually means...
  249. do dr.'s treat symptoms and not just blood results?
  250. Pediatric Grave's Disease...help!

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