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  1. New problem
  2. Considering Traveling to Craniofacial/TMJ Pain Center... Any Recommendations?
  3. Saw TMJ/orthodontist today and have questions
  4. TMJ pressure?
  5. Underbite correction
  6. Any Suggestions?
  7. Does this sounds like TMJ?
  8. TENS vs Alpha-Stim
  9. Splint therapy failure... anyone have a idea, PLEASE PLEASE respond!
  10. TMJ without pain in jaw?
  11. new to this board
  12. TMJ And Ear Pain
  13. Someone please tell me ill be free one day .. need advice bad!:(
  14. How reliable are MRIs?
  15. Need some help about treatment options
  16. Vertical Dimension
  17. Physiotherapy and loss of consciousness
  18. Clogged Ear Exercises
  19. Tmj
  20. anyone feel flulike symptoms with TMJ?
  21. TMJ Surgery Success Stories
  22. tmj specialists in orlando fl
  23. TMJ Dentist, TMJ Specialist in Kansas City area
  24. Cost for Neuromuscular Dentistry Trained Dentist
  25. Flu-like symptoms after having my wisdom tooth extracted.
  26. What's worked for me
  27. Night guard questions
  28. acupuncture/homeopathic/injections
  29. Responding to Marlene about TMJ.
  30. Headaches, Clicking Jaw? Could this be TMJ?
  31. Chiro has helped TREMENDOUSLY!!
  32. pain in left ear down the side of my neck feels funny to swallow
  33. fellow TMJ sufferer
  34. Absolutely needing an answer here... please respond!
  35. My jaw is clicking more after going to the dentist
  36. Help Finding a Doctor
  37. I cant breathe.. i just recieved the most awful news... help me someone!
  38. lidocaine injections for tmj
  39. too much side to side jaw movement
  40. can someone explain :)
  41. MRI arthrogram - anyone had one?
  42. Normal or not? Please respond... im scared!
  43. Important TMJ question.. please answer as i need to know by tomorrow
  44. Dental device and TMJ.
  45. New symptom? :(
  46. Gosh, my two splints hae worsened me.. help... cant breathe!!!!
  47. could this be from my TMJ
  48. TJM question. Symptoms?
  49. What do the Splints look like?
  50. I'm getting NCR treatments so far I'm pleased with the results.
  51. ARGH help i hate my dentist, she gave me another splint.. having a panic attack
  52. TMJ & Valium
  53. TJM Doctor/treatment!
  54. Severe tooth pain
  55. jaw changes shape
  56. Suspect that problem may be related to use of Anterior Repositioning Splint at Age 18
  57. numbness in head, tingling in face and fingers, ears ringing
  58. can you catch TMJ
  59. UK FJO dentists - do you know any?
  60. Steps to avoid tmj Earaches.. they help with mine..
  61. TMJ Swelling -- DEAF! Can't go to work to much pain - age 19, hopeless
  62. TMJ and exercise and or weight training?
  63. Similar Disturbing Symptoms... Same History?
  64. Jaw protruding and needing to pull it backwards to have comfortable bite?
  65. Anyone pregnant or have had a baby with TMJ?
  66. Do you know of a good over the counter splint?
  67. Advice Needed from TMJ Patients with Success Stories
  68. chiropracticnfor tmj - first visit
  69. Is this TMJ? I don't know what's wrong with me!?!?
  70. Question which i pray someone will say yes ....
  71. Anyone please respond...im REALLY need assurance..
  72. tmj ear pain
  73. Little trick that worked for me so far...
  74. tongue biting
  75. Help finding a specialist in Connecticut/Massachusetts
  76. Ive lost everything
  77. Anyone Please Help Me... Please!
  78. TMJ Doctors in New York - Advice?
  79. Boston Neuromuscular Dentist
  80. cartilege in front of ear?
  81. Success: Splint therapy does make somewhat of a difference with pain....
  82. Has Self-Massage worked for anyone?
  83. how to stop teeth grinding?
  84. Pain still there even though...
  85. What do people experience for symptoms when they eat/drink?
  86. exactly what pain is this?
  87. freaking out more .. help!
  88. Jaw pops also!
  89. jaw deviation
  90. First major facial spasms! HELP!!!!!!!!
  91. A Rockbottom tmj moment
  92. Urgent message for angel72
  93. Poor bite
  94. rice crispies!
  95. tmj doctors indianapolis
  96. Can someone explain these two symptoms?
  97. Antidepressants- please read about before taking as some can
  98. Please Help!! Jaw Locked for 3 Weeks
  99. Can TMJ headaches be one-sided?
  100. URGENT: Has anyone been fixed with a lower jaw splint... please write to me?
  101. Sore throat with TMJ?
  102. Painful scalp
  103. Sunken in cheeks/under eyes
  104. please help me, my tmj earaches will be the death of me ..
