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  1. Lobectomy and resultant hypothyroidism?
  2. Generic Armour not as good?
  3. hashi's and armour -- ineffective?
  4. Feet/Ankle Swollen
  5. Weight gaining / anxiety ?
  6. So, back to square one...
  7. does HYPO = cranky, lack of sleep & anxiety???
  8. Back on Armour feeling like a new Woman
  9. Any ideas?????
  10. Going Crazy! Endo has "No Idea" about my symptoms
  11. drastic change in levels
  12. Which Antibodies test is better???
  13. Now I am worried! Help!
  14. half grain of armour
  15. got my labs (need help)
  16. Please, Please HELP
  17. Ferritin - is anyone having theirs checked?
  18. what are best tests to show graves
  19. What to East -- before and during RAI
  20. B12 deficiency
  21. Problems at the dr's office
  22. Puffy Eyes... Maybe from RAI or Hypo.. Any Advice?
  23. What did you feel with med change??
  24. Well the results are normal, but I have never felt WORSE!
  25. Help with Lab Results
  26. Getting Ready for RAI
  27. Met with surgeon today...
  28. Tests?
  29. Anyone with a goiter willing to share with me?
  30. Weight Loss Combination
  31. Synthroid vs. Armour
  32. Hypo to Hyper after hyster?
  33. Totally given up!
  34. Help! Voice changes after surgery.
  35. How can the blood tests vary so much? DESPERATE
  36. Basic Advice for Newly-Diagnosed Hashi's Hypothyroiditis
  37. hot flashes and nausea, and i'm NOT in menopaus
  38. could birth control pills affect thyroid?
  39. Thyroid Antibodies Question
  40. Oleander???
  41. My Endo's new toy for thyroid pp.
  42. Could i have an underactive thyriod?
  43. Help
  44. Thyroglobin Test Results=HIGH
  45. what's the result mean
  46. new member
  47. What should we eat or avoid? for hashis?
  48. Thyroid WAY outta wack
  49. Synthroid? Starting after becoming hypo from RAI...
  50. I just want to cry
  51. New to disease/new to forum. Have ????'s
  52. lab results vs. how i feel
  53. New Member - Need a question answered..
  54. Final Results Of Fnab
  55. tests results really hyper!!!!!
  56. tests results really hyper!!!!!
  57. is this related to hypothyroidism?
  58. Changing my own synthroid dose?
  59. peeling nails
  60. calcified tumor...surgery
  61. Nodule biopsy results follicular lesion, help.
  62. Good Doc in Las Vegas
  63. Update from Endo. 1st Visit
  64. Ferritin ?
  65. New Twist--conflicting results
  66. Thyroid Healed
  67. Is TSH normal @ 2.18??
  68. Meeting others with thyroid problems?
  69. folicular lesion/hurthle cell metaplasia
  70. I'm getting my "normal" results back today
  71. TT Scheduled for 30th Oct!
  72. Surgery Nov 8th
  73. Does T3 Suppress T4??
  74. Advice on RAI followup Appointment ~ Please Help!
  75. Thyroid Med keeps increasing ??? WHy ??
  76. Calling All Experts /3rd opinion in
  77. Life after TT
  78. Quit Smoking. How long should I wait to get my levels checked?
  79. new to board but not the thyroid
  80. Lab Results- Abnormal- Need help!! Hypothyroidism
  81. New member, please help!
  82. Tingling Hands?
  83. I-123 vs. I-131 for nuclear thyroid scans
  84. Doctor Says Everything is Normal
  85. Thyroidectomy at Royal Marsden, London following poss lymphoma
  86. Infertility and Hypothroidism
  87. question
  88. Life after RAI
  89. thyroidectomy post op
  90. Newbie
  91. Pathology Results from Thyroidectomy
  92. Hypo....I think I've had it long time
  93. natural form bad reaction!!!!!!
  94. Thyroid Surgery - earlier post this date
  95. Thyroid Surgery Scheduled...Am Petrified
  96. give me a break, GIVE *me* a BREAK,,,
  97. Armour, Cytomel, Synthroid, Thylor
  98. New member
  99. I think I have HYPO....HELP
  100. Had my thyroidectomy today
  101. Play "Guess My Symptoms"!!
  102. Help ME Please
  103. Question about lab ranges
  104. Help Interpreting Lab Results
  105. weight loss
  106. i might be a swinger????
  107. Those of you who've had TT - did you get to see the horrible gland??!! :-0
  108. desperately need help!
  109. What does my Thyroid levels mean
  110. EmsMommy any results back yet?
  111. Mercury Fillings, Gilbert's Syndrome and Thyroid Problems
  112. Pre-op Appointment with Surgeon
  113. RAI Treatment?!? Any good results out there??
  114. Upped med and UGH!!!!!!!!
  115. Just got back from the endo...
  116. Negative for antibodies
  117. Sub-Clinical thyroid and multi nodule
  118. Doctor says remission but I am still having symptoms?
  119. Midwest!
  120. dr. levine's ultimate weight loss formula
  121. a few hair questions
  122. ultrasound question.
