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  1. New TSH number
  2. new thyroid results advise parreciated
  3. Any one have ringing in ears . . .
  4. Who can take Armour?
  5. Update on post T T (4/5mths later)
  6. Pregnancy and TSH
  7. Confused about potential symptoms
  8. Having Thyroidectomy 12/13/07 and terrified of general anasthesia!!
  9. AntiBacterial Soaps
  10. Pregnant after Papillary & TT, before RAI
  11. Just a quick question
  12. Cystic acne, thyroid, recurrent yeast infection
  13. New to Hypo- Please help!
  14. Need help, have test results
  15. hello everyone xx
  16. anaemia and hypothyroidism
  17. Giving Up Smoking While On Thyroxine Help
  18. Sharp stomach pains? (with hypo)
  19. Is this a Thyroid problem or am I going Crazy
  20. Could itching be from Tapazole?
  21. what does high Thyroid Peroxidase mean?
  22. Thyroid meds and blood glucose
  23. Dizziness after surgery.
  24. armour thyroid T3 find doctor
  25. muscle aches and exhaustion even with treatment?
  26. TSH high..T's Normal?
  27. Could this be a thyroid problem???? Help!!!
  28. Energy but Palpitations:Day 1 Cytomel and Armour - Dosage Methods?
  29. Question About Armour
  30. does levothyroxine make you gain or lose weight?
  31. Update on double vision...
  32. endo visit/motilium thyroidectomy
  33. Am I now Hyper? Help with New Lab Results
  34. I've had hypothyroid since age 12 - now 48
  35. How to find a doctor who will treat a child who is subclinical
  36. TSH & T3 levels
  37. how long can it take
  38. Hyperthyroidism and hives
  39. Multiple problems resulting from thryoid
  40. TSI antibodies
  41. can you help me with this?
  42. Help Interpreting Lab Data & Whether Synthroid Seems Like the Wrong Med
  43. Question about meds
  44. Hashimotos to Graves???
  45. tyrosine and other amino acids
  46. Anyone else had this..........
  47. Desparately Seeking Advice~~Hashimoto's~Test Results
  48. Swollen ankels
  49. new here
  50. Synthroid makes me dizzy!?!
  51. 17yr Old Sons Tsh Results
  52. TSH fluctuating
  53. does ipf always show on x-rays
  54. Anyone had severe symptoms from Hashi's before low blood values?
  55. Nodule and Cyst Question
  56. 6 days post surgery. How do I know if thyroid quits working?
  57. can this be fibro am i just crazy?
  58. underactivethyroid & very underweight --HELP
  59. ARMOUR and questions? Midwest any thoughts??
  60. hipothyroid
  61. Dry skin and update
  62. New here~ can anyone help me with my test results
  63. Midwest
  64. New lab results today. . .
  65. Just found out! I am Hypo
  66. Thyroid uptake
  67. Should I start Levoxyl Again ?????
  68. Levoxyl to Armour, Still Achy & Fatigued...Now What?
  69. Pathology Experts - Suspicious for Follicular Neoplasm?
  70. indigestion
  71. Armour or its Generic?
  72. adenosine and L-theanine
  73. What is better -- half or whole thyroidectomy?
  74. Saw my Endo today
  75. Sparkels912 Question
  76. Are these common symptoms of hypothyroidism
  77. Need a surgeon recommendation in the Philly area
  78. The depression is overwhelming!
  79. thyax,dose time
  80. Are these Hashi symptoms
  81. Friend asked me about levels . . .endo said grave's ??? Those of you with graves...
  82. Help understanding test results.
  83. Endo put me on low dose synthroid--questions???
  84. ultra sound
  85. does raspberry leaf tablets stop levothyroxine from being absorbed
  86. Only T3 hormone is elevated... I'm really confused.
  87. Midwest, talked to doctor' office
  88. Graves Disease & Food & Test results??
  89. Thyroid and Adrenals - More Q's
  90. Hypoechoic nodule?
  91. Numbness in Thyroid
  92. confusing results in st. lou
  93. hope someone can help
  94. Niacin and Hypothyroid
  95. Is this a thyroid problem?
  96. How can I cope until seeing a doctor?
  97. Multivitamins
  98. Hi me again..question regarding Canadian and American testing
  99. Home today after surgery but with no post-op instructions
  100. My 2nd Endo visit and Ultrasound...Help please!
  101. Test Results and Ferritin Question
  102. New "endo" *rant*
  103. Armour question
  104. Painful Legs
  105. How serious is Hashimitos and what should I do?
  106. Only 9 days until surgery, your thoughts.
  107. hyperthyroid question
  108. Question about T3
  109. My Test Results.. need help
  110. How do you shrink a hyper thyroid?
  111. test results
  112. Thyroglobulin ABY
  113. Test Results (Free Ts)
  114. Started cytomel about a week ago, have a question . . .
  115. Adrenal Issues after cold virus?
  116. Midwest, too much cytomel??
  117. thyroid disease
  118. Question about thyriod and adrenal ...what is the connection
  119. Thyroid and fungus?
  120. From very high to very low?
  121. Help with Test Results
  122. Feeling cold
  123. heterogenous thyroid
  124. Post-surgery questions
  125. subacute thyroiditis
  126. New Thread Deb123 AND Midwest I was afraid you may not see other one.
  127. what happens if you dont use thyroid replacement medication after radioactive iodine
  128. what happens if you dont use thyroid replacement medication after radioactive iodine
  129. Normal Thyroid Sizw
  130. Thyroid Goiter Questions.....
  131. blood tests results
  132. test results
  133. Pregnant With Grave's Disease?
  134. Anyone just plain worn out from Thanksgiving . . .
  135. anyone have prickly skin as a hypothyroid symptom
  136. could i have hyperthyroid? please help
  137. Chest Pains
  138. Those Who Had Tt Around 4 Months Ago
  139. microcalcification now found in thyroid nodule
  140. Midwest and Deb, I could go on a cruise with the money I am spending on my Teeth!!!!
  141. does hypothyroid cause twitching of the legs
  142. my thyroid level
  143. help!
