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  1. disappointed with endo appt. - are they all like this? anyone know one in PA?
  2. Wow... Does it normally take almost
  3. What should I put on scar?
  4. How long until I notice my thyroid isn't working?
  5. Looks like I'm back to square one!
  6. Hypo and twitching
  7. Accessn12, endo doc says my throat thing is not due to my thyroid and to call G.P.(??
  8. Good news-things do change for the better!
  9. Does this new throat thing mean I need to up the dose?
  10. hello sorry i havent been on for a while!im baack
  11. lyphoma
  12. Going to an Endo/what to expect?
  13. Can anyone recommend a good thyroid dr. in CT?
  14. Anyone know a good thyroid dr. in CT?
  15. please help - need some support
  16. accessn12, I can't believe it, please help anyone!
  17. Does anyone have bone loss?
  18. Allergic to IVP dye
  19. confused about test results
  20. Types of thyroid meds?
  21. Info on RAI
  22. 3rd set of test results - tsh rising question
  23. Symptoms of high TSH and hypothyroidism
  24. A very mild case of Hashimotos Thyroiditis
  25. Please help interpret labs- again!
  26. Anxiety post right Thyroidectomy
  27. Please look at my labs.
  28. UK Paitent Pays Privately For a FreeT3 Test!
  29. check-up - your thoughts on meds - help!
  30. Sharing Article on Thyroid Lab Tests
  31. achy joints
  32. Is there a good way to find a new doctor?
  33. Help! Is it premature menopause, thyroid or an autoimunne disorder
  34. Limbs falling asleep at night
  35. Happy New Year Midwest and Pursie!
  36. Levoxyl and depression
  37. Taking thyroxine before exercise?
  38. hypo and pre diabetes
  39. What is your T4 level - learning
  40. Friend to friends
  41. Evening Primrose Oil- Tell Me About It?
  42. I was wondering about B12 levels & thyroxine intolerance
  43. Underactive thyroid newly diagnosed - please help!
  44. Thyroid or Adrenals
  45. Helen, and all you guys...
  46. What was your TSH when diagnosed?
  47. bad anxiety??????help!!
  48. Last pm thought I was a goner...
  49. accessn12, saw endo and neuro....
  50. What do these test results mean?
  51. New to Hyper
  52. Just need some support
  53. Weight gain
  54. Hypo with Hyper Symptoms.....Help!!!!!!!!!!
  55. New results= New Worries
  56. had 4 week post op appointment yesterday...
  57. What to look for in a Dr?
  58. strange feeling in my throat when I cough
  59. Questions?
  60. eye problem?
  61. Should I not listen to my doc?
  62. How long after surgery did u wait to go back to work
  63. cold sweating for 7 years, im desperate...
  64. allergic reaction?
  65. Suffering pain and discomfort years after surgery
  66. Really, really confused by all of these crazy test results...
  67. Need some input please.
  68. accessn12 can we exchange experiences?
  69. We thought it maybe MS, or lead poisoning but hypothyroid?
  70. tsh levels and symptoms
  71. Very Low TSH?
  72. brans'nana where are you how you doin????
  73. ANOTHER side effect of Armour?
  74. Can Hashis cause you to be immunosuppressed?
  75. Coconut Oil After thyroidectomy
  76. Beta Blockers?
  77. Hashimotos Anyone? Looking to Compare Notes
  78. Merry Christmas and Thanks
  79. hey mandy .m. happy xmas
  80. Question for those who have had a TT
  81. possible thyroid symptoms
  82. Zuzu - This thread's for you
  83. Apologies!
  84. brans'nana read me!!!!
  85. Bran'sNana: I'm baaaaaaack!
  86. feeling awful on levoxyl
  87. Merry Christmas to all!!
  88. TinyTot2????????
  89. getting really emotional after surgery
  90. First test on Armour
  91. Thyroid driving me insane
  92. hyper with large nodule, what are my options?
  93. Taking count here
  94. please comment on test results
  95. dottiex2 where are you? Gel foam vocalcord
  96. weight loss
  97. throidectomy
  98. New Labs
  99. sleepy daydreamy feeling
  100. One day post surgery
  101. tsh 0.07 and free t4 18 is it abit hyper?????
  102. Change in Meds - effect on Hair
  103. happy birthday mandy . m.
  104. anyone feel worse after thyroxine than ever before!!!
  105. my latest blood test
  106. It has been a great day Midwest!
  107. Thyroid help?
  108. My other thread broke.
  109. Coconut oil for hypothyroidism
  110. Splitting Dosage?
  111. CT scan almost a year after surgery
  112. Armour allergic reaction?!
  113. Please help with opinions on these labs
  114. Home from surgery
  115. Avoidance of soy?
  116. Bad news today
  117. Rai Consultation
  118. Does hypothyroid cause intestinal problems??
  119. Higher dosage?
  120. Numbness in neck after TT
  121. Appt today for new nodules/8 week follow up
  122. Latest test shows VERY high TSH
  123. just diagnosed
  124. Red flushing around thyroid
  125. Hyperthyroid son???
  126. Any other lifers?
  127. Midwest, another question
  128. Single nodule...I'd like to hear other's experiences with this.
  129. overactive thyroid vs underactive thyroid
  130. Recently diagnosed Hypothyroid..have some ???
  131. What are the test results, fushionqueen?
  132. pre-op chest xray
  133. midwest please
  134. Is coconut oil the miracle
  135. symptoms.. plans to see doc
  136. Pathology Report Results
  137. Hey, Pursie, slow down so I can catch you!
  138. Help reading lab results
  139. Grenz Ray Radiation
  140. now i feel like its all in my head
  141. Super high Antibodies...
  142. On Armour and low FT4
  143. Shoulder pain question
  144. Tailbone...
  145. Hypothyroidism and Fatigue
  146. Low-Grade Infections and Cold won't go away since starting levothroid.
  147. 3 weeks it Armour...........??????
