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  1. I dont know what to do.......
  2. Thyroid Test Results
  3. hypothyroid blood results help please
  4. Tests to run after thyroid removal?
  5. size of the thyroid
  6. can someone tell me the symtons of thyroiditis ?
  7. Lightheadedness
  8. Dtg. has Thyroid Disease (Hashimoto's)
  9. lab results...advice anyone
  10. Reece?
  11. is a good internal med dr just as good as a endo ?
  12. Antibodies = 11,790?
  13. Antibodies = 11,790?
  14. Help with my test results....
  15. for hypothyroid people: do you avoid tea?
  16. thyroid med & seizures
  17. Hyper w/ Hasimoto's?
  18. Autoimmune Diseses
  19. Enlarged thyroid and lung cancer
  20. Gcc
  21. Please Help W?ultra Sound Report
  22. Is There Tapazole Withdrawal?
  23. Midwest
  24. one last lab
  25. Tests results - What is causing my hyperthyroidism?
  26. Another question-Sorry
  27. compounded t3- first dose!!!
  28. Doctor won't give me my thyroid results!
  29. thyrodectomy....heavy dosage of thyroxin
  30. The presence of Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies.....
  31. I think these results are normal....I wish I had something to BLAME this on!
  32. Hoarseness after Thyroidectomy ?
  33. I am back!
  34. Had my blood work done and
  35. midwest
  36. Modifilan for Mercury?
  37. very itchy right below tailbone, constant no rash, or bite marks
  38. Graves Disease Eye Problem - worried
  39. surgey scheduled
  40. GCC have question for you.
  41. Need advice - is it too soon for another blood test?
  42. I found an OLD result....why are the ranges SO different?
  43. Increased dosage of thyroxine
  44. Low TSH levels...and I'm pregnant, any advice?
  45. Uptake and Scan results
  46. HypoT, Levothyroxine and energy levels
  47. Highest Prescribed Dosage Ever
  48. Question: RAI now having possible eye symptoms?? HELP!!
  49. Type II polyglandular syndrome
  50. New hear
  51. Feeling much more tired on day 3 of Cytomel.... any thoughts?
  52. Question for the ladies who've had a TT
  53. Methimazole / 5 Days On-2 Days Off
  54. new doctor didin't work out
  55. confusing conversation
  56. More Thyroid questions!
  57. Hypo Hair - Revelation
  58. methimazole - 5 days on/2 days off
  59. Question-New
  60. Thyroid wacky after pregnancy
  61. could this be linked to Hashimoto's/Hypothyroidism
  62. How long before I would expect to see some improvement on Cytomel?
  63. Can someone recommend a good book on Hypothryroidism?
  64. viddom
  65. viddom
  66. Hello
  67. Any experience with Drs. Honeyman or Lowe/Metabolic Rehab?
  68. Hypo-Hashi with Sweating
  69. Those with no thyroids - how do you feel when you forget your meds?
  70. HELP... When does the suffering end? I go from HYPO/HYPER constantly..
  71. How are you birch?
  72. Dissatisfaction with our Docs
  73. Pre-op meds - what did you take?
  74. Thyroid blood work done.....am I hypo or hyper or normal???
  75. Well it was diagnostic this time...I have cancer
  76. help confused
  77. Thyroid Test Results -I'm Really Confused - Please Help
  78. low iodine diet and constant nausea - help!
  79. New Labs....slowly improving!
  80. curious about possibly thyriod trouble
  81. Hypothyroid: Can't tolerate hot or cold temps + belly fat Q
  82. Hypothyroid & Acid Reflux
  83. thyroid test...
  84. TSH relevance after TT - Midwest?
  85. Tsh Level 4.37 Lab Said High-dr. Said No
  86. Lugol's before surgery?
  87. Dr only tests --TSH
  88. my labs - please interpret
  89. Tests/symptoms confuse me!! Help!
  90. *IrisBlue's Wierd Case
  91. well cant take the 50 mcgs of levothyroxine either what now??
  92. surgery questions
  93. Update
  94. Husband doesnt want me to have surgery
  95. On synthroid yet not getting better
  96. New labs - any opinions?
  97. How do you explain Thyroid antibodies ???
  98. what should i be taking note of?
  99. Is this normal
  100. Went for my RAI
  101. FNA done yesterday, hopefully diagnostic this time
  102. hight thyroid levels?
  103. Med question
  104. When is the best time of day for thyroid blood test?
  105. Water Retention
  106. skin question
  107. Can anyone here interpret Cortisol labs?
  108. Dr. app
  109. High TSH, Normal FT3 & FT4?
  110. Anyone Sweaty All of the Time?????
  111. Weird question/symptom
  112. starting back on 50 mcgs of levothyroxine hope this time around works.
  113. Tg antibodies
  114. Please help me figure out test results
  115. Please help me figure out if I should ask for further testing? or .....
  116. clueless/test results ?
  117. What do I have? Your Opinion Please
  118. surgery thurs. 16 nervous:(
  119. surgery booked
  120. Latest labs - input please?
  121. Help-Sudden onset of hypertension on 6-29-07 - thyroid now suspected
  122. Deb the root canal hurt
  123. TSH Normal still have symptoms
  124. Miss thyroid medication dose for one day
  125. Synthroid or Armour
  126. Thyroid Test
  127. hey all endo wants me to try to start back on the levothyroxine 50 mcgs .
