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  1. To let you guys know!!!!You could save MONEY!!!!
  2. high TSH but having trouble with raising med
  3. question on lab results
  4. Labs.
  5. Advice on talking to doctors
  6. Increasing meds - can it make you dizzy?
  7. confused about ranges-- is my TSH high?
  8. hyper info anyone please please please
  9. Question
  10. bad blood loss !!!!
  11. regarding hyperparathyroid
  12. Labs say Hypo/Hashi's but I feel fine. What next?
  13. A newbie looking for some answers
  14. I am so happy!
  15. Daisy01 how did you get Armour in U.K??
  16. 24 hour urine cortisol test question??
  17. results in its Hashimoto any suggestions
  18. can too much thyroid meds cause brain fog?
  19. is this a normal level?
  20. how should i take my t3
  21. TSH Results
  22. Thyroid Info:
  23. Questions: Thyroidectomy
  24. feeling tired
  25. questions about weight gain
  26. Anyone with TT dx w/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
  27. Armour Dosage Questtion
  28. Do vitamins affect thyroid?
  29. Partial Thyroidectomy
  30. Probiotic Information
  31. Back from Surgeon
  32. can tsh be normal but still be hypo
  33. I need a thyroidectomy.....please help with questions.
  34. please help advice needed?????
  35. can anyone explain this?
  36. Ultrasound Tests Back
  37. Finally RELIEF after switching from SYNTHROID to LEVOTHYROXINE
  38. Hypo and non aging
  39. CYTOMEL Works Wonders for anxiety/brain fog- can i take it if T3 is normal?
  40. Can't seem to regulate TSH since Thyroidectomy
  41. test results
  42. The mysterious lump
  43. Thyroid Help Please Any info would be great!
  44. New here...need help......
  45. Question about adrenal tests
  46. Armour & Westhroid Side Effects
  47. Please help.. Lab inside
  48. New member thank God for all of your info.
  49. Periods with a thyroid problem
  50. complex nodules
  51. what is the normal t4 thyroid number range?
  52. Menstrual Cycle and Hypo
  53. There IS light at the end of the tunnel...and it ain't the train
  54. Complex Nodules
  55. Thyroid Problem + Dry Skin
  56. Went to new doctor today
  57. I just wanted to share some good news!
  58. Cortisol result Midwest KC
  59. 5 mm nodule on left lower lobe
  60. merits of having thyroid total destroyed by radioactive iodine?
  61. Weight... hypo, hyper?
  62. High blood pressure
  63. Hypo, PCOS and insulin resistant
  64. Test results
  65. Am I going Hyper??
  66. Off to new doc tomorrow
  67. 4.5cm cystic nodule
  68. Desperate For Advice Coming Off Levo Block & Replace
  69. 13 year-old son w/Hasimoto's......
  70. Endo didn't test T3 and T4 is at the top of the range
  71. synthroid and stomach issues?
  72. Should I Have My Thyroid Removed?
  73. Tomorrow's my big day - 17 years of suffering almost over??
  74. tired of my ways,people say im crazy
  75. confused about symptons
  76. whats your trigger?
  77. Amour thyroid
  78. Can stress make you go hyper?
  79. still confused whether I'm Hyperthyroid or not..
  80. Scared and confused
  81. Celexa (Generic) + Synthroid - effectiveness? interactions?
  82. Low t4 or t3 levels
  83. Thyroid and acid reflux trouble
  84. Latest Levels - Question About Hashimoto's
  85. Could I just be weird? What does it sound like?
  86. Interpretation of results
  87. An Act of Congress.......
  88. Has anyone's thyroid grown back after surgery?
  89. Has anyone's thyroid grown back after surgery?
  90. T3 AND T4 every month
  91. Help!! side effects how long will they last?
  92. repair your thyroid???
  93. Size of thyroid?
  94. Hypo + Metabolic Syndrome + ???
  95. Taking Armour before labwork
  96. Been a while.... Finally got new lab work...
  97. Symptoms
  98. Symptoms
  99. Help. ..tsh Numbers ? What Do They Mean?
  100. Hyper symptoms while on Synthroid
  101. Hyper symptoms while on Synthroid
  102. What are good levels?
  103. TSH Way Above Normal?? 6.79
  104. 13 Year Old with Hypothyroid
  105. Erradic TSH levels
  106. Need a better description for exhausted
  107. Hyper AND hypo?
  108. GRAVE's-Doc saying your levels are normal but you know they're not?
  109. Need some input!!
  110. Thyroid lump & antibodies test results
  111. symptoms of taking too much Armour (overdose)?
  112. My levels?
  113. Multinodule Goiters
  114. Propylthiouracil stinks to high heavens
  115. Headaches
  116. Armour Side Effects
  117. Can Cytomel Be Taken Long Term?
  118. Helpful tips question and new one...
  119. Urine infection and thyroid!!!
  120. Is the TSH = 42 mIU/L is too dangerous? Urgent
  121. Will Thyroid Removal Relieve My Symptoms?
  122. Low T3
  123. Tricky Eyes
  124. Hashitoxicosis/autoimmue euthyroid goiter
  125. TSH only for managing thyroid?
  126. New labs...may be pregnant
  127. It's me... new/scared, with some lab results
  128. hypo and eye problems?
