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  1. SOS.HypoT & extreme moods? HELP PLEASE..
  2. Time off work
  3. Thyroid nodules - need advice
  4. Don't know what my best treatment options are!!!
  5. Propylthyracil
  6. Thyroid and menopause!!
  7. Had my TT this week!
  8. thyroid nodule press on carotid anyone??
  9. i'm confused
  10. popscookann
  11. tsh went up & acidosis?
  12. What the dosage means?
  13. Nov 8th dignosised with graves disease pls shed some light ...
  14. HELP - thyroid problem or ?
  15. Correcting a borderline case of Hypothyroidism
  16. Hashimotos.....changes
  17. Newly diagnosed Hashi's
  18. latest news on my little boy
  19. TSH fluctuations and synthroid
  20. synthroid
  21. hair shedding
  22. when can I take meds.?
  23. Oleander I Am Home From Surgery!!
  24. subacute thyroiditis and hashimoto thyroiditis
  25. FNB and hashimoto diagnosis
  26. cough from thyroid nodule
  27. Hyper with hypo symptoms?
  28. Large Nodule or Cyst ?
  29. Fab4Fan
  30. ErinBeth! Midwest! Need an opinion.
  31. Help,don't Feel Well !
  32. My labs
  33. Reocurring nodules?
  34. Fluctuating TSH?
  35. just a few questions
  36. tsh normal, i'm crazy?
  37. thymus gland enlarged
  38. Mercury exposure?
  39. Thyroid Nodule Problem
  40. Sweats
  41. Pathology after TT (again!)
  42. Has Anyone Tried Isagenix?
  43. New to Hypothyroidism
  44. Had my FNB yesterday......
  45. What to expect during thyroid scan?
  46. Hypothyroidism, newly Dx'd
  47. thyriod and supplements should I take hem apart from each other!!
  48. Natural support
  49. Hi I'm New and I have a ?
  50. Horrible Appt with PCP, do I need a second opinion?!? Please help!!
  51. Yet another request for help with labs!
  52. Thyroid disease and acne??
  53. Hashimoto's and fluctuating symptoms
  54. Follicular Tumor
  55. Got my nodule results
  56. hello i have some questions about my results
  57. Help! Doctor won't check thyroid!!
  58. Help, please! Newest labs and guess what Dr. wants to do?
  59. TSH level was 6.... Dr. wants to "wait and watch"... I"m concerned..
  60. surgery complications help
  61. TSH Level, what does it mean?
  62. Scar
  63. Graves and BP
  64. Immune System Support Supplesment and Autoimmune Disease
  65. Thyroid Nodule
  66. What does a thyroid problem do to you?
  67. Help with test results
  68. Surgery this Wed Nov 8th
  69. What the Heck is wrong with thyroid people?
  70. "Low End Of Normal" TSH?????
  71. over the counter thyroid supplements
  72. HELP - Large Nodule!!
  73. Are all the AI diseases diagnosed through blood work?
  74. why breathless?
  75. HELP! Doctor said no biopsy now he wants to!
  76. Help me with lab results!
  77. Inderal - can it cause postmenopausal bleeding?
  78. Hot And Cold At The Same Time????
  79. is this serious?
  80. How many with local anesthesia 4 thyroid surgery?!
  81. Incorporating more t4...
  82. does fasting effect tsh?
  83. How long before back to work after surgery
  84. Trouble staying asleep is HYPO too???
  85. Please advise. Very confused.
  86. Hypo, abdominal discomfort and belching - recognise this?
  87. Hypo to Hyper in a week?
  88. How many of you on this board, had a FNA that was benign, BUT decided to have surgery
  89. How common is it to have the other part of thyroid die after partial thyroidectomy?
  90. Lab Results Normal? Still Feel Awful!
  91. just diagnosed with ca thyroid
  92. After RAI Full Body Scan -- Explain What This is and What Results are We Looking For
  93. Level Questions... advice please
  94. Just wondering
  95. Help! I just received my test results...
  96. Home from surgery
  97. Lump In Throat Feeling - Any Way To Lessen The Discomfort?
  98. Confused!
  99. Should I ......
  100. Good News!
  101. Very ill!!!
  102. Questions for Armour users...
  103. EmmsMommy7 - specialists in NJ?
  104. Armour, new Endo, and my visit
  105. new here and don't know what ....
  106. help me with my labs
  107. Lab Results
  108. To armour users...
  109. Levels way off!
  110. Autoimmune Diseases
  111. Is dizziness a sign that my medication is still too high?
  112. What would I do without you guys?
  113. follicular neoplasm
  114. an update
  115. TSH normal, surgery next month
  116. FNB next Tues.....how easy is it?
  117. Help! I'm scared about hyper and starting my period after thinking I'm in menopause
  118. New Numbers
  119. Archie - See my post on low dose of RAI
  120. Low Dose of RAI Monday-Isolation Through Wednesday
  121. First Appointment With Endocrinologist
  122. SEVERE night sweats on armour?
  123. Scarey Symptoms, Been on Drugs For Awhile
  124. sulphur help regulate thyroid?
