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  1. Carpal tunnel
  2. Test results. Help please
  3. I have an appt....wish me luck
  4. Midwest, Guess what
  5. 7 yr old Bipolar or thyroid problem.
  6. Good News!
  7. Thyroid Antibodies and TSH
  8. Please advise on RAI
  9. TSH controversy - what about T3/T4?
  10. Saliva test vs. blood test
  11. Hashimotos and high cholesterol
  12. labs now normal, still not feeling well
  13. have you heard of such a thing???
  14. Unusually low temperature
  15. Wellbutrin or Adderall & skewed test results?
  16. if i have the anti bodies is that good or bad or will i get worse?
  17. Really need some answers
  18. Thyroid medication
  19. Sudden PMS Anyone?
  20. Hashimoto's - No treatment
  21. TSH deficiency???
  22. Pregnancy and Hypothyroidism
  23. test results help
  24. ANA came back positive
  25. sTSH?
  26. i have thyriod disorder and this is week 8 and i have tons of energy....
  27. help with 5 year old labs
  28. What is earliest you can re-test after a med change?
  29. Pain radiating from thyroid nodule
  30. Anyone better on Synthroid than Armour?
  31. Please help my Mother
  32. Thyroid blood work is A okay according to endo??
  33. What Tests?
  34. Can you outgrow thyroid problems?
  35. what are normal numbers
  36. Do These TSH, T3 & T4 Free Tests Really Accurate?
  37. Help Please w/ Lab Results
  38. increases in meds how do you feel?????
  39. Cytomel Overdose
  40. Need help with diagnosis please ?
  41. Emotional swings? Do SSRI's help?
  42. Hypo Impacts Blood Sugars?
  43. More than a week for lab results???
  44. Ache near or on side of thyroid when nervous
  45. Anyone else with symptoms like mine?
  46. meisha, IrisT, others with similar labs. Come on in! :)
  47. New with a few questions
  48. creaking clicking bones!!!!!
  49. Hashi's or Menopause?
  50. what causes tight-throat/lump-in-throat sensation?
  51. ? about subclinical hyperthyroidism
  52. Anxiety + Cytomel = ?
  53. Thyroid question - I'm new
  54. Is Nausea a Hashimoto's Symptom?
  55. any research to show low-normal ft4 indicates hypo?
  56. any other natural options that are NOT from pig?
  57. hyper in sedona
  58. Looking for a docotr in NJ
  59. Midwest, question for you!
  60. Midwest,Sparkie,Anyone
  61. New labs questions?????
  62. unexplained weight
  63. Help! I can't absorb my thyroid med
  64. Will taking Synthroid same day of labs effect the results?
  65. Newbie - have I made the right decision
  66. Renin???
  67. Propranolol and Xanax?
  68. What is the difference bet. T4 and free T4?
  69. Pondering tsh lab ranges - thoughts?
  70. if you have under active thyriod do you have to take xanax too or can you ween off th
  71. Dosage Change Question
  72. does tsh fluctuate for ppl without thyroid disorders?
  73. Midwest, the latest
  74. i take 250 mcg of synthroid
  75. Happy Birthday Helen!
  76. Help please, I don't understand
  77. Help please
  78. Help, Got Lab Results
  79. Endo"s And Cytomel
  80. Omega 3 and thyroid
  81. synthorid vs levothyroxine question
  82. So, What else could it be?? (lab results in)
  83. another question
  84. I'm So Discouraged - How Long Will It Take?
  85. Thyroid Uptake Scan
  86. acessn12! Im so discouraged!
  87. Parathyroid Level High
  88. Lab Test for Grave's disease
  89. Vitamin D-Thyroid article
  90. Armour and Depression
  91. Good visit with PCP
  92. Endo Visit-Strange Labs-Thoughts?
  93. Soy and Thryroid Meds
  94. free t4 of 13?? yes THIRTEEN
  95. thyroid level question
  96. Hypothyroidism to Hashimotos?
  97. Another go at this - new test results
  98. Anyone in Houston, TX
  99. new here and CONFUSED
  100. sick after rai
  101. Does it get worse before it gets better?
  102. Help Please Reply - Switch From Graves To Hasimotos????
  103. For ErinBeth
  104. Hyper and TG numbers telling a story?
  105. For Nikki!
  106. A few questions..
  107. numb hands
  108. 5 year old with thyroid issues
  109. Midwest...Anyone else...please help
  110. Accessn... can you help Bitohoney?
  111. What is Serum thyroglobulin?
  112. Midwest & Anyone else that can help me understand this
  113. New and have questions...
  114. Reflux and thyroid???
  115. Intolerance to Meds
  116. Does this make sense? MRI?
  117. Question about meds
  118. what meds can you not take while on thyriod meds?
  119. still soooo thirsty and freqent loo visits!!!
