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  1. Lateral Pterygoids
  2. DNA Appliance anyone?
  3. TMJ and Tinnitus HELP
  4. TMJ sufferer
  5. what does this mean?
  6. TMJ? advice please!
  7. Sinus pressure when flying?
  8. Jaw disc replacement surgery with Dr. Piper
  9. Can TMJ affect the tongue?
  10. HELP ASAP please!!
  11. Can TMJ cause a loss of taste & smell???
  12. Myofunctional therapy helps!
  13. Week 4 some advice please
  14. your experience with Randolph Miller?
  15. Obtaining New Consultation -TmJ Osteoarthritis
  16. TMJ Botox Treatments
  17. Peeling/Burning lips from retainer?
  18. Questions/Advice Needed/Suggestions
  19. Frequently coming down with colds since TMJ problems started.
  20. noise in joint after disc repostioning
  21. TMJ disk removal ???
  22. Anyone Else Experience This?
  23. TMJD Scares
  24. First time issue/bite off
  25. TMJ Troubles - Swollen Jaw Muscles
  26. I really need support/advice. Please.
  27. Aching.
  28. Hello/New to TMJ Boards
  29. TMJ pain all the way down to chin?
  30. What is helping me cure my TMJ.
  31. What procedure shows the extent of the TMJ damage?
  32. Supplement Suggestions
  33. jaw deviates to the left when speaking
  34. Psychological TMJ-treatment experiences
  35. Any good TMJ specialists in Illinois???
  36. Jaw locking 26 yrs after TMJ surgery
  37. Complications while studying abroad.
  38. Help... severe Tmj. Losing hope...
  39. TMD Relief and My Story
  40. TMJ and Sleep Apnea
  41. computer aided approach to TMJ anyone?
  42. Does this sound like TMJ?
  43. newbie to the boards, Im join crazy...
  44. Disability and workplace discrimination
  45. flutter in ear/temple
  46. Facial pain remedies?
  47. Have full range of motion, but still have muscle spasms
  48. could this pain be from my wisdom teeth too?
  49. Use of Drugs in TMD Treatment: Feedback Thread
  50. TMJ worse after spinal leak?
  51. introduction to me
  52. TMJ or something else?
  53. Are you hypermobile? Do you have EDS?
  54. Anti-Inflamatory Medicine
  55. New and confused
  56. TMJ lavage
  57. Loose Jaw Locked
  58. could my pain be from my two displaced disks or my decayed wisdom teeth?
  59. Soft food ideas?
  60. Tmj treatment with Andre Hedger?
  61. Swollen gland in front of ear above jaw?
  62. can tinnitus be related to TMJ ?
  63. Total joint replacement scheduled - Need Advice
  64. Newbie Looking for Answers and Help
  65. TMJ specialist in Pacific Northwest US?
  66. Neuromuscular orthotic
  67. Discussion about soft splints
  68. TMJ - Feeling confused.
  69. TMJ problems due missing molar?
  70. Need some input/guidance please. I am scared to get treatment. TMJ
  71. Got my MRI results my pcp odered and need your help...
  72. Update: Got some info after CT
  73. Feeling like no one cares and there is no hope
  74. I have a couple question about jaw noises and your experiences.
  75. Which muscle relaxant helps you more - diazepam or flexeril?
  76. Is TMJ causing this?
  77. TMJR and red eye
  78. Currently in Crisis
  79. Surgery #20!!
  80. Severe TMJ Need Guidance
  81. Lower flat plane splint/ Disc Displacement -3D CT Scan or MRI?
  82. Severe TMJ Mixed with Sinus Problems?!
  83. Could i be suffering with TMJ?
  84. Anyone NOT have pain when eating, yawning, etc ?
  85. anyone taking or have taken cymbalta for osteoarthritis in their jaw?
  86. Magnesium is helping
  87. TMJ Disorder and Condylar Resorption
  88. Has Anyone Had Successful TMJ surgery?
  89. horrible tmj
  90. Please help!
  91. Displaced sphenoid
  92. Difference between disc displacement and disc dislocation?
  93. TMJ Costs
  94. struggling with TMJ for years
  95. TMJ Total Joint Replacement Upcoming-Need Advice
  96. Crooked jaw and tmj problems?
  97. TMJ- Have seeen 4 dentists got 4 different opinions (Houston, TX)
  98. TMJ Bite repositioning split removal without orthodontics
  99. tmj nightmare
  100. Are bite adjustments bad?
  101. Lasting therapy
  102. TMJ Relapse During Phase 2
  103. Treatment Progress
  104. Why such a different cost in mouth guard? Also, upper/lower?
  105. Total Joint Replacement
  106. Is dizziness common for you?
  107. New here and feeling discouraged
  108. My jaws locked! please help!
  109. Is it true mouth guard only covered if it's NOT from a dentist?
  110. Cutting edge new TMJ therapy?
  111. Wondering if I have TMJD... any thoughts?
  112. Brendan Stack or Eugene Gregory
  113. How long does the TMJ pain/tightness last?
  114. No TMJ, now what?
  115. tmj symptom I've never experienced.
