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  1. Midwest - I need advice on levels and meds please help!
  2. 2 solid thyroid nodules 1 cyst thyrax med for hypoactive thyroid
  3. My thyroid history
  4. Medication switched from Synthroid to Armour
  5. what are extremely low sodium blood levels?
  6. Thyroid + Spotty skin
  7. Not Taking my Synthroid..its been a long time
  8. a year later!
  9. new here... advice please!
  10. Accidentally Took Double Dose of Armour for Three Days
  11. Endo Appointment This Thursday
  12. Ginkgo biloba is a herbal medicine for improving memory and mental state...
  13. Thyroid Disorders and Focal Dystonia
  14. why would you have to throw away sheets and towels after thyroid treatment
  15. THS thyroid problems, please help!
  16. Kelp for Hyperthyroidism/Graves disease? how safe?
  17. Hyperparathyroid.....I don't want to do this!!
  18. Need good thyroid doctor now
  19. tsh test results of 17
  20. Question regarding Free T's???
  21. hurtle cells does not always mean you must remove thyroid immediatly
  22. Synthroid and facial hair.
  23. Different names and the confusion it causes!!
  24. How do I get more energy w/out a thyroid
  25. thyroid
  26. Lab Results-Help with Understanding them?
  27. If Your Tsh Test Result Is .28 What Does This Mean
  28. Why Would A Doctor Do A Thyroid Panel
  29. horrible headaches since beginning Synthroid?
  30. high cholesterol
  31. Reece, Molly, Christine, others who have had RA-I
  32. Thoughts on drs. orders and Nature-Throid
  33. Advice please
  34. Where do you live?
  35. A Return Visit To The Doctor
  36. why is my metabolism so slow? I take thyroid
  37. Auto diff question from blood work
  38. Parathyroid High Calcium from Dr. Norman
  39. hot flushes
  40. My appointment with the endo....
  41. Lump in neck next to adam's apple.
  42. post your sad thyroid disorder stories
  43. weird feeling in neck
  44. Puzzled by the Hypo Look
  45. Anyone sleepy on Armour?
  46. Any recommendations for additional tests?
  47. Just got labs, feedback appreciated...
  48. FNA- need help with cystology
  49. Cholesterol Test-Too Low-Going Hyper?
  50. large mass right side center
  51. Today is the day!
  52. On half dose Levo, no change at all???
  53. On half dose Levo, no change at all???
  54. TSH test results
  55. How long does it take to stabilise?
  56. Total thyroidectomy
  57. Synthroid and Bone Loss
  58. Hypothyroid & Sometimes Not Hungry...
  59. Help with US report
  60. Please help me I am so confused and doc won't return calls
  61. Please help me I am so confused and doc won't return calls
  62. frustrated w/ labs
  63. Anyone on sustained release T3?
  64. menopausal weight gain
  65. What does low T4 Free level means in Thyroid test
  66. while I was searching the internet
  67. Newbie Lobectomy this Friday - scared
  68. Medication Times
  69. does taking levoxyl affect the reproductive system?
  70. normal thyroid but antibodies present
  71. Any ideas?
  72. Whats next??
  73. New results - feedback greatly appreciated
  74. Think This Maybe A Thyroid Problem?
  75. t4
  76. Latest labs, I'm confused!
  77. TSH, Free-T's climb/fall together, ever heard of this?
  78. please help me interpret my results thanks.
  79. Ruling Out Hashi's
  80. Do I have a thyroid disorder? Please read my symptoms :)
  81. Cost Of Fna??
  82. 4 nodules - all over 1 cm
  83. TSH test anytime of the day?
  84. New - TSH level slightly low
  85. Jelly Legs
  86. New Thyroid Test Results, Plus B12 Results, Same Symptoms!!
  87. I am tired again.....................
  88. Symptoms of hypothyroidism?
  89. thyroid flucuating up and down
  90. **** this is horrible. 8 mo post RAI and still.............
  91. HELP! I don't want to have surgery
  92. Subclincical Hypothyroidism in Children - Question
  93. Some advice please !!!
  94. Got my Results back...any thoughts?? Dr says I am fine. Don't feel fine.
  95. Thyroid Test and Tests
  96. endo appt.
  97. Thyroid Doses
  98. Neglected refilling synthoid prescription
  99. New to "Thyroid" world - need advise please
  100. Swollen Lymph Node
  101. under active thyroid
  102. Looking for answers/similar conditions
  103. thyroid
  104. New Here. TT and vocal cord damage questions
  105. hypothyroid and weight gain
  106. TSH Level Help - 2.98 Normal?
  107. Hashimoto encephalopathy? Help!
  108. why does my vitamin d supplement make me feel so bad
  109. Waiting for biopsy-scared and frustrated.
  110. Multiple problems- could they be related?
  111. when to retest
  112. wake up my thyroid?
  113. Medication Question
  114. Midwest and MGbrook!!!!!!!!!!!
  115. UP and AWAY....
  116. Thyroid Surgery
  117. thyroiditis
  118. Finally got copy of labs...can someone help interpret?
  119. Complete List Of Thyroid Symptoms
  120. Enlarged Thyroid?
  121. Low Temp - Not enough Thyroxine?
  122. Synthroid Side-Effects
  123. Graves disease
  124. Midwest, Access12, GCC.. calling all T vets.
  125. Looking for answers
  126. Look at this diagnoses
  127. Can you live a normal life span without a thryoid? (More)
  128. hair coming out
  129. Question about Antibodies
  130. Infections
  131. Hypercalcemia and abdominal pain?
  132. Stomach stapled? Lap Belt? Anyone?
  133. Can I take antihistamines?
  134. Anyone familiar with Wilson's Syndrome
  135. thyroid and beta blocker...
