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  1. Hypo vs. Hyper Symptoms
  2. Dying Thyroid
  3. too soon? Midwest...what to do?
  4. ErinBeth--How was your doc appt.?
  5. nodules anyone have them???????
  6. feeling unwell on thyroxine!!!
  7. Dry throat anyone?
  8. Question about swallow study
  9. Any Positive RAI Stories Out There?
  10. need education
  11. Please Help!
  12. Thyroid and allergies advice?
  13. Soy
  14. Follicular adenoma
  15. Goiter Question
  16. Anyone know of any good doctors in Michigan?
  17. Calling All Senior Members!
  18. Solu medrol and thryoid disease
  19. The Chronic Cough.
  20. Midwest1 - will you check this out
  21. Results: it got worse...bummer!!!
  22. loss of balance why is this happening.
  23. Just Diagnosed
  24. ? for the those of you with a goiter
  25. Help Please! Anyone have Graves and Hashi's????
  26. Opinion needed. Do I have it?
  27. Hypothyroid due to Hypopituitarism
  28. Sleep issues w/ T4 med? & other stuff
  29. Heart Rate Question
  30. Armour question for Midwest
  31. Very Disappointed
  32. Hypothyroidism lady wanting to join you all
  33. TSH 144, BP 214/134, Now adrinal glands messed up!
  34. New labs - what do you guys think?
  35. Treating Graves' With RAI...???
  36. Symptoms Returning???
  37. Vickie - I am here
  38. where did it all go wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  39. Question for senior members?
  40. could have died last night
  41. Problems After Thyroid Diagnosis
  42. Thyroid Med and Anxiety
  43. would it hurt to up my dose of 75mcgs to just 25mcgs to make it 100mcgs?
  44. would it hurt to up my dose of 75mcgs to just 25mcgs to make it 100mcgs?
  45. Thyrogen--Full Body Scan
  46. new hashi biopsy question scared
  47. Boarderline Thyroid Question
  48. Anyone here had coarse/open biopsy nodule?
  49. my levels must have changed again .
  50. Could hypo or the meds (synthroid) make me lose muscle?
  51. need help understanding thyroid problems
  52. Lab Sheet: I feel like ticking on the FT4 box
  53. Parathyroid Puzzle - Advice Needed
  54. Lab Results- RAI next
  55. Slow Digestion?????
  56. I need advice
  57. Update - opinions?
  58. Help-is This A Normal Occurance?
  59. High Cortisol Level
  60. Sore Tongue!
  61. eye concerns
  62. Deb and Midwest
  63. Anyone else sensitive to Thyroxine increases
  64. Low TSH and Thyroxine Free
  65. Anyone with Anxiety issues - please get this book
  66. Gammagraphy experience?
  67. Low temperature?
  68. Info for people with thyroid problems.
  69. Trying to get diagnosed
  70. For Bookishmomma
  71. Take out both or just one lobe...
  72. 1st visit with Endo - He is AWESOME !!`
  73. Help with labs!!
  74. Menstruation issues
  75. Midwest - lab?
  76. Helen, You Out There Today?
  77. Eirnbeth last of the labs!!
  78. Large Nodule?
  79. Should I not take my Levo. before labs?
  80. Hypos: When do you feel your worst and best?
  81. thyroiditis and allergies..
  82. Droopy Eyelid
  83. Thyroidectomy in two days!
  84. Experienced Opinions
  85. is crying and depression due to underactive thyriold?
  86. Question about T3 uptake results
  87. New Labs - help in reviewing appreciated
  88. Just talked to my original endo
  89. Is clamminess a symptom?
  90. What is wrong with me?
  91. Hyperthyroidism and knee ache
  92. Question for Midwest
  93. Coughing after thyroid surgery?
  94. New here with Thyroiditis/Hyperthroidism & scary symptoms
  95. am I hyperthyroid???
  96. missed beats and shallow breathing pursie here??
  97. Seeing the Endo Tuesday Morning - Questions !!
  98. MidWest New labs in, plz help!
  99. Parathyroid Glands - Veterans/Graves People Help me !!!!
  100. New Hypo Patient
  101. Nodule doubled in size despite med - need biopsy & nervous
  102. Tanning bed and my throid nodule???
  103. med change causes depression
  104. New to this, what do I ask first?
  105. Help With Labs
  106. New look at things...
  107. TSH and Weight Gain
  108. hypothyroidism, visual problems, fatigue,
  109. Anyone know understanding docs or Endos in Phoenix?
  110. Ok - I need some serious support here
  111. Help with my new labs
  112. Help! Hyper To Hypo On Tapezole
  113. depression from low thyroid
  114. eirnbeth midwest please help
  115. Endocrinologist in NJ
  116. test results help please
  117. Newbie here - a couple of questions
  118. what is free thyroxin
  119. eye twitching?
  120. test results help!!
  121. Digestive Problems
  122. question about my thyriold?
