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  1. Cured?????
  2. I don't understand the test results
  3. SVT Anyone????
  4. Armour (YEAH!) & Doc update
  5. Adrenal Testing
  6. Cytomel and New Endo
  7. Midwest or Boata?
  8. Antibiotics and Synthroid ?
  9. HEY what is going on ?????
  10. Can Free T3's vary during the day...
  11. Sore throat = normal?
  12. questions re future throidectomy
  13. Thyroid goiter question
  14. High Cholesterol and Hypothyroid.....
  15. Anybody feel chest pain during FNA?
  16. Will have surgery soon
  17. Question for Armour People - Re Process of Switching to Armour
  18. Life without my thyroid
  19. Thyroid meds activate after food intake?
  20. Hypo symptoms Hyper results
  21. TT done on Monday
  22. Hashimoto's and Hives
  23. Test results back - no wonder I feel cruddy
  24. Someone Please Help With Test Results
  25. confused...again!
  26. 24 hr Adrenal Stress Index results - questions
  27. whats happening now
  28. need advice badly im frustrated dont know whats going on???
  29. Good News - All Clear
  30. 2 weeks of Synthyroid- I feel BAD
  31. armour vs generic armour
  32. levothyroxine vs armour
  33. Great Article On Thyroid Disease.
  34. acute thyroiditis what??????
  35. Went for a thyroid ultrasound today!
  36. No Sleep
  37. Holy smokes, I'm pregnant!!!
  38. new readings! some improvement!
  39. Should I see an Endocrinologist?
  40. not sure if i took my pill
  41. New med adjustment, new symptoms?? I feel like I am going CRAZY. HELP?!?
  42. Deb 123, And All Senior Members
  43. Surgery in 8 hours
  44. ErinBeth & Birchtree
  45. thyroid and pregnancy??
  46. Labetalol and Hypothyroid
  47. You're too young to have a thyroid problem
  48. Is There Any Options Besides Synthroid, Cytomel and Armour
  49. I Dont Know Whats Going On With Me
  50. Advice needed
  51. Hyperthyroid New memeber
  52. Hyperthyroid New memeber
  53. Thyroid Hormones And Lab Values
  54. Endocrine Connection To Fibromyalgia
  55. Benefits And Side Effects Of Dhea
  56. can stopping levothyroxine alltogether hurt till i see new dr ??
  57. attn k9mom midwest do I still have graves
  58. do I still have graves after RAI treatment
  59. severely dry skin!!
  60. Thyroid help, please!
  61. Painful joints-related to hashi's /hypot
  62. Thyroid questions
  63. Thyroid Hormone Resistance
  64. Anyone with same problems?
  65. Weight Gain with Armour/Synthroid
  66. Should I feel great by now?
  67. Advice on my labs please!
  68. advise anyone
  69. Post-FNA pain?
  70. FNA Results - Help Interpreting
  71. lab results...update
  72. Nodules and thyroid disorders?
  73. Cancer Free
  74. DONT MESS WITH UR MEDS/ Just got back from ER
  75. Hi new here and new to message boards
  76. I think Im going Hyper!
  77. so confused can take 50 but not 75mcgs of levothyroxine.
  78. Labs, Great Doctor, Thyroid Peroxidase
  79. New labs and questions?..pls help!
  80. RAI for Graves
  81. Anyone else still sluggish?
  82. Nothing works for me
  83. HELEN ~ thanks for the Vit. B's info..........
  84. anyone have trouble with eczema?
  85. cant get up in a morning
  86. underactive thyroid
  87. gallstone attack & thyroid nodule
  88. Blood Test Results "stumper" of the day...who can help?
  89. Insurance question
  90. Insurance question
  91. Magic Hashimoto Number???
  92. Help me find out whats wrong with me
  93. I FAILED AGAIN!!! SSRI anti depressants saga and thyroid treatment
  94. Someone explain IODINE'S role in thyroid health????
  95. Anyone Took Lugols Oil For Tt???
  96. Midwest-Info please!
  97. Wilson's Temperature syndrome?
  98. Cold feet!
  99. Managing hypo after pregnancy?
  100. Help Finding an Endocrin
  101. Help With Tests
  102. Help with blood work. Low T4, Normal TSH
  103. confused TSH low, T4 normal
  104. Help, Mum can't take hypothyroid meds!
  105. 9am Cortisol test
  106. Doc was weird, for an Endocrinologist
  107. Need help finding a surgeon
  108. New Labs New Questions Again...
  109. Abrupt Change in TSH...Anyone else experience this?
  110. New multinodular goiter patient - FNA tomorrow
  111. blood sugar connected to hypothyroidism?
  112. Adrenal Cortex Extract
  113. what side effects of levothroid have you experienced?
  114. Cytomel!
  115. Abnormal TSH level
  116. Generic or Brand???
  117. New here and need suggestions
  118. Cancer
  119. Help with tests.
  120. 2-day RAIU tomorrow...what to expect???