  136. Dr. Says He Has My Numbers Normal
  137. tsh level
  138. Low T3 thyroid
  139. 2 year Thy journey: 5 months on Armour (smile!)
  140. hard to breath, shaking and very tired
  141. Alli
  142. TSH .55 but having hyper symptoms
  143. Midwest1 ??????
  144. lab help please
  145. Help...my face hurts...
  146. Anyone else have Dysautonomia???
  147. Lab Results - Advice Pleeeeeeease
  148. Shaking
  149. New to this - Subclinical Hyperthyroid - Meeting Endo next week
  150. armour/levothroxine
  151. Thyroid Problem and Breast Cancer
  152. what does it mean when your T4 levels are high
  153. Great News to share - at last!
  154. High resting pulse in thyroid diease
  155. Requesting labs
  156. Anyone want a good laugh??? re:endo appt
  157. Has the range changed for FT4
  158. questions about Synthroid
  159. low heart rate
  160. Help Midwest
  161. Lab Results
  162. Plantar Fascia Help!
  163. Please help with meds adjustment question?????
  164. Thyroid for Dummies and a brief venting session..
  165. Weight
  166. T3 suppressing TSH
  167. Vitamin D deficiency
  168. please HELP.. Has anyone else felt like this ?
  169. Hyperthyroid/ Addisons like symtoms
  170. FNA and new symptoms
  171. FNA and new symptoms
  172. This is weirder than I thought and I have NO clue!
  173. Upcoming TT surgery - updated with answers!
  174. GCC and Midwest I need your advice !
  175. Oprah blew out her thyroid....
  176. Has anyone gone back to get the rest removed
  177. Amount of T3 & T4 in Armour?
  178. not feeling well
  179. cortisol testing - did i screw up?
  180. What questions should I ask my doctor?
  181. New lab results:
  182. Hashimoto's Symptoms????
  183. hypothyroidism and goiter
  184. Latest labs, still feeling crappy....help....
  185. High TSH but feeling fine???
  186. Can someone please help me understand an Ultra Sound Report
  187. Graves Disease and Chronic Hypertension
  188. Has anybody ASKED to have their thyroid removed? +++
  189. Synthroid vs. other T4 only pills
  190. Hyper??
  191. Hyper again???
  192. Please help with these labs...
  193. sudamonis
  194. what is normal range for t4?
  195. Update:Saw rheumy about swollen face and voice change
  196. Need advice from anyone taking Armour...
  197. Transdermal T3 and other oddities :)
  198. Upcoming TT surgery - papillary cancer - questions
  199. My 4 yr 11 mo sons labs are in any comments?
  200. Viral thyroiditis AGAIN
  201. Newly Diagnosed, Strange Dizziness and other symptoms
  202. Just Basic info
  203. Rai
  204. Was able to get my endo to order more tests...question about cortisol
  205. Recent testing confusing
  206. multipule thyroid nodules
  207. Help! Confusing symptoms...
  208. small multinodular goiter and synthroid
  209. do you think this is hyperthroid?
  210. 24 hour cortisol test?
  211. Huge TSH swings
  212. All thyroid victims, please respond
  213. Not taking it seriously....
  214. A caution about mail order thyroid tests
  215. Opinions - How do I ask nicely for more tests.....
  216. Extreme changes in TSH, need advice/ explanation
  217. Thinking of having sleep study, anyone have this?
  218. Endo Appt this week.........
  219. tsh test
  220. New with questions!!!
  221. Hot flashes/fever?
  222. Thyroid Delimma...to keep or not to keep? that is the question ....what is the answe
  223. Contraceptive Pill/Thyroxine
  224. anyone else feeling emotionally crazy after thyroidectomy surgery?
  225. Weight Loss Question
  226. Mother has high TSH also!
  227. Hydrochlorothiazide Effects on Thyroid Tests?
  228. synthroid
  229. Could stomach ache be from Graves Disease?
  230. Low hemoglobin...does hypo-T affect hemoglobin levels?
  231. Hypo symptoms when you are hyper?
  232. sensitive to light with hashi?
  233. Could it be hypothyroidism?
  234. Thyroid Nodule
  235. Subtotal Thyroidectomy Sept.10th/07
  236. Thyroid surgery and problems with calcium? Can anyone help?
  237. I made it to the Endo
  238. THS level---please help clarify
  239. Thyroid Disorder And Drug Issues
  240. It's finally here...
  241. HELP NEEDED!! Once again I have a question regarding NEW labs???
  242. Latest Lab Report and I'm confused
  243. Dr. app.
  244. got some news about my tsh and want to share and want some advice.
  245. Lab question
  246. Update from Thyroid sono and checkup
  247. Got my hypothryoidism diagnosis. What to expect?
  248. heart flutters....
  249. Now my test results show I am hyperthyroid (need advice)
  250. Scar

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