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  1. Nti-more pain
  2. can grinding teeth while asleep cause twitching?
  3. tmj and tinitus
  4. New to TMJ issues!
  5. re worried
  6. Just wondering
  7. Learning to Cope with Chronic Pain
  8. Try this - Floss Swords
  9. Anyone heard of these docs?
  10. Chronic fatigue relief?
  11. Getting a new bite splint
  12. Remember..9.11.01..
  13. Anyone suffer from these symptoms?
  14. What's involved in PT?
  15. How does bite splint work???
  16. Thank you...
  17. TMJ after wisdom tooth extraction. worst pain of my life!
  18. Power struggle - what would you do?
  19. Possible TMJ?
  20. tmj disorder
  21. TMJ and the throat?
  22. got my gelb splint
  23. Burning, prickling feeling w-spasms
  24. Does anyone know a good dentist in Edinburgh?
  25. update
  26. Any TMD success stories??
  27. Is this TMJ?
  28. spasam at base of head
  29. Are regular dentures ok for tmj sufferer?
  30. New to all this - Questions!
  31. so sick of this
  32. Sleeplessness affecting TMJ??
  33. Long term TMJD Sufferer!
  34. SleepRight Dental guard
  35. Headaches....
  36. daughters jaw popping
  37. To what extent does TMJD affect your life?
  38. Temera is back update!
  39. face is just plain tired
  40. preventing tmd in children
  41. Just wondering...musicians?
  42. Anyone know a good facial pain/TMJ specialist in Brandon/Tampa FL?
  43. New symptom- lockjaw?
  44. who can I go to to treat this?
  45. can nausea come from tmj?
  46. Possible Pursuit of Legal Action
  47. TMJ and Hearing Loss
  48. My TMJ success story
  49. Should I consider being checked for TMJ?
  50. Multiple Conditions??
  51. Had my first Cranio Visit... update.
  52. Fuzzy Brained
  53. disc TM Joint ?
  54. Something is so wrong with my Jaw
  55. Surgery Recovery Time
  56. New Fellowship Thread....
  57. great product--Thermophore neck heating pad.
  58. 'Re-adjusting' face
  59. Lorenz Implant info please
  60. Splint adjustment questions....need opinions please.
  61. sleeping
  62. Vertical Dimension and Muscular TMJ
  63. New-ish to TMJ, please read
  64. 2 little balls under my left side of my jaw
  65. Is my dentist's TMJ treatment plan good?
  66. Your thoughts on treatment...confused
  67. Someone help with Exp.!
  68. Cranial work and Oesteopathy,,(sp) sorry
  69. All kinds of questions
  70. life style is the key to improve your TMJ symptoms
  71. Why is it so hard to get people to understand tmj?
  72. Just got splint but pain is worse
  73. weening from a repositional splint
  74. body not in harmony with jaw position....
  75. Front Head Pressure, Fuzzy Head, ear problem?
  76. Eye painful to touch?
  77. Swallowing
  78. BioMed Implant Questions
  79. breathing
  80. Unilateral Ear Congestion/Stuffiness
  81. anyone have tmj worse when sitting
  82. Good TMJ specialist in MD or DC?
  83. Advice on tmj treatment and diagnosis?
  84. Fellowship Thread
  85. Problems with wearing hair clips?
  86. For Veterans, cranial sacral questions...
  87. Question for the Veterans... Cranial work
  88. TMJD & Tinnitus - vent
  89. face sensitive to touch?
  90. TMJ and head jolts?
  91. Stress and TMJ
  92. chiropractor and TMJ
  93. Got my repositional splint..Questions...
  94. TMJ Doctors and Insurance
  95. What are steroid injections?
  96. Total tmj joint replacement @ 29yrs
  97. Doctors in Gainesville, FL
  98. Cortical deinhibition?
  99. Steriod Injections
  100. A couple of questions...
  101. TMJ, right side of head symptoms, connect?
  102. TMJD Newbie
  103. right side
  104. mouth guard
  105. Back to the old me...
  106. Going Broke because of tmj....
  107. Tmj diagonosis & cost evaluation
  108. Headache question(s)
  109. Food - my enemy???
  110. tmj joint replacement surgery
  111. How do you tell the difference.....
  112. Supplements to take for tmj during treatment?
  113. Why Does a Bite Change?
  114. Happy fourth
  115. been awhile
  116. MRI scared!
  117. Ear
  118. L-5 s-1
  119. Fibromyalgia mentioned during TMJ visit
  120. Any patients of Dr. Rotem, NJ?
  121. TMJ Muscle Relaxant
  122. Could this be a case of TMJ?
  123. Have I perhaps figured it out?
  124. Muscle relaxers
  125. Is this TMJ?
  126. What should I know before I go to a TMJ specialist?
  127. DDS vs DMD? Insurance? Oxford? Newbie needs help.
  128. The side you have the pain on is not the side the problem is on?
  129. My journey
  130. 5 year treatment plan to fix my TMJD
  131. Wisdow Tooth extraction
  132. Pain on one side only, mainly in the cheek... TMJ??
  133. TMJ and posture
  134. New to TMJ - Is arthrocentesis a good first step?
  135. anyone had treatment by James Fletcher in INdiana?
