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  1. Tapazole: Anyone had any bad side effects?
  2. i cant settle please help
  3. Generic thyroid medication question?
  4. test results help requested
  5. Carpal Tunnel
  6. Holistic/Natural approaches
  7. Your opinion on ultrasound performed by endo vs radiologist
  8. Subacute thyroiditis? Who knows about this?
  9. OMG! found this
  10. Lowering Antibodies
  11. Worried
  12. any connection
  13. could use some support/advice
  14. Why are Dr's so reluctant to diagnose?
  15. Question about cost
  16. New results but tired and breathless, help!
  17. Subclinical
  18. Why does this have to be such an issue?
  19. new here
  20. Is this normal
  21. Finally Got All My Labs Back! Plz Help.
  22. Hyperthyroidism and enlarged nodule
  23. message to: elppin, cougars, innedofhelp89
  24. new results plz plz plz help
  25. Lab results...
  26. Adding t-3
  27. Side Effects after Small Increase in Meds?!
  28. Ultrasound for diagnosis?
  29. Exercise
  30. Ok, relevance of ANA, DHEA tests??
  31. Its starting to annoy me
  32. my labs, should they treat me
  33. one good thing about being hypo
  34. Do you know the answers to some questions?
  35. Pathology report..Can anyone analize what it means??
  36. Any recommendations for 'test at home' labs?
  37. Finally a diagnosis! T3 toxicosis
  38. to mad maz from katpurs
  39. anyone with hyperthyroid???
  40. stomach problems
  41. Argh! A week to go until TT
  42. diet for thyroid
  43. Can Someone Help Me With My Results Please
  44. Finally! The results are in...now please help!!
  45. Knocked for a loop by Cole Slaw
  46. Happy Thanksgiving to All
  47. Advice from menopausal ladies please
  48. Giving thanks
  49. ??? for those with compressive goit/nodules?
  50. What now
  51. Appetite
  52. A few new results--?T3U?
  53. Got results for Vitamin D3 test
  54. Hashi's, Nodules, and Sleep Apnea
  55. On the lighter side of things
  56. Hyper? T3 Toxicosis?...yet FNA said Hashimotos
  57. Went back to Endro yesterday...Another question??
  58. my choice
  59. Think a D.O. might be a good choice?
  60. does it matter ???
  61. Please help with my labs/test results--confused!
  62. eye and ear problems
  63. Doctor doesn't think I need thyroid medication with a dead thyroid.Haa
  64. HYPO and Bipolar
  65. Has anyone ever heard of...
  66. Anyone here with parathyroid???
  67. Thyroid hormone sensitivity stories
  68. what test do i need to take?
  69. Introducing myself - need help!
  70. Possible to have TT 15 years ago and now get more hyper?
  71. hypo, high iron levels, heart palpations - Please..
  72. How Soon to Expect Changes?
  73. Do I need to be on a beta blocker? (Hyperthyroid)
  74. OK Got Graves and wonder if anyone can answer questions!
  75. hypothyroidism causes cellulite?
  76. So fed up!
  77. Sore Throat on right side only-- from levothroid?
  78. question for Midwest
  79. Please Help Again
  80. Just got results back can someone help???
  81. Friend having probs and been told labs are 'normal'
  82. Why do doctors keep rechecking the Thyroid blood tests?
  83. upped my meds and weight
  84. question about switching to armour
  85. FNA of thyroid
  86. Help-Problems with Cytomel
  87. high blood platelets thyroid any link???
  88. thyroxine vs other meds....
  89. Armour info
  90. can people post their tsh levels????
  91. Hello, I'm new here.
  92. Bad year--venting looking for encouragement
  93. Don't know how to get help. Constantly Puffy, unrecongnizable face, nose.. etc.. help
  94. Thyroid hormone sensitivity?
  95. Anyone get rid of goiter naturally?
  96. Having a TT, very scared, please help!
  97. Question for Anyone taking Armour???
  98. Oops, Forgot To Ask This Question
  99. Update
  100. Diagnosing Hashimotos
  101. hyperthyroid or something else??
  102. Stress
  103. please help, not sure what to do about thyroid
  104. thyroid questions
  105. thyroid problems
  106. Very Scared-Taking Cytomel No Thyroid Trouble
  107. Scared and confused about right nodule
  108. How many days/weeks before your synthroid (or, like im taking- levothroid) kicked in?
  109. Another calling Midwest....
  110. Need some help, got questions!!
  111. Any thoughts on symptoms??
  112. Synthroid and birth control
  113. Carrielynn
  114. CALLING MIDWEST!!!!!!! Anyone else also
  115. anyone feel like this
  116. Was I heading from hypo to hyper?
  117. Totally yucky day!
  118. Numbness
  119. Penicillin alergy and synthroid troubles?
  120. Uptake & Scan today. What is 18.7% mean?
  121. lived on a garbage dump, cancer and 22 yrs old and hypo.
  122. Need Help With Results Please
  123. B12 and hypo
  124. Please Help
  125. side effects and synthroid?
