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  1. Thyroid removal/psychotic reaction
  2. Help with new thyroid bloodwork please ???
  3. Low sodium?
  4. Puffy Face and weight gain
  5. Got myself in a right panic :(
  6. tsh going up?
  7. i dont no what im doing!
  8. Please read-I'm so frustrated!
  9. Labs are in - I am NORMAL??????
  10. Tsh Levels
  11. New to Site--Might be Hypo
  12. Will Synthroid
  13. Does this sound like a Thyroid problem? Help!
  14. sorry,another ?
  15. t4,t3 v free t3 t4
  16. Newbie making an Introduction
  17. MatthewsMom
  18. Happy Mothers Day To All..............
  19. How soon after treatment/surgery do youstart to lose weight?
  20. Thanks every one for advice on waiting
  21. thyroxine and appetite
  22. please help: newly diagnosed Hypo w/ TSH of 98 and possible cancerous cyst!!
  23. What did this mean?
  24. tingling hands and feet (pins and needles)
  25. Teenage daughter has Hashimoto's but now hyperthyroid
  26. New and need help..m
  27. How do you know if you go from Hypo too Hyper
  28. Skin symptoms
  29. Goitrogens and TT?
  30. Need opinions with Lab results
  31. Does anyone know?
  32. How Often Should Teen Girl Get Retested?
  33. Mood swings/depression
  34. ct scan with contrast-reaction?
  35. Is thyroid calcification a big deal?
  36. Back pain - what to use for pain relief?
  37. Trying to get diagnosed and frustrated
  38. Newly diagnosed: When do symptoms subside?
  39. Hi all
  40. What's the difference between Levothyroxine
  41. Osteopath?
  42. no reaction on armour?
  43. Severe deep chest itching and pain
  44. thyroid and heart
  45. where are you all gone ????
  46. Problems with Dairy?
  47. Facial Swelling, Puffiness?
  48. Constant Throat clearing and Phlegm!
  49. Thank You To All-
  50. Symptoms
  51. Grave's meds
  52. needle biopsy
  53. New to Board-Lab Results-Graves/Hyper
  54. Saw Pain Management today
  55. TSH - confused
  56. hypo with enlarged thyroid and murmur
  57. might seem strange
  58. Surgeon said it did not matter
  59. Still fighting Fatigue.. WHY??
  60. Hypo and blood testing question
  61. Excessive Weight Gain and Grave's
  62. One Week Later
  63. Natural Thyroid Blend Supplement - Should I?
  64. Armour vs. Thyrolar
  65. Symptoms back - medications?
  66. Must Go Back to Work 8 Days After Surgery
  67. What causes thyroid problems?
  68. MatthewsMom-how are you doing?
  69. what is esr-westergren?
  70. Diet suggestions to lose weight? PLEASE
  71. hashi's and R.A
  72. really low tsh
  73. Constant colds - hypo related or ?
  74. What is Selenium And What Does It Do?
  75. i really, really really hate doctors.
  76. Herpes 6 virus
  77. Hello, thanks for all the help up to this point.
  78. SOY & Hypoactive thyroid?
  79. TSH of 64.53 have questions
  80. New to this thread....Need advise !Heart Palps and Thyroid
  81. Did I make a mistake??
  82. How soon after i take synthroid can i eat?
  83. My Story of Symptoms/Conditions
  84. Thyroid Test
  85. wheat intolerance
  86. hypo skin condition
  87. Having thyroid uptake this week...
  88. Test Results
  89. My TSH results...
  90. Just had surgery, cannot sleep
  91. My endo isn't as credible as I thought - went to my appt. today
  92. Cold nodule
  93. I'm HypoT and just had baby
  94. FNA Question
  95. Synthroid & Weight
  96. Goodmorning Ladies!!!!!!!!!
  97. If its not my thyroid then what is it?
  98. Upcoming decisions
  99. new to this here is what i have so far
  100. Severe Periodic limb movemant
  101. Morning all,
  102. muscle 'pull' in calves - meds?
  103. heart problems hypo
  104. Advice Needed - Would you have surgery?
  105. thyroid levels
  106. Just poo-
  107. Urine Test
  108. Ache all over after R.A.I ?????
  109. Do FT3's and FT4's fluctuate in level #'s like the TSH does?
  110. Saw Endo--lab results
  111. Calling Midwest.........
  112. symptom number 3,742
  113. How do you know you need T3?
  114. just rec'd test results & have ?
  115. Could I have a thyroid problem?
  116. questions
  117. armour dose
  118. Weakness...thyroid or something else??
  119. Help,6yr old with tsh problems
  120. Please help!!!
  121. sex drive
  122. Can you really tell from an ultrasound?
  123. Postpartum Hypothyroid
  124. Bruising?
  125. Back From 1st Endo Appt!!!!!!!!!!!
  126. How long to wait when change dose??
  127. First endo appt. 1 1/2 wks. post surgery
  128. How high can the antibodies go??
  129. Feels like lead weights
  130. Do D.O.s order thyroid scans?
  131. After surgery Q's
  132. Can T3 Raise Blood Pressure?
  133. Thank you all! Treatment started today!
  134. About T3
  135. Hi Guys and update
  136. change in bowel habit?
