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  1. Thyroid Nodule
  2. first bloods since op
  3. is a tsh of 2.58 good?
  4. Hypothyroid&Drug Allergies...
  5. hyper/hypo
  6. Sue/ Houston Docs/comments welcome
  7. What if it's another auto-immune issue?
  8. Wow - what a bad morning - HELP
  9. As long as I'm bugging you anyway - Labs?
  10. What is normal range for TSH, T4 and T3?
  11. low FT4
  12. im confused on my test results
  13. High Parathyroid Hormone
  14. are these tests adequate?
  15. Need Menstrual Period Advice
  16. I Am Back
  17. Still looking for answers!
  18. Armour Thyroid
  19. Thyroid Update
  20. Free T3 and T3 Update Difference????
  21. Hello, newbie here!
  22. Questions for Bran'sNana
  23. big difference august to march - please help me interpret!
  24. Fingers crossed
  25. Midwest & All..test results in ~ opinions appreciated
  26. Labs and Doc's Instructions
  27. loose bowels
  28. Lipoma's caused by Synthroid?
  29. Help in General With Thyroid
  30. lab question - Help
  31. Any HypoT's with weight loss secrets out there????
  32. My doctor is making me hyper. Normal?
  33. Adverse Maca reaction - related to thyroid disorder???
  34. Antibody Testing
  35. What do I do now????
  36. have test results & need help for dtr please
  37. Stuck in limbo
  38. ups and downs
  39. I need help!
  40. Hyperthyroid serious worries
  41. Thyroid Help
  42. TSH is normal? Am I?
  43. Anyone have these symptoms relieved?
  44. I need help....
  45. new to this place
  46. Shmily
  47. What is the difference? Hashimoto's & low thyroid?
  48. Zuzu s Petals
  49. Thyroid???
  50. Hashimoto's Input Needed
  51. skin problems
  52. weird labs
  53. Going hypo for RAI - Reece, anybody...
  54. Just wanted to give an update
  55. Could I be Over-medicated???
  56. "Itchy" Thyroid Anyone?
  57. Are there alternatives for cytomel?
  58. I'm going to go off of the Armour
  59. Midwest--set me straight please
  60. Low Temp In The A.m.????
  61. can u ignore underactive thyroid
  62. tightening of throat
  63. can an injury cause thyroid problems?
  64. 450mg PTU/day?
  65. doctor in SE MI that's open to Armour
  66. NEW to Board-need help.....
  67. Need Opinion - Graves or Hashi's????
  68. Any info on Hungry Hyper gaining weight?
  69. Help with reading bloodwork/sonogram report
  70. Suppressed TSH & Hypo symptoms?
  71. Antithyroglobulin 382 but Negative Microsomal Antibody?
  72. Anyone on 40mg Day Tapazole?
  73. ? How long until feel change w/dec. meds?
