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  1. Synthroid vs Armour
  2. confused
  3. Thyroid Disease
  4. Info on RAI
  5. Total Thyroid Ectomy? Yes or No?
  6. constipation and hypo
  7. Weight distribution
  8. Daisy and Midwest
  9. Please share tips to prevent scarring
  10. New and Disappointed
  11. hypo to hyper after hyster?
  12. MadMaz/ Mandy
  13. Adrenal or thyroid? Confusing lab numbers...
  14. Lab Results very confusing
  15. Unbelievable... my cyst came back! Ugh!
  16. For What Reasons Do You Have Thyroid Removed?
  17. Normal TSH low ft3 and ft4
  18. Hypothyroid and edema
  19. Hashimoto's treatment?
  20. Arrrgh six weeks without Synthroid
  21. new to forum
  22. ExPerkyTina
  23. New Lab results
  24. Help?
  25. how do you buy clothes when you are several different sizes
  26. Referred to Endo for "Cyst" on Thyroid, help!
  27. New here!
  28. update (stopped levo for block and replace hyper)
  29. Endocrinologist in Chicago?
  30. confusing labs
  31. Hypo and Hyperthyroid Symptoms
  32. Need help quick- Dr appt tomorrow
  33. Just an update on sightness in neck any comments Reece and Archie?
  34. Total Thyroidectomy
  35. Vitamin Deficincies with Thyroid Problems
  36. Midwest
  37. new lab reults
  38. desperate for some help
  39. questions about recovery after thyroidectomy
  40. What Dr. will help me?
  41. Question????
  42. Hypothyroidism....is this possible?
  43. Question for everyone
  44. Opinions Please!!!
  45. A little nervous about my lab results
  46. Frustrated and need help
  47. past lab results
  48. New to Board/ Nodules/ upcoming surgery
  49. Start Armour tomorrow...Questions
  50. Can Anyone Give Me Some Answers
  51. Need help for Subclinical Hypothyroidism - alternative treatment?
  52. hyperthyroidism and tingling, burning arms and legs
  53. For mad-maz
  54. Hyper and gaining weight???
  55. After Total Thyroidectomy are you Hypo
  56. Just need to vent (ppl w/o thyroid problems dont understand)
  57. preventative lab
  58. New question
  59. Pain In The Neck! (lol)
  60. Thyroid TSH Level
  61. Normal thyroid function after partial thyroidectomy??
  62. Please Help
  63. Losing weight.......need a little advice
  64. temperature
  65. what test
  66. Can anyone help me
  67. uptake scans, cold spots and nodules
  68. 7.5 weeks post TT, and calcium still low...
  69. My new results
  70. Adrenal Nodule
  71. Pain after FNB
  72. I'm so sick of this :(
  73. Some tips for incision care after thyroid surgery.
  74. Thyroid and urine infection's???
  75. Partial Thyroidectomy
  76. Where do I go from here!!!
  77. Home remedies??
  78. D.Hall, can you share your GP's diet and supplement advice?
  79. Had endo appt today
  80. Im confused-Just dx'd with Hypo
  81. It was BENIGN!
  82. Need Info to Make Decision
  83. How long does levo stay in your body once stopped? pls
  84. Carpal tunnel syndrome and my Thyriod
  85. does any Dr. use the new range?
  86. Newly diagnosed. Advice?
  87. Is sweating a symptom?
  88. Does it make sense...
  89. toxic nodules
  90. Labs in--7 Weeks Post-Op
  91. thyroid and joint pains
  92. Newby w/Questions
  93. Other than the Free's what do the other thyroid tests measure?
  94. Thank you Midwest. Have more questions
  95. Too much Synthroid causing fever??
  96. New labs, What do you think?
  97. should you take meds before labs?
  98. Cytomel after 1 week--anyone else experience this?
  99. Help interpret test results?
  100. tired all the time & sleepy
  101. Goiter size changes
  102. Numbness in the hands and fingers
  103. Morning body temp question.
  104. Dr appt today
  105. Jamie2703
  106. Who has had fluid filled cysts in thyroid?
  107. synthroid - blurry vision now!!
  108. Help with Ultrasound report
  109. Question about postassium iodide (Iodine) and Hashis/Hypothyroidsm
  110. results are in
  111. help required!!!!!!!!!!!!
  112. reference ranges-my son
  113. anyone get chest pains?
  114. Iodine In Meats
  115. Update and Levothroid/Levothyroxine
  116. Tsh T3 T4
  117. Soy Products
  118. Fine Needle Biopsy is Tomorrow
  119. Please help! Elevated DHEA
  120. My Son- Test Results
  121. Could these be possible hypothyroid symptoms?
  122. Will I ever get an answer?
  123. Calling Sparkie..........
  124. Hypo to Hypo? Scratching my head?
  125. My Son
  126. Steady increase in levels
  127. Thyroidectomy Tomorrow
  128. Anyone from Boston, or the Boston area? How about Cary, NC?
  129. New to board last week....Anyone in a similar situation?
  130. PET scan results
  131. my pills were expired and I just noticed!
