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  1. adrenal saliva test results
  2. 4 weeks thyroidectomy, still probs?? anyone else>??
  3. Please, Please help!
  4. Dr not concerned with these labs
  5. Many Results....please help me determine what they mean....
  6. Has anyone had a partial then later the rest taken out
  7. Has anyone been pregnant with hypo???
  8. Estrogen and thyroid
  9. Getting over weight and a hypothyroid patient
  10. Interesting labs - typical Hashi's I suppose
  11. Confused
  12. Support Desperately Needed
  13. Here I go again
  14. No symptoms but high TSH
  15. Can thyroid meds interfere with birthcontrol pills?
  16. Cytomel added to my Synthroid - I hope this helps me
  17. Post op 4 weeks :)
  18. Mom is suffering - please help
  19. Can you Help Me...
  20. OPINION NEEDED - Normal TSH - High Free T4
  21. Surgery Aug.16 Have ??
  22. new test results.. i think the thyroxine has normalised ..could do with some feedback
  23. Does anyone have?
  24. what are the chances of heart attack when we get older and nowxx
  25. New Dr, changed med level, feel horrible
  26. natural thyroid & religious beliefs
  27. I'm sick of my thryoid being up and down
  28. Not sure what to do . . .
  29. Help! TSH moved into hyper stage; antibodies - Hashimoto's?
  30. ?? on Hashimotos & Levoxyl
  31. 9 year old ..... hyperthyroidism????
  32. Labs at last - Midwest, Anyone else?
  33. Another question please...nuclear grooves
  34. Any school teachers out there with thyroid?
  35. hashimoto's thyroiditis
  36. headaches, neck pain, Synthroid??????
  37. low temperature = hypothyroidism?
  38. Hyperthyroid Q's: Food and Permanent Issue
  39. My Husband is having a FNA, what can he expect???
  40. Cutting back PTU
  41. Subacute thyroiditis
  42. Fluctuating TSH (NO meds)
  43. Cold this be hypothyroidism?
  44. A Rant...Positive thoughts needed....Down in the dumps....
  45. what to expect next? Starting treatment
  46. Low steroid count
  47. Synthroid 0.25 & And Saliva test back
  48. What does it take for a diagnosis???
  49. Compounded (slow-release) t3 anyone?
  50. Need to decrease med. due to hyper lab result
  51. Thyroid Problems / Eye Problems
  52. i dont understand why?
  53. Its been 8 months since surgery
  54. TSH down to .66! Yay!
  55. question and help needed
  56. Does Aspirin effect the absorption or performance of Levothyroxine???
  57. Bump on my incision after surgey?
  58. TPO Antibodies - Acupuncture
  59. Labs in post op/partial thyroidectomy 7/12
  60. Sleep disturbances
  61. Thyroiditis
  62. Drum Roll Please LABS ARE IN TODAY
  63. Flying off the handle...again...
  64. Lab Results
  65. Frustrated with Doctor!
  66. Hashi's and Inevitable Destruction of Thyroid
  67. waiting for action !
  68. Biopsy Report
  69. Hypothyroid - longer than 6 weeks for TSH levels to drop further on cureent dose?
  70. Dry/pain behind EYES
  71. FNA Results
  72. Supplements, do they help
  73. Lipitor...
  74. Free T4 Results
  75. Interesting Uptake and scan for cold nodules Results
  76. I want to feel normal again
  77. 3weeks, thyroid surgery, rejecting stitches, fever???
  78. Viruses and lab results question
  79. Need help finding a thyroid doctor
  80. hi again need question about my dose of levoxyl???
  81. Hypo and Sex
  82. Post-pardum thyroid
  83. TT and Synthroid question
  84. Do you have to go on LID before thyrogen injections(7 month after TT and 1st RAI)?
  85. Can you feel thyroid nodule yourself?
  86. Oleander - you out there?
  87. Blood test results - I don't understand
  88. hemi thyroidectomy...How long of a hospital stay should
  89. Liver enzymes increased with hyper?
  90. Question on labs.. Midwest
  91. Heart palps while sleeping....
  92. cant understand this thyroid scan report
  93. what is normal dose of Armour for Hashimotos
  94. MY FAT FACE AND STOMACHE im depressed
  95. Thyroid cyst----nervous
  96. Dr completely mis-read my bone density - told me to lower thyroid!
  97. does any one get this?
  98. YOYO effect, baad surgery experiance!!!
  99. GCC?? Question For You About The Ferrittin Test Please?
  100. TSH is 6.1
  101. feel like death
  102. Does Low T4 even matter?
  103. Saw new Endo and I am optimistic.
  104. Last 2 Lab results! Can't understand how come I feel so lazy and hungry all the time
  105. I Did What Was Suggested Here (Labs), Guess It's Not My Thyroid
  106. Can I try Tapazole after PTU reaction?
  107. Magnesium/Potassium Interference
  108. Thyrogen shot/radioiodine pill - for whole body scan - now PREGNANT
  109. Postpartum hypothyroid, diabetes
  110. when to take medication
  111. Hypothyroid and dental treatment
  112. anyone with partial thyroidectomies out there
  113. TSH and other lab work...I'm confused...
  114. Hives from Autoimmune attacking Thyroid Disease not Methimazole
  115. Midwest and DEB, These just in.......
  116. Symptom: Sudden Calcium-Related food cravings...
  117. Carbizamole Reaction
  118. goiter
  119. Doctor feels I am overmedicated....
  120. Thyroid uptake and scan today INTERESTING Results.......
  121. What is a "normal" T4 range
  122. Levoxyl and Intestinal Upset
  123. Is it Thyroid? How do I find out?
  124. Normal Labs, Feeling Awful
  125. Too Much Iron
  126. Many Questions
  127. Help!Do you think it is hypothyroidism?
  128. Birch are you better?
  129. can not get a accurate dx
  130. Endo says may need RAI - Is surgery safer for Graves Also what are TPO antibodies
  131. HELP! Anyone have?
  132. Does anyone know what the 'normal' range for cortisol is...
  133. What questions should I ask Dr.?
  134. The answer from hospital regarding follow up fter benign total thyroidectomy
  135. Long Term Effects of Aging After Thyroidectomy
  136. Something is WAY wrong...
  137. Can anyone tell me about my lab results?
  138. GOT TO SHARE....Path report...:)
  139. I need encouragement
  140. Neck Pain?
  141. Amazing Vitamin D
  142. Thyroid nodule fever chills aches & pains in legs
  143. Level Fluctuation Throughout the Day?
  144. allergic to stitches thyroid surgery +infection!!!!!
