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  1. FT4 won't budge, FT3 keeps dropping - advice?
  2. Synthroid and Thyroid NP
  3. Newly diagnosed
  4. Under active or over active
  5. My first post- need help finding thyroid specialist who understands mood disorders
  6. Anxiety/Depression/Overactive Thyroid
  7. What should I tell the Doctor?
  8. TSH is normal but I don't feel any better!!
  9. My Thyroid is throbbing?
  10. The results are in
  11. New to board, thyroid questions
  12. Biopsy results - not as specific as hoped
  13. Hashimoto's: panel is normal, feel like crap
  14. Thyroid/low ferritin issues
  15. Thyroid Nodules Biopsy Results Help
  16. How much time off for partial TT?
  17. Newly diagnosed with questions
  18. Question from former Hashimoto's
  19. New labs... please take a look
  20. Underactive Throid - Newbie
  21. quick question: thyroid and xylocaine (gastro)
  22. New Here - TSH 5.75 but Doctor Isn't Convinced of Hypothyroidism
  23. Multi-nodal goiter = Hashimoto's??
  24. Consult about my hypothyroidism.
  25. Hypothyroid test level ok. Still feel bad.
  26. Hashimoto's
  27. Hasimoto's
  28. low TSH and Nature Throid
  29. Mild Hypothyroidism?
  30. Synthroid Question
  31. From hyper to hypo (graves)
  32. Test interpretation! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  33. Hormones and thyroid?
  34. Treating hashimoto's disease
  35. Hashimoto's disease
  36. New to me... going HYPER
  37. Looking for Hope
  38. Hey y'all! I am new to all this.
  39. Does your memory get better?
  40. Hyperthyroid! can it have numbness feelings?
  41. Help me pleaseee! Please help!
  42. I think I'm hyperthyroid? TSH 5.8
  43. Lab results
  44. Please help interpret labs...ty
  45. Child with thyroid issues?
  46. Went to the doc this am
  47. Newbie help...
  48. New, Confused... Please help
  49. I am from RI. I am hyperthyroid and am looking for an endo.
  50. Hypothyroidism causing Endometriosis symptoms?
  51. Need some help!
  52. Help with test results?
  53. Need help analyzing blood work results...
  54. Another question
  55. a yeast infection now, but without any symptoms?
  56. More than one thing wrong with Thyroid
  57. Anyone in Atlanta, GA?
  58. Consult on Sonogram
  59. Just had blood drawn
  60. raising my FT4 when TSH already suppressed?
  61. 1284 anti TPO and "normal" blood work
  62. 1284 anti TPO and "normal" blood work
  63. Could this be related?
  64. please help with thyroid ultrasound readings.
  65. Parathyroid issue? Or just crazy?
  66. Cytomel Side Effects-DIZZY
  67. Hyperthyroid
  68. Thyroid nodule or parathyroid tumor?
  69. TSH is <0.05 1month after Thyroidectomy
  70. I've got Hashimotos - are these new symptoms hashimotos?
  71. Opinions appreciated
  72. Pain in the neck?
  73. Thyroid Cancer
  74. question about adding 5mcg cytomel to synthroid
  75. Very Confused, need some help
  76. Thyroid Issues? Normal labs...please help
  77. Low TSH and Low T3 Normal T4
  78. I have a non functioning thyroid gland
  79. help with test results??
  80. Scar after thyroid surgery
  81. Question on Hashimoto/Borderline hypo
  82. Stomach Flu & Hypothyroidism
  83. Please help me read: My Thyroid Peridoxase 12/<35 and Thyroglobulin Antibodies 20/<20
  84. Grandma has trouble tolerating Sensipar
  85. Family history of diabetes of concern for the thyroid?
  86. Need some love!
  87. please help
  88. Sonogram results - scared!
  89. please need help
  90. Blood Pressure -not sure what's happening
  91. Thyroiditis (Male - Please Help)
  92. Adding cytomel threw me for a loop
  93. New labs help
  94. Tsh Normal- Free T4 & t3 are low end. Thyroid issue?
  95. Question For The More Informed
  96. thyroid numbers are confusing me
  97. thyroid
  98. Normal TSH, High FT4 and High T3 Uptake
  99. TSH really low and Dr. wants to increase Synthroid?!?!
  100. Strange lab results -dr.s going to send me to endocrinologist
  101. Can someone help me with my thyroid and bloodwork results pleaseeee
  102. Confused
  103. Could it be thyroid? Test results "normal"
  104. Please help with labs feel terrible but docs keeping saying normal
  105. Timing of labwork after adding T4 back in?
  106. Hyper symptoms after FNA, low TSH & T4
  107. Thyroid Issue? Test Results
  108. RECENT labs! need advice!
  109. high TSH normal T3&T4
  110. Missing dose of meds
  111. fully with hypo symptoms but only slightly elevated ??
  112. Thyroid Function of 35 y/o Fitness-Minded Female
  113. Throid Blood Results - Can somebody help please...
  114. Can anyone help me decipher if my labs and symptoms point to hypothyroidism?
  115. Low Ferritin, Iron Shot, Next Steps??
  116. Graves Disease!! What would you do, if these were your labs?
  117. Backwards Symptoms
  118. What are your numbers?
  119. Need help with Lab results - confused and bewildered
  120. Borderline Lab results/hypothyroid symptoms
  121. No normal thyroid
  122. Brainfog - Is it because of change of meds
  123. Brainfog - Is it because of change of meds
  124. Help with thyroid results!!
  125. After effects of partial thyroidectony
  126. thyroid disorder
  127. Possibly on the right path to wellness
  128. Could it be thyroid?
  129. Thyroid Cancer
  130. Biopsy Fear
  131. Labs getting worse after treatment?
  132. hypothyroid and high blood pressure
  133. need information! please help!