  120. rhianz
  121. Sleep troubles
  122. Ears Ringing Anyone?
  123. Other couch potatoes out there?
  124. GOOD LUCK tomorrow Helen!!
  125. Neck pain associated with nodules?
  126. It figures--got my hopes up and nothing!
  127. Who has taken RAI years ago? And how are you today?
  128. tsh levels and pregnancy
  129. Midwest, here are my new numbers help.....
  130. Somewhat prominent thyroid??
  131. Small Thyroid gland?
  132. Is This Possible With Generics?
  133. Eye twiches????
  134. Can I take Saw Palmetto for my hair?
  135. Happy Birthday Bran's!!!!!!!
  136. Whoops, just found out I wasn't supposed to keep Levoxyl in the fridge
  137. can't find the magic number
  138. please explain adrenal support and relationship to hypo
  139. Feedback needed please!
  140. Which do you prefer Propranolol or Atenolol?
  141. Hypo and no menstrual cycle
  142. Thyroid and Pregnancy?
  143. Armour vs Synthroid
  144. hyper from pituritory problem and rai????or tt options??
  145. Pvc's And Hyperthyroid Anyone?
  146. Thyroid Issue?
  147. Menstrual Cycle Affected By Hypo?
  148. Hypo symptoms at 1 dose - Hyper at another
  149. Hyper Sleep Suggestions Please????
  150. Will Someone Please Reply??? I Need Help. K9mom???
  151. How many have severe constipation??
  152. synthroid
  153. Please Help with biopsy results
  154. Can Thyroid grow back after TT?
  155. To K9mom Please Reply
  156. Getting really hypo again.....
  157. Armour and Adderall Questions
  158. Help needed
  159. Stopping Estrogen &Thyroid Labs
  160. Thyroid "expert" stumped by lab tests
  161. Possible Thyroid Problem
  162. Help with new labs
  163. When Armour builds up - do I back off?
  164. Bummed...Need to Vent
  165. I'm so annoyed. What is the deal with some doctors?
  166. Saw the new endo yesterday! Not bad!
  167. Home from TT
  168. Need but can't tolerate thyroid meds
  169. Just Graves, not both!
  170. What has helped you?
  171. Armour to Naturethroid
  172. Thyroid for Dummies
  173. thyroid symptoms?
  174. Which T4 only drug to choose?
  175. A bit frustrated
  176. Does Hyper affect your period?
  177. food allergies
  178. Midwest1, can you help with this Please?
  179. hot red neck and face after rai
  180. Internist or Endocrinologist?
  181. Question on retesting blood
  182. Thyroid and Glucose?????
  183. night sweats
  184. Why Are Doctors So Reluctant To Give Cytomel
  185. Help Graves - Pls Reply If You Have Graves!!
  186. Have you heard of this?
  187. Has Anyone Ever Had A TPO Thyroid Antibody Test?
  188. Has Anyone Taken Cytomel Alone For Extended Periods Of Time?
  189. Lab Results - Please Reply Bran's and Others
  190. TSH Range
  191. how long do thyroid meds stay in the body?
  192. TT Surgery Over - Report
  193. pins and needles in hands and arms
  194. Yay Someone Finally Listened!!!
  195. Hypo and High Blood Pressure
  196. thoughts on labs and Dr. Rees Jones in Denver
  197. Can levels change from day to day?
  198. lab questions
  199. More shaky in the monring? and How do I "bold"?
  200. Estrogen Replacement and Thyroid Levels
  201. bloody dry eyes and sooo thirsty!!!!!!!!
  202. Goitrogen feeling?
  203. Midwest, Erinbeth, got my lab numbers
  204. Newbie here with possible thyroid problem
  205. whacked thyroid&
  206. How Many Of You Had Rai Treatment?
  207. feeling like all of your messages put together
  208. feeling like all of your messages put together
  209. Coconut oil stimulating the thyroid?
  210. Ultrasound vs. scan?
  211. Can synthroid cause breast tenderness
  212. What do these results mean???
  213. Saw an Endo Today - Pls Read and Thoughts???
  214. Help Me! I think my thyroid made me depressed!
  215. Soy Isoflavones???
  216. rollercoaster after RAI
  217. Internist Says See Endo/probably Rai
  218. Question
  219. Ft3 tells all?
  220. racing heart
  221. Has anyone switched from Armour to Synthroid? Insomnia...
  222. Lips going numb?
  223. Cytomel 2 x Day?
  224. Polyglandular Autoimmune syndrome
  225. itching
  226. when will i feel better again.
  227. To "T3" or not to "T3"
  228. Any thoughts on natural remedies?
  229. Thyroid Labs..Input Needed
  230. Lobectomy three years ago, now the other is growing...
  231. HELP!! Could I have a thyroid disorder??
  232. Does anyone get hypoglycemic symptoms and headaches??
  233. Question for the ladies
  234. Blister/Bump under tounge
  235. Itchy Rash Thyroid Area After Fna!!!!!
  236. Thyroid Problems - Questions....Please Help
  237. Its been awhile.......
  238. Could thyroid meds make you itch?
  239. Enlarged Thyroid in a child...
  240. My Lab results....what do ya'll think?
  241. Feeling of swollen neck in area of thyroid, hypo or hyper?
  242. Armour Users How Do You Take Your Dose?
  243. Need opinions on treatment...microcarcinoma
  244. Newbie here, need info
  245. Nervousness and Anxiety after exercise
  246. Difference between each thyroid test?
  247. Thoughts on these lab values
  248. Xanax for hyper and anxiety?
  249. newbie here
  250. Back From Fna....ouch!!!!!

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