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  1. What should I ask my dr.?
  2. Hashis AND HyperT symptoms?
  3. Hi! I haven't been here in a while but have a ??
  4. Levoxyl & Anger
  5. Anyone have subacute thyroiditis? I was
  6. underactive thyroid
  7. Happy about TT?
  8. Advice please?Best time to have blood test?
  9. uptake scan
  10. Lab test...which phase am I???
  11. Joint pain W/ Throid prob
  12. Bloated from meds...any suggestions?
  13. Tingling in Hands - Thyroid problem or what?
  14. diet...unsalted butter??
  15. switching from Synthroid to T3/4 med???
  16. Divermon...
  17. Thyroid & Lupus
  18. "Good news"
  19. went to see my GP
  20. Nodule question
  21. MyBowTie?
  22. Anxiety Disorder? Thyroid problem? Heart Palpitations?
  23. Depression from UnderActive Thyroid
  24. Down side to having uptake scan?
  25. Saw the endo again
  26. Any Selenium unusual experiences??
  27. Slightly concerned newbie - any info appreciated! :)
  28. High blood sugar and correct thyroid dosage
  29. Has anyone tried virgin coconut oil?
  30. Need input on results.........PLEASE!
  31. This diet :(
  32. Anyone using nutrimeds for thyroid
  33. Went to dentist, anyone have gum problems?
  34. Tingling in lower body (hips to feet)
  35. need advice (it's a long one!)
  36. Thyroid Help
  37. for all hashi's that had thyroid removed...
  38. Hyperkim....
  39. Ok my friends...difference between tests, my lab sheet doesnt have t3 Free
  40. super high tsh
  41. Dyspepsia???
  42. A couple of questions...
  43. Debating what to do...
  44. Why not Cytomel and Synthroid?
  45. TT for large substernal goiter
  46. Anyone else with voice problems after TT?
  47. New...With Questions
  48. Question for PixieK
  49. Deficency? What is causing this to happen?
  50. Question about thyroid uptake scan...
  51. Thyroid and Asthma
  52. A different symptom...related to hypo or not?
  53. do you feel worse around ovulation?
  54. I saw my endo doctor yesterday..question??
  55. Question how labs count numbers
  56. Lab results - am I hyper? I dont feel like it...
  57. Which Tests?
  58. Thyroid Meds on Empty Stomach?
  59. Hello i'm new and would love some advice
  60. Lab results....Please help
  61. Thyroid ultrasound
  62. I guess I thought a new Dr wound help...was I wrong!
  63. Thyroid Med Questions
  64. Sue1234, can you help?
  65. anyone take(n) Nature/West Throid ? ? ?
  66. hard to breathe
  67. RAI and shellfish allergies?
  68. Why are so many opposed to RAI , It seems easier....
  69. syndrome X and hypoT
  70. Throid confusion
  71. splitting Armour pills
  72. Can sumone help me understand this?
  73. Thyroid Uptake/scan -- how reliable are results?
  74. Hyperkim, from another Texas gal...
  75. Carnitine experiment with Graves/hyperT
  76. Weight gain. SOOOO annoyed!! HYPO and other problems
  77. A confuzed and worried person
  78. Worried about unintentional weight loss...
  79. aches and pains
  80. Question for people with hyperthyroid??
  81. Hi hypers how ya all doing :) ?
  82. Papillary Carcinoma...post Thyroidectomy...what should I expect now?
  83. Should I get tested?
  84. Please help, hypothyroid after Graves
  85. Does it matter what time of the day to take your medication?
  86. wrist pain with hypo?
  87. Need help w/ my upcoming endo apmt...please
  88. take synthroid day of blood test or not???
  89. elevation of epinephrine in the urine
  90. Losing weight with HypoT
  91. Thyroid conditions and low potassium or high B/P?
  92. Hashis...Is that hyper or hypo?
  93. Drs base diagnosis on....BUT.........
  94. Anyone had withdrawals when switching from Armour?
  95. Newbie - just had Thyroidectomy 3/13
  96. possible thyroid trouble and question
  97. Apple cider vinegar and omega 3...can these
  98. Grave's Disease/Memory Loss?
  99. Benefits of chamomile tea (at least me!)
  100. Thyroiditis
  101. Goiter on Thyroid???
  102. Lab Reports--Can Someone Please Help?
  103. Lab results
  104. Eye problem questions
  105. My story ends....
  106. Cytomel Questions
  107. Hashi's Question
  108. Had TED for longer than thought
  109. Any Doc recomendations in NY??
  110. Lab gurus please help!
  111. Hashimoto Questions??
  112. hypo and heartrate
  113. water soluble magnesium?
  114. can someone help me?
  115. I "look different"!!!
  116. Can someone PLEASE try to help me with these results?
  117. Just how big is your thyroid anyway?
  118. Normal Test Results?! Why do I feel so bad??
  119. Dea4
  120. Need advice on labs for adrenals & hormones
  121. New Graves labs in....
  122. Lab Results..are these "normal"
  123. Does It ever go away?
  124. PLEASE reply: Sleep & Thyroid meds
  125. Test Results...Dr says "normal"....any advice?
  126. what are you taking for adrenal problems?
