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  1. Is acid reflux common after Thyroidectomy?
  2. cant swallow
  3. Please help me understand...
  5. Have questions
  6. Do This Now
  7. Does your TSH number really matter?
  8. Blackouts and neck pressure...
  9. sorry another thread - can anyone make sense of my fnab cytology report? please :-)
  10. when is enough med ????????
  11. TT in 3 weeks - doc said no need to see endo...?????
  12. what the ............... is going on???????
  13. newest lab results for anemia
  14. Carotenemia and hypothyroidism
  15. O-My-GOD, I really wanna curl up and die!
  16. tsh low and free t4 low???
  17. acidity and hypothyroidism & a bit on my dizzy experiment
  18. Day 3 on Synthroid, I'm dizzy - just a coincidence?
  19. Pathology report back after TT
  20. Hypo now Hyper
  21. Went to Pain Management for TT scar
  22. TSH level normal???
  23. SHMILY-I went to sessions
  24. Crash And Burn Three Weeks Into Meds
  25. patho report positive for pap cancer
  26. Explain the different meds referred to on board
  27. surgery
  28. Help with hubby's labs
  29. Advice needed, please look at my lab results.
  30. Synthroid causing Mania?
  31. Off Meds - Nuclear Scan
  32. Full Lab Report-TAP dosage question
  33. Am I weird? Normal finally?
  34. homeopath
  35. I need some advice.....
  36. 1st Day of TAP-dosage advice/labs
  37. Low Grade Fevers W/hashi's
  38. How long until I feel better? T3 & 4
  39. WHY anxiety/panic with hashi's hypo ????
  40. Question from my wife
  41. Are these "perfect?"
  42. depression from thyroid meds
  43. Should I ask for Cytomel or Armour?
  44. Why hyper symptoms so suddenly?
  45. Typical to not treat Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
  46. hypothyroid symptoms
  47. please help me !!!
  48. are you ok on armour .d. ???
  49. exersize and thyroxine???
  50. Lab tests look good, but I could feel better!
  51. What are the norm T4 Ranges? Also, I just realized something...
  52. Fish Oil and Other vitamins?????
  53. Should I feel like an idiot or no? (RE endo call)
  54. Hyper then changed to Hypo??
  55. what is maca?
  56. It's not my thyroid, I'm just fat! - Appt. follow-up
  57. needle biopsy tomarrow advice request
  58. I'll prob. be away for a week or so.... just wanted to say
  59. New pain in chest (or other scary symptom) - how do you know when to go to hospital ?
  60. What story does the TSH tell?
  61. I'm not crazy am I...
  62. Would you mind telling me * Poll of sorts *
  63. Weight loss instead of weight gain with hashimoto's ???? ......
  64. Need some knowledge and advice on labs
  65. Advice for mother needed a.s.a.p. regarding RAI treatment...
  66. Newbie here...help!
  67. Blood transfusion and Hashi's?
  68. Sorry if this is a stupid question - just started Synthroid - coffee???
  69. If my ultrasound was "Unremarkable" - does that mean no goiter?
  70. How do you get rid of a goiter?
  71. Super Acidity?
  72. midwest1 or anyone who can help??
  73. I need your guidance regarding hypoT
  74. Test Results
  75. SO Frustrated!!
  76. New to Site--Might Be Hypo
  77. surgery or not---help!!!!!
  78. hyperthyroid?
  79. want to know what to expect after surgery
  80. dentist
  81. CountryCarole
  82. Hoping for some advice
  83. Levoxyl and BirthControl...
  84. eye problems
  85. Which tests sould we have done?
  86. help with armour
  87. Back from TT
  88. Newbie w/ test result questions
  89. New here - Pregnancy and hypothyroid
  90. armour making me tired?
  91. What do my symptoms mean ?
  92. Could I be overmedicated?
  93. Hashimotos
  94. Antibodies tested?
  95. Having a procedure to scar in neck this week
  96. I was just bitched out by a nurse
  97. Thyroid nodules, can they shrink on their own?
  98. It's me again, the newbie here. Here are my "numbers", can one of you experts....
  99. anybody come off levo,synth,armour etc
  100. fast pulse with/without meds
  101. Tyroid Meds ?
  102. Afraid of taking meds after reading posts & stuff....
  103. head rushes!!!!!!!!
  104. naturapath/holistic
  105. Hey all.........
  106. high prolactin???
  107. Anybody else lack hypo symptoms yet hypo??
  108. anybody know about TRSAb test (TSH antibody test?)
  109. After surgery and Antidepressants??
  110. Thanks for the advice on Staph Infection after surgery
  111. An ode to the thyroid
  112. Soooooo hungry!
  113. Need some help/support
  114. for katpurs
  115. Just discovered thyroid lump
  116. a tribute
  117. Reminder about men....
  118. Sudden rise in TSH level
  119. How stupid am I?
  120. Lab Tests
  121. ? Cytomel questions ?
  122. whats your worst symptomof hypoT
  123. Needle Biopsy - Doest it hurt????
  124. Freaking out newbie here. (long, sorry)
  125. How long before thyroid meds start to work?
  126. Any Suggestion been here before
  127. selenium
  128. opposite effects?????
