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  1. Tapazole and itching
  2. if youíre going to have surgery-for emmymm and others
  3. calcium supplement for hypoparathyoridism
  4. Pros/Cons on Meds vs RAI
  5. Your experience going from T4/T3 to Armour?
  6. Short Term Memory With Throid/Graves Disease
  7. Thyroid/Graves Disease
  8. Lab results
  9. Thyroid Concern
  10. Please help, bp, and panicing!!!!!!!!
  11. swollen tongue
  12. ?S about reducing my levothyroxine (block and replace)
  13. Could my sister have a thyroid problem?
  14. Question about Elevated TSH levels
  15. Thyroid Labs, HELP?
  16. Anybody have experience with home test kits for tsh level?
  17. ?About surgery while you have thyroiditis
  18. low TSH
  19. Desperate newbie needs advice
  20. Indigestion after TT
  21. This is what the doc has said,
  22. Graves Disease, Methimazole, and Weight Gain
  23. Another thyroid question (hashis)
  24. what are symptoms of thyroid problems?
  25. Honestly...having doubts about my DX
  26. lab results .. help me figure these out please!!!
  27. Update from the doctor
  28. Hyper, Neuropathy, Methimazole
  29. quick question
  30. Got my Thyroglobulin & Thyroglobulin antibodies results HELP!
  31. I cant not believe what my gp has told me to do
  32. Hypo and weight gain
  33. are there any foods that help raise testoserone levels
  34. Nodules, cyst, help
  35. Need help (T4/TSH numbers)...am I Hyper or NOT
  36. Scared and Upset
  37. Thyrogen
  38. Please, please help - too fat and no hope.
  39. 2nd day post-op...now i feel worse =(
  40. Thyroid Problems?
  41. After Thyroidectomy
  42. What is the most T3 anyone is on,
  43. Help with new labs, please.
  44. half life of t3
  45. What are the chances???
  46. -
  47. Thyroid tests in- help!
  48. Thyroid Compound vs Armour
  49. What do I do now?
  50. untreated hypo
  51. Rai
  52. White Flour Etc.
  53. Heart Problems and Thyroid
  54. Anyone with Thyroid Tumor in Washington DC area?
  55. Tongue Problems
  56. just rang docs for lab results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  57. What is an FTI?
  58. Back from surgery
  59. Anyone taking Cytomel?
  60. Question about chlorine
  61. ....What Is TODAY......
  62. Meep - how's the cortef going?
  63. PLEASE HELP!!! Do you think I may have a thyroid problem.
  64. Scan and Uptake
  65. galactorrhea
  66. Appt. at John's Hopkins
  67. sugar cravings?
  68. Hypo/Hashis and skin problems
  69. Thyroid Results
  70. What do you think?
  71. Help needed...I have no idea what is going on?????
  72. Hypo results and Armour questions!
  73. I'm a little confused... *Synthroid Question*
  74. I'm Goin' In!!!!
  75. Thyroid Storm
  76. Midwestern and others
  77. Good morning,
  78. FAO: Midwest
  79. Ha-ha- You Guys Were Right.......
  80. untreated hyper
  81. Seek advice on thyroid disease, Doctor and others
  82. Natural T4
  83. Iron
  84. HELP!! A good endo or even a general practitioner dr in Tampa, FLA anyone??
  85. Medication
  86. Sick with the flu
  87. New Full set of labs just in - High TSI, normal Ft4, Ft3....any ideas???
  88. under or over
  89. Kant,my first endo appointment
  90. Have i caused more damage
  91. Do i take my meds before i go for a blood test
  92. Where do I go from my anti-body test?
  93. Too much thyroid meds?
  94. Thyroid Disease
  95. Chronic Fatigue Syndrom and Thyroid Disorder
  96. FoxFire ???
  97. Hypo to Hyper Question
  98. Thyroid
  99. Good news....finally
  100. My Pathology is Back
  101. brand new to board
  102. 2.68 tsh
  103. When should I take my RX
  104. feeling sick?
  105. Just thought of this, taking immunosuppresant.
  106. Please someone help
  107. Swelling after TT
  108. Anti-body test finally in......
  109. Someone please explain this..............
  110. O.t For Madmaz And Family
  111. Calling> Midwest
  112. Thyroid med increase and Hypoglycemic?
  113. Thyroid med increase and Hypoglycemic?
  114. half thyroid removed
  115. Lab results
  116. Please help me, i dont know what to do,
  117. hi everyone
  118. I have had hyperthyroidism and had a tumor removed...
  119. First endo appointment since TT, treats symptoms!
  120. One More thing before going to bed....
  121. Strange thing on Levothroid
  122. armour instructions
  123. Rash With Thyroid??
  124. Could this be a Thyroid "attack"
  125. My doctor said my ferritin level was ok
  126. Back from the doctor....
  127. Do I have thyroid?
  128. take a look at my labs .. please
  129. Karen; Doctors In San Francisco Bay Area?
  130. Furiuos!!!!!!!!
  131. is there ways to reduce goiter?
