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  1. Why am I so dizzy?
  2. Los Angeles Endo's
  3. Got Labs
  4. thyroid replacement and elevated bp and pulse anyone?
  5. Frightening experience this morning....
  6. Goiter questions,,,
  7. Tinnitus
  8. Benefits from combination of Synthroid/Cytomel?
  9. Has anyone else been on Celexa before thyroid problem?
  10. Hand Tremour & t4?
  11. ferritin / hypo?
  12. test results...any help would be appreciated!
  13. Thyroid removed and no sex drive....
  14. Help, I don't know where to turn
  15. anyone get there testoserone checked
  16. I'm Miserable
  17. So happy I found you! Not sure what will go on.
  18. Does This Sound Hypo???
  19. Baltimore Area?
  20. confused, blood test 2 yrs ago
  21. Frustrated And Confused
  22. going to doc/questions/advice
  24. Things we can do?
  25. Food affecting symptoms? muscle twitching
  26. Am I going to be fat forever???
  27. Thyroid function... how and what?
  28. K9mom- ???????
  29. Your opinions, please
  30. New to the Board and a little scared
  31. new here, preparing for TT...
  32. Soya confusion
  33. flare ups becoming more frequent??
  34. Body Cramping?
  35. thyroid nodule
  36. some symtoms
  37. Has Anyone Been Treated For Hypert When It Was Indeed Hashis?
  38. Calore, from jinglebts
  39. Thyroid Antibody question.. *MIDWEST* ? for you dear
  40. Looking for information
  41. confused
  42. Question about ferritin levels
  43. Question for Kant.............
  44. Anybody's thyroid hurt?
  45. boost thyroid activities
  46. foods to avoid
  47. Ultrasound of thyroid tomorrow
  48. Thyroid Problem???
  49. Still feeling awful....need help with test results
  50. How Many Of You?
  51. 2nd autoimmune?
  52. Test Results "Normal"?!?
  53. Thyroid "tests"
  54. anyone hyperT as child and hypoT as adult?
  55. I"m Back.........
  56. anyone taking natural med vs synethic?
  57. Antibodies/Heredity
  58. I'm SO confused! got Lab results... Help
  59. Help with questions or comments
  60. test
  61. Has anyone taken Levoxyl
  62. Cymbalta
  63. I think I'll just sit down and cry!!!!!
  64. got my adrenal labs finnaly..please help
  65. Atrial Premature Systoles?? Sound familiar to anyone?
  66. Muscle Twitching?
  67. Have Hashimotos
  68. Thyroidectomy incision/scar questions
  69. It's Benign & NO Endo?
  70. Good News!!!!!!!!!!!
  71. Introduction & Location check
  72. worse when i eat
  73. Unhappy surgeon signed off on labs
  74. levoxyl better than generic levothyroxine?
  75. ENT for thyroid removal, any advice?
  76. Slow Metabolism but OK Thyroid Test Results?
  77. Working with a Hypothyroid....
  78. Help! Mom has underactive thyroid and thinks she will never lose weight!
  79. Surgery or Not
  80. Should I call the Dr.
  81. Radioactive isotope w/iodine treatment question
  82. Synthroid and mineral/vitamin supplements
  83. New dr. said 'thyroid' or 'Armor' doesn't work
  84. Headaches!!
  85. worried about my mum!
  86. It's BENIGN!
  87. muscle weakness and stiffness anyone?
  88. Shakey?
  89. Questions to ask surgeon???
  90. Lab Results Finally, Please comment
  91. How do you take your Armour? Split dose?
  92. Has Anyone had this symptom?
  93. Anyone have a too-low TSH and hypo symptoms?
  94. Please Help=)How do I take cytomel with my synthroid?
  95. Blood sugar issues following TT
  96. this waiting is driving me crazy!
  97. Foot problems
  98. Grave's with no antibodies
  99. Lab Ranges & Target Levels
  100. hypo and dizzy/lightheaded?
  101. Nexium Question
  102. Anyone with these symptoms?
  103. does anyone know?
  104. Thyroid Peroxidase and binding globulin
  105. No thyroid/Iodine & Soy
  106. Hyperparathyroidism
  107. Need advice on 3rd biospy
  108. Trying to get Pregnant and no thyroid.....
  109. Inner Ear Problem
  110. Could this be thryoid related?
  111. Suggestions for TT
  112. Message From NikNak......
  113. Pre Op Exam for TT an it seemed that everything was inapprpriate
  114. Sore Throat and TT this Wednesday
  115. HyperT side effects
  116. Ultrasound:Looking for Reference
  117. What does this mean??
  118. Feels like a scarf tied tight on my neck!! Help
  119. Back from TT-OK!!!
  120. Test Results...what do they mean? Help!
  121. If you were the doctor............
  122. Please.. Can anyone help me find a GOOD endocrinologist???
  123. Some more of my labs...
  124. Depression/Mood swings/Laziness
  125. Anxiety
  126. Now I'm Scared
  127. what to do???