  129. Should I be concerned?
  130. HELP Staph infection in surgical site!
  131. Is Armour a better choice
  132. What do you think about injuries causing thyroid problems?
  133. TPO Antibodies/Eye Disease
  134. blood results????
  135. Synthroid / drug interactions (Xanax) ?
  136. hashimotos questions.
  137. Thyroid and Mucus
  138. Thyroid and Mucus
  139. Can My meds cause swelling?
  140. Need advice from you.....
  141. Thyroidectomy and I-131???
  142. Low BBT (temps), also re vitamins, supplements
  143. What do these results mean
  144. Hi I am new
  145. Throid totally not working
  146. Help with tests
  147. This is probably not a good idea but...
  148. good drs in oregon?
  149. illmakeit..advice
  150. confused about thyroid numbers
  151. lab results?
  152. Antibodies??
  153. Opinion on my lab results...thanks
  154. Darvocet?????
  155. book - Hypothyroidism the Unsuspected Illness
  156. Persistent facial twitches, can anyone please help?
  157. What do these tests tell you???? If anything...
  158. TSH was normal range last summer, but now 27 - questions about symptoms
  159. Surgery over - am home from hospital
  160. Shayla25 - how's the banana working?
  161. Question for 2 years or more Post RAI for Graves disease
  162. 'nother DOC bites the dust
  163. is it defintley thyroid (hypo)
  164. work and thyroids??
  165. Calling MOMOFBOYZ??
  166. Can anyone help me ???
  167. Synthroid~fact or fiction?
  168. Cytomel seems to be helping me...and other sad news
  169. Help! Do I have a thyroid problem?
  170. results?????
  171. Do You Ever.......
  172. URGENT-HELP...... I overtook my Levoxyl!!!!!!!
  173. night anxiety?
  174. 4 WEEKS AFTER R.A.I Do These Look O.K.???
  175. i still feel like ..............t !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  176. I really need y'alls help... PLEASE!
  177. Hi, new here. Hypo but having heart palps ?
  178. Hashimoto's infertility
  179. Advice on Armour dosage please, think levothyroxine is also needed
  180. Spent 4.5 hrs in the ER last night!
  181. Definition of fatigue?
  182. TT tomorrow
  183. could this be thyroid
  184. tapazole
  185. My endo appt today..m
  186. options given to me by doc for Graves eyes
  187. Cancer post-thyroidectomy+my story w/Graves
  188. Unrelenting nausea
  189. Endo or biopsy or both?
  190. To Divermon
  191. The saga continues...advice appreciated
  192. New Symptom???
  193. I'm not liking my new dose of Synthroid!
  194. Newbie-Sporadic taking of Synthoid harmful
  195. Thyroglobulin test?
  196. Got my script for armour today
  197. Got labs As doc says ALL NORMAL
  198. Lets all vent about doc's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  199. colon cleanse
  200. does SYNTHROID come in 106mcg?
  201. Environmental Toxcity and thyroid problems
  202. Euthyroid but still having symptoms
  203. Loss of taste...m
  204. Surgery tomorrow
  205. Tingling in head and throughout body
  206. I followed tree frog here, any help?
  207. Please !!! Need someone alot smarter than me
  208. Any Adrenal Gurus on here
  209. advice please
  210. Dr. Just Called Me...
  211. Possible Thyroid/Yeast/Acne Connection
  212. Last few tests are in - time to analyze me
  213. Thyroid removal/psychotic reaction
  214. Help with new thyroid bloodwork please ???
  215. Low sodium?
  216. Puffy Face and weight gain
  217. Got myself in a right panic :(
  218. tsh going up?
  219. i dont no what im doing!
  220. Please read-I'm so frustrated!
  221. Labs are in - I am NORMAL??????
  222. Tsh Levels
  223. New to Site--Might be Hypo
  224. Will Synthroid
  225. Does this sound like a Thyroid problem? Help!
  226. sorry,another ?
  227. t4,t3 v free t3 t4
  228. Newbie making an Introduction
  229. MatthewsMom
  230. Happy Mothers Day To All..............
  231. How soon after treatment/surgery do youstart to lose weight?
  232. Thanks every one for advice on waiting
  233. thyroxine and appetite
  234. please help: newly diagnosed Hypo w/ TSH of 98 and possible cancerous cyst!!
  235. What did this mean?
  236. tingling hands and feet (pins and needles)
  237. Teenage daughter has Hashimoto's but now hyperthyroid
  238. New and need help..m
  239. How do you know if you go from Hypo too Hyper
  240. Skin symptoms
  241. Goitrogens and TT?
  242. Need opinions with Lab results
  243. Does anyone know?
  244. How Often Should Teen Girl Get Retested?
  245. Mood swings/depression
  246. ct scan with contrast-reaction?
  247. Is thyroid calcification a big deal?
  248. Back pain - what to use for pain relief?
  249. Trying to get diagnosed and frustrated
  250. Newly diagnosed: When do symptoms subside?

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