  125. Vocal Cord Check Tomorrow (FRI)...
  126. New Member
  127. Scheduled Right Thyroidectomy-please post success stories for me
  128. red eyes
  129. Arm & legs jerk!
  130. confused about results and doctor's recs...help!
  131. how to tell if thyroid is swollen?
  132. Beta-Blockers
  133. Surgery Tomorrow am
  134. beta blockers
  135. lip problems and thyroid
  136. Thyroid Levels and No Meds-Help Please
  137. My new neck :-)
  138. Cystic Acne & Thyroid Problems?
  139. Cost of Doctor shopping in Thyroidville
  140. help i think i,m going mad.
  141. Teen with Diabetes and Hashis TSH results
  142. good luck mad maz on your barium test!!!
  143. New with a question..
  144. Received all my medical reports and need help interpreting them please.
  145. I can not get full......
  146. Thyroid Storm/ Synthroid advice
  147. chrashed!!!
  148. My thyroid is sooo unfair....
  149. Home after TT
  150. Thyroid suppresion therapy?
  151. mri?! on my hypothalamus or other thyroid tests
  152. I've Decided...
  153. Tsh 6.1
  154. Wanting opinions about my endos suggestion...
  155. So confused! High TSH low t3 and low t4
  156. Just Might Snap.........
  157. Will these interfere with my thyroid med?
  158. "Normal" Test Results
  159. New to the thyroid board
  160. Can Adderall Effect Your T4 Level?
  161. Help! Thyroid warm & itchy...
  162. TSH Range(0.3-2.0)??
  163. Thyroid meds questions
  164. Wow
  165. Lipid Panel Lab work --Thyroid Related???
  166. thyriod nodules/iodine deficiency question
  167. Today the day! Wish me luck :-)
  168. sending out an sos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  169. Salty Taste
  170. New Looking for Advice
  171. Thanks Midwest
  172. Possible overactive thyroid
  173. got a copy of my results.....
  174. I am a mess, and I am new here.
  175. Second Opinion
  176. One More Question...can The Tyroid Affect The Heart??
  177. What tests should I request?
  178. Ana?
  179. I need info on radio Iodine treatment
  180. My Thyroid Peroxidase AB is in range but endo says I have Hashi's
  181. Help, MANY ongoing symptoms...
  182. Alcohol and Hypothyroidism
  183. test results
  184. STRESSIN....... Please help......
  185. Pathology after TT
  186. tingling,vibrating body and hypothyroid
  187. Severe HypoT??? Need help w/ symptoms!
  188. Beta-Blocker and High T4
  189. Do KELP pills help?
  190. calcitonin and cea blood test
  191. new here
  192. anyone esle feel like this.
  193. If you're hypo and puffy faced raise your hand!
  194. Test results are in
  195. I'm New - Couple Questions Please
  196. Postpartum Hashimotos..strange symptoms
  197. New member with questions
  198. Can you be hypo and hyper in the same day?
  199. On Cytomel TSH is all over the map!
  200. LisaBob Update please.........
  201. should I go to an endocrinologist?
  202. Okay, Here's my latest issue...
  203. Predicting with Thyrogobulin levels
  204. When do you get results
  205. hashimotos possible remmission??
  206. thyroiditis ???
  207. anybody with hashis and graves at the same timw???
  208. Anyone with a thyroid disorder have SVT too?
  209. I would like to share an office consult
  210. Doctor found a Simple Goiter
  211. TSH Level Question
  212. Anyone have a nodule in the center?
  213. how likely am i to have underactive thyroid
  214. New here...I'm taking synthroid and can't get the wieght off.
  215. Outgoing to feeling blah...
  216. Cytomel - Does it matter when you take it?
  217. Dosage
  218. Is this Hashimoto's?
  219. Please help me feel better about this test!!!
  220. Vocal Paralysis after Thyroid Surgery-Reece
  221. Really WEIRD Symptom - any thoughts!?!
  222. Cat's Claw w/ hashis
  223. stomache problems and thyroid meds!!!
  224. Need Advice About Surgery
  225. Hypo after RAI??
  226. Can these be caused by my thyroid
  227. Voice Change - Is this Normal after TT
  228. Need advice: Possible Hashimotos diagnosis
  229. TSH and T4
  230. Facial flushing with Headache?
  231. result what it meant please
  232. what's wrong
  233. food
  234. help!!!!!!!!
  235. RAI Scheduled l0/30 - Reece, Archie & Others Advice
  236. Graves w/blood pressure problems
  237. ?AM I UNIQUE? - Off scale levels, or Daft UK Dr ?!!
  238. Just got some test results back
  239. help? tsh at 12.9
  240. What to ask on Monday
  241. Hypothyroid and speech. - HELP PLEASE !
  242. 2nd endo opinion about fna results...
  243. can u have a normal tsh range but still have thyroid issues?
  244. I need HELP with making a decision on whether or not to get thyroid surgery
  245. Eyebrows & hair falling out again...what does it mean?
  246. thyroid supplements?
  247. another question
  248. Flipping OUT!!!
  249. high T3...low T4.....on armour ...why?
  250. Help with lab results please

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