  144. Another 1,000 questions on what to expect next!
  145. Advice needed - can't afford treatment
  146. Question about cold hands....please help
  147. Thyroid Antibodies
  148. Something stuck in my throat
  149. Question - does hyperthyroid effect blood sugar levels?
  150. SURGERY NEXT WEEK- advice needed please
  151. I need your help... AGAIN PLEASE!
  152. Test Results - A little confused
  153. New DX Hypothyroid.....Synthroid
  154. Good News
  155. New Here with questions
  156. I am shocked!
  157. Vitamin A & Hypo
  158. Scheduled for lobectomy...questions, please help!
  159. I had my ultrasound yesterday.
  160. Biopsy or monitor by U/S?
  161. who tests for hypothalamus problems?
  162. what will taking levothroid medication unnecessarily do to the body?
  163. results from my labs--questions??
  164. Barking up the wrong tree?
  165. Urgent!! Calcium Issue Questions Please.
  166. Once again I need HELP pleaseeee??? Questions about Armour and Rash
  167. Got the blah's
  168. thyroid level
  169. Calcified thyroid nodule & enlarged cervical lymph nodes
  170. I though thirst and urge incontinency were from ADH levels; what....
  171. what happens when you stop taking thyroid extract?
  172. I Am So Tired
  173. Another question about my Ferritin results
  174. Felt better w/Armour, now feel bad again??
  175. Please Help, I am losing my mind
  176. Optimal blood still exhausted and depressed
  177. Hypothyroid and now parotid stones question
  178. what is normal Ferritin level?
  179. Do you have nodules or goiter? If so, where?
  180. Early Hashimoto's? Questions
  181. skin symptoms
  182. swollen thyroid gland
  183. New Labs...Should I increase dose?
  184. Please Help With New Test Results
  185. Double vision...is it possibly thyroid?
  186. What kind of tests to ask for?
  187. Help with Results
  188. Switch from Synthroid to Armour
  189. Understanding T3 T4 and all that jazz
  190. Confused about lab results
  191. Grave's Disease - Newly Diagnosed - A Few Questions
  192. can synthroid possibly stop your monthly period when going on a higher dosage?
  193. I am just so tired!
  194. Having a Total Thyroidectomy on December 6th - Scared
  195. My goiter is growing help
  196. Hair falling out dry itchy scalp
  197. How can I find out FOR SURE if I have an allergy to Iodine? Cobalt?
  198. Interpreting Blood Work
  199. Current Thyroid labs
  200. Splitting dose of Armour... when to take 2nd dose?
  201. diet/weightloss question
  202. mixing generic and name brand
  203. Please help, hyper and hype - question about starting cytomel
  204. My doctor has agreed to try something new :) *sorry so long*
  205. Results Show I Do Have Graves
  206. Got labs, whole chart, no ranges; any comments?
  207. I had half my thyroid out! And I feel GREAT!
  208. Hypothyroid..help with results..
  209. Low Ferritin
  210. Tsh Test
  211. Graves disease, with high iron count ??
  212. Should I call Endo about throat pain?
  213. Had Endo appt. Started Armour. QUESTIONS??? Help please!
  214. My thyriod has grown what does that mean
  215. ? on test results, high T3 - Midwest?
  216. how to keep from gaining weight on synthyroid?
  217. I hope Iam not being a pest but I need help
  218. A general question for the regulars..
  219. New Test Results....More issues, I think?
  220. what to do if you have HIGH CORTISOL and what that exactly means?
  221. Does T4 Levels Even Matter?
  222. goiters and cancer
  223. Dumb question, but exactly how does TSH work or what does the TSH test measure?
  224. Joint and muscular pain.
  225. Armour Thyroid Question
  226. What is T7?
  227. Is a sore throat a symptom?
  228. What's next for me?
  229. Headaches, difficulty walking up stairs, etc.
  230. Sweaty hands?
  231. TSH results differ from morning & afternoon draw?
  232. Question about new Labs
  233. What is the difference between Synthroid, Unithroid, Levithroid, and Amour(sp?)
  234. Feeling tired and hyper off meds and no Thyroid, normal?
  235. Thyroid disorder...irregular menses... bleeding problem
  236. Question re thyroid result - new to forum
  237. Query re lab test result - new to forum
  238. Best friend just got results back from family Dr.... has not seen an endo yet
  239. Need Help Quickly Please
  240. PLEASE HELP-Dr. just called said birth cntrol might be causing issues-MORE TESTS ORD.
  241. Doctor recommendation for Nashville, TN?
  242. Flaxseed oils Vs Fish oils (omega3 source), which one is better for graves disease?
  243. Anyone on Armour have a suppressed TSH?
  244. Question regarding hormone values!!!
  245. Armour and high TPO counts
  246. Adrenal question
  247. Advice re: first Endo appointment
  248. Head Swelling and back of head tender
  249. HYPERthyroid ~ It just doesnt make sense :(
  250. mgkbrook-was seeing you have POTS

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