  137. Finally diagnosed/Hashi's !!!!
  138. Vitamin Supplements helpful?
  139. Hello, I'm New...... Just DX'ed Hashimotos And Have Questions.....
  140. need info on hypoT
  141. Tightness in neck and incision area
  142. newbie pls help
  143. Endo Appt Tomorrow!!!!
  144. Silly question???
  145. A little Confused, Can you help?
  146. High Antibodies
  147. How do you know if a nodule has grown AFTER having a Ultrasound?
  148. Opinions please
  149. Curious with questions
  150. Soy Products??
  151. Synthroid Dosage
  152. Pap Test?
  153. Melatonin...yes or no with hashi's??
  154. Weight loss with hypothyroid?
  155. Test results from QUACK doctor visit, any thoughts?
  156. Sick and tired of being sick and tired!!
  157. Hyper or Hypo?....Please help me!!
  158. could this be thyroid
  159. Advice Please....
  160. Afternoon labs, wait how long after taking meds?
  161. Test results + ?s re Hashi's
  162. Is reducing T-4 really necessary when starting Cytomel??
  163. Endo Referral
  164. TSI/Graves testing
  165. Yeah, Normal TSH!!
  166. Question about Active Graves
  167. Went To New Doc
  168. Hashimotot's / Allergies / Peppermint Tea
  169. I'm Excited!!!
  170. Acupuncture
  171. Mercury levels
  172. Hot-flushed face when hypo?
  173. hypothyroid...have lost most of my eyebrows..r/o
  174. How do these test results look?
  175. Anyone w/ AI thyroiditis (hashimoto's) lose weight?
  176. Sun sensitivity w/meds????
  177. i have my test results....
  178. Strange Swallowing Question
  179. Has anyone tried this from Natures Sunshine Products?
  180. do I mention this to endo?
  181. Being poked against my will
  182. Hyperthiroidism symptoms?
  183. Could this be a thyroid problem
  184. Uptake scan tomarrow.............
  185. How long B4 T3 kicks in?
  186. Dizziness w/hypothyroid
  187. stressed to the max!!!!!! please help
  188. supplements?
  189. Please Help....
  190. weird eye question
  191. Flouride?
  192. Birth control and test results?
  193. Need to vent, new Endo is the worst so far.
  194. New Here-Thyroid Cyst
  195. Symptoms and tests-Please help!
  196. Could this be thyorid problems?
  197. need a little help
  198. medical bracelet / tags?
  199. "ive done it"
  200. any of you WORKOUT? any advice i get tired quick
  201. Thyroid Regrowth?????
  202. Venting
  203. TSH - normal before surgery etc
  204. Almost Went To Hospital
  205. Hot and Cold Spells?
  206. Finally found a great HOUSTON-area endo!
  207. Throat really sore & can barely swallow. Advice please
  208. Input on lab results please
  209. HELP going crazy over thyroid meds, cant find right dosage"
  210. Tapazole and Thyroid scan
  211. Elevated TSH, but HYPER symptoms
  212. I can't sleep since started higher dose
  213. Lab Tests Are In - Need Your Expertise
  214. Weight and Thyroid Need
  215. Taking temperature to monitor dose?
  216. Post sugery question/advice please
  217. Anyone taking adrenal support medicine
  218. anyone know what this could be..
  219. Graves symptoms??
  220. I got in a little spat with a doctor friend of mine.
  221. whats more trusting?
  222. "boarderline" hyperthyroidism
  223. What signifigance is a low t3?
  224. Looking for Eating Recommendations
  225. labs after a TT
  226. Whats a good way to find a new pediatrician
  227. thyroid and poly cystic ovary syndrome
  228. Newbie with more questions about Hashi's/Synthroid
  229. SYnthroid
  230. Neck "fullness"???
  231. Medications
  232. will rai help or not?
  233. Levothyroxine + selenium-take together?
  234. Went to Dr today for Swollen lymph nodes
  235. Got my labs today!!!!!!!!!!
  236. Is it possible......
  237. lump/.gland in back of neck and pain :(
  238. THyroid test result dont understand
  239. Should I call?
  240. Parathyroid Test
  241. How can I have A.I thyroiditis w/ TSH like this?
  242. Mouth Ulcers After R.a.i ??????
  243. Questions any help would be great!
  244. First test series after TT and RAI
  245. Fluoride a culprit?
  246. Asked to take 5 aspirins a day for a while
  247. What else can cause elevated TSH?
  248. Boarderline HyperT - My story
  249. shmily...question on dr. sessions
  250. Hope this might help someone

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