  128. Cold Nodule Nightmare Continues
  129. Recent numbers
  130. Vitamins?
  131. New to this board
  132. I have no choice left!
  133. Green food drinks and/or supplements?
  134. hypothyroidism and facial rash
  135. Update from my dr visit yesterday...(long)
  136. My Story
  137. Two Questions?
  138. My Dr. wants to remove the right side of my thyroid
  139. BENIGN! Benign...it was all benign!
  140. Newbie here!
  141. residual cancer still....
  142. PixieK's update
  143. I have Graves Disease
  144. Will It Hurt Me To Donate Blood?
  145. bloodwork 6 weeks after rai and increase
  146. Just a question
  147. always slow heartbeat when underactive thyroid???
  148. Need some advice from TT veterans
  149. I'm Now Thyroid Free!
  150. Finally some #'s for this board!!!!!
  151. Armour 98% 2% and HBP Question
  152. A Few Questions
  153. Questions - Please advise
  154. question about thyroid tests
  155. Just wanted to share...
  156. What tests??? so confused!!!
  157. I am discouraged....
  158. Finally Saw Endo... Humiliated, Mad, Want to Cry (long)
  159. Hypoechoic nodules and a VENT. (Long)
  160. My Decision....(long)
  161. Kinda new, I've been learking
  162. Graves Disease
  163. Hyperparathyroid & Tinnitus, any link?
  164. Armour/Synthroid combo help, please
  165. Switch doctors? Any Doctor Recommendations in the Nashville, TN area?
  166. Anyone on a compound thryoid dose?
  167. How serious is low calcium after thyroid surgery???
  168. New test results
  169. First Time Posting...Hi!
  170. Some what new here!
  171. Why do i feel like i am going crazy????
  172. Progression of need for meds
  173. Starving on Synthroid! Please HELP!!!
  174. My TT surgery went well (very long post)
  175. Hashi's and TT
  176. my numbers
  177. seen GP
  178. Hoshimoto's and losing body fat/weight
  179. -
  180. Starting higher dose?
  181. vomited and weak stomach for no reason
  182. questions....
  183. does anyone forget to take their meds?
  184. Joke
  185. Anybody, please!!:(
  186. hello everyone!
  187. Need help with lab results
  188. Pixiek...Enlighten me on your RAI experiance
  189. Nutri Thyroid - should I take it?
  190. -
  191. -
  192. Hashimoto's/ getting sick
  193. Back home from TT
  194. Rai- Kills Whole Thyroid?????
  195. Weird symptom?
  196. Just had RAI treatment yesterday
  197. Pretibial Myxedema, Help!
  198. Advice Please...what Next?
  199. Anybody watch popular talk show(schizophrenic mom update)
  200. Is 0.675 okay?
  201. Adrenals
  202. Homeopathic treatments
  203. Question about taking medz
  204. Anwers....finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  205. Question for TT Veterans
  206. Midwest...........or anyone who knows
  207. Can you be hyper and sleepy?
  208. # advice plz
  209. what blood level do you feel good at?
  210. Multinodular goitre - Advice needed
  211. Tired of all this
  212. Can someone please help?????
  213. Is my Daughter Hypothyroid?
  214. Need help understanding lab work!!
  215. Energy booster Enada
  216. Need help for my father in law
  217. mitral valve prolapse
  218. Best argument for getting my free T3 & T4 tested
  219. Lab question
  220. Test results question
  221. Anyone unsuccessful on natural thyroid replacement
  222. Inactive Ingredients in Thyroid Meds
  223. Armour users
  224. Attention Kant.......
  225. I have a dream...
  226. Thyroid & Vision???
  227. TSH Help
  228. Newbie facing TT with questions
  229. Tests before surgery? None done.
  230. pixiek and others converting too fast...FYI
  231. 3 weeks post op (TT)
  232. Getting nervous about surgery Friday. Ack!
  233. My Story...
  234. driving me NUTS
  235. Really- JUST NEED TO VENT &???????'S
  236. How do I find a good Dr?
  237. hashis-Vision problems- Lost vision in one eye suddenly anyoen else?
  238. Calcium
  239. Two questions...
  240. painful lumps getting larger
  241. Tell me about Beta-Blockers
  242. Am I imagininig things ~ taste after partial thyroidectomy???
  243. Everyone is stressing me out!
  244. This just keep getting more interesting
  245. very confused
  246. Is anyone available to give a quick response about tests?
  247. strange test results
  248. Help Please! Hyper/Graves now Hypo?
  249. I had such a GREAT Endo appointment today!
  250. A Trip To Endo!!!!!

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