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  1. RAI and iodine
  2. eastrogen??
  3. heavy legs!!
  4. thyroid removed 5 days ago
  5. Bruising from surgery
  6. Can other drugs - i.e., anti-anxiety - cause hypo?
  7. Strange side effect of synthroid?????
  8. **LABS** opinions please!
  9. No more goiter...
  10. Sharing my story about my sister
  11. I am so not happy???????????????????? help
  12. Thyroid Storm Or What!!!
  13. Thyroiditis
  14. Home from Hospital after Surgery
  15. Exhaustion/Short of Breath?
  16. Anyone care to comment on my ultrasound report? :-)
  17. After TT, I have got leg swelling. Please help.
  18. Help please......
  19. Recent labs...
  20. help with meds
  21. Where is blood drawn for Healthcheck USA?
  22. Feeling very hyper for a hypo!
  23. Anybody familiar with cortisol levels or problems?
  24. Meep...please read this
  25. Set of blood tests ordered, can anyone help decipher?
  26. High TSH - Any advise please
  27. Danger of not treating high TSH?
  28. New here and have some questions
  29. Female Cytomel users???
  30. synthroid dosage based on body weight
  31. don't know where to start.....
  32. Ultrasound guided biopsy
  33. Vision problems
  34. Pregnancy and Hashimoto
  35. New test results. Help!
  36. hypo & allergies
  37. Hypothyroid
  38. Pregnant - need advice
  39. Synthroid and Alcohol - BAD reaction for me!
  40. Supressed TSH explained?
  41. update of recent labs
  42. Going for a Thyroid Ultrasound...
  43. Help, I have NO idea what I SHOULD be doing.
  44. Concerned
  45. Some Levels I found In Papers- Can You Read For Me?
  46. Freaked out! Stomach issues help please!
  47. Surgery Tomorrow
  48. don't know where to start
  49. salt cravings and hunger after 2 weeks on armour?
  50. carroc
  51. Dry mouth.
  52. Question about nodules and lab numbers
  53. hello evaryone!!!
  54. Help!
  55. Levoxyl to Syntroid and some problems
  56. is cultured cabbage goitrogenic?
  57. Prednisone and TED(messed me up!!)
  58. New, Hyper, and seeking opinions!
  59. TPO and TG antibodies...Plus my lab results. need advice!
  60. question on high "normal" TSI
  61. slightly hypo
  62. hypersensitive to bleach, etc.
  63. Need help! Got my results back for thyroid!
  64. legs and feet
  65. I've given up!
  66. undermedicated ???????????????????????
  67. Goitergenic foods / MILLET!? help
  68. FT4 lvels? anyone
  69. worrierd about going for my eye test????
  70. CountryCarole...How are you doing?
  71. Thyroglobulin antibodies no more?
  72. Prilosec -- Deda or anyone have info?
  73. Help - In the middle of tests that are inconsisten
  74. First Armour pill today, and Hmmm funny sensation in my throat
  75. Mood stabilizers with Synthroid?
  76. Anyone look pale ??
  77. Is my Total T3 low?????
  78. katpurs, just wondering how you are doing ?
  79. DHEA anyone
  80. TSH changing sooo much, why???
  81. Synthroid vs. the generic - I need some help please
  82. Hooray!!
  83. hurthle cell changes
  84. How Do I..........
  85. Mom hypo too?
  86. Protien and brain fog?
  87. Levoxyl to Armour Question...
  88. Lab results show normal, why the symptoms?
  89. Hashi's with LIGHT periods
  90. What int he heck !?!?!!?
  91. healthcheck usa blood tests
  92. New here
  93. Anyone know what a vocal chord test is?
  94. stressed/relaxed/stressed??
  95. extremely high tsh?
  96. Help! Thyroid Tsh up/lyme disease/mercury
  97. Can horsness and full feeling in neck and throat change from day to day??
  98. emergency here!
  99. anyone have this?
  100. Synthroid and Cytomel Combo
  101. Got results...need help!!!
  102. I have Armour questions, got mine today * SO CONFUSED*
  103. Selenium question..
  104. Anxiety symptoms getting worse - could it be synthroid (well, generic?)
  105. Hi i,m new, i,m in england surgery on 7th
  106. Frustrated! Need Suggestions!
  107. addisons and hypothyroidism
  108. Fna-june 5
  109. sore throat voice going!!!!!!!!!!
  110. Is this hyperthyroid??
  111. High ESR?
  112. Eye lid surgery?
  113. Graves disease and TTC...NEED HELP!
  114. My husband has Graves Disease and is out of control mentally, help!
  115. Can stress make TSH low?
  116. sweating question
  117. Armour vs Synthroid - advice please ???
  118. My thyroid hates me!
  119. Please help, "normal results".
  120. I'm soooo scared...TTC and hyperthyroid...
  121. I think I may be Hyper..???
  122. Can Thyroid meds correct PCOS
  123. please read me ! only short!!!!
