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  1. Question about getting bloodwork done...
  2. no more armour?????
  3. Please Help. 4 year old's Labs came back
  4. still can't talk after thyroid surgery
  5. I finally felt good for 3 days, now I feel...
  6. 20+ years on Synthroid-WANT OFF!
  7. why does TSH level go up while on levoxyl
  8. Immune System - Graves & Catching a Cold
  9. New test results
  10. Do all ultrasounds measure vascularity?
  11. Radio-active iodine treatment
  12. Silly Idea?
  13. Fours weeks of meds:Officially Hypo Again
  14. What affects your dosage of synthroid?
  15. what are normal thyroid lobe measurements????
  16. St. Louis area - recommend a good thyroid doctor?
  17. Ferritin level is 21, need advice...
  18. All tests normal except TSH? First endo visit tomorrow
  19. Surgery tips or advice?
  20. just diagnosed and have some questions...
  21. Had TT and on Synthroid...what to expect??
  22. Anyone heard of testing with iodine?
  23. Lightheadedness/sick stomach
  24. Anxiety
  25. How dothese labs look????
  26. Is nausea an indicator of hypothyroidism?
  27. Are treatments for hypothyroid risky?
  28. Follow Up with Dr. C
  29. blood tests
  30. How do I get my Doc to treat my sub-clinical?
  31. Need a good doctor in Corpus Christi
  32. Medication timing?
  33. Brazil nuts, coconut oil
  34. Armour outside of the USA?
  35. New here; TSH 6.4; asked for free T4 and was refused
  36. 3 random questions
  37. New here and could use a little advise and support...
  38. MKG-Hypo and Cognitive Abilities
  39. COQ-10 and Hypothyroidism
  40. Adenomatous? Can a sonogram effectively R/O malignancies?
  41. why is t4 same in both tests and do these tests look normal
  42. Help please, just diagnosed-
  43. Help please, just diagnosed-
  44. General Question About Thyroid
  45. Help with Lab Results Please!
  46. Husband possibly hypothyroid?? Help with labs
  47. Would this be considered fast or slow growing?
  48. Sonogram results - Single developing hypoechoic nodule?
  49. Temperature is up
  50. What to do next?
  51. Switched from Synthroid to Lovxl(sp?)
  52. Swollen lymph nodes and thyroid
  53. Amour Thyroid
  54. Vitamin D and depression?
  55. I am a 23 yr. old female & I've been struggling for over a year! Gastro --> Thyroid.
  56. High TSH but Normal Free T4 and Free T3; What does it mean?
  57. Sex drive - does it EVER come back?
  58. tummy thyroid
  59. paralyzed vocal cord
  60. Access- Hashi's Question
  61. Salivary Gland Problems and Hashimoto's
  62. newbie
  63. Thyroid nodule
  64. mkgbrook
  65. Symptoms Worse in Evening
  66. new here...have some questions
  67. Armoir 15mg
  68. Thyroid and Fibromyalgia
  69. Rheumy appt Wed and lab results
  70. Symptoms Of Too Much Thyroid Medication
  71. Today I awakened in a pool of blood, coming
  72. just started synthroid have a question (ok, maybe 2)
