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  1. Vitamin D and Thyroid Issues - Midwest?
  2. Hypothyroid Heart Palps
  3. Synthroid - Sun tanning - hives
  4. dosage of t3 in armour
  5. New Here with questions
  6. Brain Fog Is Back
  7. Anyone else gaining weight on Armour? Help!
  8. Lump in my throat
  9. Are these results Hypothyroid
  10. titration
  11. Six Month checkup, after thyroid surgery, NOW another problem..
  12. New here and could use help, labs & ct scan disagree
  13. When Will This Go Away!!!
  14. Results Confusion
  15. I have some thyroid test result questions-please help!!
  16. Just diagnosed hypothyroid....starting Synthroid tomorrow!
  17. Getting lipids back in line!!!
  18. Tsh/nodule 5.2cm
  19. Anyone taking generic for Armour?
  20. Anyone using GTA ForteII
  21. Does size of cold nodule matter?
  22. New Dr - Good news, Bad news
  23. Simple Question
  24. can i kill my gp
  25. ? about my daughters labs
  26. Hives and Thyroid
  27. taking B12 with Armour
  28. Please help me with my test results.
  29. Understanding FT3 results.
  30. New here, I think LOL - bad ultrasound?
  31. Hoarse voice
  32. Bad Thyroid + Normal Test
  33. Hyperthyroid - but no symptoms
  34. Any Hypo's/Hashi's have dizziness?
  35. Synthroid Dose
  36. bloating/water retention
  37. How long before symptoms of hypo hit?
  38. TSH Levels
  39. those who are hypo - what do you eat for breakfast?
  40. 18 years old with hypothyroidism?
  41. For those who have had a total Thyroidectomy
  42. pap cancer people ..help please?
  43. Seasonal adjustments to meds
  44. do i have different symptoms to other people
  45. help please
  46. Synthroid side effect, I think.
  47. Armour Wearing Off?
  48. Thyroid medication and ectopic heartbeats
  49. Good doctors on Long Island?
  50. Total Thyroidectomy or wait watch? HELP.
  51. Would like Lab Interpretation? Thanks
  52. After the fact
  53. Hashi Goiter Has Returned
  54. I am so disappointed--you all were right too!
  55. ? about increasing Armour dosage
  56. Labs - Need Advice from Veterans - Frustration Level Critical!!!
  57. Questions for those who had thyroid surgery
  58. Hashimoto's.......I need some feedback
  59. Possible thyroid problem?
  60. Newbie with questions
  61. could I have it? what to do next.
  62. Confused with ultrasound findings
  63. Consuming Omega 3 (Salamon and fish oils or flaxeed oils) for people with eye disease
  64. new here
  65. Help....Meds Increase
  66. FINALLY spoke with endo.
  67. Question About Synthroid (levothyroxine)
  68. How does everyone deal with these idiot doctors!
  69. autoimune versus hashimoto's
  70. New here, question
  71. Lab Gurus - mind lending a brain cell?
  72. Anyone take Thyrolar, then Armour?
  73. another one with antibodies
  74. Anyone With Pinching Chest Pains/hyperthyroid
  75. Just wanted to say Hi Midwest!
  76. what is hyper thyriold symtons?
  77. Hashimoto's
  78. Internal Med consult
  79. Advice on Treatmesnt Options-Graves Disease
  80. Left hand, fingers, arm numbness/pin/needles
  81. Hashimoto antibodies
  82. Mother&Sisters with Hyper/Hypo
  83. High TPO - no thyroid ???
  84. Lab Tests & Medicine
  85. Questions for people using Synthroid
  86. but it's from P-I-G-S !!! (READ if u take Armour)
  87. Anxiety and Drs Appts
  88. Got Tests Back Again, Still Wants Me Off Meds
  89. accessn12...question please?
  91. I'm new here....going to the doc tomorrow!!
  92. will i really start losing weight?.....m
  93. diff. between synthroid, levoxyl and generic?...m
  94. Where is there a dr you can talk to?!
  95. help with understanding what the numbers mean
  96. Oh Boy! New Labs New Problems... Need Help Once Again.
  97. Thyroid antibodies results - Huh?
  98. am i over medicated ? tsh is 1.58 and im on 75mcgs.
  99. not very happy with new dr. --- looking for some ideas
  100. Does anyone know what Microsomal AB is?
  101. can anyone answer these questions
  102. Help with information about the tests
  103. Question about Thyroid
  104. Questions about antibodies
  105. 9 days on synthroid.
  106. Midwest: Math?
  107. Excessive medication???
  108. Deb123 and other Adrenal folks
  109. how long until meds work, and is an endo better than internist?..m
  110. Anyone have bone/joint pain?
  111. TSH 0.145 + multiple thy nodules.. what to do?
  112. mid west please i need you over here funny heart beats???
  113. Blood test - Thyroid FT - any idea what this would include?
  114. Results from Thyrogen -- Full Body Scan
  115. Slightly elevated tgab (47) /normal tpo(17)
  116. Latest Labs: Free T3 and TSH out of range
  117. i read alot of the posts........
  118. Hypo and Puffy Face
  119. Need Your Help!
  120. very new and confused why my numbers indicate low thyroid. Can someone help w/tsh/3t4
  121. Help I think it's my thyroid single mother cant cope
  122. Any other hyper-t's light-headed when talking or singing?
  123. Why am I taking this medicine?
  124. Question on value of Total T4 lab
  125. bad appetite but getting back into range??
