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  1. Ear Plugging and Unplugging
  2. Vision Issues and TMJD
  3. Is this TMJ pain? I am new to TMJ!
  4. TMJ - Some advice/experiences to alleviate my anxiety
  5. Please help me figure out my tmj, 5 different doctors and no answer
  6. Feeling of dizziness and unstable while walking
  7. My TMJ Is CURED, please read :)
  8. Severe ear pain
  9. Deviated septum and teeth griding
  10. Head/neck/ears worse than jaw?
  11. Strange Symptoms: Could this be related to TMJ-TMD
  12. Wondering if there is any association with the symptoms I am having with TMD
  13. Referral for the Memphis area
  14. Grinding mouth guard- yellow!
  15. Lock Jaw please help!
  16. New Here
  17. Tmj/tmd?
  18. Palate Expander
  19. How Can I Be Sure This Isn't an Ear Problem?
  20. Need Jaw Replacement Help.
  21. Upper cervical care techniques
  22. Question for all you long-time sufferers of TMJ
  23. Does TMJ affect your ability to take punches?
  24. Could this be TMJ?
  25. Speech affected by TMJ
  26. Braces for TMJ?
  27. new to tmj
  28. Numbness and tingling down one side of body, related to to tmj or not?? Scared :/
  29. Anyone get pain on the top of your head from TMJ?
  30. Will neuromuscular dentistry be my next step?
  31. Steroids for TMJ
  32. are these symptoms related to TMJ?
  33. Condylar hyperplasia
  34. Not sure if it is TMJD??
  35. Disc Plication/ Mitek Anchor Surgeons
  36. Wisdom tooth extraction complication
  37. Impacted Wisdom teeth and maybe TMJ?
  38. Stabilizing following disaster....
  39. tmj mri scan scared stiff
  40. Calmare- new nerve treatment
  41. acute TMJ
  42. New to TMJD - can someone point me in the right direction?
  43. Lower Splint vs. Upper Splint
  44. Displaced Disc & Degeneration on Right Side
  45. Who has had surgery?
  46. Surgery - IVRO
  47. Teen with Possible TMJD and Chronic Headaches! - HELP!
  48. Tmj crunching sound in ears
  49. Tmj, can bite be corrected without braces or crowns
  50. Is this TMJ?
  51. Skipping NM splints for orthodontics
  52. Update and question about stretched ligaments
  53. TMJD caused by tooth extraction?
  54. TMJR redness and hot feeling
  55. Tmj arthrocentesis
  56. Tinnitus after neck strain or tmj?
  57. PLEASE HELP - 2 different diagnostics/treatments
  58. What is/was your main TMJ symptom?
  59. Bilateral joint replacement - scared
  60. Awaiting Procedure
  61. TMJ and Gum Recession
  62. Pipdog - Questions
  63. ***How long did it take to see results from Splint?***
  64. Eminectomy
  65. Worst symptom pain around/behind eyes?
  66. DESPERATE for help! Could muscle relaxers, heat pads, etc. help TMJ tiredness?
  67. TMJ patient, no vertical dimension, miserable
  68. TMJD Specialist?
  69. best medication for TMJ pain - non drowsy
  70. Interesting Info About Plates
  71. Wired shut and recovering from surgery...
  72. Numbness in left side of face - TMJ???
  73. Feeling extremely tired, could it be TMJ?
  74. can loud noise aggravate tmj symptoms?
  75. Finally in braces - questions about pain
  76. How long did you wear your orthotic/splint for before your muscles became 'happy'?
  77. please help me out with this
  78. tmj since i was seven
  79. whats the best antidepressent for tmj pain !!!
  80. ***Splint Question***
  81. has anyone seen dr piper in florida
  82. Biofreeze Really Helped Neck Pain for a While
  83. TMJR infection
  84. Got my disc back, but it wont stay! Now what?
  85. 3 monhs of pain-tmj,post concussion syndrome or sinus infection
  86. Tingling/numbness and shock-like pain in hands
  87. Chronic Dislocations and no one will help!
  88. Discussion of possible TMJ Symptoms
  89. Jaw hangs lower on one side/ is slanted
  90. Why did we all develop TMJ problems?
  91. Question about Neuromuscular Orthotic
  92. Entering Phase 2 braces - any success stories to share?
  93. Hello!
  94. Anyone tried "Natural TMJ Relief" supplement?
  95. Can't Talk With this Splint
  96. I need advanced imaging for TMJ problems
  97. TMJ - Symptom Help Please
  98. Is anyone on this board currently being treated by Dr Brendan Stack?
  99. Please help, so scared.
  100. anyone know a good neuromuscular dentist in the uk
  101. has anyone had a discectomy ?
  102. Should I let TMJ dentist try to manually reposition my jaw?
  103. TMJ and Tonsil Pain
  104. Amitryptaline Broke Muscle Spasms
  105. New to TMJ and severly depressed
  106. Pea sized lump in front of ear?
  107. Is this tmj?
  108. To all tmj sufferers
  109. TMJ - Dentists intentionally caused TMJ
  110. Please Help!
  111. TMJ & vertigo??
  112. Tmj orthodontist in VA, DC, MD???
  113. Jaw arthroplasty
  114. looking for a good tmj doctor in DC
  115. TMJD treatment in london
  116. Panicked - please help
  117. Did you have these symptoms with TMJ?
  118. Will a splint work instead of surgery?
  119. tmj discectomy with no replacement ??
  120. The wrist bone's connected to the jaw bone...
  121. Chin deviation treatment
  122. tmj where do you start ?
