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  1. ANA elevated with hypo
  2. low body temp, fatigue, insomnia indicates what
  3. what is the differance between a t4 level and a free t4 level?
  4. Need with Lab and ultrasound results
  5. neck pain when swallowling or yawning or streching
  6. TSH of 6.72 but a normal free T4, please help!
  7. Could Armour cause anxiety/agitation?
  8. Synthroid and Testosterone Cream
  9. thyroid numbers and what they mean
  10. Thyroid panel
  11. Abnormal Cardiology Stress Test and Hypothyroid
  12. what should my free t4 levels be
  13. Just diagnosed, hypothyroid 7.66 is it high?
  14. Very scared, please help
  15. Question about digestive issues and thyroid.
  16. Should I have blood work done?
  17. Question Re: How To Take Meds.
  18. Shmily, and others, I'm taking a big step: TT!
  19. small thyroid glands
  20. hypothyroid
  21. constantly worried
  22. What should I do????
  23. Normal TSH with high T4
  24. Change In Medication
  25. ttc with underactive thyroid
  26. t3 and t4 fluctuatation
  27. medication change
  28. relapse
  29. Papillary Cancer
  30. Trouble Swallowing? Please tell me your stories
  31. parathyroid and vitamin D levels?
  32. Should I see an endocrinologist? Help.
  33. Supplement Question
  34. thyroid problems
  35. So confused
  36. Very Oily Skin & Other Symptoms
  37. Thyroid
  38. Am I hypo now? Thyroid confusion sets in...
  39. can someone please post the symtoms of both Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism ?
  40. Parathyroid disease-looking for dr in TN
  41. My 12yr olds results.. help me understand
  42. Synthroid and Calicum
  43. HRT and Thyroid
  44. Quick question, optimal levels of T4 and Free T3?
  45. New To Message Board
  46. High FT3/normal TSH/high sed rate?
  47. propronalol and synthriod
  48. Can anyone help? Hyperthyroidism
  49. How do I find a good endocrinologist in my area?
  50. numbness and joint pain
  51. Stopped thryroid medication and ...
  52. Question for experienced ones
  53. can someone on the boards post the symtons of hyper and hypo symtoms please.
  54. Hyperthyroid with questions
  55. More ?? TT Recovery
  56. Which antibodies Test to request???
  57. My thyroid story (help!) and need excellent doc in CT!
  58. vocal cord paralysis after thyroidectomy
  59. Will medication shut off my partially working thyroid???
  60. blood test levels off
  61. thyroid storm
  62. I'm puzzled. Hashi's question.
  63. TT and lab tests
  64. Tsh Readings And What They Mean
  65. Question about jaw and neck,
  66. Synthroid
  67. overmedicated...new to this
  68. Throat question
  69. Hyperthyroid - Lab Results Interpretation
  70. Whole Body Edema What Could It Be
  71. Midwest ? for you about catscans
  72. Vent session
  73. Please help with labs
  74. central hypothyroidism?
  75. please help
  76. dose of rocatrol in hypoparathyroidism
  77. Thyroid and Diabetes
  78. starting medication dosage?
  79. Dry, brittle hair
  80. New to Board
  81. help with lab tests
  82. what causes elevated tsh (24)with normal free t4(1.4)
  83. Why have TT for 5cm nodule?
  84. When to see an endocrinologist?
  85. Can you feel it when you swallow? (Large nodules)
  86. What do these lab results mean?
  87. Lab results 7 weeks post lobectomy...need opinions
  88. Can my Thyroid Swell and recede? Please help
  89. Last Minute words of wisdom on TT
  90. Hashi's and lymphoma?
  91. blood test results...hypothyroidism???
  92. Coconut Oil
  93. Can levels change even AFTER you're stable for a while??
  94. daughter having thyroidectomy
  95. am i turning hyper?
  96. facial rashes
  97. do you ever get to feel better?
  98. questions about my tsh .t4 and t3 without meds since june 07.
  99. Will Synthroid affect my thyroid antibodies test results?
  100. TSH-8.30 - Normal Free T4/T3 -what does this mean?
  101. Can I breath a sigh of relief? And symptom questions
  102. thyroid removal
  103. Medication questions?
  104. abdominal muscles?
  105. thyroid issues
  106. gained weight when thyroid medication was raised
  107. fna and blood work results....need help interpreting
  108. Levothyroxine a miracle drug for me
  109. THyroid
  110. levothyroxine/levothroid?
  111. Questions about HYPERthyroid...
  112. What do these numbers mean?
  113. Acid Reflux
  114. Does this sound like a thyroid problem to you?
  115. overactive metabolism?
  116. Emotional numbness
  117. Synthroid-Increasing dosage difficulty
  118. Canceled Appointment
  119. Test question HELP
  120. constant hoarse voice....why?