  148. What tests needed to diagnose thyroid problem??
  149. new lab results - need more
  150. Went to my ENT appt.
  151. Hypoechoic structure
  152. Hearing loss
  153. I need support from fellow non-armourians!
  154. New! Hasi's, cancer???
  155. New to Board: A Question
  156. Need advice, nodules increasing
  157. ranting
  158. lab results?
  159. question about testing
  160. Leave it to me...parathyroid tumor
  161. Lab Results...can someone tell me what this means??
  162. armour making me sick
  163. Looking for research on Thyroid Hormone Receptors
  164. Milkshake - wait a minute - where's mine?
  165. yes another question.
  166. Recovering from TT surgery
  167. RAI, surgery or more meds
  168. Don't these lab results indicate disorder?
  169. Anyone have this symptom?
  170. I feel awful
  171. bad report
  172. Reflux/More lump in throat since starting Graves treatment?
  173. Timed-release T3
  174. Graves with TED
  175. question on beta blockers
  176. Frustrating symptoms and no answers...
  177. going hyper again oh no here we go!!!!
  178. Anyone have or had swollen tongue as a symptom??
  179. left lobe removed yesterday
  180. TT 12/19 question
  181. Opinions on Daughter's labs
  182. thyroid meds while on psychiatric meds question....
  183. new to board--trying to conceive and hyperthyroid
  184. Rai Annd Fever Question
  185. Hi again...Discouraged about doctor's response
  186. Reducing Autoantibodies
  187. PTU AND Synthroid togehter with Graves'?
  188. Allright Midwest, Reese, Erinbeth, and Pursie, Here they are the lastest counts!!
  189. do I need another opinion
  190. Increased heart rate
  191. My TT surgery experience...
  192. Trend in labs?
  193. New to the board
  194. New to this board...just got diagnosed with HYPOthyroid
  195. Blood Work Inn!!!
  196. does this sound like a thyroid problem?
  197. when is Radioactive Iodine (RAI) Treatment needed?
  198. good and bad foods for hypo?
  199. Levoxyl Increase=tingling lips?
  200. Increasing Synthroid from .50mcg to .75mcg?
  201. Increase in Med but very tired!
  202. courage to ask for test
  203. Thank you Midwest, Erinbeth, and Reece
  204. Left lobe will be removed Tuesday
  205. Anyone gone "off" of thyroid after years??
  206. does exersise make you feel better?
  207. My story...are these sympotoms common?
  208. Spirulina
  209. Thyroids Help greatly appreciated
  210. Tight Chest - is this Hypo or Anxiety?
  211. Quick Changes
  212. Going off of Thyroid Medicine Question
  213. LOVE my Osteopathic Dr!!!
  214. Hypothyroidism, High trigylcerides and high cholestrol- Ashish
  215. HYpo but symptoms feel like Hyper! Anyone else the same?
  216. Hurthle cell neoplasm and surgery
  217. Appointment with new endo - post TT
  218. Thyroid, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression-?!?!?! HELP!
  219. On Levoxyl to suppress my remaining left lobe...what do you thinnk?
  220. Hello , Newbie here and need your assistance, please
  221. scar tissue from hashi's
  222. When does the tightness go away?
  223. im so scared that i will die of heart problems please read not long 3 kids under 10
  224. Low body temp - HELP!
  225. Hypo related problems? Need help and answers...
  226. Hi Deda! Another wonderful report!
  227. Midwest, I am not improving!!
  228. Hypothyroid - Worried About Friend !!
  229. suggestion to see pcp referral on armour website - Thank you!
  230. Can we have another thread on funny doctors quotes please? :-)
  231. waiting for pathology report
  232. New Results
  233. Lab Results - What do you think?
  234. Who had the high antibodies, abnormal labs, but felt fine?
  235. Archiewilson, midwest and everyone......
  236. Anti TSH receptor test in
  237. Prolactin
  238. Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Blood Doner
  239. Hyper already?
  240. new endo appt. tomorrow
  241. Help! Should I suggest that my doctor increase my Synthroid dosage?
  242. new lab test results for sick and tired....
  243. Pulverised Thyroxine?
  244. Day 6 ARmour!! UGH!
  245. Thyroglobulin High?
  246. Tapazole and eye issues?
  247. high prolactin, thyroid symptoms????
  248. How much T4 and T3 in Armour
  249. 1 Week Post Op TT
  250. sorry this is long........

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