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  1. oops!
  2. Thyroid
  3. 3.0 Is the new standard
  4. Question about thyroid/quitting smoking
  5. fatigue on levothyroxin
  6. Did anyone have a pregnancy after TT?
  7. how long before you feel good after dose increase?
  8. can anyone help me?
  9. Scans and more scans
  10. Thank You - More Than You Know
  11. Does anybody ever feel like this?
  12. Erinbeth? question for you!
  13. Insomnia anyone??
  14. Scared!!!!
  15. hypothyroidism? i dont know
  16. Anyone else fyl into a rage over little things?
  17. Post Rai~pain In The Neck~
  18. Thyroid Removed
  19. Hi Just started with Amour but....
  20. looking for a good DO in Tucson
  21. Hyperthyroidism...another person in the list...
  22. What else could it be?
  23. is Armour safe for Hashimotos
  24. Hyper, Endo Appt. Tommorrow
  25. Where should I go from here?
  26. Newbie-Need Advice!
  27. Good news!
  28. Best Thyroid Medicine
  29. Help!
  30. Thyroid Medication & Shot with Epinephrine A Your Dentist
  31. Hot! Hot! Hot!
  32. low T3, rest is "normal"
  33. low cortisone pursie here!!!!
  34. Any Ideas?
  35. Talk about gettn kicked while ur down!!
  36. Just need advice and general support...
  37. Overactive thyroid
  38. For those who have had a TT (LADIES)
  39. Very Low TSH after 2 Months
  40. ok my tsh went back up to 7.11 in jan it was 8.45 then went to 2.58 why does this hap
  41. Finally insured!! What tests should I get?
  42. Lab Test Results
  43. Questions Regarding Replacement Therapy.
  44. My daughter is sick please help
  45. Need information
  46. Need information
  47. True or False
  48. Will my vision improve???
  49. results said I have low thyroid levels, but doctors don't do anything
  50. 1st bloodtest comming, what do I get tested?
  51. High Free T-4,
  52. really bad weekend
  53. Thyroid? What is it?
  54. Midwest1 - can I ask you a question please?
  55. Thyroid testing frequency
  56. Helen and Danni..where are you??
  57. Selenium,other minerals good for hyper or hypo?
  58. There's no running...
  59. ErinBeth???
  60. side effects information wanted
  61. how long does it take
  62. too much radiation?
  63. Can anyone please help? I am scared to death...
  64. omg,my tsh was 2.58 now its up again 7.11
  65. Hypothyroid diagnosis about 12 years ago...
  66. numbness
  67. Not sure what to do w/ depression
  68. Advise please (??)
  69. What should I expect at first visit?
  70. FT3 level high normal range Question
  71. Update and a few questions :)
  72. New - Need help with surgery decision
  73. New Endo great news!
  74. PURSIE .......... Where are you?????
  75. Swollen Neck Both Sides/will It Stay
  76. Hey Friends, help me out, nuclear tests results back !
  77. why am i having side effects on a low dose
  79. Help with lab results?
  80. anyone else with high blood pressure?
  81. Papillary cells
  82. hyperthyroidism and chest pain anyone?
  83. Test Result Help, Please
  84. Typical Doctor!
  85. Talk to me Midwest. These just in
  86. Question about Labs! Please Help!
  87. New Endo
  88. Ultrasound today GREAT NEWS
  89. Swollen Neck Both Sides
  90. Give me some encouragement fellow hypers..
  91. Partial Lobectomy scheduled for mid May
  92. I go back on Synthroid starting tomorrow...
  93. New endo - some progress
  94. Thyroid lobectomy scheduled
  95. Thyroid & Muscle And Joint Pain
  96. Zitty Hair Line-No more...
  97. 3 and 1/2 cm NODULE
  98. Thyroid>Tinnitus?
  99. For Jenn3
  100. Ah Crud! More thyroid fun
  101. How many Dr's?
  102. swollen hands anyone?
  103. Routine Labs
  104. Supplements & Armour? Should...
  105. Bloodwork results
  106. TSH to low???
  107. Over the counter diet pills?
  108. Support system
  109. Atch Stimulation For Cushings???
  110. Question about synthroid & T3 compound???
  111. 2 Questions
  112. This is so confusing!
  113. if your tsh is 2.58 and they say your within range would you still be tired(no energy
  114. Question about Food?
  115. Possible thyroid problem? (hairloss)
  116. Hyperthyroid symptoms...
  117. got my labs
  118. Crestor
  119. Pain in nodules
  120. Other symptoms
  121. How many tries before anyone was diagnosed?
  122. Synthroid before bed AnyOne?
  123. tounge hurts
  124. inhibit TRH directly
  125. Tsh 132.48 (this Is Not A Typo)
  126. Anyone Not Do Well On Armour?
  127. multinodular goiter
  128. should i up my dose myself to make it 75mcgs or wait till i see dr?
