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  1. multinodular goiter
  2. should i up my dose myself to make it 75mcgs or wait till i see dr?
  3. What do I do?
  4. Why do lab ranges differ?
  5. It's official, I quit smoking and now need dosage increase
  6. hello! ok, free t4 = .97, t3 = 113, tsh = 5.77. hypo?
  7. Why do I feel awful now? HELP ME
  8. Upped meds and feel terrible
  9. Midwest may i ask for your advice please?
  10. so upset
  11. pathology says there was Hurtle cell changes
  12. New to the Board
  13. T3 Dosage, how long between changes?
  14. Has anyone here experienced this
  15. FNB was today - It was not bad at all !!
  16. Post Nasal Drip and Cough
  17. Hello, new to HypoT...a question
  18. Family history of thyroid problems???
  19. Oh my gosh!
  20. Generic vs. Brand in Elevated TSH
  21. har loss anyone?
  23. Hypo and Panic Attacks
  24. Thyrolar out of production (again)
  25. New, FNA tomorrow, anxiety
  26. Exertion and recovery
  27. HELP !! Thyroid Questions..
  28. How do you feel in the mornings?
  29. What About Hip Pain?
  30. help
  31. Length of time to lower TSH?
  32. Armour and Walgreen's?
  33. Midwest???
  34. Katkat???
  35. Thyroid disorder?
  36. Antibiotics & Thyroid!
  37. going crazy!!!!
  38. New,Curious and nervous!!
  39. very low numbers?
  40. Weight Loss and thyroid med
  41. Just a question regarding tsh
  42. Help sleep apnea!
  43. Hello
  44. New here, when to see specialist?
  45. Results from ultrasound~waiting on nuclear test/Friday
  46. New and seeking advice
  47. Got my results- I am SO depressed!
  48. Test= antithyroglobulin 3182! Range 0-40?
  49. Test results
  50. Just after thyroidectomy op- a few questions
  51. Who has had their thyroid completely removed
  52. Thyroid Cyst....
  53. How long to get tested again?
  54. Anyone tried homeopathic treatments??
  55. underactive thyroid? what age?
  56. Saw new Dr. today !
  57. blood test confusion
  58. iodine tablets???
  59. Help Advice Needed
  60. Twitchy muscles....anyone else?
  61. Hey, Doc!
  62. Fatigue, puffy eyes, back pain - anyone else?
  63. Mental Health and Thyroid ANY ANSWERS?
  65. New, have a few questions about my numbers.....
  66. Quick Thyroid re-test question....
  67. FINALLY getting a thyroid test!
  68. if im on 50 mcgs & dr is increasing to 100mcgs just for sundays is that to much?
  69. FNB said cancer but no surgery sch'd yet
  70. Hypo or Hashi people DX'ed with TSH less than 5
  71. dr is incressing my dose of synthyrold
  72. Armour Question
  73. thyroid and depression
  74. Not a thyroid problem
  75. Hypothyroid and acid reflux (any relation)?
  76. Little things do mean alot...
  77. Thank you to everyone
  78. have you heard of this regarding hypo
  79. home testing ?
  80. Excessive Water Consumption
  81. any advise would do...
  82. Hi Reece - question
  83. When will improvement from med increase likely be felt?
  84. Levothyroxine and Multivitamin?
  85. Tension in tongue, especially at night... stress?
  86. Estrogen/Progesterone for PMS anyone?
  87. starting to feel my depression coming back.
  88. Feeling better annette60
  89. Meds after thyroidectomy
  90. Doctor #5: Same crap as before
  91. Hi everyone, where is Archie??
  92. do you not base hypo on tsh alone?
  93. why no iodine??
  94. What are some not so obvious hyper symptoms?
  95. Thermogenics and test results
  96. Brand new to the board of *thyroid*
  97. Hyperthyroidism, bipolar disorder, and a body covered in hair
  98. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Hypothyroid
  99. hashi hypo thyroid and at my wits end
  100. Just seventeen please help!
  101. keep falling down is this thyriod or high aniety or what?
  102. Lab has me listed as 20 years older!!
  103. reason for high TSH?
  104. Need Help!! Hypo/Hashi's
  105. Thyroid changes with weight loss
  106. Radioactive versus Thyroidectomy
  107. eye issues
  108. Disheartened in PA
  109. Dropping things????
  110. Who has improved by switching meds?
  111. Feel like I am dying....
  112. Benign and Boring
  113. Decision
  114. Ok to refrigerate Armour?
  115. Advice for Leg Pain?
  116. Am I over-medicated??
  117. Had sonogram on thyroid today !
  118. Playing with medication/Current lab results
  119. Hypothyroid and Sjogren's
  120. HELP! Need to find a doctor
  121. Playing with medication
  122. hey buds - Just need some support/quick question
  123. test worries!
  124. Bad week
  125. Thyroid Nodule
  126. first bloods since op
  127. is a tsh of 2.58 good?
