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  1. I-131 Thyroid Scan
  2. Unable to locate hyperparathyroid. Can anyone help me?
  3. Lowering Antibodies
  4. Shaking And Severe Headaches
  5. Update And Surgery
  6. Take My Thyroid, Please!!!!
  7. Too much Synthroid?
  8. Can You Stay On Cytomel Indefinately?
  9. eye disorders from hyper thyroidism
  10. Its been awhile, back with a question
  11. can levoxyl be stopped??
  12. hashi's and mono
  13. Cytomel Questions
  14. seafood
  15. I'm stopping Synthroid & going to a new endo asap!
  16. back from surgery
  17. Antibody Levels
  18. weight wont budge!?
  19. Need an honest opinion re:ACTH testing
  20. tsh results??
  21. Midwest, Meep, Anyone...New Labs....Please help
  22. Can regular exercise have adverse effects on HypoT?
  23. Help Please! Exactly what tests should I ask for?
  24. My results from the doc
  25. Armour and Headaches
  26. I have my frist ever appoinment with a Endo tomorrow!!
  27. cholesterol levels
  28. MOMOFBOYZ -How are you doing?
  29. I know this is minor but is anyone else over heating?
  30. New to board and Throid "Issues"
  31. Seriously considering stopping meds until I see new endo - please read
  32. Post Surgery Questions
  33. Post I 131 treatment problems
  34. Cytomel is my FRIEND!!!
  35. Anyone taking Armour and Cytomel?
  36. Hyrdrocortisone for Adrenal Fatigue
  37. no sleep!!!!
  38. Antibodies how high is high?
  39. more worries
  40. Hyperthyroid levels ?
  41. salivary gland problem
  42. hypothyroidism, treatment?
  43. Juner
  44. Lab results in!
  45. Doc ordered ACTH Test for Friday morning after I complained some more abt dizziness
  46. Still frustrated, please help
  47. Does hypothyroidsm always cause weight gain?
  48. Exercise and metebolism increase???
  49. And now folks..It's those wonderful doctors!!
  50. why have your thyroid taken out?
  51. So dizzy since last night, it's scaring me - I hate this! Cant' take it anymore
  52. New Hashis here
  53. New to the Board
  54. All was good and THEN.....
  55. Test for Hyperthyroid
  56. I have a surgery date
  57. graves & autoimmune problems
  58. recently discovered thyroid prob.
  59. meds for hypo thyroid
  60. Sore Thyroid?
  61. Observation: Thyroid patients/disease don't get respect
  62. Who here suffers massive anxiety along with hypo/hyper/hashis?
  63. for boata
  64. newly diagnosed hypo
  65. Hypo and Normal antibodies
  66. Antibody HELP!!!!!!
  67. ArchieWilson - Help continued problems at TT
  68. Waiting to have my Thyroid out...
  69. been feeling ill & don,t know how to help myself anymore
  70. For Rocklucy..
  71. Questions to ask the surgeon
  72. Specialist appointment today - I might get Armour :D
  73. tsh is down but I still feel horrable
  74. Meep Please help me! Others welcome, too
  75. Endo appt this Thursday...what to ask
  76. Med increase/feeling unwell
  77. How can you have a normal TSH with hashis, but not with Graves?
  78. thyroid & menstrual cycle
  79. Any one has/had similar condition as mine?
  80. Introducing Myself
  81. Scared,help please!
  82. TawnyJade
  83. New Here - Enlarged Thyroid, Antibodies and Questions
  84. more reaction to sun on thyroid meds?
  85. Temper
  86. weight loss w/programs (ww, ns etc.),anyone?
  87. scared, help please!!!!!
  88. Does taking Cytomel decrease your T4 levels? Meep..Midwest??
  89. BonBe... Hello
  90. Thyroid surgery/ should I?
  91. Ophthalmologist and Graves
  92. Selenium - what's the benefits it can have on the thyroid?
  93. Report from endocrinologist
  94. Scared and need help!
  95. More Help!
  96. tired after dinner
  97. New to Thyrolar
  98. Supplements without iodine
  99. chest pains
  100. Blood test results...what do you think?
  101. scan question !!!!!!!
  102. good luck to mad maz!!!!!!!!
  103. Help all just got my first blood test back...
  104. dear carroc
  105. you have all been so helpful with me PLEASE HELP ME HELP MY MOTHER!!!!
  106. Pathology report
  107. Ok, something just scared the crap out of me! Almost fainted.
  108. anyone ever got urine ??
  109. What's been your experience getting a thyroid ultrasound done?
  110. Got RX for first follow-up lab, only checking TSH !??
  111. Increasing Meds Have questions
  112. afraid jaw numb
  113. hypo & lack of periods...anyone else?
  114. Yesterday - first PVC free day in 11 months!! WAHOOOO!
  115. indigestion, colonoscopy...
  116. lab results....
  117. One eye now smaller than the other?
  118. confused about lab work
  119. Went for blood test yesterday - blew my vein, OUCH!!
  120. Hi guys endo visit tommorow should be interesting.
  121. Should I take the entire Thyroid out?
  122. Any ideas??
  123. 2nd Surgery Tommorw - Cancer found in Lymphnodes
  124. my newest lab results are up again.
