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View Full Version : TMJ Disorder -TemporoMandibular Joint

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  1. TMJ, what about the TEMPORAL BONE?
  2. TMJ Concepts + Noise?????????
  3. a truly bizarre and unique TMJ condition
  4. My Splint Update & A HUGE thank you!
  5. Anti-Inflamitory Diet
  6. Does TMJD cause Muscular pain or vice versa?
  7. Anyone with difficultry swallowing?
  8. ear pain
  9. Fasting
  10. Face-to-Face TMJ Support Group Thread
  11. How to get sleep
  12. New to this site...but not new to TMJ
  13. TMJ dentist in Las Vegas?
  14. Did your splint make you drool?
  15. Could a NM Dentist help with later stages of TMD?
  16. tired eyes, forehead, jaw
  17. NM Splint
  18. Newly Diagnosed
  19. tongue reduction
  20. Multiple TJR's
  21. The world of Splints
  22. Gelb Splint and Pain Returning
  23. Wanted: San Diego TMJ Specialist
  24. Your NM Splint Progress
  25. Starting a journey?
  26. Bite correction surgery + Chin reduction????
  27. does this sound like tmj?
  28. Splint Question
  29. Do TMJ ear problems turn into inner ear disease?
  30. Support needed through TMJ Surgery
  31. What is a sagittal split osteotomy?
  32. Could TMJ be causing my Benign Positional Vertigo
  33. Doctor Told Me To Sleep With A Mouth Piece For TMJ, But It Makes Me Bleed!
  34. Splint Question
  35. TMJ getting worse every day - is this the progression it takes?
  36. New splint?
  37. Looking for a TMJ Specialist in NC
  38. Popping sound in ears, could be TMJ?
  39. Ok, now this is weird...
  40. Tips for relief??
  41. Tmj-ruins lives! Look bizarre- and feel worse-need wisdom!
  42. Do your TMJ symptoms change on a daily basis?
  43. Clicking sound/feeling when I chew!
  44. TMJ and tinnitus
  45. TMJ and vision
  46. TMJ Disorder Quackery
  47. Dental Schools in the United States
  48. When to have Surgery?
  49. Any TMJ recommendations in the LA/OC area?
  50. Osteoarthritis & TMJ
  51. I was pretty much cured by a splint alone
  52. Who do I see to find out if I have TMJ?
  53. TMJ blurry vision?
  54. Burning Face Pain
  55. All these symptoms TMJ? Throat clicking and more
  56. 60 days locked..now both joints are locked
  57. Adjustments on splint
  58. Night time splint causing teeth to deteriorate?
  59. Need. Sleep.
  60. OUUCCCHHHH! Is this from TMJ?
  61. TMJ Splint/Appliance question
  62. could i have tmj
  63. Help in finding a dentist.
  64. Jaw pain after sequestrum removal from molar
  65. TMJD from boxing? Head injury? Both? Help :(
  66. Anyone have TMJ surgery with incision behind the ear?
  67. TMJ question
  68. Acupuncture for TMJ
  69. sudden onset closed lock- can be manipulated back if done within 24\48 hrs
  70. Anyone wear a bite plate/night guard for Bruxism?
  71. Tramadol for TMD?
  72. Did my wisdom tooth surgery cause TMD?
  73. what nightguard is best to help with the night time clenching and grinding?
  74. Splint Adjustment
  75. Do I have TMJ HELP????
  76. Cleanings with TMJ
  77. Developed TMJ/TMD
  78. Seriously considering an arthroscopy for my closed lock
  79. Dr John Hamalghi, Southfield MI?
  80. Tmj splint so uncomfortable
  81. Prolotherapy! For TMJ!!!! :D
  82. Hello, new user introduction (LONG)
  83. Neck sensation of fullness. Please help me. Newbie here.
  84. headaches still coming...
  85. Phase II consultation this week
  86. Has anyone here had a rib graft for TMJ?
  87. Complete Diagnostics Help Needed Badly
  88. Dr peter quinn phila pa tmj
  89. Anyone with arch bars???
  90. Headaches...TMJ?
  91. What to expect with TMJ
  92. Any UK people, please help?
  93. Hydro Therapy Fixed my TMJ and Temporal Tendinitis
  94. I think I am getting somewhere!
  95. Prolotherapy
  96. TMJ Symptoms
  97. Day 1 of neuromuscular splint
  98. Has anyone had their splint cause headaches?
  99. Jaw has closed lock for 3 weeks now
  100. Multiple Facial and Spinal injuries; could my tinnitus be TMJ?
  101. "Ear Pain".....