  132. My TT surgery was a great success!!
  133. Question for people who are VERY HYPO????
  134. Is it necessary to remove a fluid filled cyst?
  135. To let you guys know!!!!You could save MONEY!!!!
  136. high TSH but having trouble with raising med
  137. question on lab results
  138. Labs.
  139. Advice on talking to doctors
  140. Increasing meds - can it make you dizzy?
  141. confused about ranges-- is my TSH high?
  142. hyper info anyone please please please
  143. Question
  144. bad blood loss !!!!
  145. regarding hyperparathyroid
  146. Labs say Hypo/Hashi's but I feel fine. What next?
  147. A newbie looking for some answers
  148. I am so happy!
  149. Daisy01 how did you get Armour in U.K??
  150. 24 hour urine cortisol test question??
  151. results in its Hashimoto any suggestions
  152. can too much thyroid meds cause brain fog?
  153. is this a normal level?
  154. how should i take my t3
  155. TSH Results
  156. Thyroid Info:
  157. Questions: Thyroidectomy
  158. feeling tired
  159. questions about weight gain
  160. Anyone with TT dx w/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
  161. Armour Dosage Questtion
  162. Do vitamins affect thyroid?
  163. Partial Thyroidectomy
  164. Probiotic Information
  165. Back from Surgeon
  166. can tsh be normal but still be hypo
  167. I need a thyroidectomy.....please help with questions.
  168. please help advice needed?????
  169. can anyone explain this?
  170. Ultrasound Tests Back
  171. Finally RELIEF after switching from SYNTHROID to LEVOTHYROXINE
  172. Hypo and non aging
  173. CYTOMEL Works Wonders for anxiety/brain fog- can i take it if T3 is normal?
  174. Can't seem to regulate TSH since Thyroidectomy
  175. test results
  176. The mysterious lump
  177. Thyroid Help Please Any info would be great!
  178. New here...need help......
  179. Question about adrenal tests
  180. Armour & Westhroid Side Effects
  181. Please help.. Lab inside
  182. New member thank God for all of your info.
  183. Periods with a thyroid problem
  184. complex nodules
  185. what is the normal t4 thyroid number range?
  186. Menstrual Cycle and Hypo
  187. There IS light at the end of the tunnel...and it ain't the train
  188. Complex Nodules
  189. Thyroid Problem + Dry Skin
  190. Went to new doctor today
  191. I just wanted to share some good news!
  192. Cortisol result Midwest KC
  193. 5 mm nodule on left lower lobe
  194. merits of having thyroid total destroyed by radioactive iodine?
  195. Weight... hypo, hyper?
  196. High blood pressure
  197. Hypo, PCOS and insulin resistant
  198. Test results
  199. Am I going Hyper??
  200. Off to new doc tomorrow
  201. 4.5cm cystic nodule
  202. Desperate For Advice Coming Off Levo Block & Replace
  203. 13 year-old son w/Hasimoto's......
  204. Endo didn't test T3 and T4 is at the top of the range
  205. synthroid and stomach issues?
  206. Should I Have My Thyroid Removed?
  207. Tomorrow's my big day - 17 years of suffering almost over??
  208. tired of my ways,people say im crazy
  209. confused about symptons
  210. whats your trigger?
  211. Amour thyroid
  212. Can stress make you go hyper?
  213. still confused whether I'm Hyperthyroid or not..
  214. Scared and confused
  215. Celexa (Generic) + Synthroid - effectiveness? interactions?
  216. Low t4 or t3 levels
  217. Thyroid and acid reflux trouble
  218. Latest Levels - Question About Hashimoto's
  219. Could I just be weird? What does it sound like?
  220. Interpretation of results
  221. An Act of Congress.......
  222. Has anyone's thyroid grown back after surgery?
  223. Has anyone's thyroid grown back after surgery?
  224. T3 AND T4 every month
  225. Help!! side effects how long will they last?
  226. repair your thyroid???
  227. Size of thyroid?
  228. Hypo + Metabolic Syndrome + ???
  229. Taking Armour before labwork
  230. Been a while.... Finally got new lab work...
  231. Symptoms
  232. Symptoms
  233. Help. ..tsh Numbers ? What Do They Mean?
  234. Hyper symptoms while on Synthroid
  235. Hyper symptoms while on Synthroid
  236. What are good levels?
  237. TSH Way Above Normal?? 6.79
  238. 13 Year Old with Hypothyroid
  239. Erradic TSH levels
  240. Need a better description for exhausted
  241. Hyper AND hypo?
  242. GRAVE's-Doc saying your levels are normal but you know they're not?
  243. Need some input!!
  244. Thyroid lump & antibodies test results
  245. symptoms of taking too much Armour (overdose)?
  246. My levels?
  247. Multinodule Goiters
  248. Propylthiouracil stinks to high heavens
  249. Headaches
  250. Armour Side Effects

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