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  1. Clenching Teeth
  2. tmj
  3. dizziness : main symptom
  4. Does a Chirpractor help?
  5. How many splint adjustments until stabilisation?
  6. I have never heard of this before....
  7. tmj doctors
  8. How to keep going in the face of so much rejection
  9. Anyone have symptoms inside their mouth in back jaw area?
  10. jaw cracking noise
  11. doctors/dentists in Sydney Australia?
  12. Fatigue, agitation and anxiety
  13. TMJ and Biofeedback
  14. Acupuncture and TMJ
  15. Do u think ur TMJproblem stems from Bruxism, or bite issues. Or both?
  16. An update :)
  17. To continue with orthodontics or not?
  18. all from TMJ?
  19. Need Serious Advice/help Please!
  20. bad news from doc
  21. My first visit with specialist
  22. Posterior disc displacement in the UK
  23. TMJ and tens units
  24. Question: Has anyone on this board taken Opana ER?
  25. I know this really doesn't belong here but I don't know where to post it.
  26. prosthdontist questions
  27. personal question for those on splint therapy 24/7 (women)
  28. Arthroscopy - anyone had it? Did it help?
  29. I Have to have reconstructive dental surgery because of tmj
  30. 20 years old had TMJ whole life...getting worse
  31. Will an M.D. know if I have TMJ?
  32. Pain in other side now!
  33. I'm 20 yrs old & have TMJ, HELP PLZ! I'm desperate, also need info on oral surgeons
  34. Looking for Guidance Regarding Fat Graphs ~ Help is NEEDED!!!!
  35. lump next to adam's apple
  36. my tooth hurts but there is no cavity, the wind hurts my jaw . what can be causing th
  37. tympanometry, eustachian tubes
  38. Is anyone with TMJ "disabled"?
  39. TMJ for several year...PLEASE HELP
  40. does medical insurance cover TMJ
  41. TMJ specialists in the UK?
  42. For those with fullness in your ears
  43. Fat Graphs ~ Any Opinions
  44. Switching around splints?
  45. Undiagonosed Problems... possible TMJ?
  46. how many of you have hearing loss? please answer to me, it's really important
  47. Advice on tmj specialist or dentist?
  48. Head Pain. TMJ??
  49. disallowed
  50. Proplast implants in and out what mess
  51. Tmj Doctors
  52. What Tests To Tell if You're Discs are Displaced
  53. my discs are displaced but I do recapture
  54. Frequent headaches??
  55. for those of you on splint therapy- question
  56. I got better- here's how
  57. Anyone sore teeth from nightguard?
  58. Splints-A flicker of hope!
  59. going out of my mind and no hope in sight
  60. Tandy: Mediation
  61. TMJ- lump under jaw joint other?
  62. Muscle Spasms & Burning from TMJD
  63. Venting - anyone run into this?
  64. Recovery time and treatment after surgery
  65. i-cat ct scan
  66. Pain pressure around the eye?! Please answer!
  67. I need a referral, please
  68. What is the swelling feeling under the jaw bone in neck, and sore teeth?
  69. another thing....
  70. Cfs & Tmj?
  71. please help..
  72. TMJ and blood vessels
  73. TMJ - After many Dr./ Dentists visits: BRACES???!!!
  74. My TMJ/Pain Doc Closed his office - Need Help!
  75. True or False ? No pain associated with TMJ
  76. wired symptoms
  77. extreme pain in lower forehead other areas after wearing splint
  78. One splint during day and one at night?
  79. TMJ Denial
  80. tmj??
  81. Can tmj cause a water running in the ear sensation?
  82. Anyone experienced these symptoms?
  83. Got my splint....now how do you eat?
  84. TMJ After Root Canal
  85. Problem with splint, please help!
  86. TMJ getting worse or better
  87. Where are your trigger points?
  88. TMJ back with different symptoms
  89. MRI vs. Tomography
  90. Splints, ortho, etc
  91. trying my first tmj splint
  92. Dizziness back again
  93. Eustachian Tube Dysfunction and TMJD
  94. Stabilization Vs Repositioning Splint?
  95. 2nd opinion
  96. Please can someone advise re my scan results?
  97. My jaw is locked ... do I have surgery?
  98. I found a solution to TMJ
  99. disc displacement fails to reduce
  100. Splint Recovery Curve Question
  101. Anyone every clenched or ground on a tooth to destroy it?
  102. Anyone every clenched or ground on a tooth to destroy it?
  103. Mindset
  104. would someone please answer about my mri report?
  105. pain under the scalp and TMJ
  106. Cone Beam Tomography
  107. Jaw alignment
  108. Saw NYC TMJD specialist on Friday
  109. Massage Therapist and TMJ - anyone get help
  110. TMJ Disorder
  111. Good Botox Doc?
  112. Behind the ear pain?
  113. At my wits end, help if you can.......!!
  114. what does it mean when you wake up and the clicking is better?