  102. Question for those who have had TJR...
  103. How to keep bite stable after braces
  104. For those with ear problems, what exactly does it feel like?
  105. xanax is helping my tmj
  106. pain in left jawl that lasts for days
  107. Dentist Filing Teeth Down
  108. TMJ/sinus problems?(Im new)
  109. Do I really need a bite adjustment?
  110. TMJ and shoulder problems
  111. Just had TMJ diagnosed
  112. TMJ Questions
  113. Help! Could All This Just Be TMJ?
  114. TMJ what can I do?
  115. TMJ and face asymmetry Surgery?
  116. 7 TMJ surgeries including Total Joint Replacement
  117. Can TMJ syndrome be mistaken for sinus pain
  118. New Here
  119. locating a TMJ attorney
  120. Help, I'm new to TMJ disorder!!
  121. So I just realized today
  122. Hand Tremor / Symptoms of TMJ Disorder Help!
  123. Needling
  124. My TMJ Replacement Experience
  125. New symptoms in neck?/ Splint therapy
  126. Medication for TMJ spasms and related headaches
  127. The superficial side of TMJ
  128. seeking feedback
  129. Looking for help!
  130. Can tmj make you look old?
  131. Bruxism/TMJ options in London
  132. My Journey!!
  133. Bruxism, and Dizziness?
  134. TMJ, Sinus, or both? No insurance...please help!
  135. Trigger Point Timeline
  136. Chronic jaw pain for the last year and a half
  137. Teeth grinding/foreheadache?
  138. dent!al work and tmjd
  139. tmj and tinnitus
  140. appliance - support only for front teeths
  141. Splint questions
  142. Please help diagnose!
  143. Trigger Point therapy/Myofascial Release
  144. Dr. Rondeau in London, Ontario
  145. TMJ and age
  146. TENS Machine
  147. TMJ PROBLEM my story need a specialist in LOS ANGELES
  148. tensor veli palatini muscle
  149. TMJ and possible Surgery?
  150. Question for Jill
  151. Concerned -- Swollen Ear?!?
  152. tmjd specialist in vancouver?
  153. My skull is splitting along the creases
  154. Find a TMJ specialist and Functional jaw orthodontist in the northern CA
  155. TMD Specialist OHIO!!!
  156. New here, and confused with my splint and doctor
  157. Just Diagnosed and Looking for Similar Cases
  158. UCLA Orofacial Pain TMJ Experience
  159. Texas tmj help
  160. Dr Howard Israel
  161. Anyone have surgery done by dr hoffman staten island
  162. Is this TMJ?
  163. Dr. Singer or Dr. Grace?
  164. Unique TMD problem
  165. does anyone take an SSRI for TMD(J) TINNITUS?
  166. Doctor is stumped by symptoms. Does it sound like TMJ?
  167. NMDs in AZ
  168. Insurance Advice
  169. tmj??
  170. pain is so bad
  171. New here, with questions.
  172. Tinnitus, tmj(d) and ssri (antidepressants)
  173. Desperately need advice Please!!!!
  174. Teeth grinding with bald patch in scalp
  175. dark spots
  176. TMJ appliance
  177. HELP! Bad bite issues! cant talk properly!
  178. Tmj - destroying my life !
  179. face pain and insomnia
  180. I need helpp!!
  181. Urgent TMJ advice!!!!
  182. temples
  183. how much are jaw MRI's
  184. Do night guards day guards really help? (getting my jaw to drop gradually)
  185. Seen GP, Seen Dentist and now Seen Specialist.......It never stops!
  186. Is this TMJ?
  187. Jaw Muscle Twitching
  188. Oral thrush from splint wearing
  189. Arghhh!
  190. Anatomy
  191. Tmj?
  192. Please help
  193. Where to Start?
  194. Enlarged Masseter
  195. For those who wear a splint during the day...
  196. Do reposition splints work?
  197. Pretty sure I have TMJ...
  198. New TMJ Dr
  199. TMJ & Gerd - trigger points
  200. vitek implants?
  201. strange tmj symptoms?
  202. Jaw joing pain post op 2.5 months
  203. How long in splints and one vs two
  204. TMJ is DEFORMING my face!
  205. Please help--muscle spasm at dentist
  206. Question about custom splint
  207. Does TMJ Arthroscopy always find the TMJ problem?
  208. So much pain! Need ideas
  209. nighttime bruxism (grinding) and GERD (reflux)
  210. Any one else have nausea and vomiting with tmj ?
  211. TMJ Doctor
  212. I had surgery temporomandibular joint arthroplasty, please read, give me advice
  213. TMJ Swelling or No Swelling?
  214. Dizziness while walking, a sense of imbalance
  215. A 'simple', 'very low risk' arthroscopy?
  216. proltherapy
  217. Limited mouth opening- how do you get dental treatment/cleaning
  218. Severe Limited Mouth Opening- nearly 2 years
  219. Could it be TMJ?
  220. Bubbles in back of neck.
  221. TMJ Pain in Neck and Arm
  222. Can you tell me your strangest TMJ symptoms?
  223. I'm back :( joint replacement/braces in my near future!!
  224. Recommend TMJ Specialist in Orange County
  225. Cranial Sacral Therapy
  226. Hyaluronic acid
  227. "Happy" to be here!
  228. TMJD and Headaches?
  229. nothing helps
  230. Will somebody please help me??!!
  231. TMJ with no symptoms?????
  232. Dr ? Dentist ? TMJ ? Lots of ??????
  233. best symptom relief trick
  234. headache during/after excersize (left ear)
  235. Face Pain and MRI
  236. TMJ and Brow Lift
  237. secretarial work and TMJD
  238. Anyone know of exercises to relax the face?
  239. Please help...need advice on symptoms and treatments
  240. Is it tmj and is it harmless?
  241. Has anyone had any success with physiotherapy or myofascial release for TMJ issues?
  242. Please Help I am Desperate.
  243. please help
  244. Dr mark piper st pete florida
  245. Soreness on right side of throat/mouth. TMJ?
  246. Palate expander for TMJ?
  247. Splint complications
  248. Could intense noise cause TMJ?
  249. Anybody has pain after talking ..?
  250. Questions About TMJ

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