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  1. If 200mcg Synthroid why 75mcg Cytomel?
  2. When to go on meds?
  3. Help me with my Weight Loss with Hypo: Newbie
  4. daisy tell us howz it going?????
  5. results of nuclear scan--------
  6. How much iodine is too much?
  7. Newbie with a question about test results
  8. MSM supplement...good or bad for HypoT?
  9. Newbie Questions
  10. Nodule question
  11. Nodules that are benign
  12. What should I do now?
  13. hello t buddies
  14. Iodine Uptake Quest
  15. I'm sick, achey and coughing up my lungs
  16. can thyroid problems cause missed periods?
  17. Any other ladies get more symptoms around the time of their period?
  18. do you think i have a thyroid problem?
  19. My TSH is 3.47 and Dr says it's normal?
  20. Anyone with a false positive of PET scan?
  21. New with a question...
  22. I'm new here...
  23. What to expect when starting Armour?
  24. mystery illness 22 yrs old/heart BP all over
  25. when do you see results???
  26. Hypothyroid and Hypotension?
  27. feeling like a truck ran over me!!
  28. tsh dx question
  29. To Do a RAI,
  30. Endo wants to add Cytomel
  31. Hashimoto's Flare Up???
  32. Another scheduling dilemma
  33. Stopped Synthroid - how long before I get true thyroid readings?
  34. What do you think?
  35. my specialist told me he thinks I never had hypo
  36. I know I only post when......
  37. Keep Looking for a Good Doctor!
  38. eye ache
  39. New labs, do I need synthroid added to Armour? Please look
  40. FNA Results...Meaning
  41. hello pursie here
  42. I have become an insomniac
  43. Doctor gave me the phone call I didn't want to hear
  44. iodine test
  45. elmhar mentioned slow release T3
  46. can kelp help?
  47. Finally dxed-hypo..m
  48. Information for employers
  49. Does anyone take supplements eg Thyroid helper
  50. am I overmedicating?
  51. Got ?s on my Thyroid....
  52. tsh 1.23 and hypo symptoms
  53. Alright Kant.......We miss you!!!!!!
  54. Seeing Endo Doctor for First Time - Advice?
  55. What is a thyroglobulin test?
  56. Things to take to your Doc to get them to follow new TSH
  57. Anyone have excessive sweating at night from synthroid?
  58. Painful Thyroid??????
  59. graves & birth control
  60. choosing your own dose of Armour?
  61. Is anyone else tired of Drs?
  62. Symptoms and what to ask my doctor
  63. confused doc/ new to thyroid problems
  64. Meep, Midwest or anyone who can help
  65. TSH level
  66. My morning wake up experience!
  67. What does it mean to develop new antibodies?
  68. Offered Armour or synthetic T3
  69. I'm home
  70. New labs; Please help!
  71. New with lab tests
  72. new thyroid dx
  73. eyes
  74. Thyroid Antibodies results
  75. leg pain with Hashis?
  76. Help new to the board
  77. New Readings...... Can You Help?
  78. Over active or under active Thyroid?
  79. Pregnant and my endo is OUT OF THE COUNTRY!!
  80. hospital gives wrong info---------
  81. So hot...
  82. Newbie needs advice!
  83. Armour vs other thyroid medications
  84. Nightime and Hashi/graves symptoms?
  85. iodine skin test
  86. Hashi's
  87. Could I be Hypo?
  88. New with questions
  89. HypoVicki
  90. Is is Thyroid?
  91. Thyroxine Dosage Change
  92. Surgery tomorrow
  93. Follicular Carcinoma--Histories?
  94. Your thoughts on taking a baby dose of synthroid
  95. How long does it take to feel better on ATD's?
  96. Stuck in a rut
  97. stomach aches anyone?
  98. adrenal glands,I am not familiar with any of this
  99. What's your armour dosage and levels after Thyroidectomy?
  100. Levoxyl - anyone use with better results ?
  101. nuclear scan & antihistamines
  102. thyroid and consitpation and headaches!!!
  103. low B12 with underactive thyroid!!
  104. Opinions???? Opinions?? Please
  105. Itchin Normal?
  106. Barium Swallow ?
  107. still waiting for RAI
  108. overactive thyroid and low blood pressure?
