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  1. ?'s re: Papillary Cancer
  2. Question about Iron
  3. Anyone Secondary Hypo out there?
  4. lab results and weight loss
  5. Edema?
  6. labs back need advice on these
  7. crazy fatigue symptoms
  8. levothyroxine feeling better, somewhat
  9. Got the Lab Ranges...please help me understand
  10. Hypothyroidism is often un-diagnosed. Are you sure you are not hypothyroid?
  11. Double-checked my iron-good thing! Question...
  12. hi everyone so far so good 2nd time around on levothyroxine 25mcgs and feeling good .
  13. Thyroidectomy -RAI treatment or surgery?
  14. Sub acute thyroiditis and thyoid test numbers
  15. help with thyroglobulin range
  16. Will I ever feel perfect?
  17. help with side effect
  18. Midwest
  19. Toxic Multinodular Goiter
  20. Blood tests the only test for thyroid disorders?
  21. Carnitine and T3 - anyone?
  22. Copper in Supplements
  23. Can Anyone Help Me With My FSH, LH And Testosterone Results Please?
  24. Confused by lab results
  25. New doctor and one more question please!
  26. What Do I Do Now? DR Says TSH of 4.37 is Normal-
  27. multi nodular goiter? suppressed tsh?
  28. symptoms...and question
  29. Anyone here with amiodarone induced hyperthyroidism?
  30. Graves disease and bad chest pain, are they related?
  31. experienced hypers! need your help.
  32. I was in denial with Hypo, but the symptoms keep piling up
  34. well took the levothroxine 25mcgs first time in 6 weeks and i feel good .
  35. Help! The endo said graves, but I feel fine.
  36. Normal TSH, low T4, what does that mean?
  37. post op 1 week
  38. well im back again.need some advice please anyone so frustrated........
  39. Help need with nodules
  40. Why should I have my Thyroid removed? HELP!!
  41. Saliva Testing
  42. Finally got my labs. I"m confused. Can you help?
  43. Basal Body Temperature?
  44. Thyroid Eye Disease
  45. TSH 3.2 T3 High normal t4 High normal
  46. saliva testing for thyroid disorder
  47. Have my hands on results! What do they mean?
  48. so frustrated
  49. Allergic children are at increased risk for AIs
  50. Synthroid w/ cytomel the same as Armour?
  51. Sore Throat
  52. Could this be a thyroid problem?
  53. FNA biopsy yesterday
  54. Symptoms characteristic of thyroid problem?l
  55. New Labs - thoughts??? Thanks!
  56. Multifocal Fibrosclerosis/Riedel's Thyroiditis?
  57. Need advice, please.
  58. Looking for answers, any advise?
  59. Iron question
  60. Blood Test Results: High Thyroid (T3 and T4) Levels
  61. Transdermal T3 anyone?
  62. Ups and Downs Normal?
  63. accessn12 need advice please
  64. bulging/swollen eyes and increase in meds
  65. Left Lobe Thyroidectomy
  66. Thyroid Symptoms? Can anyone help me?
  67. Taking Synthroid and Fosamax
  68. Drugged Up.
  69. Brain Function and Hypothyroid
  70. Frustrating labs and symptoms for my child
  71. Got my TSH back
  72. question about ranges
  73. The REAL latest labs - bummer. Midwest?
  74. Neck Fluttering
  75. Swelling in hands and feet. Should I be worried?
  76. In Between?
  77. can someone be hypo and hyper at the same time????
  78. Where do I go from here?
  79. help with these lab...normal or??
  80. hi everyone just wanted to pop in and say how i feel.
  81. Hashimoto with normal thyroid test?
  82. My first T tests, interpretation?
  83. New to the Boards and Some Questions
  84. Birch, ErinBeth, Midwest
  85. What about these labs?
  86. Hey Ticker
  87. Anyone on Synthroid and the new Nardil?
  88. Thyroid & LDL Cholestrol ~ unsucessful in getting it down
  89. Help with my Mum - Thyroid related?
  90. Anyone taking/have taken Cytomel? Headaches from ect....
  91. TTs - question please!
  92. Anyone have nausea from hypothyroidism?
  93. need serious advice about my new endo's advice/treatment
  94. Need help with results please!
  95. midrange t4, high t3- odd lab results?
  96. Hypothyroid
  97. One Year! How do you feel?
  98. Dea4......I have a question
  99. hypothyroid , hormonal imbalance ,and insulin resistance.
  100. Optimal Ferritin levels
  101. one week post op
  102. New Labs - Opinions, Please -thanks!
  103. Hashimoto's, Vit. D deficiency, and hormonal imbalance
  104. Seriously stupid question - antibodies tests
  105. Newly diagnosed with Hashi's. We want a second child, can I be treated safely?
  106. i been off meds 5 weeks and my tsh is going down .what does this mean????
  107. Feeling down and desperate - please help
  108. orange/brown coated tongue
  109. Hypothyroidism cause Anxiety?
  110. hypothyroid symptoms but blood tests are normal
  111. DEB123 Is 35 of cortef too much?
  112. children with thyroid problems.
  113. Here are my test numbers can someone help me
  114. Armour question
  115. New Hampshire Endocrin? Help!
  116. Test Results Back
  117. what are all the test to be run for thyriold disorder?