  123. Need Reassurance About Flying
  124. Anyone know about dr pipers fat grafts
  125. Can TMJ Cause This*?
  126. Face pains, tmj and assymetrical jaw and face.
  127. Desparate for a referral
  128. possible TMJ, vision problems and having to wear a partial/flipper
  129. Displaced TMJ Disk, Arthrocentesis
  130. wisdom teeth
  131. TMJ - So much Pain
  132. Neuromuscular Dentistry
  133. TMJD after dental work, bite shift and braces
  134. disk derangement towards the back
  135. help! earfullness/face numbness/headaches/neck pain for over a year!been to many docs
  136. Wisdom Teeth :(
  137. tmj and trigeminal neuralgia
  138. TMJ Unlocking to Melanie B.
  139. Returned claim
  140. Cranial-Sacral Facial Bone Adjustment
  141. My jaw has been locked for 8 weeks!!! HELP
  142. Found control for my bruxism symptoms
  143. Pain Medication and TMJ Pain
  144. I got a NTI bite device but wore it out. Still headaches/neck pain daily
  145. Neuroma after TMJ surgery
  146. Has anyone been treated by Dr. Paul insolera, WI?
  147. Exercise/Yoga,plastic bite, surgery
  148. Has anyone been treat with Dr. Martin Fraschetti in MI? Want comments ASAP!
  149. Describe YOUR headaches due to TMJD
  150. Oxycodone & Hydrocodone
  151. Headache on impact?
  152. Sagittal Appliance for Ortho therapy
  153. Dr.Talley? Oklahoma TMJ.
  154. please help with tmj/dental problem
  155. TMJ dental specialists in UK?
  156. TMJ or labyrinthitis?
  157. Alpentin (Gabapentin/Neurontin) helps, chewing, please share
  158. Can adult really create a natural "pseudo-disc"?? for TMJ.
  159. Pseudo-disc?!! Disc displacement without reduction with severely deformed discs.
  160. TMJ disorder after wisdom teeth removal
  161. "psuedo-disc?? Dr. Clayton Chan or Dr. Mark Piper??".
  162. Doctor can't help??
  163. tmj disorder
  164. Questions to ask your doctor
  165. TMJ and Mastoiditis?
  166. Therabite
  167. 11 years of TMJ, So much pain and no help
  168. Questions regarding my TMJ Issues
  169. prosthodontist for my tmj?
  170. no pain so why is it TMJ
  171. i'm new here - does anyone have this problem
  172. TMJ specialists in Los Angeles or Orange County
  173. Just to Began
  174. question
  175. Surgery with TMJD
  176. Muscle tightening in face-facial tingling
  177. Splint with no Grinding?
  178. Splint or Braces?
  179. Anyone tried SleepGuard biofeedback headband to reduce clenching/grinding?
  180. Dizziness and nausea
  181. Question about Phase 2
  182. TMJ-Dr. John Sousa
  183. Things were made worse!
  184. Uneven bite -> shouldn't the splint be "uneven" too?
  185. Alone with this, losing hope
  186. Should I fly with all these ear problems?
  187. TMJ - My jaw has been locked for 7 days!!!
  188. Michael Roger in Arlington Virginia
  189. Disc Displacement
  190. TMJ really? lymph nodes or muscles in neck?
  191. tmj and hyperacusis
  192. My TMJ experience and finally finding relief
  193. All this Pain and Suffering
  194. tmj headache relief??
  195. TMJ is hard but there is hope.
  196. Dr Brendan Stack in Vienna VA! Can he really fix TMJD?
  197. How Does A Splint Help TMJ?
  198. Pretty sure I have TMJ, yet to be diagnosed, Need all the help/advice I can get
  199. TMJ - recently diagnosed
  200. TMD Rehab?
  201. My TMJ Issues - advice please
  202. pivotal splint
  203. Anyone with hypothyroid & TMJ
  204. Thelma-Louise
  205. I live in Australia and am trying to find help for TMJ.
  206. Enough of suffering--please help me help myself!
  207. Splint made hearing worse!
  208. INVRO since 2009
  209. TMJ Arthroplasty Tomorrow, HELP!
  210. tmj and ear ache
  211. Need some help with TMJ
  212. Dr Barry Cooper in NYC?
  213. tmj and ear pain
  214. PLEASE HELP ME-TMJD almost 20 yrs now
  215. Need help on x ray result
  216. TMJR problems
  217. Sound like TMJD?
  218. Right sided temple headache for 3 days and counting...
  219. Skull Pain/Balance IssuesTingling
  220. Do I have TMJ? Or a normal pop sound. Read inside for more details :)
  221. New TMJ sufferer; advice wanted
  222. Can TMJ disorder affect one tooth only?
  223. Not sure if TMJ
  224. lower jaw slightly larger than upper jaw. TMJ
  225. Do I have TMJ?
  226. Looking for TMD doctors in Socal..
  227. Dr. Mark Piper, Dr. William S. Kirk, pointy and flat condyles
  228. TMJ Problems
  229. Subluxated Jaw
  230. Could this be TMJ?
  231. IVRO surgery in 3 weeks - need info and guidance
  232. Possibly TMJ
  233. Considering paying someone to punch me in the jaw...
  234. hit in the jaw
  235. HELLO!!! How is everyone?
  236. if you have TMJ, there is hope.
  237. TMJ treatment advice?
  238. Phase 2: ALF vs Damon
  239. Splint Therapy, Next Step, Bioesthetic, Pain Management
  240. TMJ or Chronic Daily Headaches?
  241. Frustration with Bruxism and TMJD
  242. symptoms of tmj
  243. posterior open bite
  244. Question about "neuromuscular dentist" vs. craniofacial pain dentist?
  245. TMJ Can Start at Your Feet?
  246. Tmj symptoms
  247. Does this sound like tmj? Please help!!
  248. Can TMJ cause burning, dry mouth?
  249. Not sure if this is TMJ
  250. TMJ and Ears Related?