  132. Chicago area ENT or Thyroid Specialists
  133. See anything in these test results?
  134. When do people feel bad?
  135. Strange symptoms....nausea, hair....jewelry!
  136. Kant-Would you mind sharing your story from the beginning
  137. Is It Possible To Have
  138. Is this a Thyroid problem?
  139. Pixie and Niknak..My labs (they are normal tho!)
  140. Thyroid problems= cancer?
  141. Antibody Test-Kant
  142. f/u w/ endo a flop :-(
  143. Early menopause?
  144. RESTLESS Feeling In Arm anyone else?
  145. New lab results, HELP
  146. Diagnosed yesterday
  147. Can you get thyroid or Armour in a tablet where you are?
  148. Well Alrighty then! Getting somewhere FINALLY!
  149. ok...Got my ranges
  150. Thyroid medication and Hormone replacement
  151. Could I have throid disease?
  152. Kant- binks had ?'s for you-
  153. Why am I so dizzy?
  154. Los Angeles Endo's
  155. Got Labs
  156. thyroid replacement and elevated bp and pulse anyone?
  157. Frightening experience this morning....
  158. Goiter questions,,,
  159. Tinnitus
  160. Benefits from combination of Synthroid/Cytomel?
  161. Has anyone else been on Celexa before thyroid problem?
  162. Hand Tremour & t4?
  163. ferritin / hypo?
  164. test results...any help would be appreciated!
  165. Thyroid removed and no sex drive....
  166. Help, I don't know where to turn
  167. anyone get there testoserone checked
  168. I'm Miserable
  169. So happy I found you! Not sure what will go on.
  170. Does This Sound Hypo???
  171. Baltimore Area?
  172. confused, blood test 2 yrs ago
  173. Frustrated And Confused
  174. going to doc/questions/advice
  176. Things we can do?
  177. Food affecting symptoms? muscle twitching
  178. Am I going to be fat forever???
  179. Thyroid function... how and what?
  180. K9mom- ???????
  181. Your opinions, please
  182. New to the Board and a little scared
  183. new here, preparing for TT...
  184. Soya confusion
  185. flare ups becoming more frequent??
  186. Body Cramping?
  187. thyroid nodule
  188. some symtoms
  189. Has Anyone Been Treated For Hypert When It Was Indeed Hashis?
  190. Calore, from jinglebts
  191. Thyroid Antibody question.. *MIDWEST* ? for you dear
  192. Looking for information
  193. confused
  194. Question about ferritin levels
  195. Question for Kant.............
  196. Anybody's thyroid hurt?
  197. boost thyroid activities
  198. foods to avoid
  199. Ultrasound of thyroid tomorrow
  200. Thyroid Problem???
  201. Still feeling awful....need help with test results
  202. How Many Of You?
  203. 2nd autoimmune?
  204. Test Results "Normal"?!?
  205. Thyroid "tests"
  206. anyone hyperT as child and hypoT as adult?
  207. I"m Back.........
  208. anyone taking natural med vs synethic?
  209. Antibodies/Heredity
  210. I'm SO confused! got Lab results... Help
  211. Help with questions or comments
  212. test
  213. Has anyone taken Levoxyl
  214. Cymbalta
  215. I think I'll just sit down and cry!!!!!
  216. got my adrenal labs finnaly..please help
  217. Atrial Premature Systoles?? Sound familiar to anyone?
  218. Muscle Twitching?
  219. Have Hashimotos
  220. Thyroidectomy incision/scar questions
  221. It's Benign & NO Endo?
  222. Good News!!!!!!!!!!!
  223. Introduction & Location check
  224. worse when i eat
  225. Unhappy surgeon signed off on labs
  226. levoxyl better than generic levothyroxine?
  227. ENT for thyroid removal, any advice?
  228. Slow Metabolism but OK Thyroid Test Results?
  229. Working with a Hypothyroid....
  230. Help! Mom has underactive thyroid and thinks she will never lose weight!
  231. Surgery or Not
  232. Should I call the Dr.
  233. Radioactive isotope w/iodine treatment question
  234. Synthroid and mineral/vitamin supplements
  235. New dr. said 'thyroid' or 'Armor' doesn't work
  236. Headaches!!
  237. worried about my mum!
  238. It's BENIGN!
  239. muscle weakness and stiffness anyone?
  240. Shakey?
  241. Questions to ask surgeon???
  242. Lab Results Finally, Please comment
  243. How do you take your Armour? Split dose?
  244. Has Anyone had this symptom?
  245. Anyone have a too-low TSH and hypo symptoms?
  246. Please Help=)How do I take cytomel with my synthroid?
  247. Blood sugar issues following TT
  248. this waiting is driving me crazy!
  249. Foot problems
  250. Grave's with no antibodies

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