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  1. Deda....and others....
  2. ladies need some help here
  3. home thanks for your support
  4. advice please
  5. Tired, & hoping for relief soon!
  6. Liver Detox for interested parties.
  7. New to the board
  8. Follicular carcinoma
  9. Adrenal Glands Problem?
  10. another question on synthroid under tongue
  11. How can I get more T3 to convert to T4?
  12. Does anyone hypo get swollen glands regularly?
  13. eye symptoms
  14. Help...something on my MRI
  15. Bruising sensation anyone?
  16. Incidental Papillary Cancer
  17. How long does it take for you to start feeling better
  18. lab results/dosage question
  19. why?
  20. Doctors
  21. Hashimoto's question
  22. Any mums with Hashi.
  23. levoxyl/Cytomel dosage
  24. i thought i was improving
  25. Stomach Problems related to HT?
  26. heterogenous thyroid texture
  27. Lab question
  28. Hypo2004- Hashi's
  29. Question about lump/blood work
  30. Natural thyroid supplements
  31. hypothyroid and RLS?
  32. Stuffed cloggy head?
  33. anyone feel symptoms wax and wane in a day?
  34. mvp and hypo
  35. Need Help with Thyroid
  36. Blood Work Results??
  37. Don't know what to think, any suggestions???
  38. Saliva Test Results, Help?
  39. scared
  40. catching germs and viruses easily
  41. oes anyone feel like me?
  42. what does hyperfunctioning mean?
  43. Elevated Cholesterol and TSH, Help
  44. help me understand the results
  45. questions about thyroiditis
  46. PCOS - any link to thyroid probs?
  47. Does anyone have secondary hypo?
  48. Abnormal Results
  49. adrenal problems
  50. Snythroid and T3 help, please
  51. Increases make my blood pressure go up
  52. Goiter removed, on meds, hypo and still no dx by dr....
  53. Karen,Linda...
  54. Finally got to see surgeon again
  55. what's the deal?
  56. Can Too Much Tapazole Make You Hypo?
  57. Am going to Doc tomorow....help....
  58. Midwest, Meep, Nastyhashi, Anyone Please Help
  59. stress related or thyroid related ::)
  60. Question about pathology report
  61. I need support I feel like I am dying,with this thyroid disorder
  62. High T3, Low T4, Low TSH...Help
  63. New and scared
  64. Hypothyroid and weight loss
  65. Does anyone else feel like this !
  66. Trying to get into routine taking meds
  67. Anyone have a thyroid problem that wouldn't show up on blood tests?
  68. Length of Goiter Surgery
  69. What drenal tests are needed?
  70. Neck Redness
  71. Advice on what med's to take after TT?
  72. Not sure?
  73. Leaden Paralysis
  74. New here and need some input.
  75. another tsh question, sorry.
  76. Hashimoto's disease help please
  77. i'm too skinny
  78. my visit to the ER
  80. Can anyone help?
  81. Is this a symptom of hypothyroidism?
  82. Test Results
  83. Hairloss and itchy scalp
  84. Will I still have energy after surgery?
  85. To Reece:WHich dr. did you see at LIJ
  86. spoke to my gp
  87. Question about antianxiety meds?
  88. really bad heartburn
  89. thyroiditis vs hashi's
  90. hi new here and from the uk
  91. symptoms and questions
  92. Would this be caused by my thyroid meds.
  93. What dose of Armour do you take?
  94. Advice on Doc N.Illinois
  95. Is this normal from an Endo?
  96. Blood test results
  97. ENT Appointment
  98. thyroid surgery what can I expect
  99. After you exercise, do you feel worse?
  100. anyone have thyroiditis
  101. update
  102. I have a question
  103. New Here Just had Thyroid Surgery
  104. does all meds for hypo throid contain iodine
  105. What exactly is the Total T3?
  106. premature gray?
  107. Midwest1 ............
  108. What is going on with me?
  109. Losing weight while hypo?
  110. Scan and Blood Test Results
  111. Discontinuing Meds
  112. Armour vs Westhroid
  113. Feeling Great!
  114. Albuterol and FAST heartbeat 2 hrs after using it?
  115. How do you take your meds: with water or absorb under the tongue?
  116. Armour
  117. Anyone on just Levoxyl after TT surgery?
  118. I just got my results....Questions
  119. i'm hypo, so why cant i sleep????
  120. Pharmacologist told me that disolving thyroid meds under tongue was silly...
  121. help paying for meds
  122. Do I need meds increased?
  123. What's the symptomatic progression in an undiagnosed Hypo
  124. high tsh level how concerned should i be
  125. Men with thyroid problems - What have been your symptoms?
  126. What effect does alcohol have on thryoid problems?
  127. Celebrex
  128. New blood tests soon
  129. hypothyroidism any body got it ??
