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  1. Thyroid still?
  2. New To All This!!! Lots of ???
  3. Help w labs results
  4. New ... need help with lab results and what they mean
  5. Raw thyroid capules
  6. Test results for hypo
  7. New Here Hashimoto's
  8. Thyroid Mess? Labs, Scan, Help please?
  9. HELP! Can hypothyroidism affect my urine screen?!
  10. Hypothyroid and testosterone problems!
  11. Hello - Please help with results. 14 yr old with goiter.
  12. To have thyroid removed or not
  13. Hashimoto's and severe bloating!!
  14. test results
  15. Thyroid Ultrasound
  16. Another request for help with test results
  17. help with lab results?
  18. 1st doc appt after results
  19. Thyroid is driving me crazy
  20. High blood calcium, low vit D, low normal pth
  21. Armour thyroid and constipation
  22. Need help on lab readings
  23. Tons of pain and don't know what to do next
  24. new here and just had thyroid surgery
  25. can any one undrestand this
  26. thyroid numbers
  27. FNA Biopsy Results - Any ideas?
  28. Dont know if I am being treated correctly
  29. Goiter trachea compression?
  30. Safe Dosage
  31. Help to diagnose the problem?
  32. Pregnant thyroid lab results
  33. Any tips on gaining energy?
  34. Hashimotos ... is there a way to un-enlarge the thyroid?
  35. Help Interpreting Lab Results
  36. Hypothyroidism Help?
  37. Levothyroxine dosage change
  38. Just started Synthroid - Having problems and I want to stop
  39. Getting off Synthroid
  40. Should I continue Methimazole or go for Radioactive Iodine?
  41. Hasimoto's Symptoms
  42. exhausted!! :/
  43. confused, hyper to hashis??
  44. Hypo with extreme Hyper symptoms?????
  45. Hypo & lab work
  46. Confusing Labs
  47. Could do with a snooze
  48. TSH too low to add T3?
  49. 7.8 enlarged thyroid gland
  50. Dr says dont need FT3 and FT4
  51. thyroid and use of clenbuterol
  52. Low tsh and high thyroid peroxidase
  53. Hypothyroidism?
  54. Thyroid nodule 3.3cm doctor wants to take out whole thyroid
  55. Is it possible that I have hypothyroidism? Or am I jumping to conclusions?
  56. New here! Help! Felt like I was crashing!
  57. Confused! Lab Results
  58. confused
  59. Has anyone ever heard about low-dose naltrexone for Hashimoto's?
  60. Going to gp today advice please
  61. differences in levothyroxine brands
  62. Solid nodule growing slowly
  63. need help please re stopping T3
  64. new
  65. FNA Report ... Thoughts?
  66. no energy ...
  67. Xanax & Synthroid
  68. Too Much Synthroid?
  69. Lab Results Questions
  70. Do I or Don't I???
  71. Question about High FT3
  72. Possible goiter? In severe discomfort any advice welcome
  73. I need a thyroid specialist who treats hypothyroidism based on basal temp
  74. Could I be hypothyroid
  75. 5 Year Old with Elevated TSH
  76. Changing over from Synthroid to Armour
  77. hypothyroidism and menstruation
  78. TSH results
  79. Over medication? thyroid storm ? Please help
  80. Thyroglobulin Antibody Out of Range
  81. TSH test results
  82. Increasing levothyroxine dosage
  83. TSH, Free T4 lab test information after forgetting to take levothyroxine
  84. Graves and medicine does this make sense please?
  85. No thyroid. TSH ? weight/lethargy
  86. Newbie with Hashimoto's
  87. Can living within 10 miles of a nuclear power plant cause thyroid issues
  88. I'm a newbie and this madness needs to stop!
  89. Lab results, primary physician not concerned...
  90. Upcoming Thyroid Surgery with New Hashi Diagnosis
  91. What is going on? Hypothyroid?
  92. Did I mess up?
  93. High Thyroglobulin & Complex Cystic Mass
  94. Small Thyroid??
  95. Throbbing neck, strangling sensation
  96. Advice Required Urgently
  97. The fatigue is unbearable
  98. Hypothyroid- RECOMMENDATIONS for meds that has worked best ?
  99. Can it happen this fast?
  100. Thyroid and autoimmune confusion
  101. Ultrasound results
  102. Weight gain and lethargy
  103. Lab test results
  104. Hashimoto's - confused, need help, please
  105. What in the world is this mess?
  106. Cortisol levels
  107. High TSH but feel great
  108. Memory loss
  110. Ideal TSH and new blood work help
  111. New here and looking for help interpreting my new lab results
  112. Could this be hyperthyroidism?
  113. I live in Egypt and we only have T4, what to do?
  114. Partial thyroidextomy- low t3 - +60lb 9 months postpartum
  115. Aches and Pains Due to Hashimoto's- Any suggestions
  116. Pj
  117. Could I have hypothyroidism?
  118. suspicious for follicular neoplasia with hurthle cells
  119. Ideal range for TSH
  120. Anxiety and Hypothyroid, Need Insight
  121. any ideas on test results...
  122. Thyroid and trying to get pregnant
  123. can i get someone to help out with this?
