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  1. Hi Guys and update
  2. change in bowel habit?
  3. Finally diagnosed/Hashi's !!!!
  4. Vitamin Supplements helpful?
  5. Hello, I'm New...... Just DX'ed Hashimotos And Have Questions.....
  6. need info on hypoT
  7. Tightness in neck and incision area
  8. newbie pls help
  9. Endo Appt Tomorrow!!!!
  10. Silly question???
  11. A little Confused, Can you help?
  12. High Antibodies
  13. How do you know if a nodule has grown AFTER having a Ultrasound?
  14. Opinions please
  15. Curious with questions
  16. Soy Products??
  17. Synthroid Dosage
  18. Pap Test?
  19. Melatonin...yes or no with hashi's??
  20. Weight loss with hypothyroid?
  21. Test results from QUACK doctor visit, any thoughts?
  22. Sick and tired of being sick and tired!!
  23. Hyper or Hypo?....Please help me!!
  24. could this be thyroid
  25. Advice Please....
  26. Afternoon labs, wait how long after taking meds?
  27. Test results + ?s re Hashi's
  28. Is reducing T-4 really necessary when starting Cytomel??
  29. Endo Referral
  30. TSI/Graves testing
  31. Yeah, Normal TSH!!
  32. Question about Active Graves
  33. Went To New Doc
  34. Hashimotot's / Allergies / Peppermint Tea
  35. I'm Excited!!!
  36. Acupuncture
  37. Mercury levels
  38. Hot-flushed face when hypo?
  39. hypothyroid...have lost most of my eyebrows..r/o
  40. How do these test results look?
  41. Anyone w/ AI thyroiditis (hashimoto's) lose weight?
  42. Sun sensitivity w/meds????
  43. i have my test results....
  44. Strange Swallowing Question
  45. Has anyone tried this from Natures Sunshine Products?
  46. do I mention this to endo?
  47. Being poked against my will
  48. Hyperthiroidism symptoms?
  49. Could this be a thyroid problem
  50. Uptake scan tomarrow.............
  51. How long B4 T3 kicks in?
  52. Dizziness w/hypothyroid
  53. stressed to the max!!!!!! please help
  54. supplements?
  55. Please Help....
  56. weird eye question
  57. Flouride?
  58. Birth control and test results?
  59. Need to vent, new Endo is the worst so far.
  60. New Here-Thyroid Cyst
  61. Symptoms and tests-Please help!
  62. Could this be thyorid problems?
  63. need a little help
  64. medical bracelet / tags?
  65. "ive done it"
  66. any of you WORKOUT? any advice i get tired quick
  67. Thyroid Regrowth?????
  68. Venting
  69. TSH - normal before surgery etc
  70. Almost Went To Hospital
  71. Hot and Cold Spells?
  72. Finally found a great HOUSTON-area endo!
  73. Throat really sore & can barely swallow. Advice please
  74. Input on lab results please
  75. HELP going crazy over thyroid meds, cant find right dosage"
  76. Tapazole and Thyroid scan
  77. Elevated TSH, but HYPER symptoms
  78. I can't sleep since started higher dose
  79. Lab Tests Are In - Need Your Expertise
  80. Weight and Thyroid Need
  81. Taking temperature to monitor dose?
  82. Post sugery question/advice please
  83. Anyone taking adrenal support medicine
  84. anyone know what this could be..
  85. Graves symptoms??
  86. I got in a little spat with a doctor friend of mine.
  87. whats more trusting?
  88. "boarderline" hyperthyroidism
  89. What signifigance is a low t3?
  90. Looking for Eating Recommendations
  91. labs after a TT
  92. Whats a good way to find a new pediatrician
  93. thyroid and poly cystic ovary syndrome
  94. Newbie with more questions about Hashi's/Synthroid
  95. SYnthroid
  96. Neck "fullness"???
  97. Medications
  98. will rai help or not?
  99. Levothyroxine + selenium-take together?
  100. Went to Dr today for Swollen lymph nodes
  101. Got my labs today!!!!!!!!!!
  102. Is it possible......
  103. lump/.gland in back of neck and pain :(
  104. THyroid test result dont understand
  105. Should I call?
  106. Parathyroid Test
  107. How can I have A.I thyroiditis w/ TSH like this?
  108. Mouth Ulcers After R.a.i ??????
  109. Questions any help would be great!
  110. First test series after TT and RAI
  111. Fluoride a culprit?
  112. Asked to take 5 aspirins a day for a while
  113. What else can cause elevated TSH?
  114. Boarderline HyperT - My story
  115. shmily...question on dr. sessions
  116. Hope this might help someone
  117. Sue
  118. Any input on daughter welcome
  119. wanted to say thanks
  120. Difference in morning and afternoon testing
  121. Any info would be appreciated
  122. Diagnosed Today w/Hashi's Thyroiditis - Have ???'s
  123. Midwest1... update
  124. heat sensation on side of foot anyone?
  126. goitres...
