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  1. New here and questions (long...sorry!)
  2. Should I continue taking synthroid even if cant see a doctor?
  3. thyroid test question
  4. Anyone use Toprol XL only 'as needed'?
  5. i feel like crying
  6. Experience with Thyroid Eye Disease
  7. Fever?
  8. HELP No Thyroid and No Medication
  9. some idea to ponder
  10. How I Reversed My Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Hypothyroidism
  11. How to increase or decrease meds?
  12. How many of you have shortness of breath from hypothyroidism?
  13. acid reflux/hypoT/nexium
  14. Has anyone ever used adrenal glandulars to treat adrenal fatigue?
  15. Thyroid Symptoms
  16. Thyroid disorder is KILLING me!!!>.<
  17. Underactive Thryoid .... too much medicine; help
  18. eye probs
  19. chlorella
  20. Herb for Hyper Hearbeats?
  21. bowel action
  22. Effects of surgery on thyroid
  23. When will the scale drop?
  24. thyroid problem or not?
  25. For those of you who've had nodules...
  26. Please help me
  27. Thyroid meds and antidepressants
  28. Hyper ?
  29. dizziness
  30. What I don't get:[
  31. + 10lbs in two weeks!
  32. My Endo appointment is this Monday
  33. lets play doctors and nurses
  34. Hyperthyroid and anaesthesia
  35. Urinary burning and hypothyroidism
  36. Pain near kidney?
  37. New Thyroid Victim?
  38. sons thyroid test
  39. Hashimoto's
  40. cold medicine
  41. Back from Cardio appt!
  42. Change Of Meds
  43. Help, I worry about my mother!
  44. could this be thyroid
  45. Can doctors charge you for copy of your tests?
  46. Antibodies - How to control them...
  47. Hair Help Please!!!
  48. Going in for TT tomorrow! Wish me Luck!
  49. does this really cause this?
  50. antibody question
  51. Trouble adjusting to Meds: Calling all resistant
  52. debating to stop meds
  53. Thyroid levels and anxiety/depression-CURED!
  54. Vascular Solid Mass
  55. Heart rate right now.. what can I do?
  56. Dismayed/Venting
  57. New lab results
  58. Weightloss after thyroidectomy
  59. Hungry?
  60. questions
  61. How long on meds?
  62. singing voice gone
  63. Coincidence?
  64. question for te29071
  65. Green Tea and hormone retest
  66. question about pathology report
  67. Chest pain and cramping
  68. Please, need opinions on this persons tests I'm trying to help
  69. insomnia
  70. Surgery or another test? HELP!
  71. if levels are "normal" ..........
  72. fast heartbeat yet high TSH? Doctor might put me on heart monitor
  73. shoulder/neck muscle soreness
  74. Any restrictions to life when taking Thyroxine?
  75. Confused about my mum
  76. new to the board
  77. Ruth Lamont 27 years of age from Scotland
  78. Scheduled for TT, confused about numbers, veteran help please?
  79. 16 y/o - female - Diagnosed with hypothyroidism
  80. Taking L-Thyroxine 50mcg - Isn't working anymore - Help
  81. Just Diagnosed, have results here, need some guidence.
  82. Fast heartbeat out of the blue anyone else?
  83. Levothyroxine
  84. Question about total removal of thyroid
  85. Update
  86. New, scared. Elevated FTI.. What does this mean??
  87. New lab results, help.
  88. I Need Your Support
  89. Question - Change in Cytomel Manufacturer?
  90. Anyone Better!?
  91. New to hashi and hypo
  92. Had adrenals tested, curious about this 'STIM' test they gave me...
  93. Advice on which tests to get?
  94. Post TT Question
  95. Connection between thryoid problems and Rheiter's Syndrome?
  96. Having my surgery on the 20th!!!
  97. Thyroid Hair
  98. New Labs
  99. dosage question
  100. Feeling like you did in the good old days!!!
  101. New Blood Results
  102. Safe to perm a 'hypo's hair???
  103. January -Thyroid Awareness Month
  104. Post Op Pathology report - Stitches out
  105. Am I crazy????
  106. post-partum and hyperthyroid problems?
  107. Hashitoxicosis Experts Where R U??
  108. Hypo and seizures
  109. Just been told I'm having my thyroid out 12th Jan!!
  110. Possible hypothyroidism?
  111. Dad has thyroid problem?
  112. Hi, I would like to introduce myself
  113. back from endo
  114. Metal implants thyroid problems appear
  115. Thyroidectomy And Drinking
  116. How do you deal with family/thyroid issues?
  117. What to expect from meeting surgeon tomorrow?
  118. any insight would be great
  119. Terrible headaches!!
  120. Cytomel
  121. 2 questions
  122. How do I find out what caused hypoT
  123. Thyroid as mask of mental health issues??????
  124. hives
  125. Feeling Really Lousy
  126. Hypothyroid and getting cystic acne
  127. Armour Dose After Thyroid Surgery?
  128. "Fuzzy" throat
  129. Waterweight and adrenals...
  130. Pixiek (Re-pain under my arm's)
  131. hypo and calmer?
