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  1. Thyrolar? Anybody?
  2. Midwest your expertise is requested!
  3. Thyroid Peroxidase Test
  4. BioIdentical T3 and T4
  5. Too much T3?
  6. Endo visit today! All I can say is HELPPP PLEASEEE...
  7. Lab Results - NOT Graves! Treat for hyper???
  8. Does anyone have dry heels?
  9. Vent
  10. multi nodules.. help
  11. One of these is going to be the end of me...
  12. How many have Adrenal fatigue with Hashi's
  13. What Do You All Think???
  14. one more question..Midwest,Elmhar,RedMaple
  15. calling Midwest,Elmhar,RedMaple
  16. uptake scan
  17. Swelling under right eye
  18. Urgent: Need Advice
  19. Parathyroidism
  20. What's a thyroid specialist called?
  21. Calling All Experts!
  22. Lobectomy tomorrow
  23. sorry so many ?
  24. Hashimotos AND Graves AND Pregnant - HELP!
  25. Midwest, I have a question
  26. Is That My Thyroid I See When I Swallow????
  27. does anyone skin hurt
  28. RAI Redose
  29. Eye pain any ideas
  30. Advise to newly diagnosed
  31. how many people are much worse off AFTER RAI??
  32. Bloody GP's! :-(
  33. New Labs--I am stumped! Any help welcomed.
  34. Oleander- Help Me
  35. Do antidepressants help anxiety????????
  36. Could a biopsy be wrong?
  37. Question for RAI people.
  38. bone loss
  39. 4 days post op w/questions
  40. Got a copy of my labs today--fluctuating levels?
  41. blood test results
  42. nodule
  43. HELP!! Any encouragment from those who had a tt? Experiences?
  44. HELP!! Any encouragment for those who had a tt? Experiences?
  45. extremely high TPO levels, what's this mean?
  46. bad endo visit today pursie
  47. What does 41.01 mlU/ml TSH mean
  48. Hi! New and confused about Dr result???
  49. Midwest, I have a question about Thyroid Storm
  50. Pursie Good Luck with your Endo today!!
  51. CAT Scan
  52. WHAT do these dr's really get paid for anyways???
  53. help with question
  54. Help me interpert lab results please!!
  55. Work or no work?
  56. Could this be a Thyroid Disorder?
  57. Am I The Only One With Nodules That Haven't Been Biopsied?
  58. Hashis and Pregnant with high TSH
  59. What would you do? Nodule question, long.
  60. having a thyroid uptake scan
  61. Hashimotos and pregnancy - effects on the baby?
  62. Synthetic Meds with Armour???
  63. Off Armour and my TSH has gone down itself
  64. What Blood Test Should I Ask For????
  65. Thyroid Terms - Help For Fushionqueen
  66. Wavy Vision
  67. Hashimoto's and anti-anxiety meds?
  68. Scan results......NOW I AM SCARED!!
  69. painfull thyrois one side has anyone had pain in the thyroid???
  70. Help with blood results
  71. Meds before labs?
  72. YES ANOTHER Question........
  73. smoking and thyroid
  74. Probably stupid question.
  75. smoking and thyroid
  76. low TSH, low Free T4????
  77. Sea Salt for Puffiness N Water Retention??
  78. Oleander??
  79. Antibodies and ??Normal Thyroid Levels
  80. Cancer
  81. Does a negative ANA...
  82. Hashimoto's encephalopathy anyone? PLEASE HELP!
  83. FINALLY found a clue to this mess!
  84. Does Anyone Know Of A Good Endo In S.e. Michigan!!!
  85. Roid rage
  86. Anyone have puffy face with hypo?
  87. thyroid Antibodies
  88. Low body temp, yet ongoing fever
  89. Armour Question
  90. Thyroid Problems or Not
  91. Feedback Welcomed
  92. Need help with lab results
  93. Sheesh! Now I am even more confused. New radiology report and help needed?!?
  94. is this normal?????
  95. have a question
  96. Hashimotos - what is this?!
  97. New Labs, Please Take a Look
  98. Help - Concerns about Doc!
  99. Will I be put on medications?
  100. Mood swings
  101. MidWest/Red Maple--Free T3 Test
  102. midwest1, can you tell me more ...
  103. Dose of 250 synthroid
  104. Maybe getting somewhere
  105. info for RIA treatment
  107. ? nothng makes sense
  108. Surgeon got me a spot - February 1st
  109. Hypo or hyper
  110. help me if you can i'm feeling down and i do appreciate you being round>>>>>