  73. Heart Palpitations at rest/lightheadedness - Medicine Change
  74. Quick question: If calcium should be taken 4 hours
  75. How long does it take to get "normal" with these meds?
  76. Thyroid Ultrasound shows rough texture
  77. mkgbrook
  78. blurry eyes
  79. Can Adrenals mess with your Thyroid??
  80. Question
  81. Hi, new lab results
  82. Thyroid Eye Disease
  83. tingling pins and needles in hands
  84. Please Help! Trouble breathing on Armour
  85. dx with hashimoto's lot's of ?'s
  86. what does 3rd generation tsh mean
  87. very low TSH but normal T4L
  88. Calcium Citrate And Magnesium Citrate
  89. high B12
  90. How do you decide to see an endo?
  91. I am so curious. I just made a caffeine discovery and
  92. midwest1 some test results
  93. New to Levothryoxine - Side effect?
  94. My labs, in context of the lab, at last. Please help!
  95. Caveat: Fifth Day on a double dose, not good....
  96. Why take Armour sublingually?
  97. Unable to cough
  98. what should my t4 level be
  99. TT and Armour thyroid
  100. For Moderator2
  101. Newbie - I have general questions
  102. More on Smoking....My thyroid problems started when I quit
  103. Confused-New Lab Results-MIDWEST Help?
  104. How serious is all this anyway?
  105. Newly Diagnosed and wondering if anyone else has these symptoms?
  106. Just wanted to say thanks!!
  107. How do you handle increased appetite?
  108. Synthroid and Testosterone Replacement, Brand to Generic
  109. Mgkbrook, everyone else in storm path, ok?
  110. Midwest
  111. Symptoms of Hypo
  112. Anyone had trouble taking Armour or adjusting to it?
  113. Just started Armour...I think its making things worse?
  114. Hypoparathyroidism ?
  115. Was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but think I may actually have hypothyroidism??
  116. Newbie needs your input/opinions, fearful will not get diagnosed!
  117. Third day on a double dose, and....
  118. TSH from 6 to 18 after starting Levothyroxin
  119. High T3/FT3 on Latest Labs & Low FT4...Any thoughts?
  120. Help interpurting Biopsy Report (Please?)
  121. Need help understanding Path Report... newbie
  122. thyroid question
  123. Hmmm....some problems after surgery related or not?
  124. Rashes and other annoying things....
  125. Anyone tried Provigil in addition to levoxyl (or synthroid)?
  126. Come on Folks, are you going to tell me that smoking has nothing
  127. Hashi, insulin resistant and now osteopenia. Anyone else?
  128. I doubled my dose of Nature-Throid. What are the possible dangers?
  129. What's the relationship between smoking and thyroid meds?
  130. Can anyone answer a quick question?
  131. Quick question for anyone before I leave for appt.
  132. New Labs on Armour
  133. So frustrated - what to do!
  134. Yikes! I took 2 doses of Synthroid this morning
  135. Blood Test Result of Peroxidase Ab over 1,000 - any advice
  136. Could I be allergic to Synthroid
  137. THS of 36 - How high can it get??
  138. First labs since starting Levoxyl
  139. Questions about brainfog
  140. Heart Palpitations Vs. Lightheadedness
  141. Can anyone tell me if Hashmoto's can cause Atrial Fib.
  142. I tried Armour and now Cytomel. Do these labs support need for Cytomel?
  143. need advice
  144. Trying to narrow down correct diagnosis!
  145. Have you heard that Nature-Throid is now being
  146. I'm going cuckoo with all this info, and no real doctor
  147. Longest time on tapazole
  148. Needle Biopsy
  149. I'm back from Texas, had TT...
  150. over medication
  151. not feeling the greatest
  152. Took wrong dose today - what will happen?
  153. Help with labs
  154. Does Anyone Know???
  155. Starting Armour, have some questions...
  156. Help interpreting TSH/FT4 levels
  157. Oleander
  158. Eyebrows and Eyelashes-Getting Sparser with Hypo
  159. Is this really true?
  160. ? tsh level review, should you fast?
  161. hypothyroid and muscle twitches
  162. thyroids
  163. Isoflavones to treat Hyperthyroid
  164. Serious Brainfog
  165. Back from Surgery! GREAT NEWS
  166. Has this ever happened to anyone else?
  167. Does Anyone Here Take Agnus Castus Whilst Taking Levo?
  168. Questions with that is going on now...Midwest, MKG, Access, ANYONE
  169. help with test info
  170. Changed meds, drowsy; is this usual?
  171. Help, Pregnancy Question
  172. Lab Results
  173. hypopituitarism & TSH
  174. I have many questions? HELP
  175. Can You Explain?
  176. Elevated thyroid antibody, what does this mean
  177. remeron or thyroid
  178. New endo questions?
  179. if you are hypo at what tsh, ft4, ft3 levels do you feel best
  180. Need help deciding what blood tests to request
  181. Should this of Happened
  182. Just diagnosed with Grave's Disease yesterday
  183. Energy Drinks
  184. TSH of 2.5, no antibodies
  185. Very Confused Now Need Help
  186. hashimoto's type
  187. Becoming very Nervous About SUGERY!
  188. Tests for thyroid disorder?
  189. Help, Thyroid Hashimoto's
  190. High ANA and thyroid problems
  191. Anyone have "long standing" nodules?
  192. 3 year-old with thyroid problems
  193. Does My Son Have A Para Thyroid?
  194. ThyroCare: Need Feedback
  195. Can someone interpret my thyroid levels?
  196. Feeling crappy after parathyroid edenoma operation
  197. Test Results - In Theory.....
  198. help with blood test results
  199. High TSH, normal T3 and T4
  200. Life story in a nutshell
  201. hypo prob.
  202. I'm still in a Fog...
  203. Dr refused a scan
  204. Am I crazy? Weird, weird stuff...
  205. TSH level
  206. Lab Results - Need Dr in Memphis
  207. tingling...follow up.
  208. Low Thyroid
  209. Need input regarding my last dr appt
  210. hyothyrodism in pregnancy
  211. Visual Thyroid Check
  212. high TSH, normal T3 and T4 = no treatment?
  213. What nodule size is too big?
  214. Will be away in Texas having TT through next Friday!!
  215. Advice needed, please!
  216. Can I take kelp with armour thyroid? and essiac too?
  217. what does it mean if your TSH is high
  218. Why
  219. Hurtle Cell Change with Nodules
  220. Lightheadedness
  221. Thyroid testing
  222. fatigue level back up
  223. what is a full body thyroid scan
  224. carpal tunnel or thyroid?
  225. Hypo with insomnia
  226. Graves/Thyroid concerns..would appreciate input
  227. what health problems do you have to have to take synthroid 100mcg
  228. Brain Fog, Hand Shakes, Thyroid Meds need adjustment?
  229. Finally
  230. subclinical?
  231. NEW LAB RESULTS...any suggestions?
  232. Hypo Symptoms?
  233. Has anyone gone off their Thyroid meds for good?
  234. Three Nodules were discovered on my Thyroid.
  235. Low Vitamin D and thyroid levels?
  236. Hi I am new to this board and need advice
  237. Need Advice
  238. How would a shellfish iodine alergy affect baseline TSH level, if at all?
  239. thyroid nodule, pressure,weakness and shaking
  240. Very fedup
  241. tingling
  242. getting results today
  243. ANA elevated with hypo
  244. low body temp, fatigue, insomnia indicates what
  245. what is the differance between a t4 level and a free t4 level?
  246. Need with Lab and ultrasound results
  247. neck pain when swallowling or yawning or streching
  248. TSH of 6.72 but a normal free T4, please help!
  249. Could Armour cause anxiety/agitation?
  250. Synthroid and Testosterone Cream

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