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  1. Hi everyone, im new to this forum...I Need Help!(male)
  2. Hi everyone, im new to this forum...I Need Help!(male)
  3. Graves symptoms
  4. Are Hurthle Cells bad?
  5. Surgery Date Scheduled
  6. Graves Disease....eyes...saw the endo
  7. Armour dosing
  8. Swollen Hands and Thyroid Meds?????
  9. Woohoo!! - New Doc
  10. TT - what drugs what dosage?
  11. What could it be?
  12. Graves and aspartame? Your thoughts?
  13. Sleep deprived in AV !!!
  14. Recovery Time for Thyroidectomy
  15. Question about My grandma
  16. Elevated DHEA
  17. Leg Pain from Hashi's??
  18. Need Help with First Labs since TT
  19. Sweating
  20. Hypo people, please look
  21. Seasonal Variations??
  22. Basal Temp
  23. Thyroid and chest pain
  24. Interpretation Needed Please
  25. Question about thyroid....Please please respond
  26. Need advice concerning staph any my thyroid disease
  27. Off my meds after 3 days
  28. O.k. Received Blood Work Now Please Please Help
  29. Synthroid and Caffeine?
  30. A Couple of Questions
  31. Can you take decongestants with thyroid meds??
  32. Need help, possible acute phase of Hashimotos
  33. Questions
  34. If I understand these numbers
  35. Interesting about tsh
  36. hypo and shoulder problems ?
  37. Can you be hypo and hyperthyroid?
  38. How do you take cytomel?
  39. acid reflux
  40. Tips for reducing puffy eye areas
  41. ups and downs!
  42. Dandruff.........
  43. Slightly underactive
  44. Hyperthyroid and Synthroid
  45. synthroid increase and dizziness
  46. Scar Appearance
  47. I am so confused! Am I hyperthyroid or not?
  48. cytomel,synthroid and new lab values
  49. CoQ10 has soy? Isnt that bad for thyroid?
  50. thyroid uptake scan
  51. what is wrong with me! We still wonder
  52. Multiple Thyroid Nodules
  53. Parathyroid/Calcium Imbalance. Do My Symptoms Match???
  54. Do you find that people just aren't open-minded about thyroid problems?
  55. Can anti-depressants improve hypo symptoms?
  56. Trouble Swallowing Food
  57. Thyroid Storms
  58. Advice please..Dr says thyroid test "normal"
  59. What type Dr. treats your thyroid disorder?
  60. hypothyroidism
  61. K9mom, can you please look at this?
  62. Synthroid VS Levothyroxine
  63. Just got test results back
  64. WHat do you think? Im getting more and more hyper!
  65. Swollen Thyroid, what does it mean?
  66. Very high TSH - 183
  67. fasting blood tests-do I take Levothroxine?
  68. Is a thyroid disorder possible with normal test results?
  69. What did doc say to apply on incision? Need help
  70. Hypo - Just Got Labs Back - Interpretation Help?
  71. Thyroid diet??
  72. Radioiodine experiences
  73. Hypo and Weight Loss (Weight Watchers?)
  74. Shrinking Thyroid
  75. Are all large Nodules Cancerous
  76. Irregular heartbeat with thyroid meds??
  77. Hyper question....
  78. Hi just want to welcome all the new 'hyper folk' :)
  79. Don't you wish WE could write a book?
  80. post-surgery incision is "stuck?"
  81. developed cold and neck feels weird
  82. Scans so far....
  83. Caffeine
  84. Something encouraging
  85. Natural
  86. Surgery March 22nd.
  87. t3/t4
  88. updated information
  89. Tests, Tests, Tests
  90. am i over medicated?
  91. Thyrogen question
  92. Synthroid Dosage
  93. HELP!! Abnormal ultrasound
  94. anyone have RAI or surgery only to have
  95. Divermon I have an appointment
  96. Surgery scheduled--some questions
  97. Really need to talk to someone
  98. TSI TB11 is it the same test?
  99. T3??
  100. Feel Sleepy All The Time is this normal? :(
  101. Slight abnormality on u/s
  102. Houston Doctors
  103. TSH testing
  104. Is Grave's after RAI really Grave's??
  105. depression meds & HYPO
  106. Does Grave's worsen after giving birth?
  107. Special Diet With Hashi's?
  108. Swelling after TT
  109. Antibodies and Treatment
  110. Surgery or RAI
  111. hyper and thyroid
  112. las vegas doctors?
  113. cold nose?? please help !