  127. Nodule
  128. does anyone know of a good doctor in the columbus ohio area?/
  129. Graves and Hypothyroid and Infants
  130. antibodies..but normal bloodwork
  131. Thanx 4 the replies!Here are my ranges!!!!
  132. How is Midwest doing?
  133. hashi's
  134. Have few questions?
  135. Hypothyroid and thin?
  136. Need help dont know much about thyroid problems
  137. New....need help and advice
  138. cold nose? please help.....
  139. Pixiek, Shmily....Questions about heel pain
  140. Levothyroxine & Dizziness
  141. confused need help
  142. RAI experiences? side effects?
  143. Hope for those concerned with their voices
  144. TSH LOWER a month after TT???? WHY??
  145. what's the difference between Grave's disease and hyperthyroidism?
  146. How can my THS levels be up to 7.67 and
  147. t4 vs t4?
  148. tweaking Armour & unithroid
  149. Can Tsh Reading Change After 1 Month Without Being On Medication?
  150. hyper or hypo?
  151. Hi everyone, im new to this forum...I Need Help!(male)
  152. Hi everyone, im new to this forum...I Need Help!(male)
  153. Graves symptoms
  154. Are Hurthle Cells bad?
  155. Surgery Date Scheduled
  156. Graves Disease....eyes...saw the endo
  157. Armour dosing
  158. Swollen Hands and Thyroid Meds?????
  159. Woohoo!! - New Doc
  160. TT - what drugs what dosage?
  161. What could it be?
  162. Graves and aspartame? Your thoughts?
  163. Sleep deprived in AV !!!
  164. Recovery Time for Thyroidectomy
  165. Question about My grandma
  166. Elevated DHEA
  167. Leg Pain from Hashi's??
  168. Need Help with First Labs since TT
  169. Sweating
  170. Hypo people, please look
  171. Seasonal Variations??
  172. Basal Temp
  173. Thyroid and chest pain
  174. Interpretation Needed Please
  175. Question about thyroid....Please please respond
  176. Need advice concerning staph any my thyroid disease
  177. Off my meds after 3 days
  178. O.k. Received Blood Work Now Please Please Help
  179. Synthroid and Caffeine?
  180. A Couple of Questions
  181. Can you take decongestants with thyroid meds??
  182. Need help, possible acute phase of Hashimotos
  183. Questions
  184. If I understand these numbers
  185. Interesting about tsh
  186. hypo and shoulder problems ?
  187. Can you be hypo and hyperthyroid?
  188. How do you take cytomel?
  189. acid reflux
  190. Tips for reducing puffy eye areas
  191. ups and downs!
  192. Dandruff.........
  193. Slightly underactive
  194. Hyperthyroid and Synthroid
  195. synthroid increase and dizziness
  196. Scar Appearance
  197. I am so confused! Am I hyperthyroid or not?
  198. cytomel,synthroid and new lab values
  199. CoQ10 has soy? Isnt that bad for thyroid?
  200. thyroid uptake scan
  201. what is wrong with me! We still wonder
  202. Multiple Thyroid Nodules
  203. Parathyroid/Calcium Imbalance. Do My Symptoms Match???
  204. Do you find that people just aren't open-minded about thyroid problems?
  205. Can anti-depressants improve hypo symptoms?
  206. Trouble Swallowing Food
  207. Thyroid Storms
  208. Advice please..Dr says thyroid test "normal"
  209. What type Dr. treats your thyroid disorder?
  210. hypothyroidism
  211. K9mom, can you please look at this?
  212. Synthroid VS Levothyroxine
  213. Just got test results back
  214. WHat do you think? Im getting more and more hyper!
  215. Swollen Thyroid, what does it mean?
  216. Very high TSH - 183
  217. fasting blood tests-do I take Levothroxine?
  218. Is a thyroid disorder possible with normal test results?
  219. What did doc say to apply on incision? Need help
  220. Hypo - Just Got Labs Back - Interpretation Help?
  221. Thyroid diet??
  222. Radioiodine experiences
  223. Hypo and Weight Loss (Weight Watchers?)
  224. Shrinking Thyroid
  225. Are all large Nodules Cancerous
  226. Irregular heartbeat with thyroid meds??
  227. Hyper question....
  228. Hi just want to welcome all the new 'hyper folk' :)
  229. Don't you wish WE could write a book?
  230. post-surgery incision is "stuck?"
  231. developed cold and neck feels weird
  232. Scans so far....
  233. Caffeine
  234. Something encouraging
  235. Natural
  236. Surgery March 22nd.
  237. t3/t4
  238. updated information
  239. Tests, Tests, Tests
  240. am i over medicated?
  241. Thyrogen question
  242. Synthroid Dosage
  243. HELP!! Abnormal ultrasound
  244. anyone have RAI or surgery only to have
  245. Divermon I have an appointment
  246. Surgery scheduled--some questions
  247. Really need to talk to someone
  248. TSI TB11 is it the same test?
  249. T3??
  250. Feel Sleepy All The Time is this normal? :(

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