  115. mri report
  116. Anteriorly Dislocated Disc Without Recapture
  117. Osteoporosis and Bisphosphonates (Fosamax, Actonel, etc.)
  118. gotta a question
  119. question about something my tmj doctor said
  120. A year to recover?
  121. Opinions
  122. Pain comes and goes?!
  123. muscular TMJ and swollen tongue, coated tongue
  124. Broken splint
  125. Can this tooth pain really be TMJ???
  126. Why did we all get tmjd
  127. Ouch!!
  128. MRI scan for TMJ - procedure?
  129. help!
  130. Brain MRI with Contrast Dye?
  131. Need some help/advice please.
  132. So what have you paid for a splint?? Curious the average price.
  133. Just came back from the TMJ specialist
  134. T-scan computerized oclusal analysis
  135. oral surgeon sending me for an mri of jaw joints
  136. Jaw hurts after singing or loud music, please help.
  137. Does it sound like TMJ and am I doing the right thing with the treatment?
  138. Ringing in my right ear when I turn my head right
  139. Is this TMJ?
  140. Lidocaine Injections
  141. Orthodontics as trigger for TMJ in later life?
  142. TMJ and ear fullness - how to fix this?
  143. I just had bilateral tmj replacements 8 days ago.
  144. Can TMJ do this?
  145. Bad Bite - can it improve?
  146. Shouldn't dentist have known better?
  147. Anbody with TMJ has drooping eyelid?
  148. need information
  149. Considering Surgery
  150. Hey, LuvtoCamp...
  151. Jaw locked.. advice?
  152. Dr. Jim McCarty in Colorado?
  153. Help me to see if I potentially have TMJ?
  154. Could someone give details of an MRI of the TMJ? I may have a
  155. Anybody else feeling wiped by TMD?
  156. Anyone from MI. seen
  157. Just saw a Cranial Chiropractor
  158. Where does your neuromusclular dentist put the patches?
  159. TMJ and Swollen Lymph Nodes???
  160. Strange TMD experience
  161. tmj pain disappeared for one day?
  162. Think this might be TMJ?
  163. Finally good news
  164. Tooth eruption with open bite
  165. Posture and sitting at desk with TMJD
  166. Please Help Lots of Pain
  167. jaw pain
  168. My story so far
  169. My mouth twitches... is this normal?
  170. What do I need to know about TMJ?
  171. Is your TMJ Pain affecting your school or job?
  172. New to Boards - Pain in tooth from TMJD?
  173. Tomogram prior to MRI - anyone heard of this?
  174. who grinds during the day???
  175. TMJ & ear fullness
  176. TMJ and Teeth Pain
  177. TMJ and alchohol?
  178. Weird sensation after removing night guard?
  179. teeth change/cough
  180. To everyone in splint therapy
  181. Severe Pain rt. TMJ - now in left. Rt. TMJ Anyone have an MRI
  182. ?"s on TMJ
  183. losing teeth
  184. Tmj?
  185. Any Suggestions for 2nd Opinion
  186. TMJ curable or not
  187. need help please
  188. Cost of Chin Augmentation in Canada
  189. Ent Update
  190. Regarding my serious jaw problem..response highly appreciated
  191. Why do I get so tight
  192. TMJ questions and help
  193. Tmj???
  194. Tingling jaws and glands
  195. shoulder,upper chest, neck pain, can it be TMJ?
  196. nightguard question
  197. Please help; Seven years and no answers...
  198. my jaw is screwed up!
  199. Really need some insight
  200. Enlarged retromolar pad? TMJ symptom?
  201. antidepressants and grinding
  202. New to TMJ please any advice will help?
  203. Jaw and Ear question
  204. Swollen glands w TMJ?
  205. is it common to have a headache at the top of your head constantly with TMJ?
  206. Advanced Osteopath who does prolotherapy
  207. Tmj ?
  208. nightguard
  209. Arthrocentesis - Steroid Injections...Help!
  210. Help for tmj--wearing an oral sensor
  211. Splint treatment
  212. fatigue?
  213. Re: Question
  214. Splint Progression Thread
  215. Discectomy TMJ
  216. vision disturbances
  217. Newbie to the boards, TMJ and ear pain :(
  218. TMJ and Motion Sickness
  219. So what do you eat?
  220. Been trying everything
  221. Jaw Pain
  222. TMJ splint treatment
  223. Could this be TMJ
  224. What's helped me over the years
  225. Speech difficulty with TMJ?
  226. Anyone w tooth soreness upon waking up w nightguard?
  227. eyes and throat
  228. Anyone have low grade fever w TMJ?
  229. NTI questions --should it hurt?
  230. Need Advice...feel like I'm going crazy!
  231. military neck
  232. Tongue pain and metalic taste too?
  233. TMJ and no insurance
  234. Is TMJ considered medical or dental ?
  235. Talking Aggravates TMJ?
  236. Splint Question
  237. What massages best help TMJ?
  238. Splint Therapy - Realistic
  239. TMJ.......12 year old
  240. Anxiety or TMJ?
  241. Need someone to talk too about TMJ
  242. Results of Tomogram question
  243. TMJ Surgery
  244. I'm New here
  245. Triple Flex for tmj?
  246. TMJ and surgery?
  247. newly diagnosed and question
  248. Mouth guards
  249. Splint Today
  250. Need Recommendation For Reputable TMJ Specialist In Cleveland!