  136. twinkie50 i have a question
  137. mri
  138. Seeing Dr. B Cooper next week
  139. assymetrical jaw due to swollen cheeks
  140. Articulator for adjusting splints?
  141. Has anyone seen Dr. Sylvan Mintz in Rockville, MD?
  142. Pros and cons of upper or lower night splints
  143. charges with neuro dentist reasonable?
  144. Good TMJ Docs in NYC, North/Central NJ, or Rockland County NY
  145. New TMJ Sufferer - Looking for tips on treatment
  146. Has anyone ever had to have a nightguard adjusted laying flat??
  147. Bruxism caused mouth to not open wide?
  148. cookies66
  149. Is it me?
  150. Help!--nightguard/splint questions
  151. Dr. Edward Grace in Baltimore, MD - anyone been to see him?
  152. Help with TMJ
  153. Can a dentists prescribe an MRI?
  154. Has anyone been treated by Dr. Lee Graber in IL.?
  155. Where to turn?
  156. Dislocated jaw
  157. Has anyone been treated by a holistic dentist for tmj?
  158. how long will tmj discectomy surgery take?
  159. could this be tmj
  160. pulsetile tinnitus
  161. Craniosacral therapy as part of TMD treatment?
  162. TMJ please help
  163. not sure if the pain is TMJ anymore
  164. DR. Lina Garcia in Schaumberg, IL.???
  165. Braces and TMJ
  166. tmj
  167. Cone beam scan vs. mri's - what 's the difference?
  168. TMJ very confused?
  169. Anyone use DenTec Nightguard
  170. why does my ear feel like I am under water?
  171. Success stories w-out surgery for grating and popping joints anyone????
  172. might have TMJ? Who can help?
  173. TMJ...anyone withy both sides?
  174. Anyone heard of Dr. D. Burnes in Fort Wayne, IN?
  175. I feel like I'm the only one with severe TMJ
  176. Racine,Wi TMJ orofacial Center? Dr. Mackman? Has anyone had treatment @ this clinic?
  177. Does TMJ cause migrane headaches?
  178. Found names of TMJ clinics, know these DOc's???
  179. UK patient of TMJD - Hi All!!
  180. Upper or Lower splint therapy. what works?
  181. Discectomy- Have you had one?
  182. Questions about MRI
  183. Clicking jaw(s) question....anyone???
  184. question...
  185. Dr. Richard Goldman in Chicago, anyone??
  186. anyone helped by Dr. Klapper in IL.??
  187. DR. in Lake Bluff, IL.
  188. Grinding glass sounds in joints....
  189. TMJ issues causing cranial nerve compression?
  190. MRI with or without contrast - which is more useful?
  191. TMJ specialist needed in Northern ILLINOIS!!!
  192. Help please. Need advice. New case.
  193. Only SOME symptoms-HELP. Do I have TMJ?
  194. TMJ in Florida
  195. TMJ Specialist in Mexico City (Quite urgent)
  196. I am in so much pain
  197. 3 surgeries, 7 years of treatment and now joint is getting worse Wilkes stage 4
  198. Electric jaw pain
  199. Diphenhydramine
  200. Crunching of bone sound
  201. tingling, skin crawling and tmj
  202. Is there some similar symptons with TMJ and CSF Leaks?
  203. How do I go about getting an MRI?
  204. looking for the best meds to treat TMJ
  205. is tmj actually fixable or am i dreaming
  206. Amitriptyline and periods
  207. TMJ and hearing loss
  208. severe ear pain
  209. head pain
  210. Closed lock 4 months- got my MRI results. Opinions needed!
  211. Anti-Depressants
  212. pulsetile tinnitus
  213. What kind of doctor?
  214. muscle spam around the jaw, is it TMJ?
  215. NeuroMuscular Dentistry and LVI
  216. The best advice ever....
  217. Atlanta Area TMJ Specialists
  218. New to TMJ... Can missing a major molar cause this?
  219. Sleep Issues
  220. today at the chiro
  221. So how does your dentist do a bite adjustment?
  222. A question about disc displacement
  223. Trigger Point Injections
  224. TMJ Tired of the pain
  225. What is wrong with my jaw?
  226. Pulsetile tinnitus
  227. Dr Jack Cherin in Va Beach, VA
  228. Dr. Brendan Stack in Vienna, VA
  229. Could this be TMJ?
  230. Temera- just wondering how your doing
  231. I'm new to this, can anyone help me out? UCSF Orofacial Pain Clinic?
  232. Cranial whole body relationship...folks don't get it...
  233. Swelling of lower jaw.......?
  234. TMJ Surgery
  235. Teeth cleaning?
  236. does infection cause a poisonous taste in mouth
  237. TMJ Splint fears
  238. Certainty of Diagnosis?
  239. TMJ evaluation
  240. What's Next?
  241. Can't get a diagnosis..Is this TMJ?
  242. Splint hygiene.....
  243. Help, Upper cervical chiro increased my pain!
  244. Major Discovery: Internal Retainer on Bottom Teeth Made Problem Much Worse!
  245. TMJ and dry eye
  246. Receiving "medical benefits" for TMJ
  247. Posture Pal
  248. Went to the dentist last week
  249. why my cheek under my ear gets full of saliva
  250. What does this MRI result mean???