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View Full Version : TMJ Disorder -TemporoMandibular Joint

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  1. Can TMJ Cause This*?
  2. Face pains, tmj and assymetrical jaw and face.
  3. Desparate for a referral
  4. possible TMJ, vision problems and having to wear a partial/flipper
  5. Displaced TMJ Disk, Arthrocentesis
  6. wisdom teeth
  7. TMJ - So much Pain
  8. Neuromuscular Dentistry
  9. TMJD after dental work, bite shift and braces
  10. disk derangement towards the back
  11. help! earfullness/face numbness/headaches/neck pain for over a year!been to many docs
  12. Wisdom Teeth :(
  13. tmj and trigeminal neuralgia
  14. TMJ Unlocking to Melanie B.
  15. Returned claim
  16. Cranial-Sacral Facial Bone Adjustment
  17. My jaw has been locked for 8 weeks!!! HELP
  18. Found control for my bruxism symptoms
  19. Pain Medication and TMJ Pain
  20. I got a NTI bite device but wore it out. Still headaches/neck pain daily
  21. Neuroma after TMJ surgery
  22. Has anyone been treated by Dr. Paul insolera, WI?
  23. Exercise/Yoga,plastic bite, surgery
  24. Has anyone been treat with Dr. Martin Fraschetti in MI? Want comments ASAP!
  25. Describe YOUR headaches due to TMJD
  26. Oxycodone & Hydrocodone
  27. Headache on impact?
  28. Sagittal Appliance for Ortho therapy
  29. Dr.Talley? Oklahoma TMJ.
  30. please help with tmj/dental problem
  31. TMJ dental specialists in UK?
  32. TMJ or labyrinthitis?
  33. Alpentin (Gabapentin/Neurontin) helps, chewing, please share
  34. Can adult really create a natural "pseudo-disc"?? for TMJ.
  35. Pseudo-disc?!! Disc displacement without reduction with severely deformed discs.
  36. TMJ disorder after wisdom teeth removal
  37. "psuedo-disc?? Dr. Clayton Chan or Dr. Mark Piper??".
  38. Doctor can't help??
  39. tmj disorder
  40. Questions to ask your doctor
  41. TMJ and Mastoiditis?
  42. Therabite
  43. 11 years of TMJ, So much pain and no help
  44. Questions regarding my TMJ Issues
  45. prosthodontist for my tmj?
  46. no pain so why is it TMJ
  47. i'm new here - does anyone have this problem
  48. TMJ specialists in Los Angeles or Orange County
  49. Just to Began
  50. question
  51. Surgery with TMJD
  52. Muscle tightening in face-facial tingling
  53. Splint with no Grinding?
  54. Splint or Braces?
  55. Anyone tried SleepGuard biofeedback headband to reduce clenching/grinding?
  56. Dizziness and nausea
  57. Question about Phase 2
  58. TMJ-Dr. John Sousa
  59. Things were made worse!
  60. Uneven bite -> shouldn't the splint be "uneven" too?
  61. Alone with this, losing hope
  62. Should I fly with all these ear problems?
  63. TMJ - My jaw has been locked for 7 days!!!
  64. Michael Roger in Arlington Virginia
  65. Disc Displacement
  66. TMJ really? lymph nodes or muscles in neck?
  67. tmj and hyperacusis
  68. My TMJ experience and finally finding relief
  69. All this Pain and Suffering
  70. tmj headache relief??