  123. Mixed up....HELP
  124. Grave's Disease & RAI
  125. Why do I always feel sick?
  126. New Here w/ a Question
  127. What are the symptoms of a thyroid disorder?
  128. Could I be hypo?
  129. Surgery scheduled for Oct 24th
  130. hyper ????? please help love from katpurs
  131. Any answers yet....aray827?
  132. Thyroid Problems?
  133. Total Thyroidectomy Scheduled for 10/13/06
  134. got the test results back for my little boy
  135. Post Partial and Feeling Down
  136. Does anyone have the hypothyroid check list to take to the Doctor?
  137. can test results be misleading?
  138. Hypo and Slow Heart Rate
  139. Has anyone had these symptoms
  140. Good News!!!!1
  141. Radioactive Pill???
  142. New to forum
  143. Please help me understand these labs.
  144. Hashimoto's Antibody Questions
  145. hypo to hyper in a month? HELP!!!
  146. Ora et Labora??
  147. Have I had thyroid disorder most of my life?
  148. Please help me with understanding these levels??
  149. T3-is this safe to use alone?? Do you use T3??
  150. Getting scared ladies.
  151. TSI Lab Results
  152. can anyone tel me what these mean....?
  153. Questions about TT
  154. Can you go from hypo to hyper?
  155. Multinodular
  156. New here, could please use some advice!
  157. Tsh
  158. Back here after 4 years
  159. HYPO ~ can I improve MY memory?
  160. Possible Follicular Lesion
  161. natural thyroid medicine
  162. inceased sythroid, but levels keep increasing?
  163. Test Results Help
  164. Hurthle Cells found in biopsy results
  165. scared and just waiting
  166. See my 3rd opinion on Monday/Nodules
  167. Reaction to iodine for uptake scan?
  168. Pregnant with enlarged thyroid?
  169. Well, no news is good news!!
  170. AAAAUUUUGGGHHHHH I just wanna be NORMAL (vent)
  171. kelp and L-tyrosine
  172. RAIU Test and Biopsy questions
  173. just a short intro
  174. Swollen Eyelids anyone?
  175. Sometimes you just have to throw a fit
  176. It's the weather
  177. Experience switching from Synthroid to generic or vice versa???
  178. just a thought
  179. confused
  180. MOMtoBOYZ ???
  181. Just got back after round one!!
  182. get your head round this then!!!!!!
  183. Would TT help if Labs are "fine"??
  184. DaisyDaisyDaisy!
  185. switching to natural form????
  186. Confused~Fibromyalgia or Thyroid?
  187. what is normal range
  188. This thyroid stuff is driving me nuts.....Give me your story
  189. switching from synthroid to thyroid (natural form) ?????
  190. ACUPUNTURE making it worse?
  191. Read my Labs Please!
  192. Life after TT
  193. Biopsies after "inconclusive" results
  194. Does it get better with time?
  195. Post Partum & TSH & Medication Questions
  196. Even more confused now?Need more answers?
  197. progress?
  198. Cytomel?
  199. Going Crazy!
  200. Child (7 yrs old) with hyperthyroid
  201. New lab results...
  202. Please I Need Answers....anyone?
  203. Checking in
  204. antibody test
  205. Partial Thyroidectomy this month
  206. Hyperthyroid?
  207. Well--It's About Time!!
  208. hyper
  209. Archie Wilson?
  210. Neck really sore after biopsy today :-(
  211. Do my symptoms fit?
  212. Are these results really "normal"??
  213. Shall I just get this flamin thing removed from my neck??
  214. Sore Lower Back
  215. Need Some Quick Info
  216. Hypo & CFS Connection?
  217. Need Advice
  218. Could the problem be a muscle injury?
  219. Multi Nodule + Subacute Thyroiditis
  220. What does this mean...........??
  221. So happy -- I hope this means something :)
  222. 2% solution/cytomel/armour "grains"
  223. help after rai treatment
  224. Your help again please? Shortness of breath...
  225. what happens from here?
  226. Hypo Symptoms without hashis
  227. Any truth to this?
  228. Endocrinologist?
  229. Started meds again, but adrenal fatigue not addressed *problems*
  230. Concerned, but not diagnosed...
  231. New Here- Desperate for some help
  232. Thoughts? ways to reduce anti-t antibodies?
  233. can a cold cause a hashis flare up?
  234. Hypoparathyroidis?
  235. Can someone help me with this?
  236. OBGYN took me off estrogen, depo-provera...
  237. Why does TSH fluctuate despite taking meds?
  238. Iodine
  239. Lab Work Confusion
  240. Thyroid Nodules - afraid of malignancy
  241. Yeouch!
  242. informtion please
  243. Thyroid and stress
  244. Sudufu
  245. New Here -- Just Got My Labs
  246. Chronic Fatigue!!
  247. Hashis gone? still hypo?
  248. Do i have a thyroid problem?
  249. For those with lingering muscle pain...
  250. Is it easier to medicate with TT or Lobectomy??

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