  145. Midwest, Erin Beth please respond
  146. think I might be going hyper
  147. Not responding to Armour - HELP!!!! (please)
  148. My hair is a mess
  149. Help with lab results, Midwest et al...HELP!! What to do next?
  150. I just want to SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  151. Synthroid Tummy Troubles
  152. funny feeling in head???
  153. Pain from cystic hemorrhage in nodule
  154. low iron and low paltlets and low red blood cells!! anyone have aneamia??
  155. low iron and low paltlets and low red blood cells!! anyone have aneamia??
  156. Are these connected?
  157. Thyroid Nodules - Swollen Neck - Related??
  158. Scared About Upcoming Total Thyroidectomy.....
  159. Normal T3, Normal T4, Abnormal TSH (15.72 uIU/mL)
  160. low thyroid? low testosterone?
  161. Thank you everyone for the advice on Hives/Methimazole
  162. Hashis & Flare-ups - please help!
  163. Levothyroxine...allergy?
  164. My lab results were normal
  165. slow heart rate??
  166. Need Help~~ Question about my son's TSH level??
  167. Could this be a thyroid issue?
  168. good ranges of T3 and T4
  169. What medicine are you taking TT people?
  170. TSH but no T3 or T4
  171. levothyroxine anyone?
  172. Help, too much thyroid medicine? feeling faint...
  173. too much thyroid medicine, fainting, high heart rate?
  174. Negative tsh?
  175. Please Help DX with Graves Disease and have HIVES from I think medication
  176. Follow up after Total Benign Thyroidectomy
  177. Oleander is your scan still scheduled for next week?
  178. Allergic To Stitches????
  179. Well home at last!!!
  180. Synthroid & Muscle Pains..my Endo Doesn't Believe It
  181. my thyroid is out of whack.
  182. Getting Medication dose Right
  183. Dr found a lump in my thyroid
  184. How many of you with thyroid disease have amalgam fillings?
  185. Possible Hyperthyroidism??
  186. New to this and have many Q's - hypoT
  187. do i take my synthroid?
  188. I called my endo's office this morning
  189. OTC meds question
  190. Ovarian cysts??? Anyone?
  191. Migraines... armour or synthoid???
  192. Does medication cause gradual improvements?
  193. Extreme Dizziness - Falling Over- Overmedicated?
  194. Subclinical Hypothyroidism/Synthroid/Swollen ankles-HELP
  195. LUMP IN MY NECK...doc ordered xray???
  196. I am so very very scared
  197. Signs of overmedication?
  198. Hyperthyroidism and weak knees?
  199. TT People Please Help - Worried
  200. stiff feet
  201. hashimoto's disease
  202. Am i A whimp??? thyroid surgery
  203. reddish raised scar, drainage
  204. How many FNAs do I need?
  205. why is it that some dont understand about this illness ?
  206. Veterans - is this normal???
  207. What is normal TSH range?
  208. Preliminary Ultrasound Report....??
  209. Hypothyrodism , Severe short stature !
  210. Amour thyroid adverse reaction
  211. 20 yr. old daughter just diagnosed-dosage too high?
  212. Help with Ultrasound Results!!!
  213. anyone take time-release T3? Dosing question...
  214. Most Recent Labs Wdiguy
  215. High Blood Chloride, Low AM Cortisol...could this be adrenals?
  216. Change in meds?
  217. OMG! I found lab results from 2003 !!! Look at difference !!!
  218. Diet to suppress hyperthyroid?
  219. Misohopi & Tonishere
  220. Please anyone help!
  221. Out Of Er Again. Anyone Had Chest Pains From Armour?
  222. Any Good Endo Drs. in DC/Maryland/VA Metropolitan Area?
  223. my thyroidectomy scar looks ughhhh
  224. I'm new and at such a loss I'd appreciate any help (m)
  225. Elmhar - adrenals question
  226. Thyroid panel results whats it all mean
  227. hello Im new, this is my story
  228. Any HypoT's Tried Rogaine?
  229. Anyone's eyes get worse after RAI?
  230. can hypo thyrold cause depression when first starting meds?
  231. In need of info
  232. Posting My Lab Reports - TSH Level Etc. Any Thoughts??
  233. low adrenal function & thyroid meds
  234. Misdiagnosed Twice??? What do I do?
  235. MIDWEST-Help with Labs?
  236. Anyone have radiation/Xray as a child and now have thyroid problems?
  237. Armour, Synthroid and Cytomel
  238. Update for Midwest and Reece
  239. does anyone know what the lab test of AFP is for???
  240. Numb!
  241. Muscle aches and pains
  242. What to do next?
  243. A long story but real!!
  244. Any hypos experience this??
  245. why so quick to treat for depression and not thyroid?
  246. midwest need you over here ¨!!!!!!!!
  247. How do I find a good endo?
  248. Expired Synthroid
  249. Miserable Symptoms. Thyroid?
  250. 45 mg Armour first day, bad symptom

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