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  1. sharp earaches and neck clicking
  2. What would you guys do now in this position... please respond
  3. Anyone get braces, crown, jaw surgery to fix occulsion?
  4. Update from London
  5. Causes of muscle spasms
  6. My story... Chapter 1
  7. Solution to limited mouth opening?
  8. Tmj??
  9. disc displacement
  10. Crushed Temporomandibular Joint
  11. tmj and eyes bothering me
  12. TMJ popping <- causes
  13. New To All This
  14. Appliance Fitting
  15. Adjusting splints
  16. oh gosh panic attack what does this news mean friends !
  17. jaw or neck clicks?
  18. how to cope with tmj moodswings? Please help!
  19. I would appreciate advice on this matter,..
  20. Can TMJ be beat? Did you beat it?
  21. doctors for tmj in n.c
  22. what does mri show
  23. anyone have luck with NTI device
  24. TMJD for about a year - starting to get ugly.
  25. New here!
  26. tmj is life altering...
  27. "Best" TMJ doc? Harvard/Mayo Clinic ect.??
  28. Looking for help for my daughter
  29. Increased pain if you dont get enough sleep?
  30. locate a doctor that performs arthroplasty of the jaw joint
  31. Modified Condylotomy
  32. Temera's second update..i might of found a miracle drug for us??
  33. flattening of the joint?
  34. Need advice: Disagree with my dentist about treatment
  35. tmj treatment advice
  36. how do you get rid of fluid in your ear?
  37. What does this mean?!?!?!
  38. Good Chiropractor in London?
  39. Anyone here from lower mid michigan
  40. What should I ask the Upper Cervical Chiro?
  41. The thread for young people with TMJ
  42. tight feeling or feeling of mucus in throat
  43. Temera 2009 update, please read friends, need to know your opinions
  44. Weird but Amazing TMD Treatment Development
  45. Bite/Jaw problems
  46. how to get rid of fluid in your ears
  47. Suffering Sue
  48. Anyone have Fibromyalgia also?
  49. Appliance Fitting Part 4
  50. Tinnitus & Hearing Loss
  51. TMJ and menapause?
  52. Suggestions Please...
  53. Please help! New tmj diagnosis horrible pain!!!!
  54. Pain stretching/exercising?
  55. How do you close your jaw?
  56. TMJ - Can't decide if I have it...
  57. Anyone had problem with an endoscope in the mouth?
  58. Just received my MRI report,..
  59. why does the left side of my head feel so sore to touch
  60. How useful are hard mouth guards?
  61. Need Suggestions
  62. Has anyone tried self-trigger point therapy?
  63. Anyone had an anterior deprogrammer made?
  64. how to get rid of fluid in ears
  65. asus
  66. Appliances
  67. what type of dentist specializes in TMJ?
  68. New to TMJ
  69. I just dont kno what do
  70. newbie on board, much needed help and support!
  71. bilateral condlyles are anterior- what does this mean?
  72. Out of nowhere...
  73. prosthdontist
  74. Please help (sorry for the length)
  75. Confused: Is it TMJ or a neck/posture issue?
  76. Any one try ASUs?
  77. TMJ and fatigue
  78. wheres all the suport come on im scared
  79. Help with Brain Fog and TMJ
  80. uergent tmj problem ugent please everyone i need your suport and avise
  81. excercises for tmj pain?
  82. Appliance Fitting Part 2
  83. jaw feels loose
  84. does the clicking sound will go away in my jaw
  85. tmj doctors
  86. Great Drink, good for you.
  87. did anyone ever order the DVD - The "TMJ-X factor"
  88. Gerald Wexler(TMJ Specialist)..any reviews on this Dr?
  89. What does it mean when my Jaw feels likes its locking up
  90. New to board... want advice on Treatment
  91. anyone try "the Aqualizer" splint for TMJ
  92. Successful muscle relaxants?
  93. amrix-muscle relaxant
  94. Quick question , takes 2 seconds..
  95. feeling alone and isolated
  96. sleep well , wake up bad, i like sleeping better then living now
  97. Pain on right side, more than left
  98. anyone tried Serenitol for TMJ/Fibro
  99. Temera update, REALLY urgent, please read friends
  100. Pain in ears, behind ears, along jaw and down the neck
  101. LADIES: Popping Jaws,Lock-Jaw and our SEX LIVES!
  102. Hi, I'm a new poster/Steroid Tape/Energy Drinks?
  103. one cause of nighttime bruxism
  104. Nextlilypad update........
  105. How to avoid yawning
  106. Holiday Stress
  107. Anyone with TMJ have a tempur pedic?
  108. Implants anyone?
  109. Jaw noise/pain ALWAYS present with TMJ?
  110. Could I have TMJ??
  111. TMJ sufferer - please help
  112. Help! Disc displaced and joints compromised? What does it mean
  113. New Teeth
  114. Appliance Fitting
  115. I Need Your Opinion: Upper cervical technique
  116. anyone get thier teeth filed here?
  117. Questionnaire question
  118. Tmj Problem Or Root Canal Needed
  119. Relentless pain! from tmj? help?!
  120. tmj x rays
  121. TMJ and Tinnitus =(
  122. Anxiety and Numb Jaw cheeks / PLEASE HELP!!!
  123. splints/treatments - their efficiency
  124. Anyone in NM Orthotic Phase 1 ?
  125. Help! Diagnosed with TMJ?
  126. Burning pain in Jaw :-( OUCH!!!!!!!!!
  127. swollen lymph nodes
  128. TMJD Self Help - It was useful to me
  129. why is my neck crackling?
