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  1. why do i have clicking when i move my head?
  2. Any patients of Dr.Vita?
  3. Is the pressure in the ears from fluid?
  4. headache and burning eyes
  5. neuro cranial restructuring-ncr
  6. What has helped my TMJD
  7. What's your favorite thing through a straw?
  8. anterior displacement without reduction
  9. Help please
  10. why you feel headache after waking up in the morning
  11. Splint for TMJ
  12. does TMJ affect the glands
  13. always have ear pain... any ideas on my new treatment
  14. 2 yrs into splint treatment, doc wants to start phase 2
  15. never stop grinding teeth in daytime
  16. Has anyone ever known anyone who had successful TMJ surgery?
  17. Could you please...m
  18. TMJ Tinnitus?
  19. Temera brief update with stabilsation splint.. please write to me
  20. does medicine help you with tmj?
  21. left side of your heart hurts
  22. Tired tongue/TMJ
  23. TMJ Ear Pain etc
  24. Clenching...can I get the jaw muscles to relax?
  25. Why Does My Jaw Hurt When I Open My Mouth
  26. Is this really TMJ?
  27. TMJ...really?
  28. Muscle spasm without pain?
  29. Positive thinking
  30. eye discomfort, so eye wants to stay closed
  31. diagnose me
  32. I think TMJ/Please Help
  33. Temera has a new splint.. any inuput REALLY needed, need you guys!!!
  34. TMJ disorder?
  35. Upon awaking...
  36. do I have TMD?
  37. argh feeling mixed up . any advice
  38. TMJ/annoying splint
  39. Maitland Australian Therapy ???
  40. the chicken or the egg......
  41. Confused with new splint! please write
  42. Symptoms
  43. Imbalance in the Muscles of the Jaw
  44. MRI - Any advice/words of wisdom
  45. how can i get my jaw fix
  46. TMJ- no pain!
  47. Temera is on a new action plan with a new dentist - latest thread
  48. ear ringing
  49. My Story - Advice Please?
  50. how to relieve a clenching jaw
  51. Number of temperomandibular total joint replacements done each year?
  52. Is this typical of tmj?
  53. Capsaicin
  54. Alf Appliance
  55. How do you feel right when you wake up in the morning?
  56. what causes jaw jerking
  57. 2 seconds reply, please write to me..i need to know by friday, quick splint question
  58. Ear noises- callin all the homies (j/k)
  59. can tmj vanish
  60. specific splint for specific condition.. Important thread... everyone please write
  61. Is this a TMJ symptom?
  62. Quick Temera update .. please read.. im insane
  63. how to maintain a healthy diet?
  64. Dentist told me there isn't conservative treatments for closed lock??
  65. Who has had their jaw "move"?
  66. Question about eyes/ears
  67. Recomendations for EAR Ring from TMJ?!?!?
  68. Do you think I have TMJ
  69. fluid in the ear
  70. Neurontin for Pain Control
  71. how to get rid of fluid on ear
  72. what does it mean when your jaw muscle is swollen
  73. what body excercises are OK to do
  74. Anyone had prolotherapy?
  75. Why? Why? Why!?
  76. Anyone else used Natural TMJ Relief tablets by Jeffrey Wheaton?
  77. Do I have TMJ problem?
  78. how do you guys control anger
  79. What to expect ??
  80. temera's Quick update
  81. Capsaicin cream
  82. Hello, THANK GOD I WASN'T Crazzy!!!!
  83. Control TMJ pain
  84. I feel so much BETTER
  85. My clenching have been cured!!!
  86. how to get rid of fluid on your ears
  87. Injections to tighten jaw ligaments
  88. Need advice bad.. anyone gone of centre?? Help!!
  89. A VERY contradicting question for us all! Please answer friends!!
  90. Anyone purchased a tens unit for there jaw?
  91. Is it really TMJ??
  92. Has anyone has ear/jaw flushed out?
  93. TMJ surgery helped me
  94. Grinding/clenching & splints
  95. Jaw discomfort causes speech problems?
  96. Dr. David Miller - Sacramento / Roseville
  97. Where do I start?? - feeling defeated already
  98. fluid in the ears
  99. The Zombie Life
  100. jaw popping.. worried!
  101. TMJ doctors in Texas
  102. Muscle Strengthening Exercises... Did They Work?
  103. Does anyone know of a TMJ specialist in Melbourne, Australia?
  104. pain in both jaws, ears and neck
  105. TMJ Serious Matter
  106. TMJ and Overbite connected?
  107. Complete Displacement of Disc but 'Normal' Opening
  108. What type of splint do you use?
  109. Arthroplasty last week. Pain is unbearable. Is this normal??:(
  110. How I am beating TMD...My story
  111. Have your teeth moved?
  112. Appliance Fitting 101...
  113. sick and tired of this temporomandibular joint
  114. The Zombie Life
  115. Had MRI and Xrays-Need Advice!
  116. why does my heart and the left side of my neck hurt ?