  71. TMJ is hard but there is hope.
  72. Dr Brendan Stack in Vienna VA! Can he really fix TMJD?
  73. How Does A Splint Help TMJ?
  74. Pretty sure I have TMJ, yet to be diagnosed, Need all the help/advice I can get
  75. TMJ - recently diagnosed
  76. TMD Rehab?
  77. My TMJ Issues - advice please
  78. pivotal splint
  79. Anyone with hypothyroid & TMJ
  80. Thelma-Louise
  81. I live in Australia and am trying to find help for TMJ.
  82. Enough of suffering--please help me help myself!
  83. Splint made hearing worse!
  84. INVRO since 2009
  85. TMJ Arthroplasty Tomorrow, HELP!
  86. tmj and ear ache
  87. Need some help with TMJ
  88. Dr Barry Cooper in NYC?
  89. tmj and ear pain
  90. PLEASE HELP ME-TMJD almost 20 yrs now
  91. Need help on x ray result
  92. TMJR problems
  93. Sound like TMJD?
  94. Right sided temple headache for 3 days and counting...
  95. Skull Pain/Balance IssuesTingling
  96. Do I have TMJ? Or a normal pop sound. Read inside for more details :)
  97. New TMJ sufferer; advice wanted
  98. Can TMJ disorder affect one tooth only?
  99. Not sure if TMJ
  100. lower jaw slightly larger than upper jaw. TMJ
  101. Do I have TMJ?
  102. Looking for TMD doctors in Socal..
  103. Dr. Mark Piper, Dr. William S. Kirk, pointy and flat condyles
  104. TMJ Problems
  105. Subluxated Jaw
  106. Could this be TMJ?
  107. IVRO surgery in 3 weeks - need info and guidance
  108. Possibly TMJ
  109. Considering paying someone to punch me in the jaw...
  110. hit in the jaw
  111. HELLO!!! How is everyone?
  112. if you have TMJ, there is hope.
  113. TMJ treatment advice?
  114. Phase 2: ALF vs Damon
  115. Splint Therapy, Next Step, Bioesthetic, Pain Management
  116. TMJ or Chronic Daily Headaches?
  117. Frustration with Bruxism and TMJD
  118. symptoms of tmj
  119. posterior open bite
  120. Question about "neuromuscular dentist" vs. craniofacial pain dentist?
  121. TMJ Can Start at Your Feet?
  122. Tmj symptoms
  123. Does this sound like tmj? Please help!!
  124. Can TMJ cause burning, dry mouth?
  125. Not sure if this is TMJ
  126. TMJ and Ears Related?
  127. What comes after the splint?
  128. Northern Virginia TMJ Recommendation?
  129. Minor pain right below jaw joint - feels like a vein?
  130. Has Anyone Experienced this with TMJ?
  131. New clicking/crunching sounds while wearing TMJ splint?
  132. Lorenz Patient
  133. Please help me surgery or not..?
  134. tmj help
  135. New Here - This is ruining my life!
  136. recently diagnosed with tmj what next
  137. Facial tingling along jaw and cheekbone
  138. Bite issue
  139. Questions About TMJ
  140. Unsure of what to do
  141. roof of the mouth pain
  142. Feeding Tube
  143. Sound like TMJ?
  144. What long term damage does tmj do to the jaw?
  145. I'm scared and anxious and confused with this swelling
  146. Bite adjustment and TMJ pain
  147. Disectomy
  148. I finally got an answer!! Now what???
  149. So is this life now? TMJ with vertigo
  150. tmj wth.minor head injury
  151. Neurontin for neurogenic pain
  152. I'm feeling nauseated, is this from the TMJ
  153. Is it TMJ? everyone seems stumped
  154. What's causing this facial change?
  155. What order do I do things?
  156. TMJ Diet - how to eat protein?
  157. Phase I - ENGAGE!
  158. Is this a TMJ symptom? Feels like something touching my ear.
  159. Desperate! Need advice please!!!
  160. Total Jaw Joint Replacement
  161. rotating like a corkscrew.....
  162. Hi :)
  163. jaw clicking/popping is this tmj?