  130. Hats
  131. Chicago - Dr A Richard Goldman - Any Experiences?
  132. Anyone have experience with Arthroscopic Surgery?
  133. shouldnt there be a national tmj awareness day
  134. Tmj disorder. Chronic pain. Ref. to pain mgt. doctor
  135. New here but not to TMJ
  136. Persistent head pressure with anxiety
  137. how to get rid of fluid on ear
  138. Anyone from Ireland ??
  139. needs a response URGENTLY!! Have Bad and Great news!
  140. Jaw Stuck!
  141. Drug question? Desperate! Please tmj friends , this will take one second
  142. Temera2 needs you guys bad! Please guys im shaking .. cant stop shaking
  143. Mentally and physically drained, any idea.. need help please guys ?
  144. shave down teeth costs
  145. Great Doctors, speciality, location, previous problems and how they helped..
  146. Please respond.. important question?
  147. Im going in for an arthrogram tomorrow and soon open jaw surgery, help!
  148. How to get rid of fluid in the ear?
  149. TMJ problem
  150. Has anyone tried alternative treatments, acupuncture, dentistry, chiropractors, ect..
  151. Tmj Feeling
  152. Quick question , please read
  153. oh my goodness , emergency! somebody help me, i beg
  154. 1st Appointment
  155. Anyone out there have a discsectomy??
  156. Tmj Question
  157. went to my dentist.... what is this?
  158. Beauty out the window! Anyone else have major facial hollowness?
  159. Does Nature Help?
  160. I have no jaw joints!!!! Any others out there like me??
  161. TMJ Help needed
  162. Need Help
  163. hurts so bad!!!!
  164. Vitamin D deficiency and TMJ symptoms
  165. Tmj friends i REALLY need you right now, please reply!
  166. Jaw Massage - Trigger points..
  167. What the heck is this???
  168. help :(
  169. Devastated.. please help, please write to me!!!
  170. Botox in AZ?
  171. Any cold air makes me so much worse
  172. earaches without clicks?
  173. Operation to help with TMJ?
  174. Could this be TMJ?
  175. theraflex cream
  176. Body Out of Alignment
  177. My TMJ & Pregnancy Story...
  178. How do I get rid of the pressure in the head? Advice urgently needed
  179. TMJ Dizziness?
  180. TMD/orthdontics/nueromuscular dentistry
  181. when I turn my head side to side i hear and feel crackling sand noises when i turn my
  182. Quick displaced disk question , please respond!
  183. results of second opinion
  184. Help , few questions , which i need to know if you guys also have..please write
  185. TMJD surgery master
  186. TMJ and LASIK?
  187. Does anyone else have body pain?
  188. Jaw Stuck?
  189. why does the top of my head feel like its burning
  190. Arthrocentisis Questions
  191. Advice please - first appointment
  192. Hi all.......do you think I can join you?
  193. hey temera
  194. anyone have braces?
  195. Help reading an MRI
  196. Anyone have an Icat scan of their head
  197. no night appliance with braces?
  198. Someone help please!
  199. Low level laser
  200. On my search for a new dentist I ran accross Chirodontics
  201. Temera2 needs a reality check, please advise me my tmj friends..
  202. One thing the university of mi also told me is to
  203. Its hurts so much ..
  204. Your worst tmj symptom.. takes less than 2 seconds to write
  205. I'm full of questions tonight
  206. How Do you put your splint in?
  207. Do you get charged for splint adjustments?
  208. Over productive salivation
  209. I really do think I would of been better with no splints at all.
  210. TWO Questions
  211. Just called the university of mi tmj clinic
  212. Why do I hear noises in my ear when I move my head?
  213. Are my symptoms odd?
  214. I Finally Got an Answer from the Orthodontist
  215. Has anyone every had this problem?
  216. When you get bite adjustments
  217. Question: One MRI Scan - Two Interpretations?
  218. Anyone have problems with cavities while wearing the splint 24/7
  219. Bruxism and TMJ
  220. Weird Question - Need Answer?
  221. TMJ has defeated Temera... am i done for, my tmj friends? please respond
  222. Has anyone else had TMJ Concepts implants removed?????
  223. How Do You Get your Splint off your teeth?
  224. OK guys, help me out
  225. Jaw Xrays
  226. I"ve made it 24 hours almost with this splint
  227. Please Help Im In Agony
  228. How Long do you wear your splint?
  229. swallowing-teeth together or apart
  230. Curious- how many of us are in PT, seeing and osteopath or chiro?
  231. tmj pain from whiplash
  232. TL- new thread!
  233. desperate to find an answer to severe migraines!
  234. Ladies - keep the chests up!
  235. Is this TMJ?
  236. Recent TMD Issues/Looking for Doctor
  237. Face and BODY SPASMS???
  238. Misplaced Midline and TMJ
  239. 2 Weeks w/ Orthotic -- Pain now?
  240. Can anyone please help me work this out...SO SO desperate.. ?
  241. How to increase pain threshold
  242. Oh GOD help , my nightmare returns worse then ever
  243. Anybody know about Dr. Ronald Auvenshine in Houston, Texas?
  244. Help! throat tightness and muscle tension
  245. Help: advice needed, please write to me
  246. REALLY confused/fustrated and dentists cant offer me any advice!
  247. Bad hair day
  248. I cant stop crying .. oh gosh help me
  249. does medi-cal cover tmj treatments?
  250. Do I have TMJ dysfunction?