  109. ? about cytomel
  110. how often is the rai scan done
  111. Partial Thyroidectomy Normal Thyroid function - scared of getting fat!!
  112. Starting dose
  113. Hashimoto Thyroiditis
  114. Questions to ask before surgery
  115. I Cut My Wrist
  116. New to this board... Here's my story and some ?s
  117. Thyroid test Results
  118. Bugleweed
  119. What does this mean?
  121. Parathyroid???????????????
  122. Thyriod Condition and Confused?
  123. birth control and thyroid
  124. Newbie - another set of test results
  125. New here with lab questions
  126. Please help....I have questions
  127. Synthroid or Something More Bio-identical?
  128. Did you know that X-president and wife both had hyperthyroid
  129. Are TSH levels supposed to constantly change?
  130. swollen galnds, vitiligo, history of hyperthyroid
  131. vitiligo and my 16 mo old daughter
  132. for uk posters
  133. Afraid
  134. Thyroid eye disease
  135. Hope this helps someone
  136. Relief from Thyroid Meds Gitters? Maybe
  137. Skelaxin any one?
  138. South Florida Endo Recommendation
  139. Back from surgery
  140. Yeek!Thrush!
  141. Finally got a doctor to listen!
  142. Reasons for Bound T4?
  143. High TG
  144. Do You Need T4 For An Underactive Thyroid?
  145. Hashimotos......Graves & Hypothyroid??
  146. palpitations in morning
  147. Mercurty Detox
  148. Tingling Hands
  149. Connection between Cytomel & breast size increase
  150. A Few Questions
  151. Synthroid Question
  152. Still have problems even though on thyroxine - can any one shed any light please?
  153. tell me how to feel better
  154. First Dr. Appointment
  155. dizzy
  156. weight issue after TT
  157. How long can you stay on Cytomel?
  158. hypo symtoms worse after med?? how can this be?
  159. Thyrolar versus Armour
  160. Spent last 3 days in hospital - TSH level, synthroid, etc... need your expert opinio
  161. Finally Got Lab Results--please Share Thoughts
  162. Cytomel Side Effects
  163. How long did It take for your TSH for level out?
  164. Thyroid Adrenal connection
  165. new to all this....please help
  166. Back From Surgery
  167. two cold nodules
  168. Question about hyperthyroidism
  169. Update from Dr. today
  170. Can You Get Pregnant If You Have Hashimoto/Hypothyroid?
  171. Is my Goitre/Thyroid Gland big?
  172. Does hypothyroidism stop hair growing?
  173. Can anyone have both??
  174. How much T3 and T4?
  175. Can early menarche signal an endocrine disorder?
  176. Tsh Question
  177. swollen glands
  178. I have Hashimoto's and Graves disease
  179. ????? Hashi's and SOY? First I heard of it...
  180. Free T4 levels?
  181. Mayta
  182. omg :( l think the high dose of ptu is getting at my joints :(
  183. Going Hypo for RAI..Is it really that bad?
  184. TT results back : showd Pap cancer & BOTH Hashi's and Graves - PLEASE HELP
  185. Confused
  186. radioiodine treatment leads to other cancers??
  187. Which thyroid med should I ask for - am seeing endo tomorrow
  188. Lab Results and questions....HELP (Midwest?)
  189. Water Weight?
  190. Lady 50!!
  191. Is the Soy in Aveeno lotion an issue for Hypo/Hashis?
  192. I have a hypoactive thyroid and also experience anxiety attacks- is this normal?
  193. Surgery and/or 2nd opiion
  194. Thryoidectomy Scar- Numbness
  195. 90 minute test??
  196. Wellbutrin and Synthroid?
  197. help needed
  198. I am hypo-what?
  199. Just want to say thanks
  200. calcium level crashing after surgery
  201. Thyroid Medicine and Weight (gain/loss)
  202. Betablockers and Thyroid Meds
  203. Is acne usually a sign?
  204. Please help me interpret my results, i feel like hell.
  205. the aftermath of a total thyroidectomy - i had it!
  206. can any one exlpain these results????
  207. Question Regarding Surgery
  208. Hypo & Sinues
  209. Dizziness continues, Synthroid Stopped 4 days ago
  210. Real Synthroid versus generic
  211. Unbelievable!!!!
  212. scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  213. Stay away from BCP & hormones?
  214. GP or Endocrinologist
  215. What is wrong with me?!
  216. Recovery from surgery
  217. I-131 Thyroid Scan
  218. Unable to locate hyperparathyroid. Can anyone help me?
  219. Lowering Antibodies
  220. Shaking And Severe Headaches
  221. Update And Surgery
  222. Take My Thyroid, Please!!!!
  223. Too much Synthroid?
  224. Can You Stay On Cytomel Indefinately?
  225. eye disorders from hyper thyroidism
  226. Its been awhile, back with a question
  227. can levoxyl be stopped??
  228. hashi's and mono
  229. Cytomel Questions
  230. seafood
  231. I'm stopping Synthroid & going to a new endo asap!
  232. back from surgery
  233. Antibody Levels
  234. weight wont budge!?
  235. Need an honest opinion re:ACTH testing
  236. tsh results??
  237. Midwest, Meep, Anyone...New Labs....Please help
  238. Can regular exercise have adverse effects on HypoT?
  239. Help Please! Exactly what tests should I ask for?
  240. My results from the doc
  241. Armour and Headaches
  242. I have my frist ever appoinment with a Endo tomorrow!!
  243. cholesterol levels
  244. MOMOFBOYZ -How are you doing?
  245. I know this is minor but is anyone else over heating?
  246. New to board and Throid "Issues"
  247. Seriously considering stopping meds until I see new endo - please read
  248. Post Surgery Questions
  249. Post I 131 treatment problems
  250. Cytomel is my FRIEND!!!

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