  125. post surgery probs,can anyone help?
  126. puffy swollen eyelids
  127. Please Help Me...Thyroid Ultrasound Results..
  128. 6 Week Dr's Visit
  129. RAI Questions
  130. Hashi's/Hypo & just wanting to quit my job! How do you function? Am I nuts?
  131. Effects from lowering or raising med
  132. Dx with Multinodular goiter
  133. Question about TSH and Free T4
  134. Tiredredhead-how you doing?
  135. Under active Thyroid ?
  136. Itchy neck....painful eyes...
  137. Hashimoto Thyroiditis
  138. More test results. Help? :(
  139. Pressure in middle of neck and throat into chest - HELP
  140. So - I just found out I have Hashi's (???)
  141. medullary cancer/neck disection
  142. What Questions do I need to ask so that I may be informed about Thyroidectomy
  143. Face flushing red, esp. after eating - anyone else?
  144. Appointment Moved Up - Yeah!
  145. Question about TSH levels/ranges
  146. swollen glands by ear jawline
  147. has anyone taken Beta Blockers along with Synthroid (or other meds?)
  148. Can't lose weight & taking other tablets with thyroxine
  149. Thyroid/Goitre/Nodule Problem
  150. Good luck Pursie!!!
  151. hot flushed face, chills...any new thoughts?
  152. Who has had a TT and went on Cytomel for 4 weeks
  153. looking for some advice
  154. **HELP Birth Control/Synthroid mess? not sure what to do?**
  155. age & Hashimotos
  156. Tests
  157. for mad-maz
  158. l tyrosine?????
  159. My lab results
  160. Decreased perspiration.
  161. Has Anyone Trie Just Taking Cytomel Alone & Time Released T3
  162. muscle twitching and internal tremors
  163. Hypothyroidism and diet
  164. Weight Gain/Loss
  165. thyroid symptoms or neuro?
  166. Adding t4 to Armour
  167. Synthroid and pregnancy/BFing
  168. Thyroid removal
  169. rashes anyone??
  170. Finally Feeling Good
  171. What would RX for Antibodies look like ? Have tests coming up
  172. Eating Right for Hyperthyroid
  173. low ferritin but not anemic?
  174. TSH test
  175. Iodine?
  176. has your thyroid killed your relationships
  177. Finally, something good happened...
  178. Goitrogenic food help
  179. Childrens Hashimoto's
  180. Anyone been to a Health and Wellness Center?
  181. New at this lookong for support
  182. Message for Reece
  183. I checked out labs from last summer, when I first felt sick - can someone please look
  184. What Can I Expect Before & After RAI
  185. To kds0, I have to ask.......
  186. Queston for Hashis and silent thyroiditis sufferers
  187. New to Armour thyroid
  188. TEST RESULTS w/ Ref Ranges ... PLEASE!
  189. HGH stimulation test
  190. Thyroid Myths and truths
  191. iodine
  192. Questions re: hyperthyroid
  193. Tightness, fullness in throat after TT
  194. help with meds
  195. TSH was 27, T4 was "on the low side of normal", T3 was ok...
  196. Do you take your meds or not for blood work
  197. needing help again!!!!!!
  198. Please help with results, ?s re T4-T3 conversion
  199. desperately need help
  200. question on goiter compression+seeing stars
  201. For Meep please
  202. Meep have a question for you please
  203. New Here and a Question
  204. Elevated TSH
  205. Extreme change in TSH without meds... Please help!!!
  206. I really wish someone would help me with my question
  207. Pathology Back...Papillary Carcinoma
  208. Just told I may have Hypothroidism
  209. neck pain due to goiter? Just Me Again!
  210. Iron Pills and Thyroid meds
  211. After RAI Treatment
  212. New test results including DHEA
  213. are these test results ok?
  214. Slow Release T3 & food?
  215. New to Synthroid: I feel like I'm going hypo-hyper-hypo-hyper-hypo
  216. Lady 50...Question please
  217. 2nd injection into TT neck scar today
  218. Osteoporosis concerns
  219. RAI and iodine
  220. eastrogen??
  221. heavy legs!!
  222. thyroid removed 5 days ago
  223. Bruising from surgery
  224. Can other drugs - i.e., anti-anxiety - cause hypo?
  225. Strange side effect of synthroid?????
  226. **LABS** opinions please!
  227. No more goiter...
  228. Sharing my story about my sister
  229. I am so not happy???????????????????? help
  230. Thyroid Storm Or What!!!
  231. Thyroiditis
  232. Home from Hospital after Surgery
  233. Exhaustion/Short of Breath?
  234. Anyone care to comment on my ultrasound report? :-)
  235. After TT, I have got leg swelling. Please help.
  236. Help please......
  237. Recent labs...
  238. help with meds
  239. Where is blood drawn for Healthcheck USA?
  240. Feeling very hyper for a hypo!
  241. Anybody familiar with cortisol levels or problems?
  242. Meep...please read this
  243. Set of blood tests ordered, can anyone help decipher?
  244. High TSH - Any advise please
  245. Danger of not treating high TSH?
  246. New here and have some questions
  247. Female Cytomel users???
  248. synthroid dosage based on body weight
  249. don't know where to start.....
  250. Ultrasound guided biopsy

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