  134. high TPO looking for info
  135. RECENT labs! need advice!!
  136. thyroid levels
  137. Blood Test Results
  138. "Normal" test results with HYPO symptoms
  139. Graves disease
  140. Help for my daughter very high Thyroglobulin
  141. diagnosed Hashimotos 5+ years / fever issues
  142. Living with Thyroidectomy, Lab tests, DR?
  143. Left index finger numbness - Neomercazole?
  144. Hypothyroid - Costochrondritis
  145. Any celiac testers who also have thyroid issues?
  146. HYPO to HYPER thyroid within 10yrs?
  147. low ft4 normal tsh question
  148. Wrinkled fingertip pads when cold?
  149. My story...& questions
  150. Does anyone know of a good Endo or MD in Jax FL.?
  151. Atlanta North Endo?
  152. help
  153. Test Results, Why no T3 number?
  154. Anybody HYPERthyroid and take adderall?
  155. Help! could i be hypo?
  156. Any Hypos out there with ice cold, numb and burning feet/hands?
  157. t3 low Can someone help me figure out what is going on
  158. High TPO test??? Normal thyroid???
  159. Hypo to Hyper - New Test Results
  160. Multinodular Goiter, nodules, thyroglossal cyst..HELP
  161. Fluctuating Thyroid Numbers?
  162. THYROID- TSH w/reflex to FT4 level is 0.13
  163. New to boards... going crazy with symptoms
  164. Need a new endo in Baton Rouge....any suggestions????
  165. Thyroid test results they say I'm good??
  166. Graves Disease but no symptoms?
  167. Newly found nodule
  168. Thyroid antibodies test results..Please help me understand what is going on..
  169. Thyroid or CFS?
  170. REALLY confused about my results... help??
  171. Thyroid level 4.51 ? Help:(
  172. Do you ever feel really well being hypothyroid?
  173. Finding a good doctor
  174. New to site - at my wits end!!
  175. Tricky, tricky thyroid
  176. Hashimoto's + Acute thyroiditis possible?
  177. Is anyone Gluten Free?
  178. Do these thyroid results look suspicious?
  179. Could I be going from hypo -> hyper?
  180. Help!... with my Thryoid test results
  181. More labs/new Dr.
  182. Thyroid enlargement
  183. Please Help! Hypothyroidism after Thyroidectomy in 2004
  184. Hyperparathyroidism or Not
  185. has anyone noticed side effects with 25mcg levothroyxine
  186. Chest pains and feeling strange on thyroxine
  187. Help again with results
  188. Thy. Peroxidase is 119.0 . Any advice?
  189. Thyroid help - bit confused!
  190. Thyroid Cyst
  191. 'Borderline high' - what does it mean?
  192. Teeth Implants in a Day
  193. New Doctor / New Tests - Hashimotos??
  194. prolactin?
  195. Hashimoto's and new Cytomel
  196. help me
  197. Thyroid Blood Tests - Which Ones?
  198. New Doctor
  199. Time for meds?
  200. Need support
  201. New, need advice
  202. Misdiagnosed Graves Disease???? (Hyperparathyroidism)
  203. Hypothyroid- higher levo dose, lower cholesterol?
  204. tincture
  205. Hypo then Graves now Hypo
  206. without thyroid meds
  207. Taking supplements with Levothyroxine?
  208. Thyroidectomy
  209. Eye problems
  210. My Graves' Update - Nearly a Year Post-Diagnosis
  211. My doctor said that it is stress related but i disagree.
  212. strange SYMTOMS
  213. Not sure what to do.
  214. Update on my thyroidectomy
  215. Discouraged
  216. Started thyroid medication for first time... extreme diarrhea, eek!
  217. frustrated
  218. Cyst in my throat - should i have it removed?
  219. Help with lab results
  220. Thyroid and Hashimotos?
  221. A VERY long post from a newbie, and a request for advice
  222. what to do with thyroid results
  223. Hashimoto's symptoms resolved with Cortisone injection
  224. please help
  225. thyroiditis and diet?
  226. Can anyone help with answers
  227. synthroid and dental work - is it safe?
  228. Post Partial Thyroidectomy - update
  229. Enlargement of Thyroid
  230. WHEN and IF the time comes regarding switching meds..
  231. Help with my lab results
  232. To those with thyroid disorders and hypo adrenalin
  233. Please decode my lab results!
  234. Thyroid Disorder?
  235. It is NOT in my head!
  236. Hypothyroid and too much sleep
  237. new results in and not sure again
  238. How often to have bloods done ?
  239. Thyroid Report
  240. Persue more testing?
  241. Parathyroid issues?
  242. Hot and cold, nausea, fatigue, TSH-L result
  243. Newly Hyperthyroidism
  244. hypothyroid with high level of T3
  245. Thyroid Medication question
  246. Ferritin level question
  247. Enlarged thyroid, feel terrible but "normal" test results
  248. Hypo to Hyper!
  249. Help with Results - Urgent
  250. how do you know if you're converting well?

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