  130. TSH test results.....advice please....
  131. can adrenals be involved too?
  132. Lab Results
  133. Hair Treatments For Hypos
  134. bifocals,glucoma and eye strain
  135. who gets eye-aches?
  136. New here
  137. selenium contradiction
  138. Is There Pain And Scarring After FNA?
  139. hyperthyroid or not
  140. hyperthyroid?
  141. Recommended books in the UK?
  142. Here we go again *rolleyes*!
  143. Help with my confusion over various thyroid screen results!
  144. Did this happen to you?
  145. Hypothyroid symptoms
  146. Digestive Problems????
  147. do people need to up dose to keep health optimised
  148. New Lab Report - High Reverse T3 - ????
  149. Please Help. Pregnant w/thyroid problem
  150. i dont understand this symptom
  151. Question about iodine and cancer
  152. Thyroid Uptake Value Question
  153. New Dosage how long for body to adjust?
  154. Could this be hasimoto's?
  155. Need help with lab and med questions
  156. Swollen face question
  157. Does this make sense
  158. Need your input, please!
  159. How many visits to a diagnosis?
  160. 'normal' labs but felt better after thyroidectomy?
  161. Abnormal TSH & normal free t4? now what?
  162. THS Test
  163. Linda??????????
  164. Explain, please, why one adds T4 to Armour instead of timed release T3?
  165. Which type of Doctor Do you recomend?
  166. hashi's questions, please.
  167. Omega3, Fish, Garlic effect Thyroid?
  168. could someone enterpret these for me? Please?
  169. Robin - a few thoughts
  170. Yet another frustrating doctor story
  171. Finding NEW ENDO and LAB question
  172. Has anyone seen Dr. Richard Cherlin
  173. new labs and shortness of breath
  174. Anyone take Cortef
  175. I had to share this, funny!
  176. uptake scan results
  177. I need advise! need to change doctor
  178. eyes
  179. Hair
  180. update on thyroid problems
  181. Having thyroid surgery dec.8th help?
  182. (hypo).Which times of the year do you feel worse!
  183. Heartburn
  184. Weird symptoms after taking Levothyroxine - help!
  185. lightheaded off balance/thyroid related
  186. ***update****
  187. Armour verses Synthroid
  188. Baby has thyroid probs
  189. How much better/worse do you feel since meds?
  190. Can someone help me please?
  191. Q's about T3 meds
  192. Help Understanding Nodules
  193. How many men here have had a thyroid lump?
  194. I Am Going To Vomit!!!!!!!!!!!!
  195. My thyroid is coming out!
  196. Latest labs - input please
  197. Subclinical Hyperthyroidism
  198. Do meds help your sex drive?
  199. test results
  200. Diuretics
  201. spaghetti legs
  202. Have you noticed....
  203. I don't understand how the 'ranges' differ?
  204. My TSH is 5.78 no increase in meds
  205. pros and cons of iodine
  206. Bothersome Pixiek needs a bit of help :)
  207. New to this site....questions!!!
  208. Questionable Thyroid Nodules
  209. my doctor called about results!
  210. Thryoid Screening came back: T4 levels low, now what?
  211. Question about meds before lab work
  212. New to thyroid meds
  213. T4 (Levothyroxine) from a compounding pharmacy
  214. Was wondering if?
  215. Confused over bloods
  216. hyper or not
  217. Ultrasound results
  218. Leg and hand numbness ?
  219. other blood test results
  220. High/low blood sugar & thyroid problems
  221. pth intact 1-84???? lab question
  222. Computer overuse=Back pains & spasms :(
  223. myxedema coma
  224. multivitamin
  225. post your weird symptoms here!
  226. Is the feeling of something stuck in the throat common for hypothyroidism?
  227. help with labs
  228. hot, red ears
  229. Does a lower TSH mean less severe hypothyroidism?
  230. What Do You Think Of This Lab?
  231. Autoimmune / Hashi's and Leaky Gut??
  232. I have to do RAI
  233. What questions should I ask the surgeon?
  234. Thyroid Goiter and Blood Results
  235. HBP And High Colesterol?
  236. Cold pills and Hypothyriodism?
  237. by taking meds..shuts down your own hormones?
  238. what to take for lightheadedness/off balance feeling
  239. Others with hypo but normal tests?
  240. Could an increase in meds make me feel like this?
  241. back pain in hypothyroid?
  242. Panic attack or nervous feelings?
  243. What tests should I get?
  244. Post Op Thyroid Questions
  245. Hypo gals, can I perm my hair?
  246. taking adrenal test
  247. Hashimoto's - Urinary Infections
  248. Taste Disturbance After RAI Treatment for Cancer
  249. question about nodule on isthmus
  250. Could this be affecting my fertility??

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