  132. Anyone from Canada or Nova Scotia
  133. Cytomel "miracle"
  134. Interesting Article in the New England Medical Journal
  135. ok, i have some seious questions. please help!
  136. Elevated ESR levels
  137. Happy New Year
  138. if hashi's goes hyper/hypo....
  139. if t4 turns into t3....
  140. Hopo and having a drink?
  141. Very noticeable heartbeat
  142. Question - how long/years can one be severely hypo
  143. Pain under my arms
  144. please could u tell me what u think of levels
  145. TSH, 3rd generation - labs
  146. -
  147. Help with blood tests
  148. newly diagnosed thyroid problem-help?
  149. vomitting/what do u guys think
  151. Papillary cancer and Hashi's
  152. hypothyroid & entering menopause
  153. Thyrodex
  154. This is going to sound stupid
  155. Hormone levels
  156. high mercury levels
  157. Anyone else get sores in their mouth?
  158. Book help/questions
  159. What is hypo ?
  160. Just starting Levothroid.....any one else on
  161. Eltroxin and Nausea
  162. I would like to have an answer for this
  163. subacute viral thyroiditis
  164. After eating, feel bad!
  165. taking thyroid med for "normal" TSH?
  166. hypo AND tachycardia?
  167. t3, hairloss,and doc
  168. ? about what a thyroid test shows
  169. Low Ft3
  170. Maca Anyone?
  171. Concerned In S.f.
  172. Please Give Advice Please!!!
  173. Hair Growth
  174. Synthroid
  175. Question about micro-follicular carcinoma?
  176. Blood sugar and thyroid problems
  177. Betsy..............
  178. Newbie With Possible HyperT
  179. New Doc. won't up my meds...
  180. A case of the blahs...
  181. After three years,I am no longer Hypo
  182. chronic thyroiditis and hand pain
  183. Atenolol and Westhroid
  184. Hashi ?
  185. Symptoms returning...bone pain
  186. Nodule questions
  187. Advice, Please...
  188. Low Thyroid/Lupus
  189. Questions that have probably been answered!
  190. Could this be the start of something serious?
  191. Mixing Synthroid+generic
  192. thyroid question
  193. Not sure if I took 2 synthroid this morning..
  194. Hives after starting treatment?
  195. UTI's with thyroid problems
  196. TT on Mon. Dec. 19th
  197. Hypo-hyper ?
  198. My "Normal" test results came in...
  199. eye problems
  200. Merry Christmas
  201. It's My Birthday!
  202. increasing stiffness and winter
  203. Thyroiditis
  204. Flu
  205. Happy Holidays!!!
  206. Shoulder pain
  207. Leg and muscle weakness
  208. New Research: Thyroid Medication with slow-release T-3 plus T-4
  209. lump after thyroid surgery under scar please respond
  210. current blood work-what do you think?
  211. Lady50 are you there? :) Ok?
  212. Been on alot of boards, but just dont know whats wrong with me! (Long)
  213. taking synthroid and still feeling bad
  214. i year after my tt
  215. Multinodudular Goiter
  216. Look What Stress Has Done
  217. Pain in the adams apple region of my throat
  218. New Here, need advice
  219. Weight loss or weight gain while taking synthroid?
  220. hyper - cold med question
  221. Is there a board on here *re: CBC's *?
  222. temp 97.4
  223. I Have Hypothyroidism And I Need Some Answers
  224. Getting nervous about surgery the 27th
  225. 1 week after treatment
  226. for those of you who have successfully lost "any" weight?
  227. Looking for some thoughts Please!!
  228. Getting pregnant and TSH
  229. thyroid and stopping smoking
  230. test results are in..normal???
  231. Can someone tell me
  232. rock hard feeling in throat
  233. well i thought i was feeling better....
  234. biondalady
  235. Some serious questions about thyroid problems...
  236. Feeling all mushy today :)
  237. Temporary side effects or too much Armour?
  238. Hallelujah! the endo agreed with me..
  239. Teeth clenching?
  240. has anyone ever tried lexapro?
  241. Just diagnosed with TSH level of 50.23 need help!
  242. Go off meds? Something else?
  243. Blood Test Info
  244. i've had enough! anyone any ideas about this
  245. I got my adrenal test results.....
  246. How is your spouse dealing with your disease? Supportive/Non-supportive?
  247. why else ?
  248. Adrenal-thyroid Connection??
  249. Odd sensation in my throat.. can anyone relate?
  250. Kidney problems/thyroid

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