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  1. My TMJ story
  2. TMJ - It will never go away
  3. THELMA-L how can i get insurance to pay for my splint
  4. tmj pain and meditation,hypnosis?
  5. does a bite plate help your jaw relax
  6. Anyone had a disc repositioned?
  7. X Ray with MouthGuard Bite Plate in Mouth
  8. TENS for TMJ (neck/shoulders)
  9. Another TMJ/Partials Question
  10. 2 different splint therapies, which to do??
  11. TMJ and inner ear issues, are they related?
  12. Can I Trust My TMJ Doctor?
  13. Does anyone take narcotic pain medicine for their TMJ?
  14. Spaced out feeling?
  15. Deprogrammer?
  16. How long does this take????
  17. What is my dentists problem? RANT
  18. TMJ or Infection?
  19. TMJ/Partials
  20. Please can anyone help???
  21. Trying to understand...
  22. Unsure if it is, mild by comparison...
  23. Coming out of splints into braces
  24. GERD causing grinding causing TMJ/TMD?
  25. Please please please tell me if this sounds like TMJ?
  26. how does the jaw hold up after extraction
  27. what has worked for me
  28. crazy popping sound!!
  29. got me under pressure
  30. Looking for help
  31. Introductions and Greetings
  32. ALF (advanced light wire functional) appliance questions.
  33. Extractions, Tmd and Repositioning Splints
  34. surgeon doesn't accept my insurance
  35. Degenerative joint disease
  36. atlanta tmj doctors
  37. TMJ treatment failed
  38. Subjective hearing loss and TMJ! Imp!! Please post if you have these symptoms!
  39. Splint makes TMJ worse for me--temple headaches and jaw pain
  40. surgery relapsed and TMJ is back......
  41. Dizziness a Feeling Sensation of Dropping or falling
  42. How to treat TMJ if someone has dentures
  43. It has come back, any suggestions????
  44. tmj doctors
  45. Splint therapy, but..
  46. Bad posture caused tmj
  47. Question about treatment
  48. Does anyone else have this?
  49. TMJ decisions
  50. Could this have caused my TMJ? Will it get better now?
  51. Am I crazy?
  52. if you have had prolotherapy in your tmj....
  53. Good TMJ/TMD docs in Atlanta?
  54. Arthrocentesis: always general anesthesia?
  55. Splint therapy questions
  56. dizziness like on a boat with some spinning sometimes
  57. Chiropractic treatment
  58. Ear ringing?
  59. i am having dizziness and soreness of the eyeballs what could these symptoms mean
  60. New to the board with new TMJ problem
  61. TMJ pain on top of head?
  62. just got botox
  63. jaw
  64. Ear pain after braces
  65. TMJ urgent help i am getting worse
  66. Ft. Laud. or South Florida any Good TMJ docs? Oral Surgeons?
  67. Nothing Helps...
  68. How Long to Take Ibuprofen for TMJ?
  69. why is it when i grind more i have more saliva the next day?
  70. Wearable heat pack?
  71. anyone feel this?
  72. Bite splint questions
  73. popping in left joiny when swallowing
  74. how can u tell if your tmj is muscular or not?
  75. new to the boards
  76. Finally A Diagnosis
  77. cannot do splint,what to do now?
  78. Need educating....what is tmj?
  79. TMJ Attack on One Side Only?
  80. Jaw pain killing me!
  81. TMJ can change facial shape
  82. in ear fluid
  83. right temporal muscle larger then other
  84. weird qn
  85. tmj
  86. sensations in throat
  87. This pain feels like it will never end...
  88. Possible to push jaw forward affecting swallowing /breathing
  89. TMJ Due to Missing Teeth
  90. 7 months into splint therapy
  91. Heartbeat in my left ear whn I workout
  92. Uncontrollable jaw spasms
  93. Should I stop wearing the splint?
  94. does braces really help
  95. new sympton in the arms!
  96. synovial chondromatosis on tmj
  97. desperate for info
  98. can anyone here recommend a good tmj doctor/surgeon in my area?
  99. Calcification on Condyle?
  100. Jaw Muscles
  101. other medical websites info
  102. Booked my first appt. with Dr. Stack - what can I expect?
  103. is jaw surgery the only way to go to correct a bite?
  104. TMJ/pain in teeth
  105. any one with hearbeat in the ear
  106. TMJ/ear ringing
  107. Progression of TMJ?
  108. Hypermobility
  109. I have met a great orthodontist who wants to work on my malocclusion........
  110. Does anyone know anything about Elliott Alpher in Wash., DC?
  111. new symptons in the arm???
  112. Anyone know of a good neurodentist in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) area?
  113. cure dizziness?!
  114. having a bad day with tmj
  115. Arthrogram=Cartlidge Damage..Experience Anyone?
  116. What are your symptoms when you try to eat or drink? Muscle incoordination feelings?
  117. protruding jaw from bulimia
  118. Im New and have a question about my Right Jaw!
  119. new to mouthgard.wondering what it does?!
  120. At my wits end!?
  121. Dothiepin given - any good?
  122. purchase mouthgard or no?!