  129. serum calcium high, PTH intact normal
  130. A little stumped! Underactive thyroid?
  131. Armour 270 - why exhausted?
  132. weird symptoms (bad memory loss in 31 year old)
  133. Overactive thyroid - newbie here, pls help!
  134. Medication Before Test
  135. Total T3
  136. weight gain again
  137. here i go again
  138. Does anyone have any ideas on this situation?
  139. specific tests needed?
  140. Hypo Thyroid and 34+days period
  141. what scared you the most?
  142. May have a problem....
  143. Side effects from Rai
  144. Hi, new here and scared :-(
  145. Hard Lump inside tongue
  146. Hi Everyone - I'm Back!!!!
  147. How should I prepare for my appointment
  148. iodine ????'s
  149. problems! problems!doctors, problems!
  150. Diagnosed but confused
  151. Diagnosed but confused
  152. Hyper/Hypo
  153. confused about blood test results
  154. Plaquenil and Hashimoto's
  155. Panic Attacks Post Thyroidectomy
  156. Fluctuating TSH- Hashi/hypo- Goiter Help!
  157. Vegan / Vegetarian Hashi Hypo Help Needed
  158. Do I still have problems after surgery??
  159. Newbie with Surgery questions
  160. Question about Hashimotos
  161. My husband hypo?
  162. Another appetite loss
  163. Question re: lab results
  164. How do you know when you go from Hypo to Hyper?
  165. Which meds do better with...
  166. Daisey01 - white flour?
  167. moods and the thyroid
  168. Kathy how are you doing??
  169. Tapazole and burning, tingling arms and legs
  170. Question about my TSH levels...just received them back
  171. Iodine/Natural Thyroid
  172. I think my labs came back okay
  173. Archie and Medwesti any other comments for me
  174. Fine Needle Biopsy
  175. I'm confused?????????
  176. Thyroid and Endoscopy!!!
  177. Thyroid Problems and Acne???
  178. hyper thyroid and loss of appetite?
  179. Armour advice
  180. Misstish
  181. Can Levothyroxine cause bloodwork levels to be to high?Is Synthroid better?
  182. 3 weeks in
  183. Disagree with thyroid results-PLEASE tell me what you all think?
  184. back home after TT
  185. Anyone have this scenario?
  186. The Difference 12.5mcg can Make
  187. Update hi guys been a while
  188. Feels like I can't swallow ...
  189. Hypothyroidism- not gettting better...
  190. TSH Levels
  191. high blood pressure in doctor's office????
  192. FINALLY had antibodies tested, can someone pls look at my numbers & help me?
  193. Itching is driving me crazy!!!
  194. Anyone had ectopic or remnant thyroid after TT?
  195. Lump on Thyroid
  196. negative for antibodies
  197. i feel like i am going crazy
  198. Could I have Thyroid Problems?
  199. hyper symtoms labs in "normal range"
  200. I need vitamins!! Can I take them????
  201. HYPO and WEIGHT
  202. graves, tapazole & periods
  203. Its been a long time!!!
  204. one problem with eye
  205. Headache
  206. When will I feel normal???
  207. So FRUSTRATED i am HYPO again*any ADVICE PLEASE?
  208. Had the uptake scan today
  209. meds making me sick?????
  210. Uh oh -- experiencing first side effects from Synthroid
  211. RAI Tommorrow
  212. Body/Joint/Muscle Pain
  213. Please help me interpret my latest test results
  214. 3 pounds every other day
  215. can hyperthyroid return
  216. Hyperactive and on meds
  217. I don't feel normal
  218. worried about my blood tests
  219. don't understand? thyroid s
  220. 1st Endo appt aug 15th, can you help with what questions to ask?
  221. Thyroid dysfunction - here are my symptoms - pls help
  222. Antidepressants and thyroid...
  223. clamping feeling
  224. My first Endo appointment is in the mornig
  225. chronic constipation
  226. Lumps And Bumps Anyone?
  227. Wilson's Syndrome - Low body temp
  228. Surgery set for Tuesday
  229. I guess I've lost it entirely
  230. Dosage difference.
  231. started Armour today...
  232. Which drug has more side effects. Synthroid or Armour
  233. Back from surgery
  234. Bad, Bad, Bad Doctors
  235. Rozzi - how are you!
  236. Need Advice
  237. help please
  238. To Archie Wilson
  239. Question-Mouth numbness & papillary cancer
  240. Can someone help me...I am going to order my own tests!
  241. Kaiser finally let me test .. results here
  242. No symptoms except missing period
  243. Frustrated and Confused!!!
  244. RAI for toxic multinodular goiter
  245. Paralyzed Vocal Cord after TT and Synthroid Dosage Question
  246. Taking a poll...
  247. new labs what do you think?
  248. Question about labs (Let's play doctor)
  249. Thyroid Mass Help !!!
  250. Dont u love it when they say you're "Normal"

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