  105. URGENT: cant deal with my highs and lows with tmj.. any advice appreciated!
  106. My teeth feel like they're pushing forward and I cannot find a comfortable bite
  107. pain behind ear lobe
  108. popping in ear
  109. tmj joint replacemennt
  110. Sleeping positions
  111. Jaw Snaps
  112. Connectiveissue disorder effecting TMJ?!
  113. It Has to be TMJ
  114. TMJ Arthhroscopy...My Story/NEED HELP!
  115. Crunching!
  116. VERY complicated story.........
  117. Usu Fat To Replace Disc To Stop Pain In Joint!!!!!
  118. Anyone have an abnormal lip posture?
  119. A great Day!
  120. Why do we grind/brux/clench while asleep?
  121. Difficulty Chewing
  122. Excessive Saliva
  123. Do nightguards prevent grinding/clenching?
  124. Someone please respond i need urgent tmj advice...
  125. Small lump infront of ear. TMJ & Fibromyalgia
  126. joint loading test
  127. Driving me crazy
  128. Opening crack!!
  129. Tmj Fears...
  130. I Need Help To See Where I Can Go From Here With Tmj!!
  131. How often should I use heat pads every day?
  132. Once More - Please respond
  133. Serious Girly issue with TMJ, Guys dont read
  134. Worried .. Does your whole family have tmj also?
  135. What NOT to do?!?!?
  136. tmj x rays
  137. Anyone with experience regarding Braces and TMJ
  138. pain in jaw
  139. Deviation and Crepitus
  140. braces ot wisdom teeth
  141. URGENT: earaches may not be caused by tmj!
  142. Earaches Haunt Me Day And Night ..help Me!
  143. Earaches Haunt Me Day And Night ..help Me!
  144. Looking for Success Stories
  145. Huge masseter muscle, deprogrammer or splint? Help.....
  146. disc displacement
  147. Will I be haunted with earaches for eternity.. desperate please respond someone
  148. Only Day Pain!! Explanation Please
  149. please answer
  150. tmj side is flatter than other side
  151. Does this sound like TMJ?
  152. Help,Anyone know of a good TMJ dentist in omaha, Nebraska?
  153. I have TMJ, I'm desperate for help!
  154. oh gosh, please write to me someone, i can't take this!
  155. Important Question About Tmj , Plz Reply !!
  156. TMJ with full opening
  157. Why does pain move around?
  158. Severe Earaches From Tmj ?? Type On This Thread!
  159. tmj and weather
  160. TMJ and chiropractor
  161. tmj and neuromuscular dentist and splint
  162. I think I have TMJ
  163. are earaches the only thing u suffer in tmj?
  164. New Member - Do I have TMJ
  165. Please respond - I'm really confused now!!
  166. looking for Surgery advice
  167. fingers in ear
  168. UK sufferers
  169. What should I do?
  170. Round Two
  171. jaw
  172. Weird TMJ Exam
  173. pain in notch behind jaw
  174. difference between clenching and grinding?
  175. Are these always signs?
  176. Mandible down and forward question?
  177. misline deviation
  178. TL- how are you
  179. headaches with burning eyes getting worse again
  180. How many docs does it take to fix 1 jaw? (Angry update)
  181. Have Had Joint Replacement Need Major Help
  182. Please answer - crepitus or popping!!
  183. tender scalenes?
  184. tender anterior neck muscles?
  185. tmj
  186. Non reducing medial displacement
  187. is this caused by tmj?
  188. Holisitic Treatments?
  189. my first splint causing tmj tendonitis to flare up
  190. popping
  191. muscle component
  192. tmj and braces
  193. Question about suppliments for TMJ
  194. Any info on the throat scope?
  195. soft gel splint
  196. can this be anything BESIDES TMJ?
  197. Question about sarapin injections.
  198. Please help me with these symptoms
  199. How many docs does it take to fix 1 jaw?
  200. Help Please with ear trouble
  201. TMJD flare up!
  202. Thelma-Louise
  203. my symptoms...does it sound like TMJ?
  204. TMJ and your brothers and sisters....
  205. maybe this will help
  206. tingly feeling in jaw
  207. I can move my jaw on affected side
  208. Does anyone know what "prolonged speech" means?
  209. Speech problems!
  210. Pain from under ear down under jaw
  211. is tmj hereditary?
  212. Self diagnosed tmj
  213. Describe your ear pain!!
  214. TMJ and stiffness
  215. Severe TMJ
  216. Getting side headaches everyday, is it because of my TMJ?
  217. tmj pain?
  218. pain around top gum and nose
  219. TMJ ear pain????
  220. Do I need my splint adjusted?
  221. Is this TMJ?
  222. TMJ or What?
  223. Speech/Voice problems... anyone notice that their voice is deeper?
  224. Good TMJ specialists in the uk?
  225. TMD/TMJ Question??
  226. Im about 100% sure I have TMJD but...
  227. I have tmjd and it is worse than it was 2 months ago! help!
  228. I look like Billy Idol, does anyone else?
  229. I need advice please, TMJ sufferers
  230. Neck Problems and movement --
  231. tmd/tmj my face has changed! help! splint or night gaurd
  232. Picking a Doctor?
  233. Non-reducing meniscus
  234. Undiagnosed / tmj?
  235. Put in a NEUTRAL position....
  236. Tmj Questions -- help!
  237. Help....splint Causing Lower Teeth To Move....
  238. what do you people think about michael gelb in nyc
  239. Stress And Tmj
  240. My TMJ story
  241. TMJ - It will never go away
  242. THELMA-L how can i get insurance to pay for my splint
  243. tmj pain and meditation,hypnosis?
  244. does a bite plate help your jaw relax
  245. Anyone had a disc repositioned?
  246. X Ray with MouthGuard Bite Plate in Mouth
  247. TENS for TMJ (neck/shoulders)
  248. Another TMJ/Partials Question
  249. 2 different splint therapies, which to do??
  250. TMJ and inner ear issues, are they related?