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  1. New and confused
  2. Hypothyroid Disease
  3. Blood test help
  4. newbie need help(hypo symptoms are still present)
  5. feeling Hopeless
  6. Ridiculous anxiety over thyroid nodule/swelling
  7. Please help me understand my test results
  8. Anyone combining Synthroid with NDT?
  9. Levothyroxine dosage
  10. Hypothyroid symptoms, "normal labs"
  11. is there to much focus on free t3 and not enough on total t3
  12. Need Insights on Lab Results
  13. Heart Disease/High Blood Pressure & Hypo
  14. Bladder Wrack Safe (seaweed supps)?
  15. Hypo & Frustrated - Need to Vent
  16. High TSH 6.30 and normal T3 108 T2 8.3, effects and madication
  17. Feeling really confused and depressed
  18. What would you do??
  19. HYPERthroid questions
  20. With TSH at 8.65 having heat rushes..
  21. Will someone help with ultrasound results
  22. Compare past results with new
  23. need thyroid advice
  24. Dr isn't right
  25. Questions, things to consider when on the cusp
  26. Depressed over need to increase Synthroid
  27. hypothyroidism questions
  28. Need educated info or experience
  29. Upcoming thyroidectomy, have worries and questions
  30. What are the chances?
  31. Help with lab results
  32. I'm new to all this - hope someone can help
  33. HypoT/High cortisol medicine and supplement HELP
  34. hypothyroidism and aching legs
  35. High blood sugar from low thyroid?
  36. Low Blood Pressure Suddenly High
  37. New to Nature Throid
  38. Low Thyroid, Autoimmune Disorder or Hormones?
  39. Questions for Doctor?
  40. Opinions please - 8 weeks post TT labs
  41. What "kind" of doctor?
  42. Choking feeling- Please help me
  43. Hypothyroid?
  44. thyroid problem
  45. Hypothyroid info needed ... please
  46. thyroid ultrasound questions
  47. Help on thyroid test results
  48. Thyroid Question
  49. Increase meds from 147 to 150???
  50. Normal labs but all hyperthyroid symptoms
  51. Levo and Antibody Levels
  52. Thyroid problems 101
  53. 4 year old, mystery health issues, misc thyroid lab, help with results?
  54. Could it be thyroid issues?
  55. My Thyroid readings after 2 years on Tapazole
  56. New labs, advice needed ... never been diagnosed!
  57. Been on Armour for years, can't get dose right
  58. Just Diagnosed What do I NEED to do?
  59. Armor Throid 300mg side effects
  60. question about ultrasound
  61. Thyroid test results - are they optimal
  62. Hashimotos and easy bruising
  63. Desp. Seeking GOOD Endo in NYC area
  64. First post ... gaining weight, got prescription, now scared!
  65. New Here
  66. Hashimotto's - thyroid removed and turned really hyper for the second time
  67. New Labs show improvement, but why do I still feel hyper?
  68. My first lab results since thyroidectomy
  69. What do you think? Labs
  70. levels of TSH 3 months after total thyroidectomy
  71. Need Help Interpreting Thyroid Test Results
  72. Thyroid meds
  73. Please surprise me!
  74. Syntroid dosage question
  75. Norm TSH,highT4,lowT3
  76. Hypothyroidism but in reference range?
  77. One month post TT - headaches and dizzy
  78. High Calcium- Could I have hyperparathyroid?
  79. Doctor Not Listening (Shocking, I know)
  80. Could I be hypothyroid?
  81. Can a low tsh of 0.007 cause headaches just about everyday ?
  82. Tsh
  83. Low TSH but normal T4, what does it mean?
  84. Diagnosed in 2001 with a Goiter
  85. Graves and hashimoto
  86. Could this be a thyroid issue?
  87. Has anyone ever had these symptoms?
  88. My 3 year old has hypothyroidism
  89. hypothyrodism
  90. Please help
  91. TSH is 3.5 ... is that bad?
  92. puffy eyes after starting Levothryoxin
  93. New to forum, seeking thyroid advice
  94. newbie here with questions
  95. Thyroid Imbalance? Impossibly Cold
  96. Thyroid ultrasound shows mass
  97. Wilson's Syndrome
  98. New Here, Trying to Make Sense
  99. Ideal TSH for Trying to Conceive
  100. Tests show hyperthyroid. Wondering about symptoms.
  101. Your opinion please
  102. pretty sure i have hypothyroidism- need advice.
  103. Results Normal but have all the symptoms
  104. New Labs: What needs to be adjusted?
  105. Symptoms point to hypothyroid, test results "normal"
  106. TSH High - I need a second opinion
  107. T3
  108. Low TSH Normal T3 and T4
  109. Normal TSH/Borderline Low FT4
  110. Hypothroidism - Nodule
  111. Thyroid levels, weight gain and exhaustion
  112. Thyroid Ruining My Life!
  113. Levels normal but feel like crap
  114. Hashimoto's affected by gluten
  115. Post Thyroidectomy
  116. hair thinning and breakage
  117. help me diagnose myself!!