  116. Am I heading for TMJ problems?
  117. Releasing the Medial Pterygoid
  118. Tmj
  119. Am so depressed
  120. Solution for Severe Arthritis of TMJs?
  121. How long does it take to see results with anterior repositioning splints?
  122. TMJ and eustachian tube
  123. TMD Pain Management Doctor?
  124. Aggravated nerve in face from TMJ
  125. TMJ Disorder Surgeries UK sufferers
  126. Ct scan... hopefully made the right choice
  127. Jaw pain and ears
  128. Tmj specialist- Vic miller
  129. It's never ending...
  130. Need advice with my TMJ - completely lost and hopeless
  131. Can imbalance on left side affect right side?
  132. Need help - soft food diet suggestions - I'm over it!
  133. Functional orthodontics
  134. What to do for a TMJ sore throat?
  135. Dental Cleaning
  136. TMJ Dentist Recommendations in Northern California / Bay Area ?
  137. Does any insurance company cover TMJ?
  138. TMJ Caused by Benzos (Clonazepam)?
  139. Modified Condylotomy Post-Op QUESTIONS
  140. My TMJ story - a long journey!
  141. Anyone JUST have inner ear symptoms?
  142. TMJ Gelb Splint
  143. ALF appliance?
  144. Why doesn't anyone mention the formation of a psuedo-disk
  145. Does a nightguard change your bite?
  146. TMJ Surgery is that my only hope?
  147. Muffling sound in ear
  148. Pain in Jaw Joint. TMJD?
  149. Tmj help
  150. Close-lock question
  151. Could my problem be TMJ?
  152. Late Infection After Bilateral TMJ Replacement
  153. Tinnitus
  154. Numbness
  155. Desperately need emotional support right now
  156. Dr. Menchel (Florida)
  157. The "Exciting" New World of TMJ Disorder
  158. Finishing stretch Phase II TMJD treatment
  159. Bottom front teeth hitting back of top front teeth - TJM? Treatment?
  160. I need TMJ guidance please - No more mistakes (Equilibration)
  161. Third Rolfing Session -- Popping is Gone!!
  162. Has anyone Used Dr Vic Miller
  163. Sore on Jaw
  164. New here and feeling discouraged
  165. Anyone taking muscle relaxers regularly?
  166. physios for tmj in melbourne australia
  167. TMJ specialist in Illinis
  168. What is Rolfing and What do they Do?
  169. update on splint and some general questions about tooth "adjustments"
  170. I think I have found my problem
  171. How long do most people normally wait to get a CT scan?
  172. Diagnosed 3 days ago with TMJ, very worried, please any help?
  173. Caring for your splint/night guard
  174. Really need advice on what to do next!
  175. Can getting wisdom teeth removed help with TMJ symptoms?
  176. Update on my TMD after 4 months
  177. smart guards
  178. TMJ changes your face???
  179. TMJ - visual disturbances
  180. TMj lympth nodes and anxiety!
  181. TMJ and Dental Work
  182. Can TMJ cause weird pulse sensation in head?
  183. What's the purpose of an anterior repositioning splint?
  184. TMJ doesn't end...
  185. TMJ treatment with veneers. Worth it?
  186. T.m.j pain
  187. TMJ pain
  188. NTI mouth guards
  189. went to the dentist, still in pain!!
  190. This HAS to be TMJ disorder... right??
  191. Very optimistic about Rolfing
  192. Clue that it might be muscular?
  193. tmj north london
  194. Go to Dentist tomorrow for a deep filling :/ scared
  195. Developing TMJ and dished-in profile due to extractions and braces?
  196. Is this tmj
  197. Sister in Critical Condition-Please help
  198. Osteoarthritis in Jaw and only 21. What does this mean for me?
  199. Michigan Splint
  200. 2nd Neuro dentist appointment this week...
  201. Been diagnosed with
  202. splint making things worse - continue or not?
  203. Treatment plan - Please give me your opinion
  204. tmj????
  205. Throat hurting when I wear headphones
  206. Best TMJ Specialists in NJ?
  207. Is this tmj
  208. Dr Busciglio/Dr. Parekh
  209. Throat hurts, could this be from TMJ?
  210. Dr Keith - Boston - update
  211. Aligned bite and muscles in "harmony", so why do I still feel pain?
  212. Headaches and jaw pain
  213. 4 teeth extraction reversal treament
  214. Saw my PT today he was great!
  215. Be careful when choosing your provider
  216. Anyone know how much steroid injections cost?
  217. New Girl
  218. Start your own New Thread to discuss your own issues.
  219. Tmj replacement surgery
  220. Need Some Reassurance/Suggestions
  221. I'm very anxious- what should I expect?
  222. What is an i-CAT Cone Beam Three-Dimensional Orthodontic Imaging Scan?
  223. What causes the clicking sound in your ears when you swallow?
  224. Please help - is this TMJ or something else? Scared
  225. Anyone know of Good TMJ chiropractors in NYC or NJ?
  226. Sleep Guard Biofeedback Headband
  227. Opinion of chiropractic treatment for TMJ
  228. anyone else have excessive yawning?
  229. TMJ docs in FL
  230. Back to possible tmjd diagnosis (losing my sanity!)
  231. Going to GP tomorrow for muscle relaxer and Mri? or CT?
  232. Severe light headedness
  233. TMJ Association Study on EMG and KG
  234. Hopeless and Depressed
  235. A Must Read for Anyone Considering Treatment
  236. Questioning my TMJ treatment - please help!
  237. Help to find a Texas TMJ doc.
  238. TMJ or Wisdom Teeth?
  239. I'm new to this and have a couple of questions :-,
  240. Is anyone having back upper teeth pain?
  241. Hi i need to know if theres a neuromuscular dentist/functional ortho in arkansas??
  242. Experiment
  243. Over bite and TMJ
  244. Pain... so very bad... blood in mouth
  245. 6 months of crazy symptoms no answers. TMJ/TMD maybe?
  246. Bruxism - Very sore Shoulder
  247. anyone been told they have osteoarthritis when dealing with TMJ and...
  248. Intro and Cost of Phase 1 Treatment
  249. Total joint replacement to hemi partial!
  250. Can a bad bite from TMJ correct itself?

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