  128. Hypothyroid&Drug Allergies...
  129. hyper/hypo
  130. Sue/ Houston Docs/comments welcome
  131. What if it's another auto-immune issue?
  132. Wow - what a bad morning - HELP
  133. As long as I'm bugging you anyway - Labs?
  134. What is normal range for TSH, T4 and T3?
  135. low FT4
  136. im confused on my test results
  137. High Parathyroid Hormone
  138. are these tests adequate?
  139. Need Menstrual Period Advice
  140. I Am Back
  141. Still looking for answers!
  142. Armour Thyroid
  143. Thyroid Update
  144. Free T3 and T3 Update Difference????
  145. Hello, newbie here!
  146. Questions for Bran'sNana
  147. big difference august to march - please help me interpret!
  148. Fingers crossed
  149. Midwest & All..test results in ~ opinions appreciated
  150. Labs and Doc's Instructions
  151. loose bowels
  152. Lipoma's caused by Synthroid?
  153. Help in General With Thyroid
  154. lab question - Help
  155. Any HypoT's with weight loss secrets out there????
  156. My doctor is making me hyper. Normal?
  157. Adverse Maca reaction - related to thyroid disorder???
  158. Antibody Testing
  159. What do I do now????
  160. have test results & need help for dtr please
  161. Stuck in limbo
  162. ups and downs
  163. I need help!
  164. Hyperthyroid serious worries
  165. Thyroid Help
  166. TSH is normal? Am I?
  167. Anyone have these symptoms relieved?
  168. I need help....
  169. new to this place
  170. Shmily
  171. What is the difference? Hashimoto's & low thyroid?
  172. Zuzu s Petals
  173. Thyroid???
  174. Hashimoto's Input Needed
  175. skin problems
  176. weird labs
  177. Going hypo for RAI - Reece, anybody...
  178. Just wanted to give an update
  179. Could I be Over-medicated???
  180. "Itchy" Thyroid Anyone?
  181. Are there alternatives for cytomel?
  182. I'm going to go off of the Armour
  183. Midwest--set me straight please
  184. Low Temp In The A.m.????
  185. can u ignore underactive thyroid
  186. tightening of throat
  187. can an injury cause thyroid problems?
  188. 450mg PTU/day?
  189. doctor in SE MI that's open to Armour
  190. NEW to Board-need help.....
  191. Need Opinion - Graves or Hashi's????
  192. Any info on Hungry Hyper gaining weight?
  193. Help with reading bloodwork/sonogram report
  194. Suppressed TSH & Hypo symptoms?
  195. Antithyroglobulin 382 but Negative Microsomal Antibody?
  196. Anyone on 40mg Day Tapazole?
  197. ? How long until feel change w/dec. meds?
  198. What'd think?
  199. This is annoying!!!
  200. Does anyone know what TgAK means?
  201. Once Again Help Needed Badly And Quick!!
  202. Antibodies & where to go from here?
  203. q's about hot nodule
  204. chest pains from Cytomel - caffeine
  205. new here, have hypothyroid question
  206. Can you help with these lab results?
  207. Med increase - feeling weird
  208. MIDWEST1-Question?
  209. Help with test result
  210. Lab Results-Help with Interpretation?
  211. New Hashi/HypoT/Insulin Resistant, got a question.
  212. Synthroid Not Being Converted Properly In The Body
  213. Antibodies Query
  214. Asymptomatic
  215. Thyroid uptake scan -
  216. Anyone have a thyroid problem right itself during pregnancy?
  217. Doctors remarks questionable!!
  218. Synthroid 0.05 mg
  219. Synthroid vs. Armour
  220. Hypothyroid and strong metallic odor
  221. Hashimoto's Question
  222. tinglin in the hands and feet
  223. new labs - not sure what they mean
  224. Need some help know if I do have a thyroid problem
  225. Was subclinical hypo now hyper?
  226. new ,with ?'s ..worried about daughter with enlarged thyroid
  227. I need stories & advice from ppl with hyperthyroidism
  228. Lump Sensation - could it be thyroids?
  229. Should I be angry with my Doctor ?
  230. Anna Nicole - had hashi's
  231. Radioactive Iodine Pill
  232. For those of us intolerant-what about B&R?
  233. Help interpret Labs!!!
  234. Stay on Levoxyl or switch to Armour?
  235. dizziness
  236. Miserable with ???'s
  237. Going to meet my oncologist soon, what should I ask?
  238. MEEP-Lab Interpretation?
  239. Thyroid And Panic Attacks
  240. Who Wrote Me About Synthroid Causing Muscle Pains?
  241. High T4. Help?
  242. Hypo Food Intolerances HELP!!!
  243. DEA, Sue1234, SHMILY et al in hot humid climates
  244. Pitting edema and Hypo-T
  245. Diet and Thyroid Disease
  246. Hypo symptoms intensified by exercise?
  247. Multiple Endo Problems
  248. Multiple Endo Problems
  249. What is hyper enough to treat?
  250. HYPO and just found out I'm pregnant...

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