  124. bad tests results explains alot??????/
  125. Who's right & who's wrong
  126. Should I get a 2nd opinion?..m
  127. Antidepressants
  128. Test results....
  129. Are you on Armour?
  130. Does this mean anything?
  131. Is this from methimazole?
  132. New here and just got test results
  133. My doctor closed his practice!
  134. Will things calm down?
  135. Hi all x anyone know what normal blood pressure should be??numbers?
  136. About TSH
  137. Side effects of Armour?
  138. tired even at 1.8 tsh
  139. how do i know if going the other way?
  140. I want to feel nothing - mentally
  141. kathy590
  142. Too much Synthroid?
  143. its qaulity of life ??? i just dont have!!!!
  144. Hypo? Hyper? What the heck!!!!!!!!!!
  145. Weight Training, Bicycling, and Surgery
  146. Weight Training, Bicycling, and Surgery
  147. Can anyone recommend an Endo in the S.FL area, specifically N Broward County or S
  148. Could I have hypothyroidism?
  149. antibody tests normal.. any other tests to test for hashis?
  150. really flue like HELP!!!!!
  151. AV Sue's story (sudufu) long!
  152. thyroid antibody test
  153. What is ACTH test?
  154. Armour warning!!!!
  155. armour update
  156. Hypo and feeling good?
  157. Ted
  158. Is acid reflux common after Thyroidectomy?
  159. cant swallow
  160. Please help me understand...
  162. Have questions
  163. Do This Now
  164. Does your TSH number really matter?
  165. Blackouts and neck pressure...
  166. sorry another thread - can anyone make sense of my fnab cytology report? please :-)
  167. when is enough med ????????
  168. TT in 3 weeks - doc said no need to see endo...?????
  169. what the ............... is going on???????
  170. newest lab results for anemia
  171. Carotenemia and hypothyroidism
  172. O-My-GOD, I really wanna curl up and die!
  173. tsh low and free t4 low???
  174. acidity and hypothyroidism & a bit on my dizzy experiment
  175. Day 3 on Synthroid, I'm dizzy - just a coincidence?
  176. Pathology report back after TT
  177. Hypo now Hyper
  178. Went to Pain Management for TT scar
  179. TSH level normal???
  180. SHMILY-I went to sessions
  181. Crash And Burn Three Weeks Into Meds
  182. patho report positive for pap cancer
  183. Explain the different meds referred to on board
  184. surgery
  185. Help with hubby's labs
  186. Advice needed, please look at my lab results.
  187. Synthroid causing Mania?
  188. Off Meds - Nuclear Scan
  189. Full Lab Report-TAP dosage question
  190. Am I weird? Normal finally?
  191. homeopath
  192. I need some advice.....
  193. 1st Day of TAP-dosage advice/labs
  194. Low Grade Fevers W/hashi's
  195. How long until I feel better? T3 & 4
  196. WHY anxiety/panic with hashi's hypo ????
  197. Question from my wife
  198. Are these "perfect?"
  199. depression from thyroid meds
  200. Should I ask for Cytomel or Armour?
  201. Why hyper symptoms so suddenly?
  202. Typical to not treat Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
  203. hypothyroid symptoms
  204. please help me !!!
  205. are you ok on armour .d. ???
  206. exersize and thyroxine???
  207. Lab tests look good, but I could feel better!
  208. What are the norm T4 Ranges? Also, I just realized something...
  209. Fish Oil and Other vitamins?????
  210. Should I feel like an idiot or no? (RE endo call)
  211. Hyper then changed to Hypo??
  212. what is maca?
  213. It's not my thyroid, I'm just fat! - Appt. follow-up
  214. needle biopsy tomarrow advice request
  215. I'll prob. be away for a week or so.... just wanted to say
  216. New pain in chest (or other scary symptom) - how do you know when to go to hospital ?
  217. What story does the TSH tell?
  218. I'm not crazy am I...
  219. Would you mind telling me * Poll of sorts *
  220. Weight loss instead of weight gain with hashimoto's ???? ......
  221. Need some knowledge and advice on labs
  222. Advice for mother needed a.s.a.p. regarding RAI treatment...
  223. Newbie here...help!
  224. Blood transfusion and Hashi's?
  225. Sorry if this is a stupid question - just started Synthroid - coffee???
  226. If my ultrasound was "Unremarkable" - does that mean no goiter?
  227. How do you get rid of a goiter?
  228. Super Acidity?
  229. midwest1 or anyone who can help??
  230. I need your guidance regarding hypoT
  231. Test Results
  232. SO Frustrated!!
  233. New to Site--Might Be Hypo
  234. surgery or not---help!!!!!
  235. hyperthyroid?
  236. want to know what to expect after surgery
  237. dentist
  238. CountryCarole
  239. Hoping for some advice
  240. Levoxyl and BirthControl...
  241. eye problems
  242. Which tests sould we have done?
  243. help with armour
  244. Back from TT
  245. Newbie w/ test result questions
  246. New here - Pregnancy and hypothyroid
  247. armour making me tired?
  248. What do my symptoms mean ?
  249. Could I be overmedicated?
  250. Hashimotos

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