  127. Antibodies > 1000
  128. next step?
  129. Never feel well....any advice?
  130. levothyrexine and coffee
  131. Hypothyroid?
  132. Follicular carcenoma
  133. Just a weird feeling in the head.....anyone?
  134. anyone with gerd and thyroid troubles?
  135. Thyroid medication is poor stuff
  136. Update: 10 Days after surgery
  137. Hyperkim?
  138. symptoms: hypo or hyper???
  139. New labs......Infro from a top doc.....Midwest and others...what do you think?
  140. Armour Thyroid - allergic reactions
  141. Update antid's part 3 :)
  142. Thyroid confusion
  143. hashi's and hypo cause swollen lymhpn nds?
  144. Still waiting for new surgery date
  145. Want to hear a fun fact about Grave's??
  146. Newbie - sorry it's long
  147. Tiseal Glue instead of stitches..INPUT NEEDED
  148. very low blood pressure, 88 over 50
  149. Ultrasound Report
  150. EYES and Graves
  151. SHMILY....question.....
  152. newto this
  153. Dr. ordered these tests...can you tell me what is is looking gor?
  154. my story (so far)
  155. NEW drug warnings from FDA
  156. Now what is happening?
  157. Need some information please :(
  158. What next? Help please!
  159. Discontinuing Armour Thyroid. What to expect??
  160. I saw something about Armour
  161. Picking a new doctor what kind???
  162. Sudufu
  163. Looking for input?
  164. Widely Disparate TSH Levels
  165. Sore, Rough Tongue Anyone?
  166. My GP said "Your TSH Means Nothing" - GEEZ!
  167. Wish me luck...2nd lot of blood test results!!!
  168. Has anyone tried this? What do you think?
  169. Pinkprincess3
  170. Here Is My Story In Some Short Version!
  171. Newly Diagnosed???
  172. Once dx'd, will your thyroid still "die out" or will meds build it up again?
  173. Please Help
  174. Thyroid Scan
  175. dr. northern california?
  176. Sharon
  177. I finally know why I feel bad
  178. Can some of you post your antibody ranges & diagnosis
  179. AACE new TSH level guidelines
  180. Kelly
  181. New to Armour, Questions!
  182. muscle/nerve twitches and dry eye
  183. More Questions... HELP please * re lab results inside thread *
  184. "Normal" Thyroid
  185. Getting better without meds???????
  186. Hashi's & Fainting
  187. hypothyroid and fertility
  188. Hypersalivation anyone? Midwest, any help?
  189. New labs - don't understand...
  190. Went to Doc today
  191. Dry mouth 7 weeks post-RAI?
  192. Armour....timing of dose and generic?
  193. RubyMay-??
  194. RAI advice
  195. radioactive iodine treatment
  196. help with proptosis
  197. Is my doctor right? or a quack?
  198. baby+congenital hypothyroidism
  199. Thyroid crash
  200. Looking for a lab...
  201. Lab tests and hormones????????
  202. Anyone have swollen lymph nodes?
  203. Excessive Tiredness
  204. - - -
  205. Surprised by my hypothyroid diagnosis
  206. How do Drs know if its the parathyroids?
  207. Can anyone relate??
  208. Important ???????????r.a.i. Question---hyper Or Hypo
  209. ? about TSH blood tests, please help
  210. weird tsh and t4 levels
  211. Hey Ellie and Everyone, I got my test results back finally!
  212. Crazy tsh over 80 and waiting for body scan
  213. Sudufu
  214. TSH levels elevated
  215. Any one experiencing tightness in neck
  216. Any1 else w/ TPO & TG antibodies but "normal" bloodwk?
  217. Weight Gain with Hyperthyroidism
  218. Understanding TSI Range, a question?
  219. Labs after 15 months of new Armour dose..help
  220. Kant.....we miss you, are you ok???
  221. Thyroid Medication
  222. My Thyroid Results
  223. Synthroid vs Levo. new at this
  224. right back (shoulder blade) pain and difficulty in breathing
  225. multiple nodules
  226. It could only happen to me!!!!
  227. Graves/newBloodwork/YIPPEEEEEEEE
  228. Hashi's and Thyroidectomy
  229. HyperKim?
  230. Is there a way to search just the thyroid board,
  231. Thyroid problem sweating
  232. thyroid levels and pregnancy
  233. Puffy eyelids
  234. FNA Questions
  235. new and confused!!!
  236. Back from Hospital...yeah!
  237. Numbness in fingers.....hypo or hyper
  238. Thyroid and heart problems
  239. Can this happen, so soon
  240. Who here said they do NOT sweat?
  241. question
  242. what should the next step be?
  243. Synthroid and weight gain
  244. weened off synthroid
  245. Back from Doctor, NO CANCER but confused
  246. Safe Uses of Cortisol - Adrenal fatigue?
  247. Results of thyroid uptake scan....
  248. Rashes...
  249. How long before I can tell a difference?
  250. Atd's Upped Update

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