  118. Question regarding tests... new to forum
  119. Are these labs normal for 22 year old male?
  120. Hashimotos
  121. Is this wierd...or just normal???
  122. still clinching
  123. Anyone with Hypo/Hyperthyroid also suddenly get high blood pressure?
  124. Feeling tearful!
  125. Let's post our stories here-I'll start with mine 2
  126. Need advice from those who've been titrating longer than I
  127. Graves/Hyperthyroid after RAI
  128. Hashimoto's Disease
  129. Wrong place???
  130. Where to begin??
  131. Metabolic acidosis
  132. Armour Thyroid and hot flashes
  133. Please! Please! Pllllleeaassssee!
  134. TT & On Cytomel - New Sympton (Female Related!)
  135. Cancer question re: hypothyroid and twitching
  136. just need to vent just upset.
  137. Newbie - Medication concerns after total thyroidectomy (cytomel vs synthroid)
  138. Calcified Thyroid
  139. My new lab numbers are in.....Comments, PLEASE!!
  140. Doctor lowered meds now my hair is falling out!
  141. anyone out there who can help me with weird stuff going on ? midwest or anyone.......
  142. well internal medicine dr wants me to start back on levothyroxine 25mcgs,need advice?
  143. Newbie here...1st post, what do my test results mean?
  144. Labs- Confused and frustrated
  145. New Here....my story...your thoughts
  146. Has Anyone Seen Loretta38 Around ? Hey Loretta Just Wanting To Say Hi ....vickie
  147. still having problems with Armour
  148. Does anyone have an allergy to contrast dye?
  149. Reece
  150. High Calcium
  151. believe i have hypothyroid ......all tests are negative
  152. High altitude and hyperthyroid
  153. FNA today
  154. Hey Midwest.....
  155. TSH down to 1.96, but symptoms still persist.
  156. dr gave me good news about my thyriold illness .
  157. Thyroid Issues
  158. Armour Thyroid question
  159. went to the er.
  160. graves disease and insurance companies
  161. Weird labs - is this common? - what does it mean?
  162. Kooky Thyroid Girl
  163. Lab results interpretation please.
  164. Do you all have thyroid flare ups corresponding to your menstral cycles?
  165. hyper/Hypo, HELP
  166. Unstable thyroid
  167. Calcified Thyroid
  168. Is the number of symptoms relative to the possibility of having a disorder?
  169. thoughts on these labs
  170. Few days after surgery...palpitations?
  171. Test Results
  172. Advice needed about thyroid surgery
  173. radioactive iodine and parathyroid
  174. Lab tests shortly after taking medication
  175. RAI, does he need to be islolated from me??
  176. what is the tpo for?
  177. Is there a "best" time of day for a blood draw?
  178. radioactive iodine and parathyroid
  179. migraines thyroid graves disease
  180. nervous
  181. My thyroid caused infertilty
  182. hi i new here doc just started me on levothyroxine 25mcg
  183. lightheaded menstrual cycle on Armour
  184. Can physical activity help in a thyroid disorder case?
  185. Legal question regarding test results
  186. new here and trying to figure out what's going on.....
  187. wow tsh went down and im not been on meds for 3 weeks need advice,,,,
  188. med question
  189. Cytomel Short Life in Body
  190. 3rd year of RAI and still ?? re: diet
  191. endocrinologist cost
  192. Doctor Called Me: Macrocytosis
  193. The new kid in town
  194. New to this....What is T3 ?
  195. Does TSH really matter if you don't have a thyroid?
  196. Trish558
  197. Itching/Hives
  198. Anyone from Ohio see Dr. David Shewmon ??
  199. Can an Enlarged Thyroid be Normal?
  200. what does it mean if dr says my tsh was abnormal??
  201. Sick Again???
  202. Ozlady???
  203. solid mass and lesion
  204. GCC Thank you
  205. Doctors don't seem to know what's wrong. Getting desperate.
  206. Doctor Called
  207. Anyone have a parathyroid problems?
  208. T3 - Day 3 feeling wierd
  209. I dont know what to do.......
  210. Thyroid Test Results
  211. hypothyroid blood results help please
  212. Tests to run after thyroid removal?
  213. size of the thyroid
  214. can someone tell me the symtons of thyroiditis ?
  215. Lightheadedness
  216. Dtg. has Thyroid Disease (Hashimoto's)
  217. lab results...advice anyone
  218. Reece?
  219. is a good internal med dr just as good as a endo ?
  220. Antibodies = 11,790?
  221. Antibodies = 11,790?
  222. Help with my test results....
  223. for hypothyroid people: do you avoid tea?
  224. thyroid med & seizures
  225. Hyper w/ Hasimoto's?
  226. Autoimmune Diseses
  227. Enlarged thyroid and lung cancer
  228. Gcc
  229. Please Help W?ultra Sound Report
  230. Is There Tapazole Withdrawal?
  231. Midwest
  232. one last lab
  233. Tests results - What is causing my hyperthyroidism?
  234. Another question-Sorry
  235. compounded t3- first dose!!!
  236. Doctor won't give me my thyroid results!
  237. thyrodectomy....heavy dosage of thyroxin
  238. The presence of Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies.....
  239. I think these results are normal....I wish I had something to BLAME this on!
  240. Hoarseness after Thyroidectomy ?
  241. I am back!
  242. Had my blood work done and
  243. midwest
  244. Modifilan for Mercury?
  245. very itchy right below tailbone, constant no rash, or bite marks
  246. Graves Disease Eye Problem - worried
  247. surgey scheduled
  248. GCC have question for you.
  249. Need advice - is it too soon for another blood test?
  250. I found an OLD result....why are the ranges SO different?

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