  117. Tramadol
  118. Broken Condyle - right TMJ *Update
  119. Never ending ear pain - could it be TMJ?
  120. Occlusal splint fitting problems
  121. Just wondering if there are any TMJ sufferers from Melbourne, Australia
  122. Appliance Fitting Part 6
  123. teeth removal and tmj
  124. Sensitization
  125. Front crowns wrongly placed
  126. They found out my problem..!! What do you guys think i should do? Please write to me
  127. What's my prognosis?
  128. Help with TMJ
  129. TMJ Joint Replacement Surgery is not an answer
  130. Second Update from London: Grossmann Appointment
  131. good books on tmd/tmj
  132. Joint and ligaments natural remedies
  133. TMJ expert in the SF Bay Area
  134. bad doctors and own research
  135. medial/lateral displacement
  136. Arthroscopy
  137. Question on TMJ treatment
  138. TMJ - Looking for advice/opinions
  139. Relation btwn. ears/eye
  140. sharp earaches and neck clicking
  141. What would you guys do now in this position... please respond
  142. Anyone get braces, crown, jaw surgery to fix occulsion?
  143. Update from London
  144. Causes of muscle spasms
  145. My story... Chapter 1
  146. Solution to limited mouth opening?
  147. Tmj??
  148. disc displacement
  149. Crushed Temporomandibular Joint
  150. tmj and eyes bothering me
  151. TMJ popping <- causes
  152. New To All This
  153. Appliance Fitting
  154. Adjusting splints
  155. oh gosh panic attack what does this news mean friends !
  156. jaw or neck clicks?
  157. how to cope with tmj moodswings? Please help!
  158. I would appreciate advice on this matter,..
  159. Can TMJ be beat? Did you beat it?
  160. doctors for tmj in n.c
  161. what does mri show
  162. anyone have luck with NTI device
  163. TMJD for about a year - starting to get ugly.
  164. New here!
  165. tmj is life altering...
  166. "Best" TMJ doc? Harvard/Mayo Clinic ect.??
  167. Looking for help for my daughter
  168. Increased pain if you dont get enough sleep?
  169. locate a doctor that performs arthroplasty of the jaw joint
  170. Modified Condylotomy
  171. Temera's second update..i might of found a miracle drug for us??
  172. flattening of the joint?
  173. Need advice: Disagree with my dentist about treatment
  174. tmj treatment advice
  175. how do you get rid of fluid in your ear?
  176. What does this mean?!?!?!
  177. Good Chiropractor in London?
  178. Anyone here from lower mid michigan
  179. What should I ask the Upper Cervical Chiro?
  180. The thread for young people with TMJ
  181. tight feeling or feeling of mucus in throat
  182. Temera 2009 update, please read friends, need to know your opinions
  183. Weird but Amazing TMD Treatment Development
  184. Bite/Jaw problems
  185. how to get rid of fluid in your ears
  186. Suffering Sue
  187. Anyone have Fibromyalgia also?
  188. Appliance Fitting Part 4
  189. Tinnitus & Hearing Loss
  190. TMJ and menapause?
  191. Suggestions Please...
  192. Please help! New tmj diagnosis horrible pain!!!!
  193. Pain stretching/exercising?
  194. How do you close your jaw?
  195. TMJ - Can't decide if I have it...
  196. Anyone had problem with an endoscope in the mouth?
  197. Just received my MRI report,..
  198. why does the left side of my head feel so sore to touch
  199. How useful are hard mouth guards?
  200. Need Suggestions
  201. Has anyone tried self-trigger point therapy?
  202. Anyone had an anterior deprogrammer made?
  203. how to get rid of fluid in ears
  204. tmj doctor in New Jersey
  205. asus
  206. Appliances
  207. what type of dentist specializes in TMJ?
  208. New to TMJ
  209. I just dont kno what do
  210. newbie on board, much needed help and support!
  211. bilateral condlyles are anterior- what does this mean?
  212. Out of nowhere...
  213. prosthdontist
  214. Please help (sorry for the length)
  215. Confused: Is it TMJ or a neck/posture issue?
  216. Any one try ASUs?
  217. TMJ and fatigue
  218. wheres all the suport come on im scared
  219. Help with Brain Fog and TMJ
  220. uergent tmj problem ugent please everyone i need your suport and avise
  221. excercises for tmj pain?
  222. Appliance Fitting Part 2
  223. jaw feels loose
  224. does the clicking sound will go away in my jaw
  225. tmj doctors
  226. Great Drink, good for you.
  227. did anyone ever order the DVD - The "TMJ-X factor"
  228. Gerald Wexler(TMJ Specialist)..any reviews on this Dr?
  229. What does it mean when my Jaw feels likes its locking up
  230. New to board... want advice on Treatment
  231. anyone try "the Aqualizer" splint for TMJ
  232. Successful muscle relaxants?
  233. amrix-muscle relaxant
  234. Quick question , takes 2 seconds..
  235. feeling alone and isolated
  236. sleep well , wake up bad, i like sleeping better then living now
  237. Pain on right side, more than left
  238. anyone tried Serenitol for TMJ/Fibro
  239. Temera update, REALLY urgent, please read friends
  240. Pain in ears, behind ears, along jaw and down the neck
  241. LADIES: Popping Jaws,Lock-Jaw and our SEX LIVES!
  242. Hi, I'm a new poster/Steroid Tape/Energy Drinks?
  243. one cause of nighttime bruxism
  244. Nextlilypad update........
  245. How to avoid yawning
  246. Holiday Stress
  247. Anyone with TMJ have a tempur pedic?
  248. Implants anyone?
  249. Jaw noise/pain ALWAYS present with TMJ?
  250. Could I have TMJ??