  123. Healthy soft-diet suggestions?
  124. wrong diagnosis? tmj help please!
  125. Jaw issue.
  126. is this feeling normal with TMJ?
  127. New here but not new to TMJ
  128. Splints - how long for it to start working?
  129. Please help
  130. Treatment Breakthrough
  131. 6 Month Treatment=no Results!!
  132. tmj doctors in orlando
  133. Diagnosed today - any help appreciated
  134. tmj treatment New (to board)
  135. Prolotherapy or Trigger Point Injections? Which First?
  136. TMJ disc displacement
  137. NYC - TMJ and Botox
  138. How to get through to doctors?
  139. Braces once TMJD pain settles down
  140. Got splint, starting Splint therapy
  141. splint therapy finished....still have headaches....what should I do next?
  142. endless toothache
  143. Bite is off and in pain
  144. Jaw and Neck symptoms, please help!
  145. What treatment to choose?
  146. scared
  147. Update
  148. How I fixed my TMJ and fatigue.
  149. Is there anything I can do to stop bruxism?
  150. TMJ click
  151. question about appliances
  152. TMJ and mylohyoid muscles are these two related?
  153. questions about treatment
  154. Does anyone else have problems with jaw popping out place to right or left side?
  155. How do I get rid of fluid behind my ears?
  156. TMJ and my jaw is shifting back i dont know what to do
  157. Newbie - 16 years of misbehaving jaw
  158. eye discomfort
  159. Trigger Point Injections for TMJ?
  160. help!!! chronic headaches!!
  161. TMJ and public aid
  162. state of mind
  163. Cone beam CT Or MRI stir
  164. Does this appliance sound like splints or orthodontic braces?
  165. Support please!
  166. Pretty sure I have TMJ
  167. Is this a part of TMJ?
  168. Neuromuscular/LVI orthotic
  169. arthrocentisis?
  170. crinkly noises when I move jaw
  171. Posterior Disc Displacement
  172. does tmj go away
  173. Splint Success, Joint Stablization and Phase II
  174. Will this ever go?
  175. Night Guard For TMJ patients????
  176. tmj doctors in houston area
  177. Mixed Martial Arts Fighter--with TMJ
  178. Difference between CT and MRI
  179. Throat muscle pain...TMJ symptom?
  180. TMJ Dentists in Massachusetts
  181. Typical TMJ
  182. Can anyone give me their splint success stories?
  183. When mouth splints do not work!
  184. sleepy
  185. Exercise Options for TMJ/TMD
  186. Jaw Pain
  187. Did anyone on here who had surgery have it a long time ago?
  188. Do any TMJ sufferers have ear pain?
  189. How I am managing my TMJ problems
  190. what pain relaxants is everyone using?
  191. Which splint for which problem? Confused
  192. Really want to pop it back into place
  193. Need feedback on different splints
  194. Pain in nerves from cheek while eating
  195. Does TMJ affect nerves?
  196. Please help me out
  197. im thinking of getting this massage
  198. Jaw Disorder Discussion
  199. headach when bend down
  200. Introduction to My Nightmare
  201. Intubation for Closed Lock Surgery Patients?
  202. Single Side of Face, TMJ?
  203. could Ambien be causing this...or is it TMJ?
  204. What does the appliance REALLY do?
  205. Splint Advice
  206. TMJ and Tongue position
  207. Radiofrequency Thermoneurolysis
  208. my situation
  209. Last wisdom tooth; should I have it removed?
  210. Does a nightguard help?
  211. am getting this muscle twitch in my foot don,t understand
  212. Is there anything I can do to stop grinding my teeth?
  213. swollen lymph nodes when you eat
  214. Jaw Popping When Eating.
  215. MRI C-Spine ?
  216. Deviated Bite--Chicken or Egg???
  217. Neuromuscular Dentists for displaced discs w/o recapture?
  218. Can anyone relate?
  219. anyone with tmj get muscle twitches in the foot
  220. Arthroscopy-Questions and Input Requested
  221. I really need some suggestions please!
  222. I find myself yawning a lot more these days? Is this a consequence of TMJ issues?
  223. My face looks pathetic
  224. TMD & the Neck Shoulder Connection?
  225. help
  226. new splint
  227. just had splint adjustment-too tight?
  228. What exactly does a splint do?
  229. splints or orthontics?
  230. people who have had tmj
  231. tmj symptoms orthodontics
  232. TMJ Doctor California PPO
  233. Naproxen for TMJ?
  234. Rut On Inside Corner Of Mouth
  235. tmj symptoms
  236. Success Story
  237. I think I may have TMJ but need advice
  238. the feeling of in my water ear what do i do
  239. muscle spasms, scaring me
  240. my jaw is stiff whats wrong with it
  241. my jaw is stiff whats wrong with it
  242. How long does this last?
  243. TMJ, No Insurance, Malocclusion
  244. Does this sound like TMJ?
  245. exhasperated, depressed, furious. tmj unrecognised.
  246. sore scalp right side when i touch it
  247. NSAID's
  248. Ear Offbalance symptoms, can anyone help?
  249. Any success stories with braces after splint therapy??
  250. Over half a year since dislocated jaw - no improvement still