  129. What do I do?
  130. Why do lab ranges differ?
  131. It's official, I quit smoking and now need dosage increase
  132. hello! ok, free t4 = .97, t3 = 113, tsh = 5.77. hypo?
  133. Why do I feel awful now? HELP ME
  134. Upped meds and feel terrible
  135. Midwest may i ask for your advice please?
  136. so upset
  137. pathology says there was Hurtle cell changes
  138. New to the Board
  139. T3 Dosage, how long between changes?
  140. Has anyone here experienced this
  141. FNB was today - It was not bad at all !!
  142. Post Nasal Drip and Cough
  143. Hello, new to HypoT...a question
  144. Family history of thyroid problems???
  145. Oh my gosh!
  146. Generic vs. Brand in Elevated TSH
  147. har loss anyone?
  149. Hypo and Panic Attacks
  150. Thyrolar out of production (again)
  151. New, FNA tomorrow, anxiety
  152. Exertion and recovery
  153. HELP !! Thyroid Questions..
  154. How do you feel in the mornings?
  155. What About Hip Pain?
  156. help
  157. Length of time to lower TSH?
  158. Armour and Walgreen's?
  159. Midwest???
  160. Katkat???
  161. Thyroid disorder?
  162. Antibiotics & Thyroid!
  163. going crazy!!!!
  164. New,Curious and nervous!!
  165. very low numbers?
  166. Weight Loss and thyroid med
  167. Just a question regarding tsh
  168. Help sleep apnea!
  169. Hello
  170. New here, when to see specialist?
  171. Results from ultrasound~waiting on nuclear test/Friday
  172. New and seeking advice
  173. Got my results- I am SO depressed!
  174. Test= antithyroglobulin 3182! Range 0-40?
  175. Test results
  176. Just after thyroidectomy op- a few questions
  177. Who has had their thyroid completely removed
  178. Thyroid Cyst....
  179. How long to get tested again?
  180. Anyone tried homeopathic treatments??
  181. underactive thyroid? what age?
  182. Saw new Dr. today !
  183. blood test confusion
  184. iodine tablets???
  185. Help Advice Needed
  186. Twitchy muscles....anyone else?
  187. Hey, Doc!
  188. Fatigue, puffy eyes, back pain - anyone else?
  189. Mental Health and Thyroid ANY ANSWERS?
  191. New, have a few questions about my numbers.....
  192. Quick Thyroid re-test question....
  193. FINALLY getting a thyroid test!
  194. if im on 50 mcgs & dr is increasing to 100mcgs just for sundays is that to much?
  195. FNB said cancer but no surgery sch'd yet
  196. Hypo or Hashi people DX'ed with TSH less than 5
  197. dr is incressing my dose of synthyrold
  198. Armour Question
  199. thyroid and depression
  200. Not a thyroid problem
  201. Hypothyroid and acid reflux (any relation)?
  202. Little things do mean alot...
  203. Thank you to everyone
  204. have you heard of this regarding hypo
  205. home testing ?
  206. Excessive Water Consumption
  207. any advise would do...
  208. Hi Reece - question
  209. When will improvement from med increase likely be felt?
  210. Levothyroxine and Multivitamin?
  211. Tension in tongue, especially at night... stress?
  212. Estrogen/Progesterone for PMS anyone?
  213. starting to feel my depression coming back.
  214. Feeling better annette60
  215. Meds after thyroidectomy
  216. Doctor #5: Same crap as before
  217. Hi everyone, where is Archie??
  218. do you not base hypo on tsh alone?
  219. why no iodine??
  220. What are some not so obvious hyper symptoms?
  221. Thermogenics and test results
  222. Brand new to the board of *thyroid*
  223. Hyperthyroidism, bipolar disorder, and a body covered in hair
  224. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Hypothyroid
  225. hashi hypo thyroid and at my wits end
  226. Just seventeen please help!
  227. keep falling down is this thyriod or high aniety or what?
  228. Lab has me listed as 20 years older!!
  229. reason for high TSH?
  230. Need Help!! Hypo/Hashi's
  231. Thyroid changes with weight loss
  232. Radioactive versus Thyroidectomy
  233. eye issues
  234. Disheartened in PA
  235. Dropping things????
  236. Who has improved by switching meds?
  237. Feel like I am dying....
  238. Benign and Boring
  239. Decision
  240. Ok to refrigerate Armour?
  241. Advice for Leg Pain?
  242. Am I over-medicated??
  243. Had sonogram on thyroid today !
  244. Playing with medication/Current lab results
  245. Hypothyroid and Sjogren's
  246. HELP! Need to find a doctor
  247. Playing with medication
  248. hey buds - Just need some support/quick question
  249. test worries!
  250. Bad week

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