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  1. Hurthle Cell neoplasm waiting for a surgery appointment date
  2. Quick question before tomorrow, please Midwest? Reece?
  3. 5 years post surgery and having problems
  4. I'm a newbie...please help w/test results
  5. Help Please with Lab Results
  6. Jaw tingling after thyroidectomy?
  7. armour
  8. what to expect at scan and update of the thyroid gland
  9. Hypothyroidism: Have you used Amino Acids supplements
  10. help with ANA blood work
  11. thyroid questions
  12. Need some help
  13. Need help with blood results please.
  14. Rash from thyroid medicine?
  15. ear pain thyroid
  16. Hashimotos question
  17. Energy level up - ability to sleep down
  18. New Lab Results
  19. low free T3
  20. Hypo and Jet lag/time changes
  21. Hyperthyroidism
  22. I'm Back, Former Friends
  23. Please help since age 36 my weight keep going up and up i have been told i have
  24. Is this normal?
  25. thyroid readings
  26. tests normal still feel hypo
  27. suddenly hyperthyroid and confused
  28. suddenly hyperthyroid and confused
  29. Can you have "normal" TSH levels but still be hyperthyroid?
  30. recurrent cancer ?s for Reece
  31. quitting the fags
  32. hi to all its been awhile since i been to this board.
  33. Thoughts on this treatment approach
  34. Post Operative Mood Swings
  35. High TSH
  36. ARMOUR Users - need YOUR input p-l-e-a-s-e
  37. Help! Is cancer is back?
  38. 22 year old son
  39. Can a nodule swell up?
  40. daughter born without a thyroid- scared parent
  41. thyroid and puffy (dark) eyes
  42. need help understanding blood work
  43. What is a normal level for TPO AB
  44. Armour vs. Synthroid w/Cytomel
  45. New labs from last week, got results today...
  46. Can someone tell me what compression symptoms are?
  47. effects of alcohol
  48. Cytomel
  49. Midwest,
  50. Heat intolerance & thyroid
  51. lebatalol
  52. The entire thyroid gland removal
  53. Latest lab results.....
  54. Swimming After Surgery
  55. got new blood work - I got the results on all the thyroid #'s.
  56. what is normal
  57. Hypo symptoms, but normal TSH result
  58. Merry Christmas and Thanks to All
  59. for Accessn12
  60. Will thyroid medication help me lose weight?
  61. Thyroid and Acid Reflux
  62. eye pain associated with hypothyroid
  63. Curious - Lyme and Thyroid?
  64. Help on Labs and New Dosing Range
  65. Recall of Armour-FDA website
  66. Going it alone?
  67. Rechecking a solitary nodule?
  68. Ovarian cysts, high BP and BC pills
  69. can someone help me out i have nodules on my thyriod
  70. Generic Levoxyl
  71. Thyroid Overstimulation
  72. Resistance to thyroid hormone
  73. help please with blood result levels
  74. Started cytomel about a month ago and ...
  75. Levothyroid & Acne??
  76. Armour Use
  77. Saliva test results- help please?
  78. I need help to understand labs
  79. no thyroid and fluctuating tsh levels
  80. New labs and more confused...any thoughts?
  81. Helping T3 conversion, anybody had success? How?
  82. Can someone help me please
  83. Midwest and Deb
  84. Hypothyroid Male
  85. Need someone to shed some light
  86. hypo your experiences with the levelling process
  87. thyroid repair itself?
  88. Thyroid Test
  89. hypothyroid?? What test would you recommend?
  90. Saw the doctor today
  91. Should I have my thyroid removed ? please help I have appointment 12/27
  92. Running out of meds?
  93. hypertyroid and pregnancy?
  94. hypertyrpiod and pregnancy?
  95. Synthroid too high?
  96. Cold Weather and Brain Fog
  97. Thoughts on child
  98. Tis the season to be JOLLY...
  99. hypo and heart issues
  100. Total Thyroidectomy
  101. Surpise large solid nodules found
  102. Surprise finding of 2.6 cm nodule plus more
  103. Hyperthyroid...Need answers please
  104. Im back again and even more upset please send your knowledge
  105. Hypo and Aging Facial Skin
  106. why do i have pitting edema throughout my whole body
  107. TSH shot way up real fast
  108. what are the aftermath of a thyroidectomy?
  109. Newly diagnosed- questions
  110. Newly diagnosed- questions
  111. what does TSH level of .25 mean
  112. Need to know if there is a natural way to reduce goiter?
  113. Husband refusing his meds..need advice
  114. Question about T4 meds
  115. need help with recent lab results
  116. first bloodwork #'s since TT for cancer
  117. Need to vent!
  118. High b12
  119. Med Change After Appt/Opinions PLEASE
  120. Labs - Pls Help Me Decide on new treatment plan
  121. TSH Range
  122. Is this a thyroid problem? please help!
  123. Tsh @ 14
  124. Got the Thyroid Uptake Report
  125. what can i use to cover up a thyroidectomy scar?
  126. New blood work--help?
  127. Midwest, and anyone, help with new labs
  128. how do you know when it's time for a new dr?