  124. Any ideas?
  125. Weird Lab Results - Thyroid Problem
  126. hypothyroidism
  127. problem after my appointment
  128. Medications
  129. How to get a thyroidectomy?
  130. need help with tsi number
  131. New to thyroid problems, any input appreciated.
  132. advice on possible hypothyroid problem
  133. New Labs New Dose still not better!!
  134. What else can I do?
  135. Help! Need Advice
  136. thyroid nodules and lymph nodes
  137. Porridge and Synthroid
  138. Thyroid Untrasound Ordered by new doc?
  139. Hyper/hypo or normal?
  140. T3 Reverse High
  141. Hi
  142. Got my lab results today and not sure should i worry or not?
  143. Hashi's and Nodule
  144. An important update!!!!
  145. Thyroid blood results ... Please Anyone!! Scared of Cancer.
  146. Please help... thyroid levels & symptoms?
  147. Which number is a higher level of hyper
  148. Question
  149. Labs vs. my symptoms
  150. Lets talk about elevated Ferritin
  151. My endo refuses to order T3 labs
  152. High Lab sodium, High B12, how does this relate to hypothyroid?
  153. if you are hypo do you have Hashimotos?
  154. Do I really NEED meds?
  155. please help 24 male low t or thyroid problem!? doc is clueless
  156. Fna biopsy and genetic testing
  157. Help Interpreting Lab Results After Dr Visit
  158. TSH 5.2 but no overt symptoms
  159. Weight loss
  160. thyroperoxidase levels very high
  161. Hypothyroid
  162. Enlarged Liver - Graves Relapse
  163. lab interpretation please!
  164. Can lab values still be in range and experience thyroid issues?
  165. Problems after thyroid surgery
  166. hypothyroid symptoms
  167. Everything was great and then ...
  168. I'm pregnant and need help understanding lab results!
  169. Thyroid Concerns
  170. Should I see an endo, hypothyroid and hypogonad
  171. So confused, please help?
  172. Thyroid antibodies > 1000
  173. thyroid
  174. Another newbie in thyroid disorders
  175. Inconclusive cold thyroid nodule
  176. Hypothyroid? Normal Test Results
  177. Should I get 2nd opinion?? Help! What would u do?
  178. Synthroid vs armour
  179. What's my problem!? chronic problem when talking
  180. low tsh free t3 and free t4 on dessicated thyroid
  181. Levothyroxine and red patches on skin?
  182. Thyroid Symptoms
  183. What do thyroid ultrasound results mean?
  184. tsh reading
  185. Hypothyroidism?
  186. TSH & T4 normal range, Hashimotos symptoms bad???
  187. Symptoms following abruptly stopping levothyroxine?
  188. Back/Neck/Arm/Hand Pain
  189. TSH Over 100?!? I Feel like I'm going nuts.
  190. Hi. New. Lots of questions.
  191. raw thyroid vz synthroid
  192. How long can I go without my Levothyroxine?
  193. Synthroid, Dosage, and Labwork Question
  194. New blood work results
  195. Started cytomel - stomach hurts
  196. Big *** on skyrocketing TSH
  197. inhomogeneous thyroid
  198. Blood work help......
  199. over medicated?
  200. could these neurological problems be hyper,hypo, or something else?plz help?
  201. Do thyroid cysts go away?
  202. Solid Thyroid nodule
  203. new to this
  204. normal tsh, low free t4
  205. Low T3 - Please help me interpret my labs!
  206. T3
  207. Hypo and still can't sleep
  208. Hypo Hyper test confusion
  209. symptoms with TSH of 4 --is that possible??
  210. Help please :)
  211. Does Levothyroxine Quicken Thyroid Slowdown?
  212. Need help on new labs
  213. Questions regarding diagnosis of hypothyroidism.
  214. Hypo w/anxiety and adding Cytomel
  215. Armour
  216. no thyroid issues but still medicated?
  217. Test Results and now really confused with medication
  218. Please I need some advice!!
  219. Undetectable TSH, but HYPOthyroid
  220. Lymph Node and Thyroid Nodule Biopsy
  221. Liothyronine 25mcg augmentation of antidepressant
  222. Hypo and Mood Swings
  223. Thyroid Test
  224. stopped taking thyroid meds
  225. Newbie to Thyroid Issues
  226. Urgent Thyroid Help-- I'm Scared
  227. Leg swelling & hypothyroid meds
  228. New to thyroid issues
  229. Multiple "hot" nodules, surgery or radioactive idodine treatment?
  230. Hashimoto's Encephalopathy?
  231. Can virus and/or infections cause level jump?
  232. thyroid
  233. Newby to hypo, ths levels came back at 124
  234. Inability to detect body temp at Dr Office -- possible hypothyroidism?
  235. Hlep with lab results and aiming for optimal
  236. Are these levels able to cause symptoms?
  237. Do these symptoms sound like hypothyroidism?!
  238. New and confused
  239. Hypothyroid Disease
  240. Blood test help
  241. newbie need help(hypo symptoms are still present)
  242. feeling Hopeless
  243. Ridiculous anxiety over thyroid nodule/swelling
  244. Please help me understand my test results
  245. Anyone combining Synthroid with NDT?
  246. Levothyroxine dosage
  247. Hypothyroid symptoms, "normal labs"
  248. is there to much focus on free t3 and not enough on total t3
  249. Need Insights on Lab Results
  250. Heart Disease/High Blood Pressure & Hypo

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