  123. Your dose of synthroid?
  124. should i be concerned? why it is what it is?
  125. oops!
  126. Thyroid
  127. 3.0 Is the new standard
  128. Question about thyroid/quitting smoking
  129. fatigue on levothyroxin
  130. Did anyone have a pregnancy after TT?
  131. how long before you feel good after dose increase?
  132. can anyone help me?
  133. Scans and more scans
  134. Thank You - More Than You Know
  135. Does anybody ever feel like this?
  136. Erinbeth? question for you!
  137. Insomnia anyone??
  138. Scared!!!!
  139. hypothyroidism? i dont know
  140. Anyone else fyl into a rage over little things?
  141. Post Rai~pain In The Neck~
  142. Thyroid Removed
  143. Hi Just started with Amour but....
  144. looking for a good DO in Tucson
  145. Hyperthyroidism...another person in the list...
  146. What else could it be?
  147. is Armour safe for Hashimotos
  148. Hyper, Endo Appt. Tommorrow
  149. Where should I go from here?
  150. Newbie-Need Advice!
  151. Good news!
  152. Best Thyroid Medicine
  153. Help!
  154. Thyroid Medication & Shot with Epinephrine A Your Dentist
  155. Hot! Hot! Hot!
  156. low T3, rest is "normal"
  157. low cortisone pursie here!!!!
  158. Any Ideas?
  159. Talk about gettn kicked while ur down!!
  160. Just need advice and general support...
  161. Overactive thyroid
  162. For those who have had a TT (LADIES)
  163. Very Low TSH after 2 Months
  164. ok my tsh went back up to 7.11 in jan it was 8.45 then went to 2.58 why does this hap
  165. Finally insured!! What tests should I get?
  166. Lab Test Results
  167. Questions Regarding Replacement Therapy.
  168. My daughter is sick please help
  169. Need information
  170. Need information
  171. True or False
  172. Will my vision improve???
  173. results said I have low thyroid levels, but doctors don't do anything
  174. 1st bloodtest comming, what do I get tested?
  175. High Free T-4,
  176. really bad weekend
  177. Thyroid? What is it?
  178. Midwest1 - can I ask you a question please?
  179. Thyroid testing frequency
  180. Helen and Danni..where are you??
  181. Selenium,other minerals good for hyper or hypo?
  182. There's no running...
  183. ErinBeth???
  184. side effects information wanted
  185. how long does it take
  186. too much radiation?
  187. Can anyone please help? I am scared to death...
  188. omg,my tsh was 2.58 now its up again 7.11
  189. Hypothyroid diagnosis about 12 years ago...
  190. numbness
  191. Not sure what to do w/ depression
  192. Advise please (??)
  193. What should I expect at first visit?
  194. FT3 level high normal range Question
  195. Update and a few questions :)
  196. New - Need help with surgery decision
  197. New Endo great news!
  198. PURSIE .......... Where are you?????
  199. Swollen Neck Both Sides/will It Stay
  200. Hey Friends, help me out, nuclear tests results back !
  201. why am i having side effects on a low dose
  203. Help with lab results?
  204. anyone else with high blood pressure?
  205. Papillary cells
  206. hyperthyroidism and chest pain anyone?
  207. Test Result Help, Please
  208. Typical Doctor!
  209. Talk to me Midwest. These just in
  210. Question about Labs! Please Help!
  211. New Endo
  212. Ultrasound today GREAT NEWS
  213. Swollen Neck Both Sides
  214. Give me some encouragement fellow hypers..
  215. Partial Lobectomy scheduled for mid May
  216. I go back on Synthroid starting tomorrow...
  217. New endo - some progress
  218. Thyroid lobectomy scheduled
  219. Thyroid & Muscle And Joint Pain
  220. Zitty Hair Line-No more...
  221. 3 and 1/2 cm NODULE
  222. Thyroid>Tinnitus?
  223. For Jenn3
  224. Ah Crud! More thyroid fun
  225. How many Dr's?
  226. swollen hands anyone?
  227. Routine Labs
  228. Supplements & Armour? Should...
  229. Bloodwork results
  230. TSH to low???
  231. Over the counter diet pills?
  232. Support system
  233. Atch Stimulation For Cushings???
  234. Question about synthroid & T3 compound???
  235. 2 Questions
  236. This is so confusing!
  237. if your tsh is 2.58 and they say your within range would you still be tired(no energy
  238. Question about Food?
  239. Possible thyroid problem? (hairloss)
  240. Hyperthyroid symptoms...
  241. got my labs
  242. Crestor
  243. Pain in nodules
  244. Other symptoms
  245. How many tries before anyone was diagnosed?
  246. Synthroid before bed AnyOne?
  247. tounge hurts
  248. inhibit TRH directly
  249. Tsh 132.48 (this Is Not A Typo)
  250. Anyone Not Do Well On Armour?

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