  114. thyroid and ovaries
  115. Thyroid and menopasue question
  116. "The Thyroid Solution"
  117. Why the ref range?
  118. Follicular Adenoma
  119. New question
  120. Is it ok to eat fish from the ocean?
  121. Cold feet??????
  122. Neck swelling
  123. colds
  124. Thyroid Doctors in Houston, Texas
  125. Received sonagram and thyroid uptake need help
  126. Taking Thyroid Medication and BC Pills
  127. My labs results (any input would be helpful) Hypothyrodism/hormone problems
  128. Weight gain -- not on any meds
  129. Hashimotos and Immunoglobulin A
  130. Iodine in Supplements
  131. Got my Blood work from the Hospital..need help reading it!
  132. blood pressure
  133. What does it all mean? :-(
  134. Van?
  135. High TSH
  136. Help me please.....
  137. Thanks and advice please
  138. Doctors in Kansas/Missouri State Line area
  139. Garlic supplements cause HyperT?
  140. Needing help again?
  141. tsh?
  142. Antibodies question
  143. Someone please help me understand...
  144. Doctor Appointment
  145. Diagnosed today
  146. Prayers needed
  147. Normal TSH, major signs of hyperthyroid, what to do next?
  148. Anyone else seeing an internist for thyroid?
  149. What could this be?? Adrenal Fatigue?
  150. Midwest Endo Search
  151. Can you help me with my results?
  152. Blood tests been taken...so now i wait!
  153. Little red spots
  154. Thyroid, medication, weight gain
  155. thyroid levels
  156. Treatment options for hyperthyroid
  157. Low Hormones
  158. Hashis & other autoimmune disorders
  159. MicheleT-How are you????
  160. Heat Intollerance
  161. Follicular carcinoma
  162. Iodine deficiency?
  163. Has anyone tried natural remedies for Thyroid problems.
  164. Is heart paputations symtoms of hashi hypo?
  165. What options do I have?? Crawl in a hole?
  166. Hearing problems related to thyroid?
  167. Need help! Waiting results from blood work and uptake
  168. fatigue and depression?
  169. SO Confused, please help, antibodies??
  170. selenium and antibodies
  171. curious
  172. I feel like I am spinning out of control
  173. How Long Did The Meds Take To Help You ?
  174. Medicine change/Hair fallout
  175. When you say "aches" what do you mean?
  176. Thyroid removal
  177. Please Please Help Me So Confused+++++
  178. Synthroid and weight gain ?
  179. Discouraged
  180. Can you have a thyroid problem and test within the normal range?
  181. Hyperparathyroidism
  182. Finding a Good Thyroid Physician
  183. Question about ultrasound and 'maybe' FNA
  184. Yippeeeee
  185. Grey hair?
  186. Had a thyroid ultrasound
  187. TT 1 week ago still BIG lump under incision
  188. can going early for bloodwork affect tsh?
  189. Goider?
  190. Hashimoto Treatment
  191. How do you remember meds?
  192. armour/synthroid -Why are symptoms better?
  193. Thyroid nodules betting bigger, what to do now
  194. Hyperparathyroidism
  195. Regulating Medicine
  196. Hashis Help Lower Antibodies
  197. T3 Uptake/Free T3/ Total T3
  198. HAving troubles and tired of it!
  199. help
  200. help
  201. Pregnancy and Thyroid problems
  202. Another question.....stiffness at back of foot?
  203. Good news and some not great news
  204. how often should I have tsh checked?
  205. Grave's Disease and diet
  206. tonsils and thyroid
  207. Anyone else calf muscle problems??
  208. Is there a connection between RAI and Breast Cancer? - Did you opt not to and regret?
  209. Calcium deficency - what is better than Tums if I need 3,000mg/day?
  210. More thyroid questions
  211. Facial Pain Four Months after RAI?
  212. Changing Meds Question?
  213. TED in one eye vs. in both eyes
  214. Is this normal
  215. Oral Thush Or Period = Subacute Thyroiditis?
  216. TT on 2/16/06 - Low Calcium/Pap. Cancer - RAI in April ?
  217. Does anyone have sore throat with their thyroid problems
  218. A couple questions
  219. Thyroid Levels
  220. Recovery time for hemi or TT?
  221. Finally got my results, dont know what to do
  222. The new numbers tell the tell
  223. Started Synthroid today....
  224. Levothyroxine 25 mcg
  225. RAI after thyroidectomy for cancer...should I or shouldn't I?
  226. Why NEW symptoms?
  227. hyperfunctinioning nodule?
  228. Confused by results of thryroid scan
  229. Increased levothyroxine caused wt gain
  230. Linda in Tx..............
  231. Query for Veterans
  232. So confused.......please help!
  233. Hi, I'm new....
  234. having serious medication side effects and questions
  235. Lab Results; What do you think?
  236. Hypothyroid ???'s
  237. Alone
  238. allergies masked by thyroid condition?
  239. Thyroidectomy-weight gain-please help?
  240. Armour and blood pressure
  241. Achilles & Calf Muscle Problems?
  242. Partial Thyroid Surgery
  243. Midwest...could you please help me calulate meds?
  244. Gerd?????
  245. This is Lab day! Do mine MEAN anything??
  246. TSH Level of 22
  247. Tests...
  248. surprised
  249. Help with Labs
  250. TT, then RAI?

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