  118. Found a nice endo TSH is low and he's okay with that!
  119. Shrtness of Breath
  120. TSI and Graves/hyper symptoms but "not
  121. thyriod
  122. High thyroglobulin antibodies?
  123. My analysis of test results - Hyperthyroid
  124. Severe Hyperthyroidism... can't figure out why +labs
  125. Hashimoto's/hypothyroid
  126. Help for adrenal fatigue
  127. Am I sick? Is presence of antibodies enough?
  128. Thyroid ultrasound
  129. Felt great ... feeling awful again.
  130. Armour or Synthroid?
  131. Anyone know the time frame for Cabergoline/Dostinex?
  132. Need my levels out of the normal range to feel good
  133. I'm starting Armour tomorrow.
  134. Low end of normal on T4
  135. Help!!!! Hypo/hashimoto Pain for 3 months no one seems to know why!?
  136. New and Nervous about thyroid test results
  137. Low TSH and High Thyroglobulin Antibody
  138. Diagnosis in progress ... not sure where this is headed
  139. Gene Expression Classifier
  140. Confused about lab results
  141. Foods to avoid while on Levothyroxine?
  142. It's a whatever ... Geez Doc ...
  143. Thyroid nodules
  144. Thoughts?
  145. Endocrinologist Wait Times
  146. Can T4 take a very long time to leave body?
  147. T3 question.
  148. Could I Have A Thyroid Issue?
  149. Test Results/Brain Fog - Help!
  150. Hair Loss
  151. TPO level to the extreme
  152. Enlarged right thyroid with large nodule
  153. mild thyromegally with hypercholic nodules
  154. Thyroid Scan Results
  155. Why Do I Suddenly Need A Higher Thyroid Dosage
  156. thyroid blood test results
  157. TSH 7.9 Is it an issue?
  158. very confused by conflicting numbers
  159. thyroid ultrasound
  160. Scared
  161. armour becoming ineffective?
  162. thyroid - Levothyroxine
  163. Tests normal but tired of feeling symptoms
  164. Thyroxine Free little bit high
  165. High TSI 529 with TSH of 13 thx RAI
  166. Armour didn't help with hypo
  167. Hyper with hypo symptoms 4 months after TT
  168. Weird thyroid Results
  169. how can I overcome fatigue after having thyroid out?
  170. Feel crazy - help with advice please
  171. Thyroid
  172. Not getting better and not getting answers
  173. Meds and coffee
  174. Supplements
  175. TSH is high
  176. Graves, RAI and Eyes
  177. Struggling with whether or not to take medication
  178. Heartburn and graves
  179. Help- hypothyroidism
  180. Eight (8) weeks post op - lab results
  181. Please Help! Potential Thyroid problem, feel scared often
  182. Low FT4, High FT3 Please help
  183. Lab Results - any insight?
  184. Non toxic Multinodular - Why not RAI?
  185. Diagnosed With Graves... But Could It Be Hashitoxicosis?
  186. TSH, FT3 & FT4 level concern
  187. 15 year old labs/symptoms
  188. Can someone please review these labs?
  189. Lab Results - Would appreciate thoughts on if these are "normal"
  190. What do you have to say about these values?
  191. Medication question?
  192. Thyroid Mass 4.3 cm
  193. Throbbing pain where my thyroid is and can't swallow
  194. Are these results normal?
  195. Adjusting Medication Dosage
  196. "Funny" lab results
  198. Labs - Is this Hashi's
  199. Thyroid levels and growth hormone
  200. Thyroid test results look abnormal?..
  201. Does my thyroid function tests look abnormal?
  202. advice - surgery or not?
  203. Antithyroglobulin AB
  204. Frustrated
  205. Finally a diagnosis
  206. is this a positive antibody result?
  207. sternum pain
  208. Foot Pain (Plantar Faciitis), Synthroid vs. Generic
  209. Hypo. Ferritin of 3 and iron iv but allergic
  210. Problems from T3 meds??
  211. newbie and blood test. Might be fibromyalgia
  212. Check the fillers in your meds!!
  213. Hashi's Round Two? Advice Needed.
  214. Where do I go from here
  215. Tsh question?
  216. Proferrin
  217. Question about Thyroid and Diabetes
  218. Thyroid?
  219. Lab result question
  220. Desperately Need Help
  221. Adding T3 to T4
  222. Hypothyroid and eating disorder
  223. Confused...
  224. Do I have Hashimoto?
  225. Someone please guide me!!!!
  226. Hypothyroidism help please!!!!!
  227. hypothyrodisum
  228. Thyroid nodules advice needed...
  229. Graves Disease or Hashimoto's thyroiditis?
  230. New to NatureThroid
  231. Newbie + Labs
  232. thyroid test result- need help
  233. cytomel
  234. Lab result help
  235. Life after a Total Thyroidectomy
  236. Hyper? Initial blood test results
  237. THS - up and down the last 6 months,
  238. TSH suppressed/FT4 & FT3 low...is an increase needed?
  239. Could my thyroid be the culprit?
  240. Should I request a Cytomel increase?
  241. Don't Know What To Do
  242. Does more synthroid cause more brain fog?
  243. Thyroid results
  244. Cystic Mass On Thyroid Gland~Please Help
  245. Hypo but always hot?!
  246. Do these levels stand out?
  247. Hyperthyroidism and Twitching?
  248. Hypo or Hyper Thyroid
  249. why so thirsty?
  250. Lab results, pLease help

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