  111. Does anyone know...
  112. Call All Hypo's........need Your Input!
  113. Hashimoto's question
  114. blood test question
  115. Hey Midwest How are you?
  116. Help Gone HYPER again doc wants me to take 2 different dosages of meds?
  117. finally got a diagnois
  118. Hashi's sufferer seeks decent endocrinologist in SE Michigan
  119. under active thyroid
  120. under active thyroid
  121. Hypo Cause
  122. The wisdom of doctors
  123. Wierd things going on
  124. Odd symptom
  125. Endo Tomorrow What should I ask?
  126. Starting at 75 mcg and another question
  127. New med WEIGHT GAIN???????
  128. Calling all hypers!!!!
  129. RAI for toxic Nodules....
  130. Hi Bran's!
  131. HELP!!! Please looking for insight on many symptoms! HELP!!!
  132. When is it time to add Cytomel to Synthroid ?
  133. hyper and hypo thyroid is this possible
  134. Calling Midwest
  135. Anyone else w/Graves looking for nutritional alternatives over Meds??
  136. TSH Level of .89
  137. Levothyroxine and Synthriod - What's the difference?
  138. Cholesterol effected by my Thyroid
  139. Snythriod Rollercoaster Ride
  140. Side effects of hyper meds?
  141. Hyperthyroid-difficulty swallowing?
  142. Levothyroxine-upset stomach/anxiety
  143. Is shaky weak a thyroid symptom? HELP!!
  144. TT scheduled for 30 Jan
  145. TSH what is normal? Help
  146. After Rai
  147. Hair Friendly Thyroid Meds
  148. Thanks Red Maple
  149. positive antibodies?
  150. Weight Loss
  151. Has Anyone Tried Accomplia Or The Generic Rimonabant?
  152. After treatment
  153. Hey ErinBeth
  154. Need thoughts and input please!
  155. What does......
  156. hyprothyroidism?
  157. Just started Armour; those with success once a day or twice a day?
  158. Lab results...can someone help?
  159. new with questions
  160. thyroidectomy
  161. Thyroid Storm
  162. Need to know conversion with armour and Levoxyl..
  163. Newly diagnosed - RAi
  164. New to Graves and PTU
  165. Hey Midwest!! My prayers were answered!!
  166. Negative Effects On Body from High TSH
  167. feeling horrible
  168. FNA Results - Low Grade Pap Cancer
  169. Total food intake affecting ideal Synthroid dose?
  170. Questions! PLEASE HELP!!!
  171. How do you switch meds??
  172. What are normal numbers?
  173. Quick question
  174. Sister has no choice but possible tyroid storm
  175. Good thryoid doc in Ontario? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller ... ?
  176. Advise from anyone
  177. Frustrated! Still crashing!
  178. Thyroid leveal low but cant gain weight ???
  179. They'll do it every time!!
  180. Can Synthroid cause anxiety?
  181. Hypothyroidism and TTC
  182. OK here they are..........
  183. Hyper - how long on meds
  184. I may be thinking too much on this, but...
  185. how did you find your nodules and goiters?when to go for scan???
  186. i have pain in the left side of my thyroid!!!
  187. How do you get second opinions?
  188. 5 wks pregnant and Hypothyroid
  189. Problems related to thyroid
  190. Double Vision after taking crestor
  191. TT in Feburary
  192. tapazole or ptu for hypers?
  193. Hashimotos
  194. Anyone know a Dr. in London, Ontario willing to prescribe Cytomel or Armour?
  195. I DO have antibodies for Graves!!
  196. Nauseated?
  197. Hypo with throat probs
  198. Freaking Out
  199. Took a nose dive.........HELP!
  200. Labs
  201. Eek :D
  202. Sister has no choice but possible thyroid storm
  203. Post-appointment realizations...
  204. What is normal for adjustment period for new dosage?
  205. Lugol's Solution iodine for HYPOTHYROID
  206. Finding a doctor - does this sound strange to you?
  207. Blood test for hypothyroid?
  208. Restless Leg Syndrome?
  209. Rollercoaster!!!! Midwest..Question
  210. Dizziness with hotflashes
  211. perimenopause and hypothyroid
  212. Question about using Armour at multiple times in the day...
  213. Pregnant? How? What? Argh!
  214. Paralyzed vocal cord post surgery
  215. My happy story with Synthroid...
  216. elmhar??????
  217. Armour Thyroid?
  218. I'm so angry with doctors
  219. Hi, new here
  220. Reece...i Have A Question??
  221. Hyperthyroidism...trying to concieve...help!!!
  222. What are the symptoms of a thyroid problem?
  223. Is there any benefit to removing thyroid?
  224. Everythings the same Post TT over 1 year
  225. Shaky Weak Help!
  226. Hypothyroid and trouble losing weight.
  227. My doctor appointment... not so good...
  228. Interesting ER visit for heart racing
  229. Thinking about switching to ARMOUR.....NEED IMPUT
  230. Need Advice About Scheduling Surgery
  231. - - -
  232. Leg/arm tingling and vibrating
  233. Armour what might be going on
  234. Armour what might be going on
  235. TSH in "normal" range doctor diagnosis is depression
  236. Help! What happens when you miss dose of synthroid??
  237. Is this thyroid or menopause?
  238. RAI, Depression, some questions
  239. FNA Biopsy - Alone with Doctor?
  240. Feeling funky with hyperthyroid
  241. Cough Syrup Warnings?
  242. Oleander???
  243. Symptom questions?
  244. Reason for decrease in TSH without meds
  245. Armour intolerance, again!
  246. This could be the year!!
  247. In search of a good endo in CT, please
  248. Cosmetic Eye Surgery
  249. Abdominal issues
  250. Atrial Fibrillation

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