  129. what doctor to see for thyroid disease in jax, fl
  130. checking the thyroid
  131. Petichia on arms
  132. Hyperthyroid symptoms, inflamed thyroid, but normal thyroid levels
  133. Hypo and Hormone Therapy-Estradiol
  134. synthroid and water
  135. thyroid results
  136. Need to know the likelyhood of this
  137. which type of Dr?
  138. Ultrasound Results Back/QUESTIONS
  139. Hi friends
  140. Lost sense of smell??
  141. Antibodies negative! TSH still climbing, now what?
  142. Armour Thyroid Recall?
  143. hyperthyroid
  144. Daily Headaches On Armour????
  145. radiated thyroid, high blood pressure, cholesteral and blood sugar
  146. How do you dose your meds? And do you take Sublingually??
  147. New Here
  148. Decongestants
  149. FNA...questions and results
  150. conditions where TPO antibody is elevated and treatment for same
  151. synthriod taste
  152. I am new, can anyone answer ?
  153. Hyperthyroidism
  154. normal tests, but have all the symptoms
  155. Need help with Armour withdrawals...
  156. why would my doctor prescribe cytomel and levothyroxine
  157. Hypothyroid??
  158. 2% of T3?
  159. TIA or Mini-stroke
  160. one of the only "cures" that give a positive effect for sure
  161. Anxiety and Armour
  162. Left Lobectomy and some Lymph nodes removed...QQQ???
  163. what does it mean when there are multiple nodules on the thyroid
  164. vision problems
  165. thyroid removal
  166. Quick Question About Armour And Levo Together???
  167. metabolic syndrome
  168. Hello old friends
  169. does crying worsen thyroid
  170. Headache for 2 days...help
  171. Ultrasound results
  172. The Results are in "NORMAL"
  173. what next if radioactive iodine does not work for killing your thyroid
  174. New Labs Suppressed TSH on Armour
  175. Stitches poping out after surgery and a knot under my insicion
  176. Feeling Yucky When Starting Synthroid????
  177. Is my problem thyroid or something else??
  178. Fast pulse with Hashi's?
  179. Looking for Cytomel success stories
  180. hypothyroid, recovery?
  181. Vocal chord damage during thyroidectomy
  182. New TSH number
  183. new thyroid results advise parreciated
  184. Any one have ringing in ears . . .
  185. Who can take Armour?
  186. Update on post T T (4/5mths later)
  187. Pregnancy and TSH
  188. Confused about potential symptoms
  189. Having Thyroidectomy 12/13/07 and terrified of general anasthesia!!
  190. AntiBacterial Soaps
  191. Pregnant after Papillary & TT, before RAI
  192. Just a quick question
  193. Cystic acne, thyroid, recurrent yeast infection
  194. New to Hypo- Please help!
  195. Need help, have test results
  196. hello everyone xx
  197. anaemia and hypothyroidism
  198. Giving Up Smoking While On Thyroxine Help
  199. Sharp stomach pains? (with hypo)
  200. Is this a Thyroid problem or am I going Crazy
  201. Could itching be from Tapazole?
  202. what does high Thyroid Peroxidase mean?
  203. Thyroid meds and blood glucose
  204. Dizziness after surgery.
  205. armour thyroid T3 find doctor
  206. muscle aches and exhaustion even with treatment?
  207. TSH high..T's Normal?
  208. Could this be a thyroid problem???? Help!!!
  209. Energy but Palpitations:Day 1 Cytomel and Armour - Dosage Methods?
  210. Question About Armour
  211. does levothyroxine make you gain or lose weight?
  212. Update on double vision...
  213. endo visit/motilium thyroidectomy
  214. Am I now Hyper? Help with New Lab Results
  215. I've had hypothyroid since age 12 - now 48
  216. How to find a doctor who will treat a child who is subclinical
  217. TSH & T3 levels
  218. how long can it take
  219. Hyperthyroidism and hives
  220. Multiple problems resulting from thryoid
  221. TSI antibodies
  222. can you help me with this?
  223. Help Interpreting Lab Data & Whether Synthroid Seems Like the Wrong Med
  224. Question about meds
  225. Hashimotos to Graves???
  226. tyrosine and other amino acids
  227. Anyone else had this..........
  228. Desparately Seeking Advice~~Hashimoto's~Test Results
  229. Swollen ankels
  230. new here
  231. Synthroid makes me dizzy!?!
  232. 17yr Old Sons Tsh Results
  233. TSH fluctuating
  234. does ipf always show on x-rays
  235. Anyone had severe symptoms from Hashi's before low blood values?
  236. Nodule and Cyst Question
  237. 6 days post surgery. How do I know if thyroid quits working?
  238. can this be fibro am i just crazy?
  239. underactivethyroid & very underweight --HELP
  240. ARMOUR and questions? Midwest any thoughts??
  241. hipothyroid
  242. Dry skin and update
  243. New here~ can anyone help me with my test results
  244. Midwest
  245. New lab results today. . .
  246. Just found out! I am Hypo
  247. Thyroid uptake
  248. Should I start Levoxyl Again ?????
  249. Levoxyl to Armour, Still Achy & Fatigued...Now What?
  250. Pathology Experts - Suspicious for Follicular Neoplasm?

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