  126. Anyone else in here have Gilbert's Syndrome or other liver probs?
  127. Two weeks after surgery
  128. I am sooo mad! Lab results.
  129. Hot flashes with levothyroxine. Normal?
  130. sore throat
  131. Achilles tendons and synthroid
  132. Anyone please help explain my labs? ;)
  133. Hashi and miscarriage
  134. First Endo appt since TT
  135. This will make you giggle :-)
  136. Took Blood Test..Confirmed.. I have a question..
  137. Surgery Scheduled
  138. Please help, need advice!
  139. birth control & thyroid issues
  140. Is it me or what???
  141. Just started taking PTU
  142. Appointment this afternoon... can anybody check out my labs?
  143. Muscle Spasms with Hashi's - opinions please
  144. TSH Normal Range?
  145. Hoping for a little help...
  146. Lab Tests are back, newly diagnosed, with questions...
  147. How long can thyroiditis last?
  148. Began self treatment w/ suppls. today...
  149. Hi Everyone - no change to tight neck post TT
  150. Please Helppppp!!!!!
  151. My doctor does not think I have hypothyroidism or even subclinical hypothyroidism.
  152. Hypothyroidism and insomnia
  153. Just Diagnosed Hyperthyroidism. Have questions.
  154. Foot Problems?
  155. overmedicated
  156. High TSH and normal T4?
  157. What is low for Free T4?
  158. Stressful events caused fatigue
  159. Test Results Are Back...
  160. Anyone on levo and still feel like something is not right!!!
  161. Need help understanding my doctor!
  162. Back from surgery
  163. Continued weight gain despite balanced thyroid
  164. Weight gain increases as dosage increases
  165. I have a question for anyone who can help out please!!!! Thanks :)
  166. Newly Diagnosed, question about time it takes to get adjusted
  167. SOS.HypoT & extreme moods? HELP PLEASE..
  168. Time off work
  169. Thyroid nodules - need advice
  170. Don't know what my best treatment options are!!!
  171. Propylthyracil
  172. Thyroid and menopause!!
  173. Had my TT this week!
  174. thyroid nodule press on carotid anyone??
  175. i'm confused
  176. popscookann
  177. tsh went up & acidosis?
  178. What the dosage means?
  179. Nov 8th dignosised with graves disease pls shed some light ...
  180. HELP - thyroid problem or ?
  181. Correcting a borderline case of Hypothyroidism
  182. Hashimotos.....changes
  183. Newly diagnosed Hashi's
  184. latest news on my little boy
  185. TSH fluctuations and synthroid
  186. synthroid
  187. hair shedding
  188. when can I take meds.?
  189. Oleander I Am Home From Surgery!!
  190. subacute thyroiditis and hashimoto thyroiditis
  191. FNB and hashimoto diagnosis
  192. cough from thyroid nodule
  193. Hyper with hypo symptoms?
  194. Large Nodule or Cyst ?
  195. Fab4Fan
  196. ErinBeth! Midwest! Need an opinion.
  197. Help,don't Feel Well !
  198. My labs
  199. Reocurring nodules?
  200. Fluctuating TSH?
  201. just a few questions
  202. tsh normal, i'm crazy?
  203. thymus gland enlarged
  204. Mercury exposure?
  205. Thyroid Nodule Problem
  206. Sweats
  207. Pathology after TT (again!)
  208. Has Anyone Tried Isagenix?
  209. New to Hypothyroidism
  210. Had my FNB yesterday......
  211. What to expect during thyroid scan?
  212. Hypothyroidism, newly Dx'd
  213. thyriod and supplements should I take hem apart from each other!!
  214. Natural support
  215. Hi I'm New and I have a ?
  216. Horrible Appt with PCP, do I need a second opinion?!? Please help!!
  217. Yet another request for help with labs!
  218. Thyroid disease and acne??
  219. Hashimoto's and fluctuating symptoms
  220. Follicular Tumor
  221. Got my nodule results
  222. hello i have some questions about my results
  223. Help! Doctor won't check thyroid!!
  224. Help, please! Newest labs and guess what Dr. wants to do?
  225. TSH level was 6.... Dr. wants to "wait and watch"... I"m concerned..
  226. surgery complications help
  227. TSH Level, what does it mean?
  228. Scar
  229. Graves and BP
  230. Immune System Support Supplesment and Autoimmune Disease
  231. Thyroid Nodule
  232. What does a thyroid problem do to you?
  233. Help with test results
  234. Surgery this Wed Nov 8th
  235. What the Heck is wrong with thyroid people?
  236. "Low End Of Normal" TSH?????
  237. over the counter thyroid supplements
  238. HELP - Large Nodule!!
  239. Are all the AI diseases diagnosed through blood work?
  240. why breathless?
  241. HELP! Doctor said no biopsy now he wants to!
  242. Help me with lab results!
  243. Inderal - can it cause postmenopausal bleeding?
  244. Hot And Cold At The Same Time????
  245. is this serious?
  246. How many with local anesthesia 4 thyroid surgery?!
  247. Incorporating more t4...
  248. does fasting effect tsh?
  249. How long before back to work after surgery
  250. Trouble staying asleep is HYPO too???

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