  74. What'd think?
  75. This is annoying!!!
  76. Does anyone know what TgAK means?
  77. Once Again Help Needed Badly And Quick!!
  78. Antibodies & where to go from here?
  79. q's about hot nodule
  80. chest pains from Cytomel - caffeine
  81. new here, have hypothyroid question
  82. Can you help with these lab results?
  83. Med increase - feeling weird
  84. MIDWEST1-Question?
  85. Help with test result
  86. Lab Results-Help with Interpretation?
  87. New Hashi/HypoT/Insulin Resistant, got a question.
  88. Synthroid Not Being Converted Properly In The Body
  89. Antibodies Query
  90. Asymptomatic
  91. Thyroid uptake scan -
  92. Anyone have a thyroid problem right itself during pregnancy?
  93. Doctors remarks questionable!!
  94. Synthroid 0.05 mg
  95. Synthroid vs. Armour
  96. Hypothyroid and strong metallic odor
  97. Hashimoto's Question
  98. tinglin in the hands and feet
  99. new labs - not sure what they mean
  100. Need some help know if I do have a thyroid problem
  101. Was subclinical hypo now hyper?
  102. new ,with ?'s ..worried about daughter with enlarged thyroid
  103. I need stories & advice from ppl with hyperthyroidism
  104. Lump Sensation - could it be thyroids?
  105. Should I be angry with my Doctor ?
  106. Anna Nicole - had hashi's
  107. Radioactive Iodine Pill
  108. For those of us intolerant-what about B&R?
  109. Help interpret Labs!!!
  110. Stay on Levoxyl or switch to Armour?
  111. dizziness
  112. Miserable with ???'s
  113. Going to meet my oncologist soon, what should I ask?
  114. MEEP-Lab Interpretation?
  115. Thyroid And Panic Attacks
  116. Who Wrote Me About Synthroid Causing Muscle Pains?
  117. High T4. Help?
  118. Hypo Food Intolerances HELP!!!
  119. DEA, Sue1234, SHMILY et al in hot humid climates
  120. Pitting edema and Hypo-T
  121. Diet and Thyroid Disease
  122. Hypo symptoms intensified by exercise?
  123. Multiple Endo Problems
  124. Multiple Endo Problems
  125. What is hyper enough to treat?
  126. HYPO and just found out I'm pregnant...
  127. Wow.....
  128. Tapazole Questions Please
  129. Boarderline Hyper
  130. Hypo but no Antibodies or Hashimotos. Any others like this?
  131. Midwest, Dea or anyone who can help please!
  132. Can someone help me?
  133. Help Me !!!!!!!
  134. my concerns and reports
  135. Hello
  136. Where has the energy gone?
  137. switching from tapazole to PTU
  138. TSH at 5.0 normal range??
  139. Surgery report
  140. Thyroid
  141. Very Upset!!
  142. Low Heart Rate-one Dr Says Yes/one Say No To The Atenolol Still
  143. Thyroid Removed
  144. new and have q's
  145. New lab results--endo visit on Monday--need opinions
  146. PTU vs TAPazole. please help.
  147. normal thyroid
  148. "Normal" TSH Levels?
  149. At My Wit's End
  150. Groiter
  151. daughter misdiagnosed?
  152. "Holistic" MD wants to treat
  153. Hyper / Graves Question Please
  154. Level results in......what does it mean????
  155. Lab/med adjustment mavens, please help! Symptoms are back...
  156. Good or bad idea? Opinions!
  157. Better! Thx for your support
  158. Causes of hypothyroidism
  159. RAI: after treatment precautions
  160. Hate to ask but need HELP - diarrhea for 2 months!
  161. URGENT! link to surgery questions to ask pls
  162. New Here- Thyroid test questions
  163. out of my comfort zone
  164. Restless Leg.... Everywhere?
  165. another interesting endo statement for y'all.
  166. goin hyper please advise?
  167. Please Help...I need some input please
  168. New Labs...Please Look
  169. Another Scan????
  170. Just got new labs
  171. fluctuating labs
  172. Stick a fork in me
  173. Dr. near Acworth/Marietta, GA who prescribes Armour???
  174. repro endo and armour replacement
  175. Sports and hashimotos hypoT
  176. Dr in Nashville
  177. thyroid and anxiety
  178. Always Feel like passing out
  179. Need help on TSI antibodies test
  180. Emotional wreck
  181. went from hyper to hypo
  182. Body burning, headache and nausea???
  183. Is being out of breath a thyroid symptom?
  184. Doctor won't run tests!!!
  185. I Switched To Armour And Feeling Much Better
  186. Effects of decrease in levothyroxine dosage?
  187. Help with test results
  188. TSH Units of Measurement
  189. Hypothyroid - Without symptoms
  190. very ill - help
  191. Throbbing thyroid???
  192. Doc's in WI?
  193. Hello. New to the board, needing to talk out/about results from FNA...
  194. feeling more hypo after raise????
  195. you need to read this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  196. What Symptoms Did You Have Till 6-8 Weeks
  197. Tapazole, I think it's making me feel worse
  198. How Long Till Tapazole Works-your Stories Please
  199. Could somebody please help?
  200. Sski?
  201. Headache
  202. Hypothyroidism>Hyperthyroidism
  203. How do you take your Tapazole?
  204. Follicular cells in biopsy surgery recommended?
  205. Anyone's hands/feet swell when slightly warm?
  206. taking different dose of Armour every other day - thoughts?
  207. I just started Synthroid
  208. What Are Synthroid's Side Effects?
  209. confused by antibody & T3/T4 results!
  210. Secondary HypoThyroidism/INPUT
  211. I'm so lost!!!!
  212. Bumpy ride to a lower dose?
  213. Free T4 Results..need input
  214. Do you get puffy face during some parts of the day?
  215. What doe high magnesium mean?
  216. Labs Back - Is this Hashi's?
  217. Carpal tunnel
  218. Test results. Help please
  219. I have an appt....wish me luck
  220. Midwest, Guess what
  221. 7 yr old Bipolar or thyroid problem.
  222. Good News!
  223. Thyroid Antibodies and TSH
  224. Please advise on RAI
  225. TSH controversy - what about T3/T4?
  226. Saliva test vs. blood test
  227. Hashimotos and high cholesterol
  228. labs now normal, still not feeling well
  229. have you heard of such a thing???
  230. Unusually low temperature
  231. Wellbutrin or Adderall & skewed test results?
  232. if i have the anti bodies is that good or bad or will i get worse?
  233. Really need some answers
  234. Thyroid medication
  235. Sudden PMS Anyone?
  236. Hashimoto's - No treatment
  237. TSH deficiency???
  238. Pregnancy and Hypothyroidism
  239. test results help
  240. ANA came back positive
  241. sTSH?
  242. i have thyriod disorder and this is week 8 and i have tons of energy....
  243. help with 5 year old labs
  244. What is earliest you can re-test after a med change?
  245. Pain radiating from thyroid nodule
  246. Anyone better on Synthroid than Armour?
  247. Please help my Mother
  248. Thyroid blood work is A okay according to endo??
  249. What Tests?
  250. Can you outgrow thyroid problems?

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