  126. Referrals Please
  127. Not sure what to do next
  128. Back from Endo with answers
  129. For those who have had a TT
  130. Hi Reece and MidWest - just an update
  131. In general, which one is the worst Hypothyroid or Hyperthyroid and why?
  132. Why is it that in the morning the eyes are red
  133. I don't understand my TSH
  134. Can't sleep after thyroidectomy!
  135. Need Help From Thyroid People!!!!
  136. Input on Labs Appreciated
  137. How many hypo's have a suppressed TSH?
  138. Ovarian mass linked to hypo symptoms?
  139. New Hashi's with questions/comments
  140. TSH the same and FT4 down with Armour???
  141. Should I take a (another) synthroid this morning?
  142. Diverman............I have a question for you or anybody else that knows
  143. More questions from the anxious one!!
  144. Partial Thyroidectomy
  145. trying to find the cause of graves/hyperthyroid
  146. Calling All Senior Members!
  147. Pain meds that don't eat up thyroid hormone?
  148. Has Anyone Tried Natural Thyroid Treatments?
  149. A question among questions
  150. Metroprolol, hyperthyroidism, diabetes
  151. Low thyroid, or something else?
  152. Qestion for Midwest again
  153. Dea4.......I have a question
  154. Panic!
  155. Goiter?
  156. Balance Disorder?
  157. Newer here with Questions about Nodules
  158. Question for Midwest
  159. how can I get my energy back!!!
  160. how long can it take?
  161. ready to scream
  162. Is weight-lifting bad for people with thyroid issues
  163. Antibody results ??--Midwest or anyone's advice
  164. Diagnosing Hypothyroid
  165. Question about switching from morning to night with meds???
  166. Hey Red Maple!
  167. Thyroid Scan
  168. Hypo for years, never got a specialist opinion
  169. Newly Diagnosed and Totally Confused
  170. ashma and hashis!!midwest anyone help!!!
  171. upping synthroid dosage & symptoms
  172. Help please
  173. itchy skin
  174. what supplements do you take?
  175. Hypothyroidism in youngish men !
  176. 30 Min Vs. 1 hour Before Meal? Any Difference?
  177. Ultrasound Results
  178. New member, new stories, new questions.
  179. Total Thyroidectomy & Aching joints
  180. Aches And Pains Anyone?
  181. What Is Considered Normal Tx?
  182. Another Setback
  183. I'd appreciate some input
  184. Painful Thyroid
  185. Just need to vent - Whine alert!
  186. Tendonitis & Hypo
  187. Hypothyroid?
  188. RAI stories?
  189. Update - feeling much better!
  190. Please Help - very confused with fna report
  191. Hypo vs. Hyper Symptoms
  192. Dying Thyroid
  193. too soon? Midwest...what to do?
  194. ErinBeth--How was your doc appt.?
  195. nodules anyone have them???????
  196. feeling unwell on thyroxine!!!
  197. Dry throat anyone?
  198. Question about swallow study
  199. Any Positive RAI Stories Out There?
  200. need education
  201. Please Help!
  202. Thyroid and allergies advice?
  203. Soy
  204. Follicular adenoma
  205. Goiter Question
  206. Anyone know of any good doctors in Michigan?
  207. Calling All Senior Members!
  208. Solu medrol and thryoid disease
  209. The Chronic Cough.
  210. Midwest1 - will you check this out
  211. Results: it got worse...bummer!!!
  212. loss of balance why is this happening.
  213. Just Diagnosed
  214. ? for the those of you with a goiter
  215. Help Please! Anyone have Graves and Hashi's????
  216. Opinion needed. Do I have it?
  217. Hypothyroid due to Hypopituitarism
  218. Sleep issues w/ T4 med? & other stuff
  219. Heart Rate Question
  220. Armour question for Midwest
  221. Very Disappointed
  222. Hypothyroidism lady wanting to join you all
  223. TSH 144, BP 214/134, Now adrinal glands messed up!
  224. New labs - what do you guys think?
  225. Treating Graves' With RAI...???
  226. Symptoms Returning???
  227. Vickie - I am here
  228. where did it all go wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  229. Question for senior members?
  230. could have died last night
  231. Problems After Thyroid Diagnosis
  232. Thyroid Med and Anxiety
  233. would it hurt to up my dose of 75mcgs to just 25mcgs to make it 100mcgs?
  234. would it hurt to up my dose of 75mcgs to just 25mcgs to make it 100mcgs?
  235. Thyrogen--Full Body Scan
  236. new hashi biopsy question scared
  237. Boarderline Thyroid Question
  238. Anyone here had coarse/open biopsy nodule?
  239. my levels must have changed again .
  240. Could hypo or the meds (synthroid) make me lose muscle?
  241. need help understanding thyroid problems
  242. Lab Sheet: I feel like ticking on the FT4 box
  243. Parathyroid Puzzle - Advice Needed
  244. Lab Results- RAI next
  245. Slow Digestion?????
  246. I need advice
  247. Update - opinions?
  248. Help-is This A Normal Occurance?
  249. High Cortisol Level
  250. Sore Tongue!

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