  121. going to new doctor
  122. Appt yesterday with endo. Kinda scary and worrysome for me..
  123. dosage of cytomel and levothroid without eye puffiness and swolen stomach
  124. Oprah makes NEW comment on her show today....
  125. New blood work, what do you think?
  126. Endo Stopped Thyroid Meds for 6 weeks & Testing Adrenals - Anyone Else? Advice!!!
  127. Thyroid Labs...HELP
  128. TT Post-op
  129. If its not cancer am I done?
  130. Help Doctor in SC
  131. my mother has a enlarged goiter
  132. Graves hypOthyroidism - it's not Hashi's
  133. I finally got my FreeT's back
  134. newbie ... on other question
  135. tsh levels
  136. TSH Levels - Is this hypo? Do I need treatment?
  137. synthroid
  138. nonexistant libido
  139. How does Hashi's/Hypo lower iron levels?
  140. Which branch name is best?
  141. synthroid
  142. Help!
  143. paralyzed vocal cord post op thyroidectomy
  144. What's the difference between a ferritin test and a CBC?
  145. need help again
  146. need help again
  147. 7 weeks post-op lobectomy and swollen thyroid??
  148. Are these blood test results ok?
  149. I just got my second blood test results
  150. need help!!!
  151. Thyroid cyst
  152. All symptoms of Hypo T and Hashi's??
  153. Test Results Suggestions please help me
  154. 5cm Nodule just turned up in my thyroid from nowhere! anyone else have this happen?
  155. Need your help again
  156. Hashi's/Hypo - Bloating and TSH levels wildly fluctuating - anyone have this?
  157. tsh results...at what level should treatment start
  158. Please Help -- Levoxyl potency question
  159. boring eye pain and swollen eyelid with hypothyroid
  160. Slightly high T4, slightly low T3, slightly low TSH... Umm?
  161. Scared to say it, but I think I am getting better . . .
  162. Daughters lab results
  163. palpitations with hypothyroidism
  164. Anyone take apple cider vinegar on thyroxine please?
  165. Synthroid & iodized salt
  166. Seeing New Doctor
  167. Starting to get scared.
  168. Iron in prenatal supplements and timing of thyroid meds
  169. Stress and Hypo results
  170. subacute thyroiditis? What do you think? Any advice?
  171. New results - please help interpret!
  172. Thyroid and depression
  173. Lab results help
  174. My 14 yr old daughter with swollen Neck
  175. Please look at new test results
  176. why is my heartrate in 90s all the time?? Anyone else??
  177. Armour no longer available???
  178. when do you see results with levothyroxine
  179. Post TT People! I have a couple questions
  180. Synthroid question
  181. Yipee! FNA negative for cancer! update
  182. can thyroid problems cause yeast infections?
  183. New Labs Again With New Questions???? Still Looks Like...????
  184. Why would my TSH go up when my dose is increased?
  185. Ft4 & Tsh
  186. Why is it such a struggle?
  187. trying to get a diagnosis
  188. homocysteinemia
  189. Parathyroid disease
  190. Slightly high thyroid levels in 18 year old male.
  191. Thyroid meds before blood test or not?
  192. low free t3 help what should I do?
  193. my tsh is 9 what should i do
  194. Hi there, i'm new..sorry if i'm not doing this right
  195. do toxic nodules ever go away on their own?
  196. Hashimoto's and Cycling Tension/Negativity
  197. newly diagnosed hypothyroid and seeking answers
  198. Thickness in throat
  199. flashing lights in vision
  200. Help reading my TSH numbers
  201. Thyroid Peroxidase
  202. Loss of Period
  203. Wondering what steps to take now
  204. Thyroid Med(Synthroid) Plus Osteoporosis Med (Actonel)Which First in A.M. ? i
  205. thyroid/what is normal?
  206. Anyone know normals for TSI . . .
  207. Low ferritin
  208. HYPO with severe CFS
  209. TSH is 16.49
  210. Best time of day...
  211. Question re: Cytomel with Synthroid/Armour
  212. Hyper?
  213. Just got back from endo appt. Need your educated opinions, please
  214. Hyper to Hypo question
  215. Shmily, need info on your treatment
  216. Thyroidectomy
  217. Hurthle Cell neoplasm waiting for a surgery appointment date
  218. Quick question before tomorrow, please Midwest? Reece?
  219. 5 years post surgery and having problems
  220. I'm a newbie...please help w/test results
  221. Help Please with Lab Results
  222. Jaw tingling after thyroidectomy?
  223. armour
  224. what to expect at scan and update of the thyroid gland
  225. Hypothyroidism: Have you used Amino Acids supplements
  226. help with ANA blood work
  227. thyroid questions
  228. Need some help
  229. Need help with blood results please.
  230. Rash from thyroid medicine?
  231. ear pain thyroid
  232. Hashimotos question
  233. Energy level up - ability to sleep down
  234. New Lab Results
  235. low free T3
  236. Hypo and Jet lag/time changes
  237. Hyperthyroidism
  238. I'm Back, Former Friends
  239. Please help since age 36 my weight keep going up and up i have been told i have
  240. Is this normal?
  241. thyroid readings
  242. tests normal still feel hypo
  243. suddenly hyperthyroid and confused
  244. suddenly hyperthyroid and confused
  245. Can you have "normal" TSH levels but still be hyperthyroid?
  246. recurrent cancer ?s for Reece
  247. quitting the fags
  248. hi to all its been awhile since i been to this board.
  249. Thoughts on this treatment approach
  250. Post Operative Mood Swings

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