  128. how long for cytomel to work;
  129. Painmeds and Thyroidmeds question
  130. What is the best scar treatment after surgery?
  131. can your thyrold cause horrible horrible headaches if iyour tsh is high???
  132. Monkey here
  133. Thyroid troubles
  134. help needed after having thyroid removed
  135. is this a thyroid symptom
  136. Hi All I Will Post Tomorrow I Have Alot To Say About Whats Going On .
  137. Vitamin E to help Thyroid?
  138. What to do?
  139. Hello and needing help with lab results please.
  140. TSH really high
  141. skipped dose of ptu
  142. Advise on symptoms
  143. symptom questions
  144. Looking for help!!!
  145. anyone have chronic back ache/pain since starting the meds
  146. Mind Games
  147. here's my labs with the ranges please tell me what they mean??anyone
  148. Thank you Board especially midwest
  149. People just don't get it.
  150. Newbie here - frustrated with my health
  151. lab results
  152. Iron and Vitamin C
  153. lab test back for 24 hour urine cortisol
  154. mmztcass question ?
  155. Pressure At Carotid Area
  156. Missing Endo update.......CEA test and Uptake results
  157. Thyroid storms
  158. Pressure At Carotid Area
  159. Hey Everyone
  160. What happens to thyroid levels after surgery?
  161. need help with symptoms/partial thyroidectomy 7/12/07
  162. Just diagnosed w/ADHD, already have Hashi's...question about meds
  163. please shed some light on hyper test results
  164. what do thyroid numbers mean? Daughter shows a 30 (?), normal is 2?
  165. New Results and First Endo Visit
  166. My doc is really on top of things - whewwwwww .........
  167. PTU Dosage
  168. question for GCC
  169. Since y'all were so helpful before, another question...
  170. mood swings
  171. stomach problems and diarrhea after graves
  172. I Did The Ferritin Test Like Some People Here Suggested I Get-Lab Results
  173. side effects of thyroid med
  174. Bloodwork Results...Please Help!
  175. need ? for Pre-op Friday
  176. can someone help me with theses symtons??
  177. Any TSI present ---- indicative to Graves?
  178. legal question
  179. Can someone help me???
  180. Deb123
  181. Selenomax
  182. Thyroid Blues...Hashi's and I must be down...low
  183. can someone tell me if this is hyper symtons???need advice ...
  184. result on us/5.2cm nodule
  185. Other problems caused by Hashimoto's?
  186. 3rd opinion and still dont know what to do
  187. lack of tast 6 months after rai
  188. Methimazole HELP!!
  189. Thyroid Test Differ?
  190. wondering about labs??
  191. can someone tell me if theses symtons are hyper thyrold even though im hypo???
  192. Starting Life again with treatment.
  193. How Fatigued Did You Get?
  194. help with labs please
  195. recovery times for thyroid myopathies/muscle weakness and wasting.
  196. Midwest please - thanks!
  197. New Labs, New Questions, Am I headed HYPER again???
  198. T-4 Free & T-4 (thyroxine) total
  199. thyrar thyroid med
  200. I am confused by my anti-body and thyroid results.. Please help clarify.
  201. thyroid screening/treatment costs.
  202. My lab results are in and a big thank you!
  203. Effectiveness of Anti-Thyroid Medication Over Time?
  204. im hypo but have hyper symtons and had to stop the levoxyl too .
  205. Thyroid meds change - symptoms - advice
  206. Can you die from not taking ur synthroid?
  207. Erinbeth-what were your negative symptoms with each increase?
  208. testing question
  209. lowering dosage
  210. Help with new Labs
  211. Methimazole vs. PCU dosage Help!!
  212. Dental X-rays and thyroid????/
  213. Here are my labs- what do you think? RAI?
  214. excited about energy levels
  215. Confused Now About TSH
  216. Hyperthyroidism and Excercise
  217. Cytomel long term
  218. TSH Question
  219. TSH jumped up in less than a year for this Hashimoto's gal!!
  220. Newbie-Advice needed-Having Thyroid surgery Aug. 9th
  221. What does this mean?
  222. My 91 year old
  223. Please help with lab results for a friend...
  224. Thyroxine in UK only available in 25mcg, 50 and 100mdg why?
  225. how long does it take for Thyroid to completely stop its natural function
  226. Enlarged Thyroid with normal TSH levels??
  227. Thyroid vs Anxiety
  228. Please help Thyroxine Increase - Is this normal!
  229. Endo abruptly changed view
  230. Are TPO Antibodies consistent with Graves or Hashi
  231. How To Tell When Your Sick If You Have Low Temp
  232. follow up lab results
  233. Medication night vs. morning
  234. Papillary Carcinoma, what to expect?? Scared :(
  235. Thyroid surgery
  236. FNA biopsy side efects
  237. Newbie Need help- RAI scheduled- 20 yrs hyper
  238. loretta are you around anymore????
  239. adams apple in am 4 wks tt postop female lol
  240. Thyroid U/S and Uptake
  241. DEB123 I have a ?
  242. Sweat - symptom of Hashimoto's?
  243. Food alter test results?
  244. Adrenal labs back, and other labs. Have question
  245. Thyroid buddies missed dearly
  246. Synthroid side effects - tingling, sore muscles
  247. Hard to believe; not happy about this!!
  248. throxine doubled in 7 weeks.. is this too much too soon?
  249. Thyroid Test Results
  250. surgery

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