  121. There has to be a better way to prep for SCAN??
  122. Deb123, Divermon - symptoms. please
  123. hello to all
  124. Pre-Op Tomorrow (6-18) & Surgery (6-25)
  125. No Thyroid - Salt Intake
  126. New to Group with test results-LONG
  127. Need help, like always
  128. Epilepsy medication and Thyroxine interaction
  129. Pain in the Neck. :)
  130. Update...to all that replied to my previous post and any others that can offer info
  131. Endo wants to know if I was exposed to Iodine!
  132. Don't know what to do!
  133. Coming down from Hyper
  134. endo's dosage suggestion... I'm confused!!
  135. Partial Lobectomy Done!
  136. goiter getting larger
  137. loretta where are you?
  138. Need serious insight on dr. wanting me to become hypo
  139. test results please help!!!
  140. Help
  141. ferritin levels- need some advice
  142. Synthroid Causes Muscle Aches?
  143. Will I die without a thyroid?
  144. My TSH IS 7.5 To much Medicne or to little?
  145. Getting blood work. Question
  146. Thyroid and Allergies!!
  147. Don't understand labs!
  148. How quickly can you feel the difference in a dose?
  149. HELP I am going crazy not sure what to do??
  150. HELP I am going crazy not sure what to do??
  151. What's Hyper? Tsh and Ft4
  152. Enlarged Thyroid Question...
  153. Saw ENT surg.
  154. help with labs - lots of questions
  155. More waiting... and brain fog fun
  156. Saw new Endo today........ Good
  157. Calling Houston People
  158. Thyroid and lotions?
  159. Muscle Pain--YIKES!!
  160. what tsh level do your docs recommend
  161. Cymbalta
  162. tsh range
  163. Latest labs and a couple more questions for the experts--please
  164. Scan results today anything I should ask the Doc in particular?
  165. problems 4 years after surgery
  166. Iron supplements
  167. Hyper and atrial fibrillation
  168. Why a Random Urine for Metanephrines?
  169. Armour is working
  170. hypo eyes
  171. Going Hyper?
  172. Hi new here... new here rapid growing goiter?
  173. Calcitonin Test............
  174. please help low corisone and feeling very tired undermedicated on thyroxine or
  175. please tell your first Graves symptoms and how easily you were diagnosed
  176. lab results ;normal', hair falling out
  177. Help with a plan, PLEASE!!!
  178. Accidental encounter with a GOOD DOCTOR!
  179. Freaked out!! Thyroid is enlarged/hyperthyroidism!!
  180. Preparing and reviewing for Endo on Thurs
  181. Question about Blood work
  182. Anyone have this?
  183. Need some advice from the experts
  184. Hi!
  185. looking for a surgeon in central fl
  186. Could this be over medicating?
  187. cytomel
  188. New here, blood results and some questions
  189. anyone have a doc in ny or long island who...??
  190. Stunned Parathyroid
  191. Carpal tunnel sydrom & Thyroid?
  192. Tsh, T4 questions
  193. What is my body telling me?
  194. meds??
  195. Thyroid Questions
  196. Does sneezing hurt for any of you?
  197. TSH of 0.12 with meds, but feeling great again. Anyone else have this happen?
  198. Graves and TBII Question
  199. Blood Test Results...and scary ultrasound..advice needed
  200. levelling
  201. Surgery or no surgery
  202. I Have My Op Date :(
  203. Vickie:
  204. have some questions
  205. is a internal medicine dr or gp dr both good?
  206. Do You Take Thyroid Meds The Day Of Your Tests?
  207. Question on meds
  208. zits anyone?
  209. hi toall my freinds pursie are you all wellxx
  210. New here, confusued about test results. HELP!
  211. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
  212. What does it all mean?? Please advise!
  213. Grave's Disease and Pregnancy
  214. how do you treat Graves eye disease?
  215. confused on testing
  216. How much nodule growth is too much?
  217. Carbs
  218. Post RAI Therapy, what's "normal"
  219. Good Info. on Thyroid Conditions
  220. "7" nodules found (I'm NEW) Help please!
  221. thyroid weight gain
  222. am i over medicated on levothyroxine??
  223. Don't know what is going on with me...need advice
  224. Does it sometimes take awhile to get diagnosed with parathyroid?
  225. Missed Periods and Thyroid Problems?
  226. Thyroid issue
  227. Thyroid issue
  228. Thyroid issue
  229. Thyroid issue
  230. am i too young (26) to have hypothyroid?
  231. confused, rai didn't work next surgery???
  232. Hey Midwest..latest labs
  233. heard it all before
  234. can anyone relate
  235. What do these results mean?
  236. New lab results...
  237. TSH and MPV out of range
  238. All My Tests - Still Up And Down With Methimazole
  239. New, Just quick question.
  240. Questions
  241. Hashimoto LevoThroid Doses
  242. TSH 17, Doc says don't treat?? OPINIONS PLEASE!
  243. Stick a fork in me - I'm done.
  244. back from the endo...what a jerk...
  245. Low Iodine Wagon- Fell off the Wagon...
  246. 3 weeks on Armour - looking Go0o0D!
  247. Hashimoto's & other problems.....HELP!
  248. How to Perform Saliva Test
  249. Thyroid Problem - hypo???
  250. On carbimazole - exhausted, weak, help!

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