  164. New symptom
  165. Does anyone have a dentist they'd recommend in the London area?
  166. Lower jaw moved forward but now a different problem
  167. Referral in Maryland/DC/NOVA area?
  168. TMJ disc displacement and bite changes
  169. TMJ treatment, what I feel
  170. Who should I see: Dr. David E. Rawson or Dr. B. Rondeau in London, Ontario?
  171. Young TMJ Victim..almost in tears!
  172. TMJ and Head/Neck Pain
  173. TMJ and speech difficulty
  174. TMJ, Hyperacusis, Light Sensitivity, Anxiety
  175. Will a Doctor do Masseter Botox injections?
  176. anyone tried lymphatic massage?
  177. please help.. orthognathic surgery?
  178. Bit Worried About The Pain
  179. does anyone have swollen jaw a long time with this..help
  180. surgery
  181. tmj - disslocation problems
  182. Looking for TMJ Sufferers Who Had Wisdom Teeth Pulled
  183. Has anyone tried acupuncture for TMJ?
  184. How does TMJ affect the tongue?
  185. did chiro ever give you finger exercise in mouth?
  186. swollen jaw one side
  187. Jaw locked again.. please help
  188. TMD - Prosthodontist or Neuromuscular Dentist?????
  189. TMJ causing numb chin and lower jaw?
  190. Help Headaches Please
  191. Is this tmj?
  192. Teeth Grinding??
  193. Oh the irony! Braces only moved the problem to the other side???
  194. balanced nightguard
  195. Any Help for dizziness from TMJ?
  196. Bilateral articular joint disorder, now surgery!
  197. Is this TMJ? If so, what to do?
  198. TMJ and Autophony
  199. College student suffering from TMJ. Could someone point me in the right direction?
  200. GRINDING HARD!... Please read
  201. Diagnosed with TMJ need advice!
  202. Hey guys, i think i might have TMJ.
  203. SCM Muscle and TMJ?
  204. When should you see a specialist??
  205. MRI Results - Is Surgery Needed?
  206. TMJ Muscle Spasms/Pain?
  207. Have you ever experienced this with TMJ?
  208. Splint therapy for TMJ
  209. Removal of disc in tmj
  210. DR. said I need Athroscopy surgrey for TMJ.
  211. Could this be TMJ?
  212. BCBS Specialists in TX... Bill as Medical?
  213. Strange symtoms..pain...ears popping...jaw pain...TMJ?
  214. Mitek Anchor Problems
  215. Does this sound like TMJ?
  216. "weening"off splints, how does that work?
  217. TMJ pain! Another surgery?
  218. My specialist says different things each time
  219. Facial tightness and trouble breathing through nose
  220. Atlanta TMJ Specialists
  221. Getting worse...
  222. Cognitive problems with TMJ?
  223. Shands/UNC?
  224. Anyone from Mid Michigan here
  225. Clenching or TMJ?
  226. Push my lower jaw forward seems to help relieve tension?
  227. Has anyone seen a decrease in masseter muscle size from botox?
  228. Insurance, treatment, new to the boards!
  229. Tmj?
  230. TMJ Treatment Phase 2: Orthodontics
  231. TMJ or Intracranial Hypertension?
  232. Severe Chin Pain
  233. Finally ready to begin Phase II... any advice?
  234. Sensitivities to TMJ Prostheses Metals
  235. Tinnitus worsened after MRI
  236. What to do about my tmjd? need some addvice
  237. Almost Certain I have TMJ Disorder - Good Specialist in Toronto and how to proceed ?
  238. Anyone heard about this kind of TMJ Disorder before?
  239. Tmj?
  240. TMJ+Tinnitus+Vibrating ears (suggestions pls)
  241. Do dentists really care anymore?
  242. Vibrations in Ear
  243. What TMJ has done to my life....
  244. TMJ -Hospital appointment soon, please help!
  245. What Can I Do About the Terrible Pressure in My Ear?
  246. TMJ TMD problem
  247. can tmj cause puffy cheeks
  248. What dr do I start with?
  249. Extreme